Software Development is a process of creating, maintaining, and auditing software and applications for specific systems. A Software Developer is a computer programmer who specializes in the development of software applications and systems of varying complexity, from enterprise standard applications to mobile and web applications. Depending on the project, Software Developers may be involved in designing interactive features, new products or designs, fixing bugs, or improving existing features. Ultimately the Software Developer will help create the software that helps client achieve their goals.

Here's some projects that our expert Software Developer made real:

  • Developing custom project/database management systems
  • Creating apps for iOS with APIs for trade simulations and tracking histories
  • Developing JAVA applications with student and course management components
  • Creating advanced particle plug-ins for Adobe After Effects
  • Parameterizing an internal classifieds system for Amazon (using Java)
  • Creating swiftUI views
  • Developing a detailed implementation plan with gantt chart.
  • Writing codes for FinTech
  • Creating inventory management solutions for forwarding services.

Software development is all about making the client’s digital dreams come to reality with tailor made coding solutions. Hire expert Software Developers on to realize any project you can dream up, big or small! Our team of experienced coders are ready to real your project in a cost effective and timely manner -- no matter what your needs may be. All you need do is post your project and our reliable experts will ensure your success.

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    HR system for small company 6 日 left

    We are looking for small HR are system for 50 or 100 employees

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    I am excited to apply for the part-time Software Developer position. As a third year computer engineering with solid background in both front-end and back-end development, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to your projects. Technical Skills and Expertise Front-end Development: Skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with experience in and Tailwind CSS. I focus on creating responsive and visually appealing user interfaces. Back-end Development: Proficient in Python and Node.js, with a track record of building robust APIs and microservices. Database Management: Experienced with MySQL and MongoDB, capable of designing efficient database schemas and performing queries. Full-Stack Development: Able to integrate front-end and back-end systems seamlessly, handling state manage...

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    I'm in need of a skilled software developer who can create a comprehensive school management software. This software should cater to our institution's needs and requirements. Key Features: - Attendance Tracking - Gradebook Management - Student Information System - Student Registration - Monthly Fee Ledger - Income & Expenses - Payroll - Punching System Linking to Software User Base: The software will be used by more than 500 students and staff members. It's crucial for the software to be scalable and able to accommodate a large number of users. Cross-Device Compatibility: The school management software should be accessible on both desktops and mobile devices. It's essential that users can access the software on the go from different devices. Ideal Skills: - Pro...

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    I'm looking to automate podcast transcription service. 1. I need a service to follow Podcast Rss Feeds and listen for new episodes 2. I need Listen Notes to download the podcast audio file 3. I need Chatgpt to transcribe the audio file 4. I need an output of the transcribed text made into a google document 5. I need Chatgpt re-write the transcribed text into an article with a Title, meta text and the content of the article. 6. I need the re-written article to be saved in a Google document 7. I need the document to be re-written in 8. I need the re-written document by saved in google document You should know python and have api integration skill set you should know how to use and the process flow

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to create a sophisticated software system that will help me identify profitable betting opportunities and detect positive expected value (EV) bets within the sports betting market and also arbitrage bets, live positive EV bets and live arbitrage bets on the websites specified in the attached file. The formulas for Positive EV bets can be found on the following website. The software needs to compare the odds to the odds of , obviously following the adding of the vig (pinnacle's profit margin) to the odds, in order to receive the true odds: The software needs to run as a website that only I can access, with a similar layout to that of , as seen on the picture attached. I will also need you to send me the source code following the completion of t...

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    As the project owner, I'm seeking an expert simulation developer to work on a Marvel Zombies Board Game. The primary goal for the simulation is to test the game balance. Key Responsibilities: - Create a simulation for the Marvel Zombies Board Game - Test the character abilities and game mechanics for game balance - This includes ensuring that no single character or game mechanic dominates the game - Provide clear and detailed feedback on the current state of the game balance Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience as a simulation developer working on board games - Expertise in testing character abilities and game mechanics - Knowledge and understanding of the Marvel Zombies universe is a plus - Strong analytical skills and the ability to provide clear feedback on game balance Th...

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    I'm in need of a skilled and experienced developer that can assist me in automating several tasks, organizing files and data on Google Drive using Google App Script and Java programming language. Key Tasks: - Create scripts to automate Folders and files - Improve file organization and management on Google Drive - Develop custom solutions using Java Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Google App Script and Java - Strong background in automating tasks - Proven experience in organizing and managing files - Prior experience with Google Drive is a plus Your expertise and knowledge in these areas are crucial for the success of this project. Looking forward to collaborating with a proactive and skilled developer.

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    Wir arbeiten mit All-Inkl als Hosting Provider zusammen. Im Laufe der Zeit haben sich Projekte ergeben und es wird Zeit einen grundlegende Einrichtung und Organisation so aufzusetzen, dass wir icht mehr den Überblick verlieren. Hierzu gehört: - Organisation der Accounts - Organisation der Domains - Organisation des Webspace - Organisation der Emailspaces, -adressen, usw - Einrichtung der grundlegenden Parameter und Settings - Einrichten der Accounts für Administration und Entwicklung - evtl. Aufbau eines Spaces für Entwicklungen (sofern es Sinn macht diese vom der späteren Webseite zu trennen). Aufbau einer Entwicklungsumgebung. evtl. Aufbau einer Testumgebung - Grundlegende Einrichtung von Wordpress damit alle verschiedenen Webseiten damit laufen können (ein ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled 1C developer who can assist with a comprehensive set of tasks related to my 1C:Enterprise 8.2 v system. Main Tasks: * Customizing the existing software * Developing new modules * Integration of the 1C with other systems Industry Application: The tasks should be carried out with an understanding of the retail and wholesale sector requirements. Thus, experience working in this sector will be advantageous. Ideal Experience and Skills: * Extensive knowledge and understanding of 1C:Enterprise 8.2 * Proven experience in customizing and upgrading 1C:Enterprise software * Prior experience in creating and launching new modules * Ability to successfully integrate 1C with other systems, ensuring seamless transition and function. * Knowledge of the specific needs an...

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    I'm looking to hire a seasoned software developer to create a software for my financial recovery business. Understanding of finance and debt recovery processes is definitely a plus. Key Features: - **Customer Management**: This is a critical feature for the software. You should be able to create a system that allows client profile building. Client Profile Building: - **Financial Status**: Ability to input and monitor financial status of every client. - **Contact Details**: Capacity to register each client's contact information. - **Recovery History**: Capability of logging each client's financial recovery history to keep track of progress. Proficiency in backend programming and database management is required. Knowledge of frontend web design would be beneficial for UI...

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    I am searching for a skilled freelancer who have developed an examination and class timetable for a multi campuses univeristy (1 - 10 campuses).

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    I have a strategy with some conditions slightly complex. It should not take alot of time for someone who is experienced in using tradetron.

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to design a bespoke, web-based remodeling software that utilizes my specific product. This software should offer: - 2D and 3D visualization capabilities: Freelancers should be experienced in incorporating such features into software programs. The software doesn't need to support room measurement tools or product catalog integration at this stage. Please note, the software will be completely Web-based, so experience in this field will be preferred. Prior background in developing design software is a plus.

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    Descripción: El objetivo principal de este proyecto es diseñar, desarrollar e implementar un totem virtual interactivo que ofrezca una experiencia de usuario única y personalizada mediante la integración de un asistente virtual inteligente para usar en pantallas o tablet. El totem virtual estará destinado a ser utilizado en entornos comerciales, como tiendas minoristas, centros comerciales, hospitales, aeropuertos, entre otros, con el fin de brindar información, asistencia y entretenimiento a los usuarios de manera intuitiva y eficaz. También se tendrá que poder personalizar preguntas y respuestas Características Principales: Interfaz de Usuario Intuitiva: El totem virtual contará con una interfaz de usuario mo...

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    I am seeking an experienced plugin developer to create an Adobe Illustrator plugin which is similar to the existing image trace function. I would like this plugin to create vector artwork in the style shown in the attached document. - The plug in will take a raster image and vectorize it in the exact same shown style. - The plug in should create extremely accurate lines and 3D detail.

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    I'm in need of a developer who can create an AI human generation model with a specific focus on realistic facial expressions and customizable outfits. Key Requirements: - AI Human Generation Model: The primary focus of the project is to create an AI model capable of generating high-quality human-like figures. - Realistic Facial Expressions: The model should be able to produce facial expressions that are true-to-life and convincing. - Customizable Outfits: I am looking for a feature that allows for the customization of the generated human's outfits. Prior experience in AI and human generation models is highly desirable for this project. A strong understanding of image processing and deep learning is also advantageous. If you have previously worked on similar projects or have a p...

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    Title: Seeking Expert for Image-to-Text Conversion and Object Identification Integration for Conveyor System Optimization Description: We are seeking a skilled freelancer to assist in enhancing our product identification process within our conveyor system. As our product does not feature a barcode, we require expertise in image-to-text conversion and object identification technology. The selected candidate will be tasked with developing a system that seamlessly integrates with our conveyor system to optimize the efficiency of our purchase and sales operations. This project presents an exciting opportunity for individuals proficient in image processing, text recognition, and conveyor system automation. If you possess the necessary skills and are ready to contribute to streamlining our oper...

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    I need a proficient Java developer who can work effectively using Agile software development methodologies. You will primarily focus on the backend part of a software development project. Familiarity and experience with Spring Boot and Java EE are crucial. • Main task: Backend software development • Methodology: Agile • Key technologies: Spring Boot, Java EE Previous experience in similar software development projects and a strong comprehension of Agile methodologies will be the key to success. You are expected to hit the ground running, so prior hands-on experience with Spring Boot and Java EE is essential. Your strong knowledge in these technologies will guarantee the swift and efficient progression of this project.

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    I'm seeking a developer to create a Roblox executor compatible on Windows. This program must feature: 1. Script Execution: - It should have the capacity to successfully execute scripts in Roblox games without interruption or failure. 2. Game Exploits: - The program should be able to identify and exploit weaknesses in the game for a better user experience. 3. User Interface: - Creation of a detailed, intuitive, and user-friendly interface is crucial. I prefer a UI design that is simple to navigate, even for new users. The ideal freelancer for this project will have robust experience in Roblox, an understanding of game exploiting methods, and the proficiency in creating user interfaces in different platforms, particularly Windows. A portfolio showcasing similar completed projects w...

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    Hi everyone, I'm searching for a developer who can customize my current solution based on Perfex CRM. This is what is need to be implemented: - Add additional fields to the CRM product including License Plate, Color, Chassis. - A new general section showing all cars that have been ordered based on license plate number. This section should be linked to Perfex CRM orders. In this section I should be able to click on the license plate number which should show me (for example on the side) various data including the starting warehouse, all intermediate locations before arriving at the destination, the current location and all the product item details. The starting warehouse position should be retrieved from the value of a custom fields already in the CRM, instead the intermediate and c...

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    I'm in need of a skilled software architect and UML designer for my project focused on process automation. The project is of moderate complexity and requires meticulous attention to detail. Key Requirements: - Expertise in software architecture, particularly in the context of process automation. - Proficiency in creating Use Case diagrams and C4 diagrams. - Ability to translate complex requirements into clear, concise UML diagrams. - Strong understanding of the software development life cycle and best practices. Your responsibilities will include: - Collaborating with me to fully understand the project's requirements and end goals. - Creating and maintaining UML diagrams, particularly Use Case and C4 diagrams. - Ensuring the architecture is scalable, maintainable, and aligned w...

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    Hello guys.. :) I need an extension for Google Chrome that automatically buys and sells based on signals received from another extension. 1- When the extension is installed in the browser, upon first access you will need to enter my email to receive the activation code. 2- We will be able to filter the received signals, for example: with more than 90% accuracy only 3- We will be able to choose between 1 and 5 minutes of expiration 4- We will be able to inform the value of the investment 5- We will have the martingale option with 2 steps 6- We will have a panel with the signals received on the day with the amount of Wins, Losses and Draws and the profit or loss result will be displayed 7- This extension will be programmed to work on all binary options brokers but now we will only have ...

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    PARA ROKU: Quiero una aplicación con categorías de películas, series, TV en vivo similar () LOS RESELLER PODRAN ACTIVAR LOS DISPOSITIVOS DESDE LA WEB VÍA MAC QUE DESDE LA WEB, YO PUEDA VENDERLES CREDITOS A MIS RESELLER PARA QUE PUEDAN ACTIVAR A SUS CLIENTES USANDO LA APLICACION EN ROKUTV un ejemplo aqui ? Ibo Player Pro FEATURES: - easy process to stream m3u URLs or playlists - simple UI - Ibo Player Pro supports all screen resolutions of Roku TVs, Roku sticks, and Roku boxes. - for movies and series see release date, content, actors, ratings - add channels and movies/series to favorites - supports Fast Streaming - select languages in movies and series - select subtitles in movies and series - parental control ℹ️ HOW TO USE OUR M3U STREAM PLAYER: ...

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    I'm seeking a professional to create a custom image scanner software specifically for Windows OS. The main purpose of the software will be to scan photos in batches. Key Features: - Batch Scanning: This is a primary requirement. The software should allow users to scan multiple photos in a single operation. - Photo Scanning: The software is specifically intended for scanning photos, not documents or barcodes. - Windows Compatibility: The software should be designed to work seamlessly on Windows OS. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in Windows software development and compatibility. - Extensive experience in creating image processing software or photo scanning applications. - Strong understanding of batch processing and automation in software. - Knowl...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer to help bring my vision of an information sharing web app to life. - **Purpose:** The main goal of this app is to provide a platform for the general public to share diverse kinds of information. - **Target Audience:** This app is designed for the general public, so it should be easy to navigate and use for people with varying levels of technical expertise. - **User Accounts:** The app will require user accounts, but they should be kept simple and intuitive to maintain a friendly user experience. Ideal candidates for this project should have experience in developing user-friendly web applications, particularly for information sharing purposes. Strong skills in UX/UI design will be a big plus.

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    Specialist in App and Software Development Job Description: We are seeking specialists in App and Software Development, ready to transform technical concepts into practical and innovative solutions for our global clients. If you have a passion for developing applications that make a difference, we want you on our team. Responsibilities: - Android and iOS App Development: Create mobile applications that stand out in the market. - Custom Web Applications: Develop tailor-made web solutions to meet specific client needs. - Desktop Software Development: Create efficient computer programs for various industries. - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems: Develop and implement ERP solutions to enhance clients' business processes. - E-commerce Solutions: Build robust and secure e-commerc...

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    I'm looking for a tech savvy professional who is proficient in setting up a Square Point of Sale (POS) system with a couple of key features and integrations. Key Requirements: - Inventory Management: A critical aspect of this project is configuring the system to effectively manage inventory. The system should be able to track stock levels, generate alerts for low inventory, and provide real-time updates on stock availability. Prior experience with setting up and customizing inventory management on Square POS would be highly beneficial. - Sales Reporting: I'm keen on having comprehensive sales reporting capabilities. The POS system should be set up to generate detailed sales reports, analyze sales data, and provide insights into the performance of the business. Familiarity with...

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    Estoy desarrollando un proyecto en el que necesito crear una cartografia dual/comparativa entre dos estadisticas. La idea es generarla con processing para conseguir una cartografia interactiva o generativa.

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    I need a desktop commission calculator software designed specifically for Windows. The software will be fairly simple but will need to perform two key functions: calculating commission at different rates for distinct products and calculating commission based on individual employee sales. Key Requirements: - Design a user-friendly desktop application (i can help you in UI) - Develop a system that allows me to upload sales data through Excel file. - Implement a mechanism that accurately computes commission based on different rates for different products - Ensure the software can calculate commission payout based on individual employee sales Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing desktop applications, preferably in Windows - Proficiency in designing and creating intu...

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    Personalizacion TracCar 2 日 left

    Deseo desplegar versiòn y personalizar Servidor y App Moviles

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    We are seeking a skilled freelancer to develop an OIDC (OpenID Connect) server capable of delegating authentication to a CAS (Central Authentication Service) server. The OIDC implementation will be based on IdentityServer4. The primary objective is to establish a secure and efficient authentication mechanism within our system, leveraging the capabilities of both OIDC and CAS protocols. The ideal candidate should possess expertise in IdentityServer4 and have experience in integrating it with external authentication providers such as CAS. Additionally, familiarity with authentication protocols and best practices in web security is highly desirable.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a comprehensive management platform for a restaurant and cafe. Some of the modules required but not limited to the followings: - [ ] Ecommerce - [ ] CRM an Loyalty System - [ ] VOIP ans SMS integration - [ ] Marketing campaign design - [ ] Mobile & Online Ordering - [ ] POS - [ ] product add-ons when taking orders - [ ] barcode scanners and mobile printers - [ ] customised print designs per store - [ ] multi-tenant - [ ] Table Service, reservation, pr-eorder, pre-payment - [ ] Delivery, In-Store pickup, integration to other delivery platforms - [ ] Staff Management, time sheets - [ ] Digital Menu Management, View the menu on mobile and make order and payment - [ ] Reporting & Analytics - [ ] Kitchen Management - ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced coder in Java programming language for my institute who can teach students Java from basic to advance level. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Java programming - Experience in developing software projects - Knowledge of coding practices and methodologies - Solid understanding and application of algorithm design Your role will be to teach students Java and make them proficient to build projects. This is going to be an offline projects in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Please include in your bid any relevant experience you have in developing software prototypes in Java.

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    I'm looking for an experienced coder in C/C++ programming language for my institute who can teach students C/C++from basic to advance level. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in C/C++programming - Experience in developing software projects - Knowledge of coding practices and methodologies - Solid understanding and application of algorithm design Your role will be to teach students C/C++and make them proficient to build projects. This is going to be an offline projects in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Please include in your bid any relevant experience you have in developing software prototypes in C/C++.

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    I need an experienced software developer who can build a desktop application for me. I'm not yet finalized on the exact purpose of the app, but it might be a mix of e-commerce and social networking. The core functionality of the app will be discussed during the project. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Desktop Application Development - Experience in E-commerce and Social Networking apps The deadline for this project is ASAP. I need someone who can start working on the project immediately and deliver quality results in a timely manner.

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    I'm seeking a skilled software developer to create a customised software solution for my construction company. Our primary goal is to address the inefficiencies in our current system and enhance overall company efficiency through streamlined processes. Key objectives of the project include: - Designing a user-friendly interface: The software should be intuitive and easy to use for all team members regardless of their technical background. - Enhancing efficiency: The new software should improve the flow of work, reducing manual input and automating repetitive tasks. - Real-time data access: The ability to access real-time data is crucial for our project management, and the software should also have capabilities for data analysis. Ideal candidates will have: - Proven experience in dev...

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    I'm looking for an experienced coder in Python for my institute who can teach students python from basic to advance level. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Python programming - Experience in developing software projects - Knowledge of coding practices and methodologies Your role will be to teach students python and make them proficient to build projects. This is going to be an offline projects in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Please include in your bid any relevant experience you have in developing software prototypes, particularly in Python.

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    We are looking to develop a web-based tool that generates a wireframe model of a house to visually represent indoor temperatures using colors, much like the example you provided. This tool will be embedded into other webpages via an . Here are some expanded details for your project: User Interface: The tool should feature a clean, intuitive user interface that allows users to input or upload data about house layouts and temperature readings. Users should be able to view different floors and sections of the house, and interactively explore various parts of the model. Color Coding: Implement a color gradient system to represent temperature ranges effectively. For instance, blue could indicate cooler temperatures, while red could signify warmer areas. The gradient should be adjustabl...

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    Skip Bin Software System Developer Location: Auckland, New Zealand (Remote) Company Description: We are a forward-thinking skip bin business in development, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Committed to revolutionizing waste management solutions, we are seeking a skilled Software System Developer to create an integrated software solution for optimizing skip bin operations. In addition to developing the software system, we will also require the development of a website that seamlessly integrates with the software. Job Description: As a Freelance Skip Bin Software System Developer, you will lead the development of a comprehensive software system to automate skip bin operations and optimize efficiency. In addition to developing the software system, you will be responsible for design...

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    Buscamos um desenvolvedor de software com profundo conhecimento em protocolos de internet, autenticação e habilidades avançadas em criptografia para criar uma automação usando WebSocket. O projeto envolve o desenvolvimento de um sistema automatizado para interagir com roletas online da provedora EVOLUTION, uma reconhecida plataforma em cassinos online. Objetivos Específicos: Requisitos: Entregáveis: Desenvolver um sistema capaz de conectar-se automaticamente às roletas da EVOLUTION via WebSocket. Implementar métodos de autenticação e segurança robustos para garantir conexões estáveis e seguras. Criar uma interface que permita monitorar e controlar a automação de forma ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced IT professional who can assist with both developing a custom software and providing consulting services. Key Requirements: - Custom Software Development: The primary task is to develop a unique software tailored to my business needs. - IT Consulting: I also need assistance with general IT consulting, to help streamline and optimize my IT infrastructure. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in custom software development, ideally for business applications. - Strong background in IT consulting, with the ability to provide strategic guidance. - Expertise in iOS development as the software will primarily target this platform. This project has the potential to evolve into a long-term IT support and development role.

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    I'm programming a sensitive app where I don't want to have full control over the deployment process / cloud account. Therefore I need a reviewer / ops person to take ownership of the deployment process. I need an hour or so of your time every week to: - Review a pull request created by me - Run a deployment pipeline - Confirm project has deployed successfully - Review cloud account and indicate any issues (e.g. unpaid invoice, server downtime, etc.) Estimated effort / time required: 1-2hrs per week. Note: You don't need to be a programmer / specialist. Just technically literate.

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    I'm seeking a talented developer to create a B2B marketplace platform for the buying and selling of forest products. The platform should cater to a range of users including buyers, sellers, and administrators. Key Features: - User Management: Implement a user registration and login system. - Product Management: Allow users to list thousands of forest products in bulk via wood processors inventory system and facilitate a user-friendly search system. - Messaging System: Integrate a robust messaging system for seamless communication between buyers and sellers. - Auctions: Implement English and Capacity auctions for listing forest products based on market conditions. - Order Management: Develop an efficient order management system for tracking and processing transactions. User Types: - ...

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    I'm using SAP SuccessFactors for other modules and have decided to leverage its 'variable pay' module to streamline our bonus and incentive processes. My main goal is to improve our existing compensation processes and integrate it with the SAP SuccessFactors variable pay module. Currently, we are managing bonuses and incentives manually using spreadsheets. The ideal consultant for this job would have: - Proven experience with SAP SuccessFactors, particularly with the 'variable pay' module - A background in compensation and incentive management - The ability to optimize existing processes for improved efficiency Please include in your proposal your relevant experience with SAP SuccessFactors and any success stories you can share.

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    I need an experienced Laravel developer to undertake crucial tasks within a large-scale project over a two-week timeline. The Laravel-specific requirements are as follows:- 1. Fix the Home Dashboard to display real data instead of dummy data in Laravel. 2. Implement form data transfer from the website to the CRM Enquiry Menu in Laravel. 3. Ensure that won enquiries are correctly displayed after conversion to contacts in Laravel. 4. Highlight the current menu item on the left in Laravel. 5. Correct CSV download functionality in Contacts, ensuring filters, headers, and special characters are handled properly in Laravel. 6. Enable clicking anywhere on the contact data table to open the view of that particular contact in Laravel. 7. Remove the display of the last date from the top of the cont...

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    You can hire a programmer to solve just about any complex problem, the problem is knowing how to hire the right professional for the job. Learn how..
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    Learn everything you need to know about hiring a freelance PLC Programmer, from finding the right candidate to managing the project effectively.
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    Learn how to find, hire, and work with the best freelance Arduino Engineer for your electronics project.
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