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A microcontroller refers to a small computer on a single integrated circuit consisting of a CPU, clock, ports and memory. These chips are designed for small or dedicated applications. They are used in engine control systems in cars, medical implants, remote controls, power tools and toys. Your business may need help with designing microcontroller chips. You can find such help in the form of freelancers willing and able to do microcontroller work right here. Simply post your job today to get started! Microcontroller Developers を採用する


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    I have a bldc driver with CAN Bus with CiA 402 protocol. STM32F446RE microcontroller is used to control the driver through CAN bus. Stm32 Cube Ide is used to program the microcontroller. I need guidance to write program code for CAN bus in stm32 cube ide in CiA 402 protocol. Expecting 2-3 hr discussion for getting to know about the step by step process in implementing CiA 402 in stm32 cube ide.

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    I recently created and completed a project to replace the processor on a PCB with an alternate. This project is complete, and I have prototype PCBs ready to receive code. But the Freelancer that completed the PCB project isn't familiar with the ATMEGA4809 processor and couldn't help me upload the Arduino IDE native code onto the new PCB. I need someone to review the schematic and walk me through exactly what to do to upload my code to the new PCB, including what hardware to buy if what I have (Sparkfun AVR Pocket Programmer) doesn't work. Ability to communicate clearly in English is required.

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    Firmware and hardware development for security team 5.0 with coordination of tasks. I am looking for an electronic engineer to develop Firmware and hardware for a personal project. In addition to the development of electronics, he must know how to coordinate different areas of the project. Currently there are three freelancers working on the project; Backend, Frontend (Mobile App) and Mechanic. I am looking for a proactive professional who knows how to understand the link between the three areas from a technical point of view and coordinate properly. The device we are developing is similar to an electronic lock with local (RF, bluetooth) and remote (WiFi, GPRS) control. The project is already started, it is to replace another professional, so I urgently need to find the right person. Spani...

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    This product is used to mitigate Harmonic Pollution in the Electrical System. It is also used for Active Power Factor Improvement. The literature of this product is easily available on the internet, from various manufacturers worldwide. If the developer requires more details we can share. Skills- 1) Should be highly skilled in design and development of IGBT Inversion/Conversion Topologies. 2) Should be highly skilled in Microcontroller and DSP Environment Hardware and Firmware development. 3) The Project requires the developer to have a very good understanding of Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Power Quality and Electrical Measurement 4) The Developer should be ideally willing to keep assisting in future additions,upkeep,improvements,changes and upgradations in the design as extra p...

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    We want a free lancer who having sound knowledge of bldc motor design. Who can provide us solution for errors in our bldc motor with harware and winding

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    Busco un ingeniero electrónico para desarrollar Firmware y hardware para proyecto personal. Ademas del desarrollo de la electrónica ha de saber coordinar diferentes areas del hay tres freelancers trabajando en el proyecto; Backend, Frontend (App móvil) y Mecánico. Busco a un profesional proactivo y que sepa entender el enlace entre las tres áreas desde el punto de vista técnico y coordinar adecuadamente. El dispositivo que estamos desarrollando es similar a una cerradura electrónica con control a nivel local (RF, bluetooth) como en remoto (Wiffi, GPRS). El proyecto ya esta iniciado, es para sustituir a otro profesional, por lo que me urge encontrar la persona adecuada. Imprescindible idioma Español. Saludos.

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    The project is to design and develop an Arduino based energy monitor to keep track of and monitor two separate powerlines. The main objective is to monitor when each power lines come on and off line remotely using a web service (a separate project that will be developed later). The meter must offer the following functionalities: 1. The meter must be able to take two power inputs (230V) 2. The meter must be able to monitor the following parameters (frequency HZ, Voltage, On and Off times of each power input line) 3. The meter must be able to send (encrypted) the reading (including unique meter ID) to a remote TCP IP server over GSM (GPRS) connection at set intervals (interval options are 1 minute, 5 minutes or every time the power comes ON and goes OFF) 4. The meter must functional with s...

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    We want to build a IR Glucometer in the form of Oxymeter. Objectives: 1. writing code into arudino Micro controller, we need the script and working model. 2. Build a prototype in the form of oxymeter 3. The working model glucometer numbers should match with the Strip glucometer. if all the 3 objectives are completed then only the project is said to be completed. Price Negotiable on early completion First come First serve Basis!!! Conditions: 1. The prototype values should match the strip values 2. MC code should be working 3. Realtime video of the working model

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    Kubernetes and Rancher with Kafka 6 日 left

    Kubernetes and Rancher with Kafka

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    A complete color sorter Machine Firmware needs to be converted into Intel Quartus Project, The project contains IP Cores as well as softcore processor and the verilog coding part, All these to be integrated as a single bit file and to be implemented it on a Cyclone V FPGA Board.

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    modify the PCB design 6 日 left

    we have a PCB using AT89C51CC03 MCU and now we would like to add a jtag port on the current PCB design to be able to programme the MCU online, let me know if u can do, thanks

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    The objective of this project is to modify existing firmware to interface sht30 sensor with PIC microcontroller. The existing firmware was written for HDC1080 Humidity sensor and works fine. However HDC1080 sensor was replaced with sht30 and now a firmware update is required to get values from sht30. Code is written in MPLAB and is fairly documented. The major portion of the code deals with menus on LCD, which works fine so only changes will be required are "to read humidity values from sht30". Ideal candidate will have prior experience with sht30 sensors and PIC microcontroller programming using MPLAB. Please start your response with the default I2C address of sht30 and we will know you are interested.

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    EasyEDA Zoom session to make a few moderate adjustments to a prototype board. Add LiPo, Charging, etc Required to be completed via EasyEDA and open to Q&A during a remote session (USA/PST GMT-7/8). Task will include updating components and adding new items to the circuit design. Example EDA Project: ESP8266 CBDB Ultimate DevBoard Sample Schematic: If you have read this place the word ESPDEV at the bottom of your post to filter out bots and spam. Thank you!

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    We designed and built custom very reliable bldc controller board with STM32G431CBU6 microcontroller. We need to write a custom firmware with additional function that MC SDK doesn’t have as standard - holding a motor in one position. When any rotational force is applied, the motor should try to stay at the same position, when its power is not enough rotate as slow as it can.

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    I need help installing Arduino Due broad to a windows pc. Nothing I seem to do works. Help if possible please. Sorry but no longer required. Would you believe it not one but two bad connection cables. It all works fine now with new cable.

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    We have a code base for an iot product. The code requires some features added to it. This project will include adding these features whilst maintaining the high standards of security and reliability that are critical for the product. Freelancer must be UK based for hardware sharing reasons.

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    Hi. Attached a few spike from scope capture. Need at least 8 channels simultaniously. 1. how to get detect these with a precision of 1mV? 2. how to get the value in stm32? (worked with these a lot) (or do we need an fpga) Freq is 200hz at first. Looking to get to 1 khz in the near future. Duration is only 5 to 12 microseconds. What is the best way to do this precisely ? heard tons of ideas (peak-tect circuit, 20 msps adc, etc , but need real proven experience. !!! please apply only if done this succefully. In the opening bid propose direclty your solution. Biggest bids will be disqualified. Stop bidding the top of freelancers brackets. No B*****S approach. Will be paid only if it WORKS! Need software, parts id, and pcb design.

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    It is a very basic app Just to send and receive data over bluetooth through Arduino I would also like to learn from the developer.

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    Update bomlist and pcb 5 日 left

    Hello everyone, We want to check our bomlist mistakes, update parts and change measurement , please feel free to ask all information. They will be provided.

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    We want to develop a application/software which can communicate with UHF RFID reader development board. Development board consist PIC micro controller. From our side we can provide, 1. Hex command for particular action like start reading, stop reading, change power etc. 2. Guideline for graphical architecture. One existing demo application snap shot attached.

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    IoT engineer needed 5 日 left

    We have two tasks to be completed in this project, this small IoT system will be integrated into a bigger system that is controlled by PLC (24V). 1) SMS alert when a sensor gets HIGH 2) Change the video on the display (that is continuously playing a different video) when a HIGH signal is received from the PLC. Please only experienced people bid on this project and respond with "PLC" in your bid. Thank you.

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    I need to change an acer motherboard on a gaming machine but there is a 32 digit hex serial number in a config folder that pairs the SSD with the motherboard. In the uploaded files the and are in a config folder. The serial is the code I need

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    The software must be able to read the values of three load cells and operate three solenoid valves via relays. The operation is as follows: The user sets a target weight and actuates the solenoid valve that fills the container with liquid until it reaches the target weight and then turns the valve off. All operations must be controlled by a 7" touch screen. In the attached image you see an example of how the machine will look like. Applications with generic text will not be considered, but please show that you have at least read the description.

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    have a pcb board done and firmware but now the mcu chips are out of stalk so need to change to atmega looking at 2 small boards to change over

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    Looking for someone that can convert old style landline telephones in to a recording device.

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    Hc05 setting changer 4 日 left

    In this project we want to rename and change setting of a hc05. PIC - 18f26k22. 1 x HC05 for internal com. 6 x push buttons. idea is that i will connect a brand new HC05 to location. then i will press one of the 6 push button. based on the selection, it will change HC05 name etcs. for example. original HC05 - name - HC05 password - 1234 baud rate - 9600 after selecting PB 1, it will change it to name - MAGNETDOCTOR password - 1234 baud rate - 115000 and so for the next 6 switches.

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    need a mentor who can help and doubt clearing on embedded system project on stm32 ,raspberrypi,esp32,ardiuno, if u are experienced in above domain then bid

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    We want to have a vehicle tracking device that takes the CAN bus information of the vehicle and sends it to the remote server. We just need a card design that enables communication. The information we want is listed below. -Location -Feeling -Idle state -Transfer -Fuel Level -Temperature -Engine light -Oil condition -Battery status -Is the tank (fuel) cover opened? -Is the hood cover open? -With fault code in vehicle fault condition -Sudden brake -Sudden acceleration -Sudden lane change

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    I have a small powder filling machine with an unknown type of plc or microcontroller and HMI types of wecon, for plc I have some problems with the software of plc which is used to write or edit the code, but for HMI the motherboard is damaged, so if can I access to PLC I will use another HMI to solve this problem. any other information you will get lately

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    I had to remove the previous project because I described it too vaguely and there were many inquiries. I have such a problem, namely I would like to go straight from point A to point B with my boat. The boat is steered by two engines. I have tried many things but unfortunately I am too weak to comprehend it. The boat is flowing like a sine wave (). I am looking for a person who would help me understand how to correctly calculate the data for the boat to go straight, i.e. the shortest route between points A and B. The code in Arduino is enough for me. Any platform: Arduino, STM32, ESP32 The current code that I use for testing is attached. I tried to use the compass, the boat hits the target perfectly but unfortunately it flows in a curve () I have time to complete the project by Octob...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can code STM32F0 series microcontroller in STMCube IDE Key Requirements of Code: -> The code should contain parts which can make MCU to communicate with Quectel BG95 module -> MCU should use Multi UART communication The MCU should use a UART connection to connect with one external device (ex. datalogger), the mcu should wake up once per day from sleep and communicate with the external device by sending some commands. The external device after receiving commands from MCU will respond back with its own responses, the received responses should be sent to the Quectel BG95 module using another UART connection, finally these responses should be sent to google cloud.

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    Electronics Challenge 4 日 left

    ● Use the solar array power as an input to the system. You can assume there’s a few larger deployable arrays and a few smaller body-mounted ones ● Output regulated power to the rest of the satellite ● Interface with a lithium-ion battery ● Comply to the CubeSat standard safety requirements

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    I am testing a 3d hall effect sensor to find a "near" exact alignment in the X and Y-axis with a small Electromagnet (5V 15kg-rated) [mfg: DFRobot; mfg p/n 1738-DFR0797] and a Hall Effect evaluation board [mfg: Texas Instruments; mfg p/n TMAG5170UEVM]. These will be tested with the z-axis being approximately 60mm apart but with parallel faces between the ElectromagnetElectromagnet and the Hall Effect Sensor. This project involves recommending, designing, and instructional guiding me to build a test version so I can measure the maximum range and accuracy of the final positioning of the paired components. I already have the components listed above, but I am willing to go with a recommendation for a suitable (easy to use) microcontroller, such as Rasberry Pi, Arduino, or similar...

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    tweek firmware for MCU pic16F18875 3 日 left

    things are not going to the right pins and some of the hardware are not turning on like it should .........need some minor changes and figure out pull up ect for new board that was made

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    Arduino / Java echo-server 3 日 left

    I need an Arduino program and a Java client. The Java client will send a String to the Arduino server and the Arduino server will echo the string back to the clinet. I need both the Arduino C++ style script as well as the Java client code. I will pay more for people who are skilled and can do it quickly/ preferably have working code already.

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    We are receiving around 1200 numbers are more from server and it needs to be stored in a variable each number separetly. such as below. This is just an example. These are around 1200 numbers and maybe updated to more from server. "status": 200, "data": [ 12000108037, 12000058820, 12000022890, 12000520334, 12000520327, 12000804243, 6291105812894, 6291105812900, 6291105811224, 6291100853397, 7801121345673, 909510000008 ] }

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    Ho bisogno di motorizzare una leva/acceleratore manuale collegando un servomotore che faccia un movimento massimo di 90 gradi. Inoltre ho bisogno di controllare questo movimento a distanza fino a 200-300 metri

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    1. Koneksi setting alat dengan wifi dengan nama default wifi AUTOPLAYER dan password 123456789 komunikasi tcp ip static ip di IP dan port 23 atau 80 atau 81 terserah Nama wifi dan password dapat di ubah dengan format SSID(nama ssid)  contoh SSID Playerku (max 10 digit)  simpan ke eeprom 11-20 PASS(password)  contoh PASS 1234567890 (max 10 digit) simpan ke eeprom 21-30 2. Fitur alat a. Sinkronikasi waktu dari hyperterminal kirim SDTDDMMYYHHMMSSDoW (SDT di ikuti tanggal bulan tahun dan jam menit detik serta dayofweek (hari ke berapa dalam pekan index minggu = 1, selasa = 2 , sabtu = 7) , contoh SDT170820221516175 artinya 17 agustus 2022 jam 15 menit 16 detik 17 hari kamis, maka RTC akan di set hari kamis 17 agustus 2022 jam 15 menit 16 detik 17 b. Per hari terdiri dari 30 slot jad...

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    ESP32 Project 2 日 left

    Hi, i am looking for a developer who has good knowledge of aws,esp-idf and c language. For more info message me.

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    Need support with setting up 2 custom esp32 to record GPS data to my own test traccar server. I am using the below code / tutorial as my basis however if you have better code then we can use that the aim is to have the esp32 record GPS data every 2-3 seconds The 2 esp 32 are: LILYGO-TTGO-T-SIM7000G-ESP32 LILYGO® TTGO T-WATCH SIM868 version ESP32 WIFI/Bluetooth capacitive touch screen GPS GSM IOT for Need support with the code to ensure it works Details of uploading it onto the esp32 i use the standard Arduino software for this Validating and reviewing log files from Traccar to ensure it is receiving the data and troubleshooting if it is not Should have experience with Traccar and ESP32 and hopefully have even done this with your own esp32s so we can use the same code.

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    Radio Modem-1 2 日 left

    I need a Design, layout board, BOM, and make it ready for a contract manufacturer to build. The modem to physically mount somewhere on top of the main PC board of a land mobile radio such as ICOM, etc. Physically small Modem ( roughly CC size ). To be mounted on top of main board of a VHF radio transceiver.

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    Need someone to make test code of NFC reader to print value on serial monitor.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a professional with experience in Powerboard for PC. I want to create a PCB for all my connections between Power supply and motherboard + graphic cards + all 2 m.2 connectors in a meshlicious case by SSUPD. I created a sketch of what I need even I'm no professional at all in this but I have a precise idea of what I want and I'm looking for someone with the knowledge and good advise on this project. Thanks a lot for your time and waiting your responses

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    Solar Inverter integration 1 日 left

    S.C. Nordic has specialised services for Demand Response on the electricity markerts. We are looking to add a service where we can integrated Solar Inverters in our platform. We are looking for a developer that can develop an device (can be Raspberry pi, or something more suitable) and the software that interfaces to: 1. Huawei Smart Energy Controller- SUN2000-3/4/5/6/8/10KTL-M1 2. Danfoss Inverters (Using Comlynx protocol and parameters) The solutions must provide access to information on power produced at 1 minute interval, AND the ability to send commands to the inverter so we can lower its production. The device developed must is MQTT for the communication to our portal. The actual implementation of the reporting format will be agreed when the inetrgation with the solar inverter is...

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    To use a processor of STM32F030C6T6 or equivalent which is available for ready stock and design a circuit to sense the battery voltage, PV voltage, load voltage, charging current, discharging current, battery temperature, load trip, load ON/OFF, etc. To ensure the battery charging from 22V considering the battery floating voltages. All charging programs are to be taken care of by the microprocessor, to calculate the battery SOC & battery cycle. To provide options to change the parameters & battery cut-off points

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    I am looking for a hardware engineer who can design a Microcontroller based board with fire alarm sensor bus part of a Fire alarm panel. I am looking for both addressable and non-addressable. If you are familiar with the isolation of sensors in the bus that will be a plus.

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    Aileron TTW 1 日 left

    I have a tilting tricycle that performs as a virtual bicycle at speeds above 5mph. Below that it convert to a low tilt vehicle that can dynamic level as it crabs around at this speed compensating for rolling tilting surfaces like driveways and pot holes. I have developed a lock or and drive actuator. I can manually controller. I am using an analog electrolytic tilt sensor used in farm equipment and motor homes to level them. I want to switch to Arduino for better control of functions and debugging.

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