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Toys Marketplace I need an iPhone/iPad & Android app. I would like it designed and built. 29 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, iPad, User Interface Design Feb 18, 2018 本日6日 22時間 ¥253455
uber like application Require a mobile application like uber for delivery service. 47 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, User Interface Design Feb 18, 2018 本日6日 17時間 ¥214412
Need Android App I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. 3 pager app excluding splash sceen and settings 19 Mobile App Development, Android, User Interface Design, Kotlin Feb 18, 2018 本日6日 12時間 ¥3466
グラフィックデザイン, テンプレート, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, User Interface Design, ウェブサイトのデザイン Feb 18, 2018 本日7日 11時間
Develop and improve the UI/UX of a mobile app Redesign the UI and UX flow of Cricket Live 99 ([URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください]). The next version of the app will also feature score boards similar to the screen shot provided, so we need to design those too and find a way to link it in. 4 App Designer, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, User Interface Design Feb 17, 2018 本日2日 10時間 ¥21263
Corporate Character Design We are looking for an animal character, a raccoon specifically, to represent the symbol of our company. This character will be animated on our website, and in all of our promotional videos as well as our upcoming user interface to interact with the users. It should be: - Original - This character will be handling items, like garbage, food, bottles and ... - The character should be funny, cute... 1 3Dアニメーション, コンセプトデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20185日 ¥8505
Unity 3d user interface programmer Hello, I'm looking for a Unity 3D UI programer that can finish my games main menu user interface. All graphic assets will be provided, but project must be finished in 3-5 days. 34 Android, C#プログラミング, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, ユニティー3D, User Interface Design Feb 16, 2018 Feb 16, 20184日 22時間 ¥30512
Looking for Moroccan App developers IOS/ANDROID for a project Great business needs app developers from Morocco for projects that will start soon, must have at least 4 years of experience in building apps, Ui&Ux, and development. please add ''purple haze'' in your message so that I may know you've read all of this brief. If you don't have 4 years of experience but feel like you still have what it takes feel free to send a mes... 29 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 20183日 15時間 ¥5583776
I need user interface Design UI Designer aplication mobile, design Logo, Banner, Sticker etc 22 User Interface Design Feb 15, 2018 Feb 15, 20183日 14時間 ¥12120
Go Crazy with your creativity - iOS app prototype All the crazy, stupid, not so cool or superb cool ideas, concepts, all are welcome. Please refer to the attached PDF. Objectives ------------------ This contest is to show off your creativity without worrying about technical feasibilities. You will be creating or designing an iOS app prototype using tools of your choices. Requirements ---------------------- Design an iOS app to help tar... 0 App Designer, コンセプトデザイン, クリエイティブデザイン, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 201812日 10時間 ¥8080
Create UI and UX for and app from some wirframes There theses wireframes of how the product of a new startup project should work. We need to do the ui and ux so we can put it together in a prototype like invision and pass it to the developer team Preferred if you are in Colombia and speak spanish 37 ユーザーインタフェース/IA, プロダクトデザイン, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design, デザイン Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 20183日 3時間 ¥45822
I need a sensor GUI design I need a GUI for a sensor that shows the information provided by a sensor via IO-Link. Furthermore operations of the sensor raw data has to be performed before showing in the GUI. Location is Germany-Freiburg. Personal meeting should be possible. 3 User Interface Design Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 20182日 21時間 ¥912547
Modify/Enhance Template I am in need of a UI/UX professional to modify the template of an existing site (Rababet). In the attached images we need, we need Rababet's colors and fonts to be as sharp as bet9ja. 24 ウェブサイトのデザイン, CSS, HTML, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 20182日 20時間 ¥14565
Go Digital I need a freelancer to design prototypes for a series of application the term them into working prototypes for review by clients ans investors - post initial 3 month period we will extend this contract into project work to deliver the projects. 29 プロジェクト管理, Wordpress, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, ワイヤーフレームデザイナー, User Interface Design Feb 13, 2018 Feb 13, 20181日 22時間 ¥329074
Web Designer UI/UX Responsibilities and Duties You will be responsible for creating website layout mockups, web graphics, content images and illustrations with various prototypes. Minimum 3 years of relevant professional experience including website design experience. Ability to design full web pages and websites/ design templates Knowledge of Sketch Good artistic approach Balance multiple projects simultan... 71 ウェブサイトのデザイン, フォトショップ, イラストレーター, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 13, 2018 Feb 13, 20181日 16時間 ¥1807
design them for prestashop amp(google accelarate page) Dear friend We have a online webstore with prestashop .we need to design a good template to change the theme and make very good user interface . [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] Please check our amp pages If you can desgin .please tell me the cost [Removed by Admin - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] Thanks 3 PHP, ウェブサイトのデザイン, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 12, 2018 Feb 12, 20181日 3時間 ¥6060
Mobile App UI design and build Need UI design and development to be done for one of the mobile mobile application, 15-20 Screens, Technology preferred "React Native." 17 ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, React.js, User Interface Design Feb 12, 2018 Feb 12, 201819時間 6分 ¥13602
seeking a seasoned UI/UX designer with strong CSS to modify our healthcare app LocalPet Inc. is seeking a seasoned UI/UX designer with strong CSS experience for making existing application pages responsive when appeared on mobile devices. The application is fully functional and properly laid out for the larger desktop screens. It was developed based on the responsive template, but during the course of development has not been checked on mobile devices. We are looking for the... 14 CSS, ブートストラップ, ASP.NET, User Interface Design Feb 11, 2018 Feb 11, 20182時間 50分 ¥18074
Desihn Site E-commerce We are a big company which develops projects 5 User Interface Design Feb 9, 2018 Feb 9, 2018終了 ¥267383
Design Landing page for Hi, I am looking for a landing page of [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] which will increase users and SEO of website. This website helps people to prioritise projects easily. Next version will allows users to add tasks for each project and prioritise tasks within the project. It also has an iOS app which allows people to prioritise their day-to-day tasks. So, to summarise, Purpose -------------... 2 ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 9, 2018 Feb 9, 20184日 14時間 ¥1169
I need UI/UX designer We are looking to re-modern our existing UI for a self-service kiosk project [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] 8 User Interface Design Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 2018終了 ¥3508
Animated Mobile Splash Screen - GIF Animated mobile splash screen for taxi app 7 User Interface Design, デザイン Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 2018終了 ¥2445
App Icon Desing We need an astonish icon design for multiple purposes: App Design, Social Avatar, etc. It needs to maintain current color (light blue) and shape, but work on an updated concept. have a look at current use on social and app stores: [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] any doubts let me know. Good luck! 91 コーポレートアイデンティティ, グラフィックデザイン, アイコンデザイン, ロゴデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 20185日 ¥5316
I need a freelance application developer with capability to develop wireframes I need to develop an android education app 16 フリーランス, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, ワイヤーフレームデザイナー, App Developer, User Interface Design Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 2018終了 ¥14459
My Doggy Walker Hi, I’m Jessica! I have come up with an idea that will allow job seekers to find an exciting and unique position! The app will allow busy dog owners to take a step back and focus on their daily lives whilst others take their fun-loving pets on an adventure! I would like an app that provides the phone user to be able to scroll down the screen and see the availability of workers available to t... 8 スクリプトインストール, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, ソフトウェア開発, User Interface Design, Scripting Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 2018終了 ¥67444
STM32FF746 Discovery Based Embedded Wizard LCD Touch screen GUI UI Designed For Keil MDK5 RTX RTOS based Fimware Embedded Wizard LCD Free version ( htps://[URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] )Touch screen GUI UI Designed and integrated with our Keil MDK5 RTX RTOS Firmware.(Simple Parameters) Embedded Wizard code must run in its own thread. Mutexs must be used when reading and writing to THE SD Card CSV Files The Screen will work in a similar way as the Video example this is only an example . STM32F746 Dis... 12 マイクロコントローラ, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, 組み込みソフト, User Interface Design Feb 8, 2018 Feb 8, 2018終了 ¥66341
UI/UX Designer Webpage / App Digital marketing agency - 30-40 hours of work in office in santa monica, CA. 15 User Interface Design Feb 7, 2018 Feb 7, 2018終了 ¥127472
WEBSITE DEVELOPER & SEO Needs to hire Freelancers to Develop Our Bussiness Website This company is Indian KPO providing service of Bookkeeping, Accounts outsourcing, Payroll processing, Managing receivables, CFO services & Virtual Admin Office in India as well as for Outside India. Now the company is set to extend its services to masses and affordable price. We want target the world traffic. Anyone who is newly se... 16 ウェブサイトのデザイン, インターネットマーケティング, SEO, User Interface Design Feb 7, 2018 Feb 7, 2018終了 ¥15682
Template Designer Tool Looking for a template designer for windows form application for PDF generation. Template for Variable data composition. 6 .NET, C#プログラミング, マイクロソフトSQLサーバー, User Interface Design Feb 7, 2018 Feb 7, 2018終了 ¥43667
UI redesign I developed an app that is currently in beta on the google play store (ios still in development). I need to update my UI to something better looking and brighter. 25 User Interface Design Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018終了 ¥50074
Windows APP to Read Epub file Need to build E-pub reader in Windows. This app will block ctrl keys, mouse right click, and screenshot from the keyboard. This should build on JavaFX. 1 JavaFX, User Interface Design, ePub Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018終了 ¥21050
need to update my iOS app need update to my app... user login and user can chat . 59 Mobile App Development, iPhone, ソーシャルネットワーキング, GPS, User Interface Design Feb 5, 2018 Feb 5, 2018終了 ¥16874
I need a Game Designer specialized in Children 6-10 y.o. We are a startup now developing a children serious game. We need some help on the game design and interface design 15 ゲームデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 4, 2018 Feb 4, 2018終了 ¥23070
user interface (only the skin) for an instrument for biological laboratories Our instrument is controlled by a labview software, which has limitations in the graphical aspects of the user interface. What I need is a skin, developed with another language (I accept suggestions), that replicates the functionality, but with a nicer graphical aspect. I need to see examples of other user interfaces before assigning the project. 12 インダストリアルデザイン, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, プロダクトデザイン, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 3, 2018 Feb 3, 2018終了 ¥75704
Android app UI UX We need some UI screens for our android application. screens will be no more than 10. small project. 46 ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Feb 3, 2018 Feb 3, 2018終了 ¥11750
Design a Small Desktop-Based Web Application A side-project I've been working on for some time needs a designer's eye. The deliverable for this project is a Sketch file including a handful of art boards illustrating the the main application's UI and a few (4-6) common screens. I'm looking for a designer who is: • Specialized in web application design with a strong portfolio • Self-motivated and passionate a... 35 ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design, デザイン Feb 2, 2018 Feb 2, 2018終了 ¥99181
Android App UI Design I need the design of an Android app for tablets. 67 Android, クリエイティブデザイン, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, App Designer, User Interface Design Feb 1, 2018 Feb 1, 2018終了 ¥22751
Interaction Design - High Fidelity Prototype For this assignment, we are looking for a professional who is familiar with Interaction Design principles so these can be applied to the whole project. This project requires the creation of high fidelity prototype (no coding required) based on a given scenario. Also, a documentation/report to be written where appropriate background research should be added and justification of the frameworks tha... 14 ウェブサイトのデザイン, リサーチ, Axure, User Interface Design, Computer Science Feb 1, 2018 Feb 1, 2018終了 ¥3833
Build a document printing website I want a website where users can upload documents (PDFs, DOCXs etc.) and order prints. Visit [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] for a reference. The website has to be handcoded. NO Wordpress or other CMS is allowed. 47 PHP, ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, HTML, User Interface Design Feb 1, 2018 Feb 1, 2018終了 ¥42132
Front-End UI for BitMEX API -- 2 I need a front-end interface to the BitMEX [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] UI should let me see current prices, place orders, update orders, and you must provide full instructions for the deployment of the application or web page.A sample Python script is found by searching for "BitMEX automated trading".It would be even better if you could convert the Python code to Lua, which is faster. 6 パイソン, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, User Interface Design Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018終了 ¥27110
Hiring for a UI/UX Designers Hello There, Hope everything going well. We are looking for a UI/UX Designers. Please share your portfolio. If you are interested & your portfolio selected. We will look forward for further discussion. Regards Team, Appteroid. 25 ウェブサイトのデザイン, ブランディング, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018終了 ¥12670
Angular 2 Designer with UX required Website to manage message delivery. Existing site exist but is outdated. We require a web and UX design expert with good knowledge of Angular 2 or 4. You will work will our Backend expert based in Europe (according to his time). Critical: Good designer. Good and systematic UX experience. Angular 2 expertise is required. Please only respond if you are a designer with UX and Angular 2 expertise. 26 ウェブサイトのデザイン, グラフィックデザイン, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018終了 ¥94065
A wordpress website We are a publishing company and would like to have a website build for our new self-publishing imprint. The website allows the author track sales, mark goals and achieve target, by just logging into their author's account. The website also has a built in e-commerce/store for sales of books managed by the company/admin and not authors. Rest of it is still basic and informative. 88 PHP, Wordpress, HTML, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018終了 ¥39962
Card Game Making for 3 platforms - Web Andriod IOS I want a card game like Zynga poker/ 3 patti ([URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] ) which will be deployed on three platforms 1. Web 2. Android 3. IOS Game description: It will be a card game similar to poker, blackjack, call-bridge, UNO etc. Features like multiplayer, Play online, Play with facebook friends, buy Chips using credit card, watch adds(admob) etc must be there. Details will be given upon... 37 iPhone, Android, HTML5, node.js, User Interface Design Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018終了 ¥127366
UX/UI genius for ongoing projects We are looking to partner long term with a UX and UI genius over numerous upcoming projects including several large websites, web apps, native apps and side projects. Your communication must be impeccable, you must be able to work autonomously to strict deadlines and tight briefs. We want someone or team, that is quick and can rapidly iterate designs. From simple wireframes/user stories to i... 25 ウェブサイトのデザイン, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, アイコンデザイン, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design Jan 31, 2018 Jan 31, 2018終了 ¥6617
Mapbox WebApp mapbox webapp developed for geologist use 17 ウェブサイトのデザイン, ユーザーインタフェース/IA, User Interface Design, Geographical Information System (GIS) Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 2018終了 ¥126728
Searching a UI/UX Designer for a cryptocurrency Wallet We're developing our own cryptocurrency, now we're searching for someone who can help us building a beautiful wallet 11 パイソン, ビジュアルベーシック, User Interface Design, Blockchain, Qt Jan 27, 2018 Jan 27, 2018終了 ¥99511
We need a Use case, Prototype and Summary for Mobile App We need a solution should be expressed in usecase, prototype and short summary of developing Android/iOS app for the given problem statement. Project will took 6 hours only to design. We will select the bid straight away within hours. We need a good developer. After a month, we will hire again you for developing the app(Prototype->App) for 100x amount when the idea is selected. Problem state... 7 Mobile App Development, UMLデザイン, jQuery/プロトタイプ, User Interface Design, Xamarin Jan 25, 2018 Jan 25, 2018終了 ¥2506
E-Commerce For Fabric Product I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store with mass customization feature like nike id. My website will allow end customers to design their own product based on certain limitations. I sell fabric and I would like my customer to be able to see a mock up of this fabric in a cloth form on my website. 13 ウェブサイトのデザイン, ユーザーエクスペリエンスデザイン, User Interface Design, Full Stack Development Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 2018終了 ¥60547
Improve and complete system. In 10 days. C#- MySQL- Windows and Linux system. GMT+ 2 hours time please -- 2 - 24/01/2018 06:53 EST Make our dashboards live, data needs to be pulled from the cameras (which are already integrated) that needs to be in a GLOBAL MySQL server. We have integrated MySQL. Need to define user roles Dashboards Our dashboards need to be customizable by the end user: Allow the tiles to be movable Allow the user to define a theme through out the system Allow the user to add client logos Reports Rep... 9 ウィンドウズデスクトップ, Linux, C#プログラミング, User Interface Design, API Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 2018終了 ¥42466
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