Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, is an aspect of computer science that deals with creating intelligent machines that function and react just like humans. AI is designed to handle activities such as Problem solving, planning, learning, reasoning, speech recognition, perception, ability to manipulate and move objects, etc.

Artificial Intelligence has grown to become an essential part of the technology industry today, and functions carried out by AI are highly specialized and technical. Introducing common sense, problem-solving, and reasoning power in machines is a very tedious and difficult task.

A major field of AI is Robotics, which requires intelligence to execute tasks like object navigation and manipulation. AI is used in machines, automobiles, and even on the webs like chatbot.

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    3D Anomaly detection using machine learning project..

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    Hey. I have developed an application. It was developed using AI, Machine Learning, Python. And I have prepared the Research Paper. I would like to create a IEEE Article. *You need to Rewrite, and Format my Research Paper in IEEE format. So the IEEE Article you create must have 9-10 pages. Job must be conducted within 5 days. Plagiarism free. I will provide my Research Paper before start of work.

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    Create an attendance system with facial recognition and fingerprint

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    Quiero hacer un codigo para un asistente virtual para que aprederse un libro o pdf, para cuando se le pregunte algo para buscar en el texto, el asistente lo pueda buscar y lo pueda decir en voz alta. El codigo se va a publicar en una app y una pagina web, por ende, tiene que estar acorde a que se puede implementar. Que pueda leer en español e ingles principalmente, pero si puede leer cualquier idioma mucho mejor. La voz del asistente tiene que ser masculina y femenino, de tal manera de que el consumidor pueda elegir el tipo de voz que desee. . El codigo debe saber decir el nombre de la persona, es decir del cosumidor, asi como otras funciones, como: Saber que hora y fecha es, saber buscar cosas en google, y en paginas webs especificas que le ordene el consumidor. El asistente d...

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    I need someone accustumed to use Open AI to create a software using natural language processing to translate between languages.

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    Matematica Aureal 6 日 left

    Un procedimiento para aplicar al trading

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    Necesito un desarrollador de software especializado en creación de modelos de inteligencia artificial para predecir el volumen de ventas en restaurantes con datos proporcionados con los propios restaurantes.

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    Image labeling 6 日 left

    We need support for around 15,000 images per series, currently 10 series (more in the future) to label. The task is simple and can be done by anyone. We have a web-based platform you go to this, see the jobs to be done and then one picture after the other opens. Where the item can be seen in the picture, it must be marked (enclose a square frame). That's it. payment is made after the end of each series. It is important that the execution time for 1 series is allowed not exceed three days, and work for 10 series, must not exceed 14 days. The work can be done from any computer.

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    I wanted to hire a free lancer to design a voice bot and chat bot for our website.

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    AI/ML program that will read financial statements (specifically Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows) and extract out the data to create financial ratios for financial analysis.

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    Drawing with objects -- 2 5 日 left

    A drawing application allows the user to draw on a screen by: 1 – tracking the movements of hand and fingers. 2- Drawing with objects. The object is the drawing tool. The object is the brush For details please let's chat

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    AI Developer 5 日 left

    I'm looking for a programmer to do a drawing and animation AI

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    Computer vision and AI developer required

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    artificial intelligence by using fuzzy logic designing neutral network of it.

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    artificial intelligence by using fuzzy logic designing neutral network of it.

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    artificial intelligence by using fuzzy logic designing neutral network of it.

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    artificial intelligence by using fuzzy logic designing neutral network of it.

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    hacer una ia 5 日 left

    hola busco programador para hacer una ia de dibujo y animación

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    Calculation of CBR cycle and measure similarity , ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK(network training algorithm, find the normalization, and the activation function methods.

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    We are one of Hungary's market-leading fintech companies, selling and operating POS terminals and providing online banking services to our customers. We currently have 10% of the national market share, which we would like to increase radically within Hungary, as well as our company's sales volume by boosting the efficiency of our sales and marketing activity. Our objective is to implement a fully personalized marketing automation system and run unique and highly effective campaigns to encourage our existing clients to use our POS device more frequently and furthermore acquire new customers. In order to achieve our goals, we are looking for an extraordinarily experienced AI Marketing Automation Expert to help our company make this project happen. We want to find the most pro...

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    Voicebots 4 日 left

    I need someone who can design voicebots and chat bots for us based on our requirements.

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    Build a scalable website leveraging GPT-3 apis as directed by the client. More specifics after NDA. Website will start small and must be able to scale. Python and Juypter preferred but open to any frameworks. We have started the project and are looking for someone with ML experience to help us finish building the site AND help us get more correct responses from the AI.

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    Pothole Counter 4 日 left

    Use a ML on a dataset for potholes Analyze video to count potholes

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    Looking to build a Survellance AI/ML Web cam app to detect certain types of moving vehicle with distinct markings. To prove you have read this post. Please recommend the solution your propose to build the ML / model or open source code to set this mini detection system up. On detection of the object, the app needs to fire an event or call a webhook. What is the ideal backend code stack to use? This is a very simple ML job? Do we need to train a model or is there something we can use?

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    am a video and film producer looking to inquire about creating an AI powered software like DALL-E 2 to create graphics for a children's show I am producing. I'm going to be honest, I'm not sure what goes into a project like this but I know it's not simple. My production team needs a desktop or browser app where an input of natural language text prompts an output of simple, clean, vector graphics -like what is commonly created in Adobe illustrator. The goal is to create our own version of DALL-E 2 but specifically for clean vector style graphics to be used for animation and motion graphics formats.

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    I need a model built in Cricket match prediction - ball by ball simulator. More details will be done individually..

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    The software should support below features: Drape Sarees, dress materials and chudidhars in windows laptop/desktop and Android mobile phone.

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    Computer Science 3 日 left

    Looking for computer science experts and software houses who can help me with the project accomplishment so for further details i have attached file

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    I would like to “learn” a specific “pattern of movement” using the front camera on android

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    artificial intelligence project 2 日 left

    artificial intelligence project will include (Structure of agents, Basic Search Strategies, Advanced Search (Genetic Algorithm),Fuzzy Logic, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Artificial Neural Network)

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    Looking for AI data scientist 2 日 left

    Hello, We are looking for an AI data scientist to help us develop a personalization algorithm based on our current data set. Thank you

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    We have different data analysis models which we are trying to integrate on website through a PHP dashboard. For that purpose, we need a python script that will work as server to receive requests and assign to the requested model to generate report and then receive response and send back.

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    We require a Data Architect to create a Data Driven Strategy for our organisation and lead the team that will implement the strategy. More information will be provided to the successful contractor.

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    We have different data analysis models which we are trying to integrate on website through a PHP dashboard. For that purpose, we need a python script

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    A device with a software system to be developed to inspect the transport route (road/rail) using modern technologies. The system/device that is to be devised should be capable of • Physical separation (fracture) or crack in the road / rails / track • Kink or misalignment or a dip in the road / track • Subsidence in road / track due to uneven settlement/subsidence in the embankment • Missing road furnitures / track fittings (viz., Items like fishplates, fish-bolts, elastic rail clips (ERC), liners etc.), broken Sleepers, defective weld joints etc. • Inspection of roadbed / track features such as Points and Crossings, Switch Expansion Joints, Glued joints and abnormalities to be detected. • Track Obstructions due to Boulders, stones, Road vehicles on or near t...

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    Compañero 1 日 left

    I need to make an Artificial Intelligence that helps me talk when I'm alone and learns my day to day schedule as an assistant, but as an npc that has a body in my PC so I can take it to my virtual reality world

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    Put in some gif of uncommon NLP projects and GitHub profile makeover to suit data scientist role(preferably using Spacy, Bert, NLTK or custom models). I wasn't allowed to take my codes from my previous company and down with the trashy COVID now. Do explain me the approaches used to solve em.

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    Being a part of UpRizeNow, you will be able to aligned to get niche skills technology projects at anytime. While our mobile application facilitates sometime extras that increase extra earning: • Avail IT projects faster and at your rates • Communicate more effectively with company • Share real-time information & timesheet for faster approval • Get Instant payments & ratings That being said, if I can provide more insight or support on how to leverage UpRizeNow to get into new way of work, I am happy to help. Do you mind taking 20 seconds time to download our app? Explore Mobile App Now: App Store: Play Store: Register through Web: I look forward to talking with you.

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    Tamil Transcription 19 時間 left

    Who are we? Speech Solution is a high-grade AI/ML data provider company for a smarter world. Our network of passionate experts integrate human and machine intelligence to create the most accurate data for your AI/ML projects at any scale. If your Tamil is advanced in writing and listening skills or you are a native Tamil who is excited to learn Workbench Data Hub Audio Tamil Audio Transcription or are already experienced, you are more than welcome to apply for this project! Its a similer work Loft 2.0 but its more then easy from Loft 2.0 Scope of Work: Native people (or advanced Tamil) will be transcribing audio files in the Tamil language on an online platform according to the set of labeling rules and language guidelines. All training material and the required will be provide...

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    Weapon detection project Cctv 19 時間 left

    I am looking for some onx who has or done this kind of project and can help me out so they are welcome for bidding

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    AI/ML project 14 時間 left

    Want to make project in AI/ML .

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    We need people that are skilled in AI and coding to create tutorials on deploying AI models. We want to start with GPT-3 by OponAI then Cohere, AI21 and others. Also good to have a tutorial for Codex. Something similar to

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