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    Need software like jungle scout for all major e-commerce both b2b and b2c and platform Need portal Where sellers can manage social media and sell their products from single dashboard in one single click Needed who can do this on time should know how it works

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    I’m needing someone to help develop CAD software package that will allow us to program a robotic arm offline. Needs to be about to create paths on the cad software for the machine to follow along a part.

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    Reproduce a Diagram in Draw.Io 6 日 left

    I have a diagram (picture - PNG) and I want it reproduced in . I am looking for someone that is already experienced in diagrams and especially in I want it to have all components, correct wording, alignment and everything. There are some icons and I want similar icon pack to be added. This is a max 1 hour job and I want someone that is available right now to start working and deliver.

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    Inventory API Connection 6 日 left

    We are looking to get our webstore management software (DecoNetwork) to get live inventory data from our supplier (SanMar) by having both DecoNetwork and SanMar APIs to communicate together. The idea would be to import SanMar inventory into our DecoNetwork at least once a day and make DecoNetwork "think" the SanMar inventory is ours so out-of-stock products will be removed from our live webstores and customers won't be able to purchase products that are out of stock from SanMar. DecoNetwork API documentation: SanMar API documentation: Thank you!

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    Need help in improving a basic project Estimated time required: 2 hours

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    Nft Discord 6 日 left

    hello! i'm looking for a discord that can both verify if someone is holding a specific NFT and identify which layers are included in the NFT, and then assign a role based on what the layer is. for example assign role 1 to people who hold an NFT with a blue hat and role 2 to an NFT with a green hat. Is it something you can do contact me?

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    please check the PDF file before bidding. please leave the time and money to want for this in a bid. budget is very low. 3000 words 15% below plagiarism. final fixed budget I have for this complete project is : 10 -15$ only

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    please check the PDF file before bidding. please leave the time and money to want for this in a bid. budget is very low. 3000 words 15% below plagiarism.

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    please check the PDF file before bidding. please leave the time and money to want for this in a bid. budget is very low. 3000 words 15% below plagiarism.

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    In INDIA, there have maximum problem faced by bank customers to deposit cash or send money to other state vai Money Transfer service by giving heavy commission to Money Transfer Agents, so I want to Create a ATM Machine with All in One Cash Deposit software which can accept cash and deposit to any bank to which user want to deposit, in this software all banks should be integrated.

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    Would like assistance in developing first click funnel in less than one week using software purchase from Russell Brunson's company at I have an existing website so this will be an additional marketing tool. Need a person experienced with this software and its use. Could use support in the implementation of all their tools and programs. Just don't have the time to do it myself

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    Shopify app for custom products 5 日 left

    Rebuilding a website which has a bunch of conditonal logic into Shopify. Need a custom app to support different required minimum sizes etc for different varrients. Want to be able to display example photos for each product as well. Current site can be seen here with the single product with variants - Minimum sizes etc can be seen here -

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    Need to update an old Pricing Software program we had custom made years ago. We want the same exact program just upgraded to work with new versions of windows. Program uses an excel file that we already have to upgrade our prices yearly. Program can be found here

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    Hi, I need a multicore software which can press a button on a website many times. The button just says "here" and I need a software which can do this multiple times at the same time in parallel. I have multiple URLs so I would like the ability to specify the URL when I run the software. It must also be able to support many proxies at the same time with Proxy authentication. I want the software to be able to run the process at least 100 times in parallel but 1000 or 10000 would be preferable. I want the browser to be headless or not needed and I would prefer the software in general was CLI, but latter is not required. It can be written in Any Language or tech but it must run on Linux and preferably other UNIXs like BSD. I also would need the source code. I tried UI vision but it ...

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    We would like to have a program written in Java that would be a virtual JavaPOS Printer. It would be able to receive printing data from a POS, send the information to an api, and reprint if necessary this information to the printer.

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    We need coders to build an electronic Quality Management System to our specifications.

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    Production Schedule 5 日 left

    I need a computer based app that my company can use to schedule production to easily visualize production capacity and timing. We already have a basic version running in Excel, but it does not have the function that we want and so is cumbersome to use.

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    Looking forward for someone who can lead the team and project in software development and artificial intelligence Product is a hybrid energy generator with air purification system and traffic monitoring and surveillance. Product is having 2 patents. Need to develop an app 1. Showing how much electricity is generated by the product and how much customer have utilised by the same. show live video of surveillance through the app 24*7 using AI should be able to grasp traffic density and mitigate the traffic by adjusting traffic signal timings. There will be a camera in the product Only accepting candidates with citizenship from USA, Since this is govt funded.

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    The application erases the background with at least 95% efficiency. The application deletes the background from any image and automatically detects which item not to delete. Example of application. I then need to connect the application to my website, which is written in react and node.js

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    ROKU APP DE RADIO 5 日 left

    Necesito una APP de RADIO para ROKU, que tambien muestre lo que se está reproduciendo usando nuestro link del servidor.

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    12 入札

    Need developer to advise us which product to use, between Freshdesk and Zendesk after being briefed about a specific case use for Park Doctor () and set up the installation, including custom field creation, report creation and various automation including chatbot functionality.

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    Im playing a web-browser computer game. I want an individual that logs in to the game and performs a standard set of action once every hour. The action take 2 minutes in total. The action should be performed each hour from 23.00 GMT +1 until 08.00 GMT +1, each day of the week. During 7 months. I do not want to use a script, as this will be detected by the computer sytstem. It has to be a person.

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    11 入札

    Looking for someone who can develop a custom app that integrates voice activation and vending machine dispensing type of features.

    $989 (Avg Bid)
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    20 入札

    It is to generate a random code using blockchain technology to improve the security of the user. We already have the GitHub project along with the code only to resolve few issues regarding a bug is required.

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    Make a small software 5 日 left

    Hi, I would like to make a small project based on creating virtual wallet. So, assuming 100 members are part of the program, based on 6 criteria, we add and remove points from the wallet. Can explain further over a chat, the project is low pay. so please contact, only if you are willing to work for creative fun than the money.

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    You tube software 5 日 left

    I am in need of a you tube softwar or a sc ript Which can mass rply original comment and also like original comment , pleas b straightforward

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    we would like to get a cloud based program designed to run our mechanical workshop from multiple computers at the one time for all different levels of staff members, this will include a phone tablet app, with fetchers like job cards, vehicle history, will need to link the financial side with financial software reckon online for the front of office and accounts personal, there is way to many fetchers / requirements to list here and I couldn't even tell you all of them as I'm just a diesel mechanic not a IT guru, so we currently use software called (workshop software) google it and see the sort of thing we are after, it is missing so much and could be so much better, hence why we would like to design our own software that suits our needs so we can run a more efficient business. I ...

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    Hallo i want to have a software like yodeck for raspberry and a server or cloud setup for run and update over cloud for my own PUB Monitors

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    We've a project in halfway of development, it has an UX/UI prototype We are suggesting of changing CSS framework from bootstrap to SASS or SCSS

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    AARC SOFTWARE 4 日 left

    I will need a developer that make a software for accounting with inventory , purchasing , sales and accounting functions. POS and Back Office with inventory and accounting.

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    13 入札
    Integromat scenarios programmer 4 日 left

    I am looking for someone who can program some Integromat Software scenarios for me. Google sheet, form, transform email into data etc. Send me step by step for process scenarios Thanks for the reply

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    3 入札

    Tenemos un gran proyecto en manos, el mismo cuenta con un prototipo UX/UI, Y parte del código se ha adelantado, Buscamos desarrolladores que nos ayuden a mejorar el software que se quiere desarrollar y que aporten ideas al proyecto. El framework css es bootstrap pero, se quiere cambiar, por lo tanto se escuchan sugerencias

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    Only message if you are ready, or free to have a meeting about the process. preferably need a team instead of outsourcing from different freelancers. I have an enquire about an application to be made, in the line of health, the main focus is for the nurse or worker to update the record of the patient for the day of that particular patient they are with, a database that stores them and that way the worker can access the notes or forms filled by the previous worker who was working with the specific patient, obviously, access control will be set by us. let me know for more details

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    To implement and write research articles in the area of Multi Core Architecture. Prerequisite: Knowledge on the topic is mandatory To be good in coding. To be good in Analytical calculations. To be good in interpreting the data with the latest tools.

    $140 (Avg Bid)
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    7 入札

    Looking for a developer to make occasional enhancements and bug fixes to an existing Paradox for Windows application. Also looking for documentation on modifying, testing and deploying a Paradox application using ObjectPAL.

    $40 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    5 入札

    I need an excellent freelancer for my project report. I need a detailed report on my project idea. This is basically Project planning assignment. Please drop me a message I will share the document via chat. Thanks

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    Hi, I am working with a team of 25-30 members at a Market Research firm. I am looking for some project management platform that can help me and my team to manage day-to-day work with some really good features of reports, dashboard views, etc. - which could increase our productivity. My Team is sub-divided into 4 different teams: - Team 1 deals with reviewing of sample collected for research (Work is related to project-specific and sample collection data would be in row-level format.) - Team 2 deals with the collection of samples, ideally the project lead - who plans different activities within the project, and answer queries raised by all other teams. - Team 3 deals with support tickets raised by survey respondents. - Team 4 deals with QA of all the activities done by other team memb...

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    Technical job description writer 4 日 left

    I need to create a draft for senior devops/sysops job description, role and responsibilities etc. for AWS platform, the writer must have background in software development and understanding for SDLC, CD/CI and devtools chain

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    Automate a file exporting project. 3 日 left

    automate a file exporting project which include steps of mouse commands.

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    Skilled software developer (NFT minting) More details will be given upon hire looking for ways to mint fast on popular projects start you message with 'NFT' to be considered

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    Trophy icon build me a website 3 日 left

    Hey how are you Hope you’re doing fine I have a women clothes fashion store and I want to make a website where I can show my products only to customers without selling them and I want the website to be exclusive only to customers because I don't want my models to be seen and stolen by the store's owner so I would like for the website to ask the customers for a password to see the project and the password will be given to them by employees and the password must be generated daily so it wont spread the website in my head be like: When you enter the website there will be two options Customers or employees If its a customer the website will ask for a password If its an employee he/she will log in and have the ability to add and edit photos of products and they will have t...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    Our developer has been at hospital for 3 months, so we need a replacement to start our project. We need to create a new voip software from scratch similar to goip/antrax, the detailed file will be submitted for all the requested features. The project will be divided into a 3 to 5 milestones. Pls bid only if you have experience with voip before and you've seen antrax/goip/dinstar softwares before Coding language should be Java or C or C++, the essential is to be a very fast software without bugs and without errors or crashes. So you can choose the faster language The main features will be: 1 - Very high quality voice 2 - Cloud remote control 3 - Can accept bulk calls over 10K calls per second without any crash 4 - Automation (will be described in details) 5 - Software can work e...

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    Local Language Virtual Assistant 3 日 left

    Current virtual assistants only understand a very few major world languages. Some parts of the world are being left out and left behind. In an effort to provide options for other people who may not speak on of these major languages, we want to develop a regional voice assistant. Scope out an action plan of steps needed to develop and roll out a local language virtual assistant (like cortana, alexa, Siri); first for a software based virtual assistant and then ultimately a hardware version.

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    I'm am looking to build something that scans the items in the Axie Marketplace. The system will give me information as to which items are profitable to buy and then sell. I will need it to provide alerts when - an item is advertised on the marketplace that is 20% below the next cheapest item. needs to also show the one month average for that item - when supply of an item drops by more than 30% over the one month average. It doesnt need to look fancy. It just needs to be easy to use. All the code will be provided to me and owned by me.

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    Compatible with a vast variety of video formats - MXF, MP4, MPG, TS, GXF, AVI, MOV, DNXHD, PRORES Hardware accellerated H.264 & HEVC/H.265 Encoding Mix videos, live inputs within your playlist. Easy drags from any source to playlist including playlist item reorders! Support Tools External Input for SRT, RTMP, SDI, NDI, Web Sources. SRT (Caller or Listener) H.264, H.265 SUPPORT RTMP H.264 - AAC Encoding Playout Outputs - 4K, UHD, HD, SD and IP Virtually Trim/Split Files, Select and Independently Real-Time Automatic Up/Down Conversion Unlimited number of text, scroll, image, image sequences or graphics items to overlay. Automatic file tracking for scroll ticker content. Compositions support for easier overlay design management, smooth transitions between compositions. Change item proper...

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    We are looking for a team of experienced developers having exp in IOT, embedded, Full Stack, Cloud, analytics SAAS. About TUYA Tuya Smart is a leading technology company focused on making our lives smarter. Tuya does this through offering a cloud platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT. By building interconnectivity standards, Tuya bridges the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries. The Company’s platform is backed by industry-leading technology complete with rigorous data protection and security. Tuya solutions empower partners and customers by improving the value of their products while making consumers’ lives more convenient through the application of technology. Through its growi...

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    i want to build an online application for my business, that will help me price projects and keep tracking of pricing.

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    30 入札

    Looking for web based or desktop Insurance Company Software with its source code.

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    Looking for a skilled writer who can provide me good service for a long time. This is a long-term part-time project and you can write anytime you want. Since I am a developer, I can help you sometimes about the project. I don't want you to always respond, just need often help. Will give competitive compensation! And also looking for a long-term partnership, friendship.

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