User Experience (UX) design is an important area of expertise in the web and mobile industry. Its goal is to create a delightful and efficient experience by focusing on the user’s needs when visiting an application, website, or using a software. A User Experience Designer should have a human-centered design approach, as they are responsible for improving the product through research, testing, iteration cycles and thoughtful design.

A good User Experience Design can help your company stand out in the crowd. It can give visitors a better experience and make it much more likely for them to return to your site. A successful UX Designer will be able to clearly convey your message and give people what they are demanding from the brand. They will also help you develop a better understanding of the goals of your users and be able to create simple intuitive interfaces that meet their needs.

Here's some projects that our expert User Experience Designers made real:

  • Improving visual designs of existing web features
  • Analysing current website designs and suggesting UX/UI improvements
  • Creating custom icons that match with the brand guidelines
  • Crafting effective user flows that follows best practices
  • Designs mobile versions of existing services
  • Updating existing websites in WordPress
  • Making top quality UI/UX designs with Figma

Having an effective UX/User Experience Design can be very beneficial for a company wanting to stand apart from its competitors. Our expert User Experience Architects are capable of helping companies reach out to their customers and make them more likely to stay with the brand. With their knowledge and understanding of the needs of their users, they can easily create customised interfaces that will make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

Through our completed projects on Freelancer we have been able to help businesses make simpler designs that still feel exciting as well as creating custom icon designs that better cater to their specific visual style.

If you too want to improve your customer’s experience with your products then post your project on Freelancer and hire one of our talented User Experience professionals!

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    I'm in need of a talented UI designer who specializes in minimalistic design for a desktop application. The design should follow a neutral color scheme, focusing on simple, clean aesthetics. Scope of work: 1. Input page - complete redesign with providing a better user experience and design style. In the final version we will need to receive a Figma file with a high-quality design and design system (including color scheme, font system, and components like buttons, inputs, etc.) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in UI design for desktop applications - Strong understanding of minimalistic design principles - Familiarity with neutral color palettes - Ability to interpret project requirements and translate them into engaging design elements. Please showcase samples of previous ...

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    I'm in need of a talented Figma designer who can craft a visually striking single page UI for my crypto project. Key Features: - Real-time market data: This is a crucial aspect of the design. It needs to be easily accessible and comprehensible to users. - Price charts and graphs: These should be clear, visually appealing, and easy to interpret. Style: - Modern: I envision the UI with a modern feel, so it appears up-to-date and in tune with current design trends. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Proficiency in Figma: As this project involves Figma design, it's important that the designer is comfortable and skilled in working with this software. - Experience in crypto projects: Although it's not mandatory, having previous experience in designing for cryp...

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    I have a project that requires the development of a robust Android application. Key Requirements: - Development of a comprehensive Android application with 18 screens - Integration of 12-14 APIs to ensure seamless functionality - Design and implementation of a user-friendly UI/UX - Optimization for performance and security Designs, icons and api's will be provided by us Time 10 days

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    I'm looking for a skilled UX Developer who can take my website to a new level. The project's main goals are to enhance user experience, improve site usability, and increase customer engagement. It's a development greenfield, which means creativity and innovative solutions are highly appreciated. The target audience for my website is professionals, so the interface should reflect a high level of professionalism while maintaining user-friendly navigation and design. Skills and Experience Needed: - UX Development - User Interface Design - Creativity and Innovation - Understanding of Professional Audience's Preferences and Requirements - Website Usability Enhancement.

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    I'm in need of a skilled cross-platform app developer to create an application for my car cover company. This smart home app will control WIFI lights and fans specifically. Key functionalities include: - Ability to control lights - Control fans - Monitor humidity This application is all about automation, so it requires a development team with a strong background in cross-platform app development, specifically working on smart home apps. Awareness of IoT would be beneficial, given the smart home focus. Considering user experience, the app should be intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing, therefore, UX/UI design skills are critical. This project is an interesting opportunity to work on an application that moves beyond standard functionalities and delves into home automatio...

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    Mobile UI/UX Designer Needed 6 日 left

    I'm in need of a skilled UI/UX designer who can create a mobile interface that's minimalistic and modern while prioritizing user engagement, ease of use, and brand consistency. JOB DESCRIPTION FIXED BUDGET Stage 1: UI/UX Research - $30 Research and ideation: Analyze similar apps. Conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys. User flow: Develop flows for key features. Stage 2: UI Style Guide - $15 Includes typography, icons, and colour schemes. Stage 3: Screen Design Simple Screens (e.g., Onboarding, SplashScreen, Login): $5 each Medium Complexity Screens (e.g., Account page): $15 each

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    Experienced UX/UI designer with a strong background in Figma and current design trends wanted to work on a web app project. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: - Design up to 20 standalone desktop screens or 30 mobile screens monthly - Convert sketches and wireframes into finished mockups - Create visually stunning and intuitive interfaces that enhance user experience - Collaborate with the team to brainstorm ideas then turn concepts into user-friendly interfaces - Redesign desktop screens for mobile responsiveness - Proactively provide creative solutions and improvements to existing designs and user flows - Please include the key word 'Lavender' in your bid to indicate you actually read the brief CANDIDATE REQUIREMENTS: The candidate should... - Be creative - Have strong Figma skills for...

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    I'm in need of an experienced UI/UX designer to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for a smart home monitoring application that I'm developing. The design will be specifically for a mobile platform. Key Features: - Real-time Monitoring: The primary function of the app is to provide users with real-time monitoring of their smart home devices. - Notifications: The app should be able to push notifications to users to alert them of any important events or changes in their home. - Remote Control: While not explicitly mentioned, I'd like to ensure that remote control features are intuitive and accessible in the design. Your deliverables should include wireframes, mockups, and a clickable prototype. Prior experience in designing for IoT or home automation...

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    I'm seeking a talented designer skilled in creating user experience (UX) designs for both mobile apps and websites. The mobile app in question is a native application, thereby requiring comprehensive knowledge and experience in native mobile UX design. Specific Requirements: Branding and Aesthetics: Clean, modern design with a professional yet approachable feel. Consistent use of our brand colors, fonts, and logo. (Brand guidelines will be provided.) Typography and Color Scheme: Use of accessible color schemes to ensure readability and visual comfort. Clear hierarchy in typography for readability and navigation ease. Interactive Elements: Design of interactive elements like buttons, forms, and menus. Intuitive navigation and user-friendly interfaces. Expected deliverable: - Fla...

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    Currently, I have a multi-vendor live selling/streaming app that was built using Flutter. While it has moderate features, there is significant room for improvement. Here's what I need: User Interface and Functionality Enhancements: - I need an experienced full stack flutter developer to inject fresh life into my app by redesigning the user interface, enhancing existing features, and integrating with third-party services. Design and Graphics: - Beyond functionality, aesthetics matter. Therefore, elements like the logo, color scheme, and icons need a complete makeover to enhance the overall user experience. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience with Flutter is essential - Previous experience in app redesign tasks - Expertise in UI/UX design with attention to details - Understandin...

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    CLINIOSGlobal 5 日 left

    We are recruiting a skilled UI/UX designer with a minimum of 3yrs experience in the healthcare domain for a hospital management web application. Key project details: - The focus is on enhancing user experience for patients, healthcare professionals, and administrative staff. - The approach is to simplify the complex processes involved in daily operations. Ideal skills: - Proven experience in UI/UX design. - Specific experience in the healthcare industry. - Strong knowledge of user-centered design principles. - Ability to simplify complex processes while maintaining functionality. - Excellent communication skills to liaise with stakeholders from different roles in the hospital and clinic setting.

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    I'm in need of a talented Figma designer who can craft a visually striking single page UI for my crypto project. Key Features: - Real-time market data: This is a crucial aspect of the design. It needs to be easily accessible and comprehensible to users. - Price charts and graphs: These should be clear, visually appealing, and easy to interpret. Style: - Modern: I envision the UI with a modern feel, so it appears up-to-date and in tune with current design trends. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Proficiency in Figma: As this project involves Figma design, it's important that the designer is comfortable and skilled in working with this software. - Experience in crypto projects: Although it's not mandatory, having previous experience in designing for cryp...

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    Elegant UI Redesign for Web/App 5 日 left

    As an experienced UI designer, I need your expertise to redesign the user interfaces of my community web app. - Tasks: Your main responsibilities will involve creating user-friendly interfaces for the app, focusing specifically on redesigning the menu, feeds, and events page. - Challenge: Currently, the app has a rather confusing navigation system resulting in a poor user experience. Your role will be to transform these sections to be more intuitive and engaging. - Design Style: I envision a redesign that is Elegant and Professional in style. This means a focus on clean, sophisticated design elements that enhance usability and overall user experience. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in UI design, particularly for web and mobile applications. - Experience with user-centered design pr...

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    I'm in need of an expert developer who can take the lead on the development of CrewAI, a platform intended to boost productivity by implementing autonomous agents. These agents will be responsible for several important tasks, mainly focused on data analysis, process automation, and digital marketing. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and implement an autonomous agent platform with Libraries of tasks, agents, tools to be organized by a user into Crews. - Ensure the agents are capable of accessing and interpreting data from a variety of sources, including databases, APIs, and websites. - Create a user-friendly Panel front end for the CrewAI platform that presents the user insights and controls of Crews in a clear and intuitive manner. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in ...

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    Novice in the e-commerce industry, I am on the hunt for a skilled UI/UX designer. The challenge will be to craft an intuitive design for both mobile and web platforms, targeting service sales. Key Project Requirements: - Cross-platform compatibility: Whether accessed on web browsers or mobiles, the design should provide a seamless user experience. - Sales oriented: As the ultimate goal is selling services, a smooth user flow that nudges users towards finalizing a transaction is critical. - Type of product: We're offering services, hence the design must be suitable for showcasing and explaining these in as engaging a way as possible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in UI/UX design, particularly for e-commerce platforms - A strong portfolio showcasing your ability t...

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    Mobile App UX Designer Needed 4 日 left

    I'm in need of a talented mobile app user experience designer to assist with the visual design and UI/UX of my app. The primary goal of this project is to ensure that the flow process of the app is smooth and intuitive. Your main responsibilities will include: - Collaborating with me to understand the core objectives of the app - Ensuring that the visual design is not only appealing but also aligns with the target audience and the app's primary goal - Conducting thorough user testing to refine and optimize the design Key skills and experience that I'm looking for: - Proven experience in mobile app design, with a particular emphasis on UI and UX - Strong understanding of the flow process and how to optimize it for a mobile environment - Proficiency in relevant design...

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    As a business owner, I'm in need of a competent UX/UI designer with the experience in website design. The primary functions of the website should be geared towards promoting a product or service and further encouraging the webpage visitors to get in touch. Critically, the website must: - Be easy to navigate - Have a professional, inviting atmosphere - Include clear contact options Skills and experience required: - Proven UX/UI design for business websites - Understanding of engagement strategies - Efficiency in creating easy-to-use navigational features. A good grasp of conversion optimization would be a plus.

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    Preciso de um Web Designer disposto a criar um site de revenda de motorhome + locação de motorhome no mesmo site. De preferência precisamos que esse Web Designer tenha conhecimento em Ux Ui Designer. Estamos ansiosos para trabalhar com você!

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    UX Designer for SAAS Project 3 日 left

    The main objective of the project is to develop a website where we combine the features and services of and in one website. Please share your previous related jobs, like behance profile dribble, etc related to saas dashboards or projects We will offer both features of the mentioned sites on a single website so we need to combine them in an ingenious way, so I need a designer to create a figma file or similar so that the developer can use it as a guide. we must combine it in ingenious ways. . I need an expert in saas projects Requirements: Proven experience as a UX Designer with a strong portfolio showcasing previous work. Solid understanding of user-centered design principles and methodologies. Proficiency in design and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Figma, or Adobe XD. Excellen...

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    I'm seeking an SEO specialist to help boost the traffic to my WordPress website. Your main goal will be to increase organic search traffic, ranking first in a given keyword list. I have not implemented any SEO strategies on the site yet, so I would appreciate your expertise in this area. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven track record of increasing website traffic through SEO - Expertise in WordPress SEO - Knowledge of the latest SEO trends and best practices - Ability to analyze and optimize on-page and off-page SEO factors - Excellent communication skills to provide clear recommendations and explanations to me Please provide examples of similar work you have done in the past and explain how you plan to approach this project.

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    I'm looking for a skilled UI/UX designer to work on my project. We are currently in the development stage and need someone who can help us improve our brand perception through an excellent user interface and experience. Key Responsibilities: - Develop user interfaces for both web and mobile applications - Conduct user research and create user personas - Create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes - Collaborate with the development team to ensure the best user experience - Ensure the design is aligned with our brand's image Ideal skills: - Strong experience in UI/UX design - Proficiency in design software like Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD - Excellent understanding of user-centered design principles - Ability to create and communicate design guidelines - Strong portfolio demonstrati...

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    As an existing business with a fully developed product in the market, I am seeking a skilled UI/UX designer to enhance both the visual design and user experience of our digital offering. Key Requirements: - Revamp the visual design while maintaining brand coherence - Improve user experience to increase customer engagement - Incorporate the latest UI/UX trends and best practices - Provide suggestions for enhancing usability and accessibility - Create wireframes and prototypes for new design concepts The ideal candidate should have a strong portfolio of UI/UX work for existing businesses, demonstrating an ability to blend visual design and user experience seamlessly. Experience in a similar industry would be advantageous.

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    UI/UX Design Assessment 3 日 left

    I am seeking a skilled UI/UX designer to conduct a comprehensive review of a Figma design file for a web application. The primary goal is to refine and optimize the user journey. The task includes:Thoroughly examining each page of the Figma design. Providing detailed feedback on how to enhance the layout, functionality, and aesthetics. Suggesting additions, deletions, or modifications to ensure that the design comprehensively addresses all critical aspects of the user experience. Your insights will be invaluable in helping us achieve a seamless and effective user

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    I'm looking to develop a user-friendly platform that leverages machine learning for CV analysis and ranking. Key Components: - **CV Submission**: The platform should allow users to easily upload CVs in either PDF or DOCX format. A straightforward and intuitive UI will be crucial for user adoption. - **AI Algorithm**: The heart of the platform will be the machine learning algorithm. The ideal freelancer should have a strong background in machine learning and experience with natural language processing. They will be responsible for developing the algorithm that will assess the CVs based on the criteria provided and rank them. Key Criteria for CV Ranking: - **Relevant Work Experience**: The algorithm should be able to identify and weigh different levels of experience, giving preferenc...

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    I need an old website design redesigned, modernised and updated with new branding. The website is a personal finance blog, and personal finance related tools will be added to it later - either built into the blog posts as sections, or separately. Audience - The audience will be working age people who are earning money, but realise that they don't know quite enough overall, or about a certain part of their finances to manage them themselves. Goal - The goal of the website is to educate people on aspects of personal finance they are interested in, keep them engaged to read and navigate the website for more than a single article. Monetise through affiliate links and some ads in the future I will provide: 1. figma file of the old design 2. Brand guidelines Adobe Illustrator file with f...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to revamp our homepage completely. The primary goal is to enhance user engagement through a more appealing and user-friendly design. And better UX. this is the homepage Majority of visitors and target audience are from US, UK and the EU The current design is a bit dated and needs to evolve with are going to introduce AI features too. If we like the design, we may work with the designer to change the rest of the pages throughout our portal. Do not contact us directly. Submit your designs here. we will not entertain any attempts to contact us directly do not take a templated approach, as they are common and boring. take a fresh approach Happy to answer questions . the design has to be responsive, modern and appealing and ...

    $102 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a robust system capable of managing various aspects of my business - from training programs booking, customer registration, to affiliate tracking. Key features for the booking system: - Online payment processing - Availability calendar - Booking reminders - Program management Customer registration should be seamless with: - Email verification - Social media login option - Custom registration form The affiliate program needs to have: - Referral tracking - Commission tracking - Provision for promotional materials The perfect candidate for this project should be proficient in website development and have prior experience in building affiliate programs and booking systems. Understanding of online payment processing is a must.

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    As an online publisher, I am looking for a unique WordPress plugin development that will create and manage a comprehensive glossary, aiding in the improvement of site's SEO. Here's what I need: - A glossary plugin designed primarily to enhance the SEO of search terms. - Once glossary terms are defined, this plugin should be able to creatively use these terms to automatically create multiple posts. - To add an innovative and dynamic edge, I'd like these posts to be generated using a GPT-4 language model. - These generated posts will be interlinked, hence when a user clicks a term in the glossary, they get redirected to the respective post. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Expertise in WordPress plugin development - Understanding of SEO principles and strat...

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    SaaS Product Requirement & UX 2 日 left

    I'm in need of a professional who can help me create a Product Requirement Document for my SaaS product. Your primary responsibilities will include creating a detailed: - Defined Persona - Defined User Goals - User Expectations and Pain Points - List of touch points and channels - User Flow - Customer Journey Flow - Wireframe - Clickable Prototype design in figma - UX Prototype with color and graphic designed with all proper dashboards This document will be crucial to the success of my product, ensuring that the subsequent development and design stages are aligned with our user's needs. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in creating Product Requirement Documents for SaaS products - Ability to understand and define user personas, goals, and journeys - Proficienc...

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    I am seeking a talented designer, skilled in both poster design and mobile app UI/UX design. The project involves creating engaging event posters and a sleek, easy-to-navigate interface for a mobile application. Key responsibilities will include: - Designing captivating event posters, with a focus on announcing an event. - Developing user-friendly mobile app interface designs. The ideal candidate would have experience in: - Event poster designing - Mobile app UI/UX design Your creativity and eye for detail will play a key role in achieving effective design outcomes. Please provide a portfolio demonstrating past work in both these areas.

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    I'm seeking a talented UI/UX designer to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for a website aimed at managing screens that display donation software. Key Features: - Screen Scheduling and Management. - Donation Software Integration. - Reporting and Analytics. The website should present screens data, such as connection status and device name, in an intuitive manner. It should provide the capabilities to manage related content like charitable initiatives, users, and media files. Additionally, it should allow for managing charities accounts and subscriptions. Data Display: - Interactive charts and graphs. - Sortable and filterable tables. - Interactive tables and cards. Ideal candidates should have experience in UI/UX design, particularly in creating data visualiz...

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    UI/UX Design Specialist Job Description: We are seeking talented and specialized professionals in UI/UX Design to join our team. We are looking for individuals who can bring innovative and effective solutions to the creation of interfaces that not only delight but also provide an exceptional user experience. Responsibilities: - User Research and Analysis: Deeply understand user needs and behaviors. - Interface Design: Create attractive and functional designs for mobile and web applications. - Prototyping and Wireframing: Develop clear and functional prototypes and wireframes. - Usability Testing: Conduct tests to ensure the effectiveness of interfaces. - Style Guide Development: Create coherent and effective style guides and design systems. - User Experience Optimization: Improve the usa...

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    PowerApp Ticketsystem 2 日 left

    Wir benötigen für unsere Abteilung ein Ticketmanagementsystem über PowerApp Platform gelöst Grundlegende Felder für ein Ticket 1. Ticket-ID: Eindeutige Kennung für jedes Ticket. 2. Titel: Kurze, prägnante Beschreibung des Problems oder Anliegens. 3. Anfragesteller: Personeninformation samt E-Mail 4. Beschreibung: Detaillierte Beschreibung des Problems oder Anliegens. 5. Applikation: Für welche Applikation wurde das Ticket gemeldet? 6. Kategorie/Subkategorie: Klassifizierung des Tickets nach Typ oder betroffenem Bereich (z.B. Software-Bug, Hardware-Problem, Anfrage usw.). 7. Priorität: Dringlichkeitsstufe des Tickets (z.B. niedrig, mittel, hoch, kritisch). 8. Status: Aktueller Status des Tickets (z.B. offen, in Bearbeitung, gelöst, ...

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    I'm looking for a talented UI/UX designer who can create a sleek, futuristic design for a new mobile application. Key Requirements: - Design a user interface that is both visually appealing and intuitive, following modern design principles. - Create a user experience that is seamless and engaging while reflecting the futuristic theme. Your Experience: - Proven track record in designing modern, high-quality mobile applications. - Strong understanding of user experience and interface design principles. - Prior experience in creating futuristic or cutting-edge designs will be a plus.

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    Estoy en busca de un diseñador UX/UI experimentado para mejorar la experiencia de usuario de nuestra plataforma, crear un diseño atractivo y mejorar nuestra interfaz de usuario. Preferiblemente con conocimiento en español para facilitar la comunicación con el equipo. Responsabilidades Clave: Desarrollar un diseño amigable para el usuario que sea tanto minimalista como moderno. Asegurar que el diseño se alinee perfectamente con la imagen de nuestra marca. Hacer que el diseño sea compatible en todas las plataformas: escritorio, móvil y tablet. Habilidades y Experiencia Ideales: Amplio conocimiento en Diseño UX/UI. Experiencia en la creación de diseños minimalistas y modernos. Sólida comprensión de ...

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    I need a skilled UI/UX designer to provide an engaging design for my productivity application that is targeted at adults. The design needs to be clean, user-friendly, and fascinating for this demographic. Key Responsibilities: - Create UI/UX design with a focus on usability and simplicity - Incorporate the productivity features in an intuitive way Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in Android app design - Understanding of adult ergonomics and preferences - Able to demonstrate a strong background in Productivity app design - Exceptional creativity and innovation. Your portfolio showing previous UI/UX design relevant to the demographic and the app functionality will be very crucial during your application.

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    I am on the lookout for a remarkable UX/UI designer who would help in the design of a completely new product for website's platform. TASK REQUIREMENTS: -In essence, their task would be to create an engaging, intuitive, and visually compelling interface for the users. - The design must be built from the ground up, with the user's navigation experience being paramount among other things. IDEAL SKILLS: - Proficient in UX/UI Designing - Understanding of Web Design Principles - Exceptional Graphic Design Skills - Prototyping Experience - User-centered Design comprehension. If you have an insightful understanding of user behavior and can create visually stunning designs, this is the perfect project for you! I need someone who can innovate and is excited about creating a novel produ...

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    As a client prioritizing user engagement, I need a UX designer who excels in web layout, mobile app interfaces, and interactive prototype designs. Your designs must align with a dynamic and interactive design aesthetic. Key areas of focus for this project include: - Website Layout: Intuitive and engaging layout for enhanced user interactivity. - Mobile App Interface: User-friendly interface design promoting user engagement. - Interactive Prototype Design: Demonstrable and interactive prototype, reflecting final design plans. Ideal skills would comprise significant experience in UX design, UI design, and a strong understanding of dynamic and interactive design principles. Familiarity with the current trends and their effective implementation is an added advantage. Excited to collaborate f...

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    I need a graphic designer well-versed in creating minimalist, uniform, and understandable flat line art SVG icons. The icons will primarily serve to embody our services accurately. Influenced by Scandinavian simplicity, it's essential that the designs are monochrome, aligning with our modern brand aesthetic. The successful freelancer will create these distinct icons enhancing our website's visual appeal and improving user navigation. An understanding of minimalist Scandinavian design and prior experience in icon design would be ideal for this project. A sample icon for reference is attached. We will need about 30 icons created.

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    I am looking for a UI designer to create an engaging desktop interface with the primary goal of increasing user engagement. The design should incorporate the following functionalities: - User registration/login: A seamless and intuitive process for users to sign up and log in to the platform. - Search functionality: A powerful search feature that helps users navigate through the content or products available on the platform. - Product catalog: An organized and visually appealing catalog of products that entices users to explore and possibly make a purchase. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in designing engaging user interfaces, specifically for desktop platforms. - Strong understanding of user experience principles and how to apply them to drive engag...

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    We are dedicated to finding a web designer who will modify our current UI/UX.

    $2169 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking to completely redesign my existing website to have a more professional and corporate look. In addition to a fresh layout, I need the following integrations to be made: - Link with - Link with LockedOn - Link with The ideal candidate for this project would have a good understanding of modern web design principles, particularly in creating a professional and corporate luxy aesthetic. Additionally, experience with integrating websites with external platforms is crucial. Your ability to deliver a seamless user experience while maintaining the functionality of the aforementioned links is essential. I'm looking for a freelancer who can efficiently execute this project without compromising quality. We can not have our current website go offline while this occur...

    $3351 - $6702
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    $3351 - $6702
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    Mobile UI/UX Screen Design 1 日 left

    I'm looking for a talented UI/UX designer to create a mobile interface for my project. The project involves: - Developing a cohesive and user-friendly UI/UX for a mobile platform. Experience & Skills: - Proven experience in designing mobile UI/UX. - Strong understanding of mobile design principles. - Ability to create modern, user-friendly interfaces. - Proficiency in relevant design software. I'm open to your creative input and suggestions. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio and discussing further details.

    $42 (Avg Bid)
    $42 平均入札額
    84 入札

    I'm in need of a skilled Figma UI/UX designer who can design for both web and mobile. The primary goal of the app is to serve as a services application, with a major feature being booking and scheduling. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in Figma - Extensive experience designing user-friendly interfaces for both web and mobile - Strong understanding of user experience principles - Previous work on services or booking applications is a plus - Good understanding of design for both web and mobile platforms

    $107 (Avg Bid)
    $107 平均入札額
    92 入札

    I am seeking a skilled digital product designer well-versed in designing mobile applications, websites and user interfaces. Key Requirements: - Adherence to established branding guidelines throughout the design process - Demonstrated experience in UI/UX design - Ability to create designs that simplify complex processes, making them more user-friendly Design Goals: The end goal is a seamlessly integrated design that simplifies complex processes for an enhanced user experience. Your design should align with our existing branding guidelines while introducing innovative design elements to achieve this purpose. Please share your portfolio showcasing similar projects done in the past when you apply to this position.

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr 平均入札額
    84 入札

    I'm looking for a UI designer who can create a visually appealing interface that will enhance the user experience for a mobile application specifically targeting young adults. Key requirements: - User Interface Design: Your role will be crucial in developing the screen layout, transitions, and interface animations to ensure a smooth and engaging user experience. - Understanding of Young Adults: It's imperative that you have a good grasp of the preferences and behaviors of the young adult demographic to tailor the design for maximum impact. - Mobile App Expertise: Experience in designing for mobile apps is a must. You should be familiar with the constraints and opportunities of mobile platforms. Your design should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive and easy to...

    $197 (Avg Bid)
    $197 平均入札額
    64 入札

    I'm in need of a Flutter developer to build an app that will serve as a communication and data sharing platform between doctors and patients. The app should also include a subscription payment feature. Key Features: - Real-time messaging: Patients and doctors should be able to communicate seamlessly and instantly within the app. - Secure file sharing: It should be possible for patients to upload and share their medical history, test results and prescription information securely with the doctor. Payment Gateway: - The app should support credit card and PayPal payments for patients to send a payable subscription to their doctors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Flutter and Dart for cross-platform app development. - Experience with real-time messaging and secure file sh...

    $1006 (Avg Bid)
    $1006 平均入札額
    141 入札

    The application in the Link below is to help sales people at car dealerships connect inventory with Facebook Marketplace. The app posts, deletes, and updates pricing on the users personal profile / marketplace account. I want to redesign this making it very flexible to give users a clear understanding and options to manage the listings on marketplace. Here is the current application. I will not HIRE or PAY anyone, until you have proven you can produce a quality result. You can think of this as an interview, to showcase your work. We already have this app running and working with customers. This is simply a redesign. Here is a link to the Desktop App:

    $448 (Avg Bid)
    $448 平均入札額
    95 入札
    Minimalistic UI Web Page Designs 1 日 left

    I’m in need of a seasoned web designer to craft 5 UI pages for a website with a clean, minimalistic design sensibility. The core functionality revolves around allowing users to select topics that pique their interest. Key Project Elements: - Clean, minimalistic design - User-interaction focused pages - Topic selection functionality We're looking to build a website like and we need someone that can create a simple, but unique design in figma.

    $110 (Avg Bid)
    $110 平均入札額
    91 入札
    Minimalist UI Design for Mobile App 23 時間 left

    I am seeking an innovative UI Designer with a proven background in creating modern looks apps. The Mobile App being developed aims to cater to a discerning audience of young adults and professionals, necessitating a design that is not only visually pleasing but also intuitively functional- calm, pleasant and appealing within the mental health space. Your role will involve: - Developing a UI that aligns with what i'm looking for - Ensuring easy navigation for users - Creating an engaging, interactive design that enhances user experience - Wireframes have been done and a base level of design is done, however looking for someone to bring it to life The ideal candidate should possess: - Experience in app and branding design for similar demographics - Strong understanding of minimalistic...

    $179 (Avg Bid)
    $179 平均入札額
    76 入札


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