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    Greetings, I'm looking for an individual to construct C++ to run on an Arduino Nano to control two digital attenuators (Peregrine Semiconductor PE43703) in parallel. The dBm level of the input signal via SMA is identical and I would like the output to be identical post attenuation. -Use a rotary encoder (Bourns PEC11) to .25 dB step incrementally from 0-31.5 dB. In addition, this encoder has a push pull option that I would like to utilize as a lock so the level of attenuation is not accidentally changed. -The code needs to output to a small OLED display (brand / model open to your suggestion) the active level of attenuation. Currently, there is code that I have found that will do something close what I am requesting so I know it is possible. Unfortunately, I do not have t...

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    We have a code base for an iot product. The code requires some features added to it. This project will include adding these features whilst maintaining the high standards of security and reliability that are critical for the product. Freelancer must be UK based for hardware sharing reasons.

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    I have a pancake swap bot that does not work properly. I need a bot that takes credits from people after it profits on the transaction. If you know how to do this please reach out to me and Ill show you the files I have and it should be an easy fix or maybe you need to build it from scratch. I dont know.

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Ninjatrader strategy snippet code 6 日 left

    I have a ninjatrader template strategy. I would like to add code to it so that i can dictate what directions the trades re taken based on a button for long only, short only, long and short, OFF. Attached is an example of what I need.

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    bypass ques on website 6 日 left

    bypass ques on websites, code or developer tool needed

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    Working of Device manager in C 6 日 left

    I am looking for someone who understands how a Device manager is implemented and works in C language .

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    multisearch 6 日 left

    i need somebody fix a programm for me i already have it but doesn't work anymore with Google!

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    Two Level Hierarchical Bayesian Parameter estimation using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) sampling algorithm

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    $8 - $19
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    Hello guys, I need someone to reverse engineer a windows software that (I think) decodes video files and allow the file decode without that software. Ultimately I need decoded video files, I am not sure if they are DRM locked but if you can figure that out it would be amazing.

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    FIX an existing software 1 6 日 left

    Issue to rectify I have a program created by a freelancer programmer . Need to repair the below Program issue 1) unable to process airway bill with wording COD,SEA What the program does 1)matches the packlist (item purchased by buyer in folder P) 2) writes it to the airwaybill (folder W) PLEASE DOWNLOAD project requirement.7z - the program to fix - explanation on the issue and what to fix

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    Hello, I need to decode a particular code embedded in patterns from images. I will explain everything about the pattern. You will need to write code to decode the code from the images. Will need image processing expertise. Need to be done in Matlab. Knowing C as well will be an advantage. Please bid if you are interested.

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    Hi so I have the basic principles of a c++ battlefships game. I just need help adding 1 player vs another player, allowing the players to choose where they put their ships and the correct ship sizes in comparison with the board game

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    Hi so I have the basic principles of a c++ battlefships game. I just need help adding 1 player vs another player, allowing the players to choose where they put their ships and the correct ship sizes in comparison with the board game

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    I want an app that is user-friendly, and easy to use. It would have just one main tab with a specific area for ads, and a sign-in element, and I want to have the data of the user who would agree to sharing it.

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    Hello We are a Language Translation Company and we have our SDK for Objective C iOS apps. Our SDK change language English to Indian Languages . We want to test this SDK into 3rd party working Apps ( Like yours ) which are content rich . 1) Add SDK into YOUR 5 Apps ( App need to English and Dynamic ) NOTE : NO Code needed , Just build needed . 2) Send Us builds --- When you place bid then send me 4-5 links of Objective C Apps. --- Approx 3-4 Days work total. Thanks

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    hola quiero desarrollar un mapa con visualización 3d y utilizando inteligencia artificial don de toda persona pueda entrar por web o app

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    Hello, I want my cbot to be active in between two specific time. So what I want is when the bar comes inside these specific time, then I wanna take the trades.

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    fuzz test to crash a small c program. bid if you are free now.

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    As we are dealing with the different data handling with STM32, We expect a program to read/ write particular rows and columns in the CSV file through STM32F407VG. We are hoping to program on STMcube IDE.

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    I am looking for an expert in C Programming Language who is ready to work right now

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    python ppt project 6 日 left

    expert in python ppt projedgst python ppt projects

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    We want to develop a application/software which can communicate with UHF RFID reader development board. Development board consist PIC micro controller. From our side we can provide, 1. Hex command for particular action like start reading, stop reading, change power etc. 2. Guideline for graphical architecture. One existing demo application snap shot attached.

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    This is scrrapping project or crawling. I need a program that can be loggedin automatically very quickly. For loggin to Can you make program? I need auto login. OK Please start to bid with "LOGIN"

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    Hi, We are team of 13 developers, and we are expanding. We are looking for Backend Developer with expertise on Python to build complex backend algorithm for our product. Your main role and responsibility is to build an algorithm from scratch or modify existing algorithm for our SaaS Product. This backend work is not a common backend API development. It has complex flow and process to make it work. We are looking for only skilled engineers who are interested in solving complex problems and able to handle the difficult problems. We already have skilled developers to help you onboard but you should be adaptive and able to work independent without much observation. Requisite: - We are looking for individual freelancer. Not an organization or freelancer associated with an organization ...

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    I need to change an acer motherboard on a gaming machine but there is a 32 digit hex serial number in a config folder that pairs the SSD with the motherboard. In the uploaded files the and are in a config folder. The serial is the code I need

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    12 入札

    I need the c# coder needed for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

    $7 - $47
    $7 - $47
    13 入札

    Get a Signature from a Wacom LCD Signature Pad and store into a image file under RDP connection.

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    I want to create a PintOS operating system in which we shall implement sytem calls, deadlock,file management, i/o and memory management.

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    El proyecto es seguimiento de laser con la cámara web(se identifica las coordenadas x e y),cada vez que detecta el laser(Considerar un ambiente con luz). La cámara web vera la imagen que se va a proyectar mediante un proyector. En la cual se va a emitir varios pulsos de laser(2 laser de color rojo van emitir pulsos cada 200mseg) y la cámara tendrá que detectar las coordenadas(de ambos puntos de laser), solo del color rojo del laser ,sin nada que lo interfiera. Considerar velocidad y precisión de detección de coordenadas. Una vez encuentre las coordenadas , se tendrá que controlar el mouse y hacer click(en la posición de las coordenadas) ,cada vez que detecte el punto rojo. Luego se tendrá que calibrar la cámara web con ...

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    need amibroker expert: when a trading signal is genarated in amibroker need to send signal with image to telegram or whatsapp,has to be in professional manner

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    Youtube livestream Api 5 日 left

    I would like a plug and play solution. I want to be able to setup a mini pc with a webcam. When I plug it in to power and connect to a network. It will boot and connect to internet and start a live stream to my youtube channel. After 24 hours in will save that live stream ans start a new one. Title of youtube video might be XYZ hotel live stream (date). It will only change the date on every new live stream title. This is a sample of what I want to create.

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    We have a library for TradingView Charting & Trading Platform and need someone to run it for us with Replay,Alert and additional possible features. Here is the link for more information; For features, whatever is in TradingView needs to be run such as Replay or backtest , Alert, New ,, Calendar , Analysis and etc. anything which is listed in TradingView main page For more detail information you can contact us.

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    This redenaural AI is to work on top of card games, where she will test the best combinations and the best cards for those combinations. The deck contains 30 cards the field contains 9 places where I can place the cards. I will test all combinations to see which is the best combination in this game

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    I need a NT8 bot to initiate trade based on the data received via web socket and extract detail of the trades

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    1) requirements Salary information stored in a file, system must provide input and output function of the file. Your system could browse all records, could display, inquiry and sort the records. Your system should also provide a menu using keyboard to select options. 2) system design The system includes these modules: information input, append, list, sort, inquiry and report.

    $73 (Avg Bid)
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    16 入札

    I want to build a antivirus for windows with source code In antivirus all futures look like Avast antivirus

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    7 入札

    Using netbeans to complete a 2D game that will have characters and levels

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    bacnet stack for esp32 5 日 left

    Would like to get a bacnetstack for esp32. Just to send readonly analouge outputs to bacnet client.

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    9 入札

    Need a desktop program running in win10 for a cash register printer epson TM-T88V. The program must print exact fonts and QR code.

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    DIsassemble amd64 linux binary 3 日 left

    Hi. I need a Hex-Rays IDA Free instructor. I will be disassembling and you will be sitting in the second seat guiding me. I have an archive with files. The format is not recognizeable but it's not encrypted as I am able to read ASCII7 text in there. And I have a linux amd64 binary that (I'm sure) knows how to extract this. It is written in C (based on umangled symbol names). The main goal of this is for me to learn IDA free. Secondary goal of this is to extract the manadatory information from the binary and write a simple archive extractor (in C or Python).

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    We are operating several marketplaces in different countries. For example you might look at to see one of our marketplaces. If you look at it on a laptop (not on a smartphone), you can see our “category menu box” (box with the headline “find a freelancer”) on the left side. The task is to improve its scrolling capabilities. At the moment, the “category menu box” is fixed to the window, ie. when someone scrolls down the “category menu box” disappears. We want to make it stay always visible. If the “category menu box” is longer than the windows height, it should however still scroll somehow so that the user can also choose items at the end of the “category menu box”. A possible solution is Sticky Sidebar (). Your tas...

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    I had to remove the previous project because I described it too vaguely and there were many inquiries. I have such a problem, namely I would like to go straight from point A to point B with my boat. The boat is steered by two engines. I have tried many things but unfortunately I am too weak to comprehend it. The boat is flowing like a sine wave (). I am looking for a person who would help me understand how to correctly calculate the data for the boat to go straight, i.e. the shortest route between points A and B. The code in Arduino is enough for me. Any platform: Arduino, STM32, ESP32 The current code that I use for testing is attached. I tried to use the compass, the boat hits the target perfectly but unfortunately it flows in a curve () I have time to complete the project by Octob...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can code STM32F0 series microcontroller in STMCube IDE Key Requirements of Code: -> The code should contain parts which can make MCU to communicate with Quectel BG95 module -> MCU should use Multi UART communication The MCU should use a UART connection to connect with one external device (ex. datalogger), the mcu should wake up once per day from sleep and communicate with the external device by sending some commands. The external device after receiving commands from MCU will respond back with its own responses, the received responses should be sent to the Quectel BG95 module using another UART connection, finally these responses should be sent to google cloud.

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