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    Кандидат наук, стремящийся вернуться в область математики, ищет математика с постдоком, который может помочь мне в соавторстве и представить статью о функции digitsum. Пожалуйста, ответьте с - краткая биография и - список последних публикаций Важно: нужно быть математиком, а не просто копирайтером! Предложения без списка последних публикаций будут игнорироваться.

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    PhD aspiring to return to math field is looking for postdoc mathematician who can help me co-author and submit article about digitsum function. Please respond with - short bio and - list of recent publications Important: you need to be a mathematician, not just a copywriter! Proposals without recent publications will be ignored.

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    excel calculation guru. 6 日 left

    I am looking for a freelance with high attention to detail. The purpose is to create an excel interest calculation schedule. There are 13 loans. The current schedules are very messy and we need to recalculate and and present in the perfect design. the recalculations should have the same result as the original, but if there are errors in the orginal we just need to highlight the cell and mention the error we think. Project require on Monday complete. Very good in excel is a MUST.

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    Find the value of Kp Td Ti lambda miu in terms of other variables and replace wpc wgc completely from the final equations

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    torque ripple minimization of Switched Reluctance Motor using MPC -results have to show minimum torque ripple by applying MPC technique to any basic SRM model.

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    Tuyển nhân sự giải toán trên app GauthExpert Xin chào, Hiện tại mình đang cần tuyển nhân sự giải toán trên app GauthExpert. GauthExpert là nền tảng hỗ trợ giải toán cho các học sinh cấp 2 và cấp 3 (lớp 6-12) Mô tả công việc: Những gì nhân viên cần làm là sẽ hỗ trợ học sinh giải những bài toán mà họ đã chụp lên, sau đó nhận thù lao. Thù lao: Sẽ được tính theo số bài làm hợp lệ (có thể lên tới 100k/giờ) Công việc chỉ dành cho người Việt Nam. Nếu bạn không phải người Việt Nam mà vẫn biết tiếng Việt, hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi, ch&...

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    I have a start-up and I would like to know the value of each user as they sign up. When they sign-up they will tell us how much revenue they will generate us in a year so I would like to have an excel calculator that calculates the value of every user using the LTV in order to produce a global company valuation as the user base grows. Here is a reference:

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    Hello I need someone who has good knowledge in above mentioned area and also in Linear algebra and measure theory. Please message for further info. Thanks

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    Hello Guys, Hope you are doing well. Looking for help for Advance level Math/ Statics and Data Science Dissertation. You should be an expert in Statistics/Data Science. Help me to choose good Dissertation topic for Data Science. Let's work together. Please reach me: Expert only

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    Game System Design Task (Economy) 5 日 left

    Using the spreadsheet software of your choice you must create a system that demonstrates the structure of the following game economy: •In an arena fighting game it costs 20 coins to enter a game with 5 other players •You win 80 coins for 1st place, 40 coins for 2nd, 25 coins for 3rd, 10 coins for 4th and 0 coins for last. •In a day a player can win up to 1500 coins. However average session time is 25m and each fight takes 4m •There are 15 fighters available to unlock with the coins you earn. • 20 Upgrades can also be purchased per fighter for coins. •Design a system allows an average player to unlock fighters in 30 days and all upgrades in 180 days (individual fighter stats not relevant for exercise, only upgrade costs)

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    Help with Carla simulation, problem solving Project cannot be opened in UnrealEngine

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    MATLAB experts required -- 4 5 日 left

    I'm looking for a couple of matlab experts Deadline: 2 days must be do based on the requirement Note: I attach the requirement file

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    Hi, I am looking for CCAT expert who can write exam online and pass with 5 star rating. If any, please let me know. Thanks

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    maths and statistics 5 日 left

    project based on vectors, probability

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    I need person expert in robotics to solve small issues for the constiran equations

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    Jupyter notebook python problems 5 日 left

    Expert in solving python problems on jupyter notebook

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    You have $50,000 to invest in three stocks. Let Ri= be the random variable representing the annual return on $1 invested in stock i. For example, if Ri 0.12, then $1 invested in stock i at the beginning of a year is worth $1.12 at the end of the year. The means are E(R1) 0.14, E(R2) = 0.11, and E(R3) = 0.10. The variances are Var R1 = 0.20, Var R2 = 0.08, and Var R3 0.18. The correlations are r12 = 0.8, r13 0.7, and r23 0.9. Determine the minimum-variance portfolio that attains an expected annual return of at least 0.12.

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    A mini project f of thermodynamics need to be done with matlab.

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    Hello, I'd like to build a mathematical model which outputs which job should I schedule on which equipment at a given time of the day. The input parameters to the model would be as follows: 1. # Jobs to be processed 2. # Operators available in a planning horizon 3. # Equipment's available in a planning horizon 4. Processing batch size of equipment 5. Cycle time of equipment for process 6. Setup time of equipment for process The system constraints are as follows: 1. Sequence of process steps the job has to follow 2. Capacity constraints of the equipment's 3. Capacity constraints of the operators Regards

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    I need you to write a genetic algorithm that can mimic a given binary image. There will be three basic components to building this GA: - Representation of the Chromosome - Defining the fitness function - Creating a population and evolving using crossover, mutation and elitism The GA has to run for 1000 iterations.

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    Nlogo / Netlogo M.Sc. in Information Technology/FinTech/ Big Data/Mathematics and Data Science -- 2

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    Wave help 2021 4 日 left

    Because I bank with Capital One, the reconciliation process takes too much time. I want someone to reconcile July - December 2021 for me

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    LatEx Work -- 2 4 日 left

    Regular LatEx jobs (mathematics doctoral level Requirements: Ideally a PhD, MSc, or BSc in Mathematics or similar. Must be fluent in English, native is ideal

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    I need a person who knows finance and can solve questions easily. I have regular work and will do instant payments when work is done. You can check the sample from below

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    Gauss Code Translation 4 日 left

    I'd like to translate a couple of Gauss coding scripts into R or Python. Only submit a proposal if you have access to Gauss programming language.

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    Want signal for option trading in olymp trade

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    I need an expert for my project, I'll share complete details in chat.

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    Its based on Intermediate dynamics. (robotics).

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    I need algorithm to find/forecast next lottery numbers, such as from analysis previous result, history, etc.

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    Business writing and calculations 4 日 left

    Calculations and essay project.

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    Online Faculty 4 日 left

    Hi there I am looking for online teachers to teach Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Botony & Zoology for JEE & NEET prep. Also CBSE (Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) for 11th & 12th 8th, 9th & 10th grade - Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology online teachers.

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    help in linear algebra 4 日 left

    i need some immediate help in linear algebra

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    signal and system 3 日 left

    Familar to Fourier Series and Transform(Fourier/laplace/z transform ) etcs

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    Typing of math project. 3 日 left

    Typing project related to math.

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    I need a New Freelancer, Junior one math expert who has great knowledge of mathematics I need expert from Pakistan

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    calculus,integrals, limits 3 日 left

    I have a question about a mathematical topic, come to the chat so we can discuss more.

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    Looking for Full time and Part time tutors to teach English, Math, Science, etc. - Good communication skills - Patient - Can provide a lesson material - Equipment (laptop, headset) - Stable internet connection

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    Mathematics project 3 日 left

    Need to solve questions sent by me related to composite and inverse functions

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    Nlogo / Netlogo M.Sc. in Information Technology/FinTech/ Big Data/Mathematics and Data Science -- 2

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    I need someone to coach me for Calculus 1 and Calculus 2, There could be other topics depending upon how it goes. I prefer someone who has some experience in tutoring and holds in Math or B.Tech. Asian preferred. Please revert and we can discuss.

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    build a maths quiz 3 日 left

    need help with this as sson as possible

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    Hi I need the work within 10 hours Budget is $100 I have the answers so if u can just do q1 part a to proof me u know it bcoz lots of people have already wasted my time in this. They said they know it but gave me wrong answers.

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    The total details will be discussed in chat.

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    Accounting Simple Adjustment 3 日 left

    Need help for accounting simple adjustment. It will take max 1 hours

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    i have a book of physics in hindi language i need to translate it in english language

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    Netlogo/Nlogo M.Sc. in Information Technology/FinTech/ Big Data/Mathematics and Data Science

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    MATLAB Algorithmic Game QUESTIONS 3 日 left

    4 questions in total. need in 4-6 hours budget is $80 MESSAGE ME FOR MORE DETAILS. BUT ONLY MESSAGE IF YOU CAN DO IT

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    MATLAB Algorithmic Game 2 日 left

    4 questions in total. need in 4 hours budget is $80 MESSAGE ME FOR MORE DETAILS. BUT ONLY MESSAGE IF YOU CAN DO IT

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    I am currently working on my DNP project and need help developing a code book and running numbers thank you

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    Need help with Modern Cryptography 2 日 left

    Need someone expert with modern cryptography for tomorrow.

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