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  • Developed interactive websites & apps with detailed user accounts experience
  • Created powerful applications that streamline complex data into actionable insights
  • Built custom Windows and Mac software designed to fit client specifications
  • Developed mobile apps that enables customers to access data from their phones
  • Connected databases to web interfaces with easy input/output functionality
  • Optimized existing code for faster loading pages and smoother user workflows

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    Please watch video: The following should apply to products with attribute "Bossu product type" set as: Refurbished Consoles, Sell Mobile Phones, Refurbished Video Game Controllers, Sell Consoles & Smartwatch 1) We will create configurable products for some of the products, but match simple products to it, we want certain attributes to show as selectable 2) Only simple products should continue to show in the catalog/category pages and not configurable products 3)Options will appear as swatch in product page 4) If there are simple products part of a configurable product with multiple colours, the colours should show in the category/catalog pages 5) Simple products associated with configurable product SHOULD show individually I believe this way could work if there is another...

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    I'm looking to develop a web-based property management application that focuses on lease accounting management. There's no need for this app to integrate with any existing lease accounting software. The primary goal of this app is to streamline lease accounting management for property managers. The application should offer a user-friendly interface to help in the tracking of lease payments, tenant communication, and generate reports related to lease accounting. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in developing web-based applications - Previous experience with property management applications - Strong understanding of lease accounting - Ability to create user-friendly interfaces - Capability to generate comprehensive reports. The successful freelancer will n...

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    As an entrepreneur aiming for a competitive edge, I'm eager for a talented Typescript, MUI, and React developer to help assist with a web and mobile application for my artificial intelligence business. This multifaceted application excels in leisure learning methodology and artificial intelligence, incorporating engaging gamification elements for a unique user experience. - Main Features: 1. E-commerce functions for a dynamic online marketplace. 2. Gamification strategies to keep users engaged and motivated, stimulating more frequent app interaction. 3. Payment gateway integration for credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies, ensuring versatile payment options to accommodate all users' preferences. 4. Artificial Intelligence Integration Ideal freelancers will be v...

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    I'm seeking a proficient designer to craft a chatbot box with a website that interacts with my PDF files using GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer). This bot will serve as a new tool for help, aiming to expedite our engineering process and improve the decision-making process by: - Providing comprehensive information from the PDF files upon request, - Responding to specific queries about the files, - Recommending related files based on user queries, - Comparing various projects and offering valuable recommendations. The ideal candidate should have previous experience with GPT, chatbot design, and a basic understanding of engineering principles for comprehensive responses. Experience with PDF and photo file interaction is a massive plus. The end product should enhance the us...

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    Symptom Score Calculator Form 6 日 left

    I need of an online form to be designed that calculates a symptom score based on user input. - The form will have questions with radio button options, each option will be given a score of 0-3 - The form should total a score based on user selections and display the total score. - I would like the form to be printable Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in creating web forms. - Experience with radio and checkbox types. - Understanding of scoring mechanisms. - Ability to deliver under tight deadlines.

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    I'm looking for a FullStack .Net developer with expertise in the following areas: - C# - SQL Server - Javascript - Ajax - CSS - HTML - Bootstrap - Angular The purpose of this project is to build a robust web application, primarily focusing on data input and retrieval functionality. Skills And Experience: - Extensive knowledge of SQL Server and C# - Proficiency in Javascript, Ajax, CSS, HTML - Experience with Bootstrap and Angular. - Proven track record in web application development involving data input and retrieval. An ideal candidate should be a problem solver with a keen eye for detail, who can readily adapt to changing requirements.

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    I'm looking to implement JWT token authentication in my C# Dot Net Core 6 Web Application to enable user role-based access control. Specifically, I aim to include Admin, Manager, and User roles within the system. Key Points: - Implement JWT Token Authentication - Enable User Role-Based Access Control - Implement Admin, Manager, and User Roles The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience with: - C# and .NET Core 6 - Implementing JWT token authentication - Building role-based access control systems - Understanding of web application security and user roles.

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    i want insert pdf (external link) in my article in wordpress. I want horizontal pdf slider. Send ex:

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    Project Description: I am seeking a skilled React Native developer to create a mobile application capable of live streaming from the camera to YouTube. Additionally, the app should incorporate an SVG overlay embedded in the live stream. Requirements: - Experience with React Native development. - Familiarity with integrating live streaming functionality, particularly with YouTube API. - Ability to overlay SVG graphics onto live camera feed. - Strong understanding of mobile app design principles. Additional Details: If you have previously developed a similar project or have experience with integrating live streaming and SVG overlays in React Native, it would be ideal. There are sample apps available on platforms like GitHub that could serve as a reference for this project. I have attached...

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    Remove the api not inuse. Make sure API receive data correctly

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    We want to create a color trading game which also has deposit withdrawal feature. We have a demo available. You can create a website by looking at the demo and designing it in the same way. What is the message?

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    I'm seeking a well-experienced Shopify developer to speed up my website's loading times. The current load time is between 2-5 seconds, specifically on the homepage. I believe the slow load times are caused by various scripts that run on my homepage. Your task will be: - Identify and optimize scripts causing slow load times - Ensure the homepage's load time is less than 2 seconds post optimization - Maintain or improve website functionality The ideal candidate must have a strong background in coding and an understanding of scripts, as well as a proven track record with improving Shopify website speeds. Prompt communication and a keen eye for detail will be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can set up a permanent redirect from my domain to a different website without revealing the real website address. The redirect must withstand scrutiny, ensuring that the actual target URL is never exposed. Key requirements include: - Setting up a permanent redirect: The redirect should be set up in a way that search engines and users are directed to the new URL without any indication of the original one. - Maintaining sync with the original website: The redirection should automatically update to reflect any changes on the original website. This is crucial as it ensures that the redirect remains accurate and up-to-date. - Ensuring the redirection is seamless and fast: The process must be smooth and without delays, ensuring a seamless user experi...

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    I’m in need of a qualified developer with a solid understanding of Shopee API. The main goal of this project is to enable critical features such as tracking search volume and the sales history of products. Key Project Elements: - Create Chrome extension with Shopee api data - Integrate Search Volume and Sales Data History features of the Shopee API into my existing system - Enable tracking of average monthly search volume for my product listing - Provide monthly sales data for each product - Extract historical sales data within a window of the last three months Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proven experience with Shopee API integration - Strong knowledge in data tracking and analysis - Sound understanding of inventory management, and product listing - Efficiency in task execution ...

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    There is a list of words positioned vertically position 1 position 2 position 3 position 4 position 5 with setTime > 5 takes 4's position; 4 takes 3's position + EXPANDS 400px; 3 takes 2's position SHRINKS; 2 takes 1's position; 1 takes 5's position SLIDING all the transitions should be smooth and sliding when text gets in 3rd position it expands to 400 px and gets back to the regular size when leaves the position.

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    IDFC Bank API Integration in .Net 6 日 left

    I'm seeking a skilled developer with experience in .Net to integrate the IDFC Bank API into a web application and implement funds transfer functionalities. Your primary responsibility will be to successfully connect the IDFC Bank API to our existing .Net web application. You will also need to facilitate the secure transfer of funds on our platform using this API. Key Responsibilities: - API Integration: You will need to seamlessly integrate the IDFC Bank API into our .Net web application - Funds Transfer: Develop a user-friendly interface for transferring funds via the IDFC Bank API - Security: Ensure all transactions are secure, and user data is protected Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of .Net framework - Prior experience with integrating APIs, particularly in t...

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    I'm seeking an Excel expert to revamp my Google Sheets, transforming it into an interactive platform. Specifically, I need to integrate the XIRR calculation for my stock transaction data, which spans over 4 years. This will involve the addition of dropdown menus for transaction selection, buttons for XIRR calculation, and color coding for profit and loss data. Key Requirements: - Integrate XIRR calculation for stock transactions - Create dropdown menus for transaction selection - Develop buttons for XIRR calculation - Implement color coding for profit and loss data Additional Context: - I am using Google Sheets, not Microsoft Excel - I update my stock transaction data on a weekly basis Ideal Freelancer: - Proficient in Google Sheets - Experienced in complex Excel formulae, particul...

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    Tiledesk Deploy on AWS or Google 6 日 left

    Hi there, I'm looking for an expert familiar with tiledesk I need to help out installing tiledesk on either AWS Lightsail or Google Cloud environment. I started myself with the setup, but sumeyhing wrong, Please confirm you are familiar with tiledesk with chat21 and node , Docker Compose, Kubernetes and Helm to accepting this project I also want to customize the tiledesk, We will discuss further here Ideal Skills:** - Kubernetes - Helm - Cloud architects Services experience - Problem-solving skills - Experience with live chat support systems (preferably Tiledesk) Thanks

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    Tank Battle Game Design -- 2 6 日 left

    We are in search of a talented Java game developer to bring to life a captivating tank battle game prototype. In this project, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills by crafting engaging gameplay mechanics using Java, along with leveraging the Processing library for immersive graphics. This prototype will serve as the foundation for an exciting tank battle game experience, where players will command their tanks, strategically aim, and unleash firepower upon their opponents to claim victory.

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    I'm in need of a skilled .NET developer with a strong background in C# to create a robust web application. Key Functionalities: - User Authentication & Authorization: The application should have secure and customizable login and permission management features. - Data Processing and Storage: Efficiently manage and process data within the system, ensuring it's stored and retrieved accurately and securely. - Real-time Data Updates: Implement real-time updates for seamless user experience and accurate information delivery. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in C# and ASP.NET for web development. - Angular JS for front end - Strong understanding of web application development and best practices. - Experience with user authentication, data processing, and real-time data updates is highl...

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    Job Title: Python/Django Developer Introduction: Join an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing the health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) field. We are developing an advanced AI-driven platform to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of cost-effectiveness analyses in the pharmaceutical industry. Job Description: We are seeking a skilled Python/Django Developer with 3-5 years of experience to join our team as a full-time freelancer. This role involves working closely with our technical lead to develop and refine an AI-powered tool that automates health economic modeling and analysis. Responsibilities: - Develop and maintain web applications using Django, Python, and other technologies - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features - Ensure ...

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    We are growing our existing development team, due to company growth. I'm seeking a proficient developer to join an already existing development team, to work along side the lead developer (based in India). This is a long term project, and the lead developer has been with us for over three years. Should you be suitable and work well with the team, this will be a long-term project for you. Initially, we offer a day rate of $75 per day. Once you become more productive with our technology, this will rise via increments, up to lead developer payment ($100 per day). The requirements include, but are not limited to: * Developing the entire web application from scratch * Integrating Data Processing APIs into the application * Maintaining and improving the performance after deployment * Py...

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    I am in need of a skilled React Native developer to confirm the deployment. The app is already developed and it was working well. But once I ran the project locally, a client said the app is linked to local IP. You don't need to change code, just update some settings. It is a simple task, but it can be long term deal. Important note: I need you to check everything remote only this time. In the future, I will add you gitlab and provide the full source code.

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    I have purchased a betting website script from: and need to implement the api from: to display all stakes if we take example for cricket: Upcoming over total runs = so user can bet with stakes Total sixes Total Runs in 1st innings Above is for cricket, so all sports data should show here. People can select the stake and bet with that for example to win the match is 2.30 and user wants to put 1000 INR = then 1000x2.30= 2300 will be his winning amount. If you did this work earlier ot expertise then i will hire you ... Need to complete this in 1 or 2 days.

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    I need a scrollable broadcast interface where only admin users can manage, add, edit, or remove content. The content should mainly consist of text and images, no videos will be included. Key Requirements: - Should be only accessible by admin users. - Content should be editable, deletable, and addable. - Content will consist of only text and images. Interface Design: - The content should be displayed side-scrolling.

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    I need a developer who can integrate the Google Calendar API with my booking platform. The ideal candidate should have intermediate level experience in ReactJS and Ruby on Rails. Key Requirements: - Integration of Google Calendar API to enable the following: - 2-way calendar event sync between vendor's and platform's calendar. - Create a seamless user experience on both web and mobile interfaces. - Ensures all bookings made are secure. Skills Needed: - Strong background in ReactJS and Ruby on Rails - Experience with integrating third-party APIs - Understanding of UX/UI principles for web and mobile interfaces This project requires someone with solid experience in both ReactJS and Ruby on Rails, as well as a good understanding of the Google Calendar API. The ideal candidate sho...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer with experience in e-commerce websites. The primary goal of this project is to create a platform that showcases products and enables transactions, so a strong understanding of e-commerce functionality is crucial. Key deliverables include: - Seamless payment integration: The site should allow users to make purchases securely and efficiently. Experience with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, or Square is a plus. - Product customization: I would like to offer users the ability to customize certain products before purchase. This will require the developer to implement user-friendly customization features. - User account creation and management: The website should enable users to create accounts, manage their information, and track their orders....

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    I'm in need of a skilled React.js developer who can create a responsive design that works across desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Key features include: - Implementing user login and authentication - Ensuring real-time data updates - Building pages with superior responsiveness Its a small project furthermore, I desire the use of scroll animations in my project to improve user experience and engagement. The ideal candidate should have a substantial background in working with scroll animations, understanding their best use in different contexts to optimize each user's journey on the site. I value creativity in problem-solving and application development, so previous projects providing unique, efficient solutions will stand out in selection.

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    I'm looking for an experienced IOS developer who can work on updating our current webapp. Your primary focus will be on integrating one new APIs and adding new features to the application. Create a webapp, update the current version, API integration and added - Web link will be given to you, hardcode and display the webapp (A) - API link will be given to you so you can perform integration to display another web (B) - Create a floating button to support (Home page, Refresh, promotion URL, Open new tab) - Allow the web(B) to be opened new tab within the frame Once you complete the reading, candidate who PM me will only be considered

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    I'm looking for an experienced WordPress plugin developer to design and implement a bespoke solution. The main objective is to create a plugin that actively allows for passport profile image uploads, subsequently converting these images into text input for data logging purposes. Specifically, the plugin should be competent enough to extract critical information such as Full Name, Passport Number, and Expiration Date from a passport profile image. Adding to this, the functionality to handle multiple passport profile images is a prerequisite. Each user profile should be able to manage and store multiple passport images with smooth efficiency. Key skills and experience: - Exceptional knowledge of WordPress plugin development - Comprehensive understanding of image to text ...

    $250 - $750
    緊急 シール NDA
    $250 - $750
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    As a Shopify store owner, I'm currently having a significant issue with slow loading times across my entire website. This slow speed is frustrating for users and potentially damaging for business, as it contributes to a high bounce rate and slow checkout process. I've identified scripts as the primary content causing these slowdowns. These scripts are present across the whole site, and their optimization would help significantly in speeding up each page. As such, I'm in need of a professional with a strong knack for combing through and optimizing scripts on Shopify. The ideal candidate will have: - In-depth knowledge of Shopify's platform and its Script Editor - Proven experience in site speed optimization - An ability to identify and solve problems related to script...

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    I'm seeking a proficient web developer to create a business website that will primarily generate leads for my clinic. Key features: - Integration of contact forms to gather client's full name and phone numbers - An appealing layout that effectively promotes my clinic and its services. Ideal freelancer skills: - Experience with Lead Generation Website design - Knowledge of data collection and management through contact forms - Strong understanding of UI/UX principles for a high conversion rate. This project will greatly contribute to increasing my clinic's sales by reaching more potential clients. Only experienced freelancer should apply.

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    I'm in need of a skilled full-stack developer well-versed in Angular 10 and .Net Core for fixing a dashboard. - The primary feature of the dashboard is data visualization. It's crucial for the developer to have an extensive background in integrating this feature into this type of platform. - This project requires the optimization and design fixing of a dashboard, so a keen understanding of the design and functional dynamics of an intuitive, user-friendly interface is a necessity. - Additionally, any experience in developing dashboard for different industries or sectors would be an advantage as it could offer valuable insights on the work ahead. - Having a strong foundation in full-stack development using the Angular 10 framework will be essential for smooth, efficient develop...

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    hallo, WICHTIG -> ERST LESEN <- DANN ANGEBOT ABGEBEN -> DANKE! wir benötigen eine APP ( Android ) die wir selber auf das Handy aufspielen bzw installieren können. Denn wir benötigen keine Platzierung im Store. Folgende Funktionen benötigen wir: a) User Registrierung / Anmeldung b) Erfolgt die Rufannahme wird sofort, vor dem Gespräch, eine Audio Nachricht abgespielt die wir über den Admin bereich hochladen bzw. vorgeben können. Danach kann der User ganz normal das Gespräch fortführen. c) Das Gespräch wird dann aufgenommen und all 30 Sekunden an unseren Server geschickt. Dort im Adminbereich steht dann die Datei zum Download und zum abspielen zu verfügung. wie schnell ist die Umsetzung möglich? Das ist alles. Wir f...

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    I'm in need of a React JS expert with a sophisticated aesthetic sense to revamp my e-commerce website. The design needs to be clean and contemporary, but above all, it should be highly responsive. I'm looking for someone who can breathe life into the site with tasteful animations and transitions. Key Goals: - Creating a responsive layout for seamless browsing across all devices. - Incorporating a fresh, modern design to stand out in today's digital marketplace. - Adding meaningful animations and transitions to enhance user experience. This project not only calls for coding expertise but more importantly, an eye for good design. The color scheme and overall branding should be in line with my personal brand guidelines provided. Desired Skills and Experience: - Proven exper...

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    I have an Excel-based habit tracker system that I'd like to convert into a website. The system is currently used for tracking habits and managing progress with an analysis dashboard. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of data management and user interaction. Key requirements: - Conversion of Excel system into a dynamic, user-friendly website - Incorporation of habit tracking features - Progress tracking functionalities - Implementation of reminder notifications to keep users on track Notes: 1) The core of this system is data analysis (I'm a data analyst) and developing a dashboard like the attached one. 2) We use score system not (1/0) for each habit, like 4 hours of work may count as 4 points. 3) The main problem I want to solve is that I want the project ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Shopify plugin and ReactJs developer to craft a custom solution that will not only enhance the user interface design of Plugin I will provide all details in chat. Please write "SHOPIFY" at the top of your proposal Thank you

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    I seek a talented hacker who can help me maximize every aspect of an unsupported game that still has its server operative. Your prowess in game coding and hacking will be put to use to increase key elements like: - Experience Points - Treasures - Money - Weapons - Collections However, there's no need to focus on any specific weapon or collection type. The ultimate goal is to automate the maximizing process while retaining the option for manual control. Excelling in this project requires a blend of system hacking, game development, and coding skills. Remember, the project doesn't involve any form of payment or transaction in the game. Its purpose is purely for my personal satisfaction and achievement.

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    I'm urgently looking for an Angular developer to optimize my existing project's code. The main areas of concern are the rendering speed, memory usage, power, and CPU consumption. The project is already built, but it's not running as efficiently as I'd like. You'll need to tackle the following: - Analyzing and improving component rendering - Optimizing DOM manipulation - Enhancing API calls for better network efficiency - Removal of unwanted/ununsed node modules I need this project completed ASAP, so I'm looking for someone who has a lot of experience working with Angular, particularly in optimizing projects for performance. A deep understanding of the Angular framework is essential, and experience in similar projects would be a big plus. The ideal candidate...

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    I am in need of an expert who can assist me in generating PDF invoices using iText7 in a Java Spring Boot environment, though I understand that this question was skipped. The project involves: - Utilizing Java Spring Boot: You should be well-versed in Java, particularly Java Spring Boot, to handle the backend development of this system. - Employing iText7: You will need to have expertise with iText7, a PDF library, as the tool to create these invoices. - Integrating Invoice Information: You will need to include client's name and address, invoice number and date, and an itemized list of products/services on the PDF invoice. - Formatting the Invoice: While I understand that the specifics of how the invoice should be formatted were skipped, I'd appreciate if you could provide a si...

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    As a React web developer, I'm seeking a professional with experience in creating applications with a strong focus on responsive design. Key Project Details: - **Primary Audience:** Professionals - **Data Handling:** The application will primarily be focused on checking the status and possibly undergoing a redesign. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing and developing responsive React web applications - Understanding of user experience principles, especially for professional audiences - Strong sense of user interface design and ability to work with complex data If you think you have the right mix of skills and experience for this task, I'd love to hear from you!

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    We have a website with a reservation system, we need to add the functionality that a reservation can only be made after entering a code and that it shows the dates assigned to this code to reserve. We are using themeforest hotellers template to our website

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    I'm the owner of a website built in React.js and Node.js, currently in Azerbaijani. I'm looking to expand its reach by adding English and Russian language options. The website is fully dynamic and I need the User Interface and the Admin Panel to be multilingual. Key requirements: - Add English and Russian translations to the existing Azerbaijani website - Make the User Interface and Admin Panel multilingual - The Admin Panel should allow me to add and edit content in different languages, without the need for automatic translation Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in React.js and Node.js - Experience with multilingual websites - Understanding of dynamic website structure - Ability to configure an Admin Panel for multilingual content management ...

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    I'm seeking a proficient developer to transform an existing Excel calculator into a web-embeddable format for integration on our website. The calculator should perform basic arithmetic operations and allow user input for the calculations. At the moment the user has to imput the item being stored and the size of the shed and it will tell them how much it can store of that item. We want this reversed and the user will put in the item they want to store and how much they want to store and it will calculate the size the shed will need to be. Key Requirements: - Convert an existing Excel calculator to a web-embeddable format - Ensure it performs basic arithmetic operations - Allow users to input values for the calculations - Optimally integrate the tool within our website Ideal Skills a...

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    Send 60,000 cold emails monthly 6 日 left

    As email marketing services are expensive, I need someone who can use other ways such as APIs and SMTP to send 60,000+ emails on a monthly basis.

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    I'm in need of an experienced Angular developer who can create a small application for me using JSON. This application should be capable of displaying textual and image data, accepting user input, and performing calculations. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Angular - Experience with JSON - Ability to work with and display textual and image data - Knowledge of creating interactive interfaces - Strong at handling user input and processing it - Capable of implementing calculations within Angular applications The project's main objectives are to build a simple yet interactive web application. Interested freelancers should have a good understanding of working with different data types in Angular and be able to create a user-friendly application that integrates these various functions...

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    I'm looking for a web developer to create a straightforward website with an infinite scrolling photo gallery. The key features of this project include: - A simple space for a logo, temporarily replaced with an SVG file placeholder. - An infinite scrolling photo gallery where images can be progressively added, sorted by date (newest first) - The website must be able to be hosted at a custom domain - The website must be easy to update with new photos - The website should have a black background - The images should be able to be clicked on to open full screen in a lightbox and a caption if I decide to add one - The website must be able to accept WEBP files, including animated WEBPs, and should display them in animated form both in gallery and in lightbox. - The layout of the gallery sh...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional in k6 Browser Performance testing. I have k6 browser performance automation anybody has already developed project with reports like (Grapahana etc) just show to me. that would helpful for me to approve you. * We have to do performance testing only for browser and not for API. Key requirements: - Experience in k6 browser automation - Proficiency in JavaScript - Proven track record in identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks - Familiarity with reporting tools like Grafana Your work will primarily involve: - Assessing the existing project (if applicable) and suggesting modifications. - Enhancing the project with the functionality to identify and fix performance bottlenecks. - Setting up suitable reporting mechanisms, potentially using...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    @seefattechnologi to create the app as per previous discussion, here is the overview. The app should enable live product previews and customisations for customers. Here's what I need: - A feature for 360-degree view of the items. - Live previews of PDF uploads. - Cover customizations options including image uploads, text adjustments, and colour modifications. - Additional features for adding separate cover customizations such as bindings. Given the work's detailed nature, ideal candidates should have a strong background in Shopify app development. Additional expertise in JavaScript or related web development languages is a plus. Please note, the specific design for the app's user interface is yet to be finalised but will be provided to you. They are a book publisher and want...

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    I need a professional who can transfer my Firebase data to a SQL database in real-time, and keep it updated on a daily basis. Key Requirements: - Migrate Firebase data, including user, product, and transaction data, to an SQL database in real-time. This will involve setting up the necessary infrastructure and ensuring that the data is transferred and stored correctly. - Implement an update mechanism to sync the Firebase and SQL databases daily. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and consistency of the data across both platforms. - Ensure that the migration and updating processes are efficient and do not cause any disruptions to the functionality of the databases. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Firebase and SQL databases, as well as data migration betw...

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