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    Hi, We want to enable dialing into our Jitsi server from a Cisco telepresence hardware. We are able to setup jitsi to accept connection from SIP server but do not have experience from the telepresence hardware to the SIP server. Due to lack of documentation regarding the SIP server side, my understanding could be slightly wrong. Hence I am attaching a flow chart of what we think is the correct f...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    C++ project -- 3 6 日 left

    I need a little improvement in my current project.

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    C# expert neeed 6 日 left

    Looking for creating firewall rules using C#.

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    install koha 6 日 left

    install koha library management software to vps

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    Hello, I need software that works like a WAF, capable of analyzing and filtering non-legitimate traffic for a FiveM game application that works exclusively with UDP traffic. Although we already have protection from attacks in layers 3 and 4, small attacks in layer 7 aim to overload the application and bring inconvenience to our customers.

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    I have live website on VPS with CentOS and cPanel. Want cPanel replaced with Webmin / Virtualmin safely without affecting any existing functionalities and with any pre/post configurations for complete migration. On Webmin/Virtualmin I need to configure 2 users with different permissions for that same website domain. You will be working via any remote desktop application on my laptop. Provide yo...

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    Need some work on server security scanning / email box to be moved to some new mail setup around 3 mail boxes for one website /need some file cleanup and some issues at mod auth with .htaccess file, sometime root folder files not fetching in website..

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    Continuous server/system management resource(s) needed for linux. Shell scripting knowledge is a must. Resource should be able to demonstrate his/her skills

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    Chef Configuration Management -- 2 6 日 left

    Expert in: * *Write Recipes and Cookbooks and uploaded them to Chef-server* Created Chef cookbooks using multiple recipes to automate system operations maintaining and enhancing existing Chef cookbooks and recipes Test Chef Cookbook

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    >>> PLEASE REVIEW EACH TASK AND BID ONE AMOUNT! <<< If you change your fee after we discuss, I will delete your bid. All TASKS are stated here. Two Magento 2.4 Sites will be migrated to the server when tasks below are completed. ::  One site has a database with 1.4 million records which buyers and sellers pull address info. ::  Same site will have over 500k product...

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    After migrate server, gettin error: ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR You need use teamviever.

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    I needed server installing expert who has experience Ejabberd server install and plugin setup. I already install Ejabberd server. Missed point: does it have the plugins to support the following? - Read receipts - Typing indicator If you able to this work, please bid.

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    Python developer 6 日 left

    Looking for a python developer who has knowledge of mysql database concepts as well.

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    Need a plugin to be installed urgently in AWS ec2 Mautic instance, this should be simple and quick job.

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    I have live website on CentOS and cPanel. I want cPanel replaced with Webmin / Virtualmin safely without affecting any existing functionalities. On Webmin/Virtualmin need to configure 2 users with different permissions for that same website domain. Provide your fixed price quote in AUD.

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    Sort out my bulk email promotion 6 日 left

    I have been using PHPlist for 20 years however since my server moved to the cloud some of my emails are going to Spam, I need a bulk email professional to fix this issue it could be in google the server in PHPlist or in Thunderbird

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    Preciso de filtro para bloqueio de spam via cpanel, hoje ja uso o nativo mas ainda estou com problemas.

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    Trophy icon Need network developers 4 日 left

    Hello, I'm looking for developers who are good with network route, proxy server route, etc. Let me know if there is anyone with a lot of experience.

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    when trying to install the packages i see this error the yum utility failed to install the required packages.

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    Problema con certificado SSL 6 日 left

    Tengo un problema al actualizar el certificado de seguridad de mi dominio con servidor linux apache. Al parecer todo está en orden y se actualiza correctamente, pero sigue apareciendo que el certificado está vencido Al tratar de actualizar el certificado de la dirección alias (www), certbot arroja el siguiente error: Failed authorization procedure. [ログインしてURLを表示] (http-01): ...

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    fprobe is a libpcap-based tool that collect network traffic data and emit it as NetFlow flows towards the specified collector. It support netflow v1/5/7, I need to add v9/IPFIX support on it. Need an expert who can help me to do it urgently.

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    FORCE AMAZON SES TO SEND AN EMAIL WITHOUT SPF VERIFICATION rate is negotiable. Please Contact For questions

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    python expert needed -- 2 6 日 left

    python expert needed for networking protocol

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    HI, I have a requirement where i need to change the TACACS IP and replace it with new IP configured in the ASA, Switch or a Router. Ideal candidate should have basic knowledge of the network devices and ofcourse scripting.

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    Web Hosting setup on GCP 6 日 left

    Hi, I'm looking for a developer who can set up web hosting kind of server set up on GCP - Google Cloud Platform. Installing right resources and stack' on probably Linux based environment with Cpanel, WHMCS, IP mapping to the domain, email servers and all the necessary set up to make it as a web hosting server to offer various clients to host their websites (wordpress, drupal, html etc)...

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    For this project, I need to automate task within a GNS3 VM. All people in my class use GNS3. Using this program requires that students must receive his/her own unique server, IP address, username, and password. However, the process in which it takes for one server to be created for one student is extremely time consuming. *GNS3 VM's are held inside VMware*, so I need a way to automate these t...

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    I need someone can decode .so linux file and edit some variables and functions to do our purpose

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    Cloud Front Subject Matter Expert 6 日 left

    We need to hire an AWS CloudFront expert to assist with serving our private content from our AWS S3 bucket.

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    I need a gerber file and firmware code for a arduino or raspberry pi device that capable to analyze usb communication.

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    La API deberá ser creada en un lenguaje PHP Versión >= 7.0 en un servidor Centos (Se proveerá conexión VPN al Servidor) Los datos extraídos deberán grabarse en Base de Datos PostgreSQL, bajo un modelo entidad relación. (Se proveerá conexión VPN al Servidor) El desarrollo deberá incluir carga histórica. El desarrollo de...

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    i need a new report for freepbx

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    Need a docker specialist for complete c ++ project starting from creating gcc centos to perforce sync to building project to posting

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    hallo habe ein auftrag Domain [ログインしてURLを表示] das ist ein skript mit php 4 alles auf php7 aufgabe ist alles zu installiren und auf php7 zum laufen zu bringen danke für amgebot ------------------------------ hello have an order Domain [ログインしてURLを表示] this is a script with php 4 all on php7 the task is to install everything and to get it to run on php7 thanks for offer ---------- es sollt...

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    Get playtechtech software nulled 6 日 left

    Hi There, I would like to have a recent nulled playtech software. Is someohne able to do that? Should be some domwloads around. THe best would be a recent software. Thanks

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    Linksys E900 is the router. I have Tomato Version 1.28 by shibby I need to have openvpnclient configured on this. The key file connects via my windows or mac client. PLS DO NOT BID ABOVE MY SD BUDGET FOR THIS PROJECT

    $8 - $8
    $8 - $8
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    AWS workflow 6 日 left

    Using AWS Simple Workflow, AWS CloudFormation to create the sample of basic workflow patterns.

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    i need digital ocean expert 6 日 left

    i need digital ocean expert for just step up a droplet cpannel my budget is 300inr

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    You do not need to have passed any of the exams AWS exams but need to be a good researcher and have deep comprehension about AWS. THE JOB: You will be given 65 questions from AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Practice Exams, and you will need to write plagiarism free explanations for the students. The job will consist mainly of 2 tasks: 1.- CATEGORIZE QUESTIONS: categorize the ques...

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    We have a Cloudera 5.4.0 Hbase 1.0 cluster supporting 10 HDFS data nodes and 10 regions support 400TB of data. Periodically the Hbase system is hanging and blocking the read access and loading processing. The hanging of the system seems to be related to a time when the system is trying to flush mem-cache. Our work-around is a stop and restart of the Hbase Region Server. This is a live producti...

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    I am currently using aws s3 bucket and s3 media stream for subscription based e learning videos. i need to protect the video content with all or some of these (signed urls, or both client and server side encryption) since flash end of life is in dec. I will also need to implement a new video player. You must know how to do signed urls, client and or server side encryption with watermark in aws. Pl...

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    Für ein Analysegerät soll ein existierendes Display (Ansteuerung durch Firmware) durch ein neues Display ersetzt werden. Dieses soll mit Embedded Linux angesteuert werden. Zusätzlich sind Schnittstellen anzusteuern (WLAN, USB) . Es sind ca. 24 Display zu realisieren, Beispiele s. unten.

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    Fix my laptop 6 日 left

    I'm using ThinkPad E470 (i7 + 16GB ram) with Ubuntu but for some reason it's super slow. I need help in fixing it and getting usage speed to normal. I use the laptop only for browsing and playing Dota 2.

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    I can't send email message from my application to Azure VM usein i neeed someone good with azure and PMTA to fix this issue

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    We are looking for a partner team to install and maintain servers

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    I need assistance with the following in Paranaque, NCR: 1. open up 3 ports on my PLDT router 2. configure 3 old routers I have as a bridge 3. teach me how to configure the routers like this

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    monitoring and loging 6 日 left

    install and configure an open source application to monitor and log

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    we need a professional to do a project in Python or Jawa or VB. its a small module for mass mailing system

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    Linux Security -- 2 6 日 left

    HI, I need some basic security for my CentoS web and email server. I also need some small fix with wordpress (something related to file permission) - error 500 All work must be done via anydesk

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    if you good at linux and C ,please contact me , i need you help.

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