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    Using a access database create a visual basic 6.0 application that retrieves the needed logon information such as the usernames and passwords from a table in the database which the application then uses to create a new instant of a AOL Instant messenger object. Each record in the database that contains the needed information becomes one of the AOL Instant messenger objects residing in memory. Each...

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    Using a access database create a visual basic 6.0 application that retrieves the needed logon information such as the usernames and passwords from a table in the database which the application then uses to create a new instant of a Yahoo messenger object. Each record in the database that contains the needed information becomes one of the yahoo messenger objects residing in memory. Each Yahoo Messe...

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    Very simple database project allowing users to produce a request for a check to be written by our accounting department. Basically, the user will be able to save check request information to a database and be able to retrieve this information later as a template to produce future requests. The user should be able to preview, print, save, etc. requests, as well as produce a report on previous reque...

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    Using a access database create a visual basic 6.0 application that retrieves the usernames and passwords from the database which the application then uses to create a new instant of a msn messenger object for each record in the database. Each MSN Messenger object should log on to the msn messenger service and be able to send and receive messages independent of each other in a Simultaneous Sessions...

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    We currently have a SQL7 with an asp/html front end database that tracks service orders from open to close. We want to make some improvements to it and get the code ready for copyright submission. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. 1. Design a Technician ...

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    linux tomcat 終了 left

    NEEd tomcat installed on linux apache server. Version 4 To run Tomcat apps we need : (you can show this stuff to people who will be installing the software) Java 2 SDK 1.2 or higher (latest is 1.3) Java access, via CLASSPATH to [ログインしてURLを表示] JDBC api (This comes with java but try to install a higher version 2.0 if you can) Also, MySQL JDBC drivers etc. Tomcat 4 engine itself. **REMEMBER TO INTEGR...

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    I am using Access 2000 and VB 6.0. I created 24 tables which are read from a [ログインしてURLを表示] in the menu. The menu says Fireplace and within it you can select upto 24 fireplaces. These 24 fireplaces reside on 24 forms in VB via a listbox which is reading from my database. Here is what I need: 1. When you select the fireplace from the menu, you can select various options such as type of fireplace, o...

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    I am looking for a Delphi 5 programmer to provide code compatible with Win95, 98, ME running on a PII 166 or faster machine to perform the following: 1. Generate tones representing Morse code from a user specified input text file. The Morse alphabet will be provided later. 2. This program will demonstrate that the required routines work. I want to use the routines in a larger project, so please do...

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    If anyone of you have used uEWB before?i am sure you have seen the digital [ログインしてURLを表示] job,which becomes yours is to receive signal from dc motor and use A/D covertor with the SAG (signal acquisition-cum-generator module,so mine just work as a viewer,so let's not get too involved with the dll file and SAG [ログインしてURLを表示] right,we have to program an oscillocscope.I have a running program don...

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    This is an easy project, I need a script that will have a few input fields (keywords, description, etc) and will create X number of randomized HTML files with predefined header and footer. This is a simple script that should take any experienced programmer under 1 hour to do. My friend was going to do it but unfortunately he had some health problems and unable to do any extra work. If necessary...

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    We need to develop a PROFESSIONAL file/info encryption program (128-bit). This program must encrypt selected programs (e.g. when i click on file explorer it will ask for a password). The other part of a program is to encypt personal info, such as credit card, pins, various accounts and other sensetive information. Software must have original and nice graphics. You are also to develop the trial ver...

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    This bid is only for people who are familiar with this topic. I need a program(in Visual Basic) that would take the latitude/longitude and return the time of prayers for each of the 5 times. It must also be able to give an option for daylight savings etc. And lastly, it must be accurate for all latitude and longitude. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in exec...

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    Greetings, I have a multi-tool application for internet use with my company SpyderSubmission. The task of this application is to provide the user with various methods in getting their site ready and to get it listed on search engines. Completed so far: *General GUI *Submission to 5 search engines *Loading/Saving profiles *Some extra coding eliminated *Meta Tag Generator In progress: *Bulk emailer ...

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    I need coding that will allow users to come to my site, pay a fixed fee for each page they wish to have and then be given a password. Ideally I would like the user info to stay within a database, I expect many repeats, so that they can enter a name and password and not have to enter credit card info repeatedly. Users will be given one page for each fee (hence, separate passwords for each page). On...

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    Queues are commonly used in network systems. For example, e-mail is placed in queues while it is waiting to be sent and after it arrives at the recipient's mailbox. A problem occurs, however, if the outgoing mail processor cannot send one or more of the messages in the queue. For example, a message might not be sent because the recipient's system is not available. Write an e-mail simulat...

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    This should be seemingly simple but I can't get it to work. I'm developing a Flash 5 site that has some movie clips with text areas that need to be updated frequently. Without going to a Generator option (too costly) I want to set up either .txt files or an excel file or...(simple database?) that my .swf can pull text to populate the flash movie. I don't have a host yet for the site...

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    collaboration 終了 left

    Hi there, We specialise in narrowband streaming audio, that uses no standalone products or preloaders to play the music. Were looking to team up with someone where we can use each others talents. An example of our work [ログインしてURLを表示] Look forward to hearing from you Thanks

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    Testing Software 終了 left

    Project Description 1. Compose and display a test by randomly retrieving questions from database that contain three types of questions ??" multiple choice with single answer, multiple choice with multiple answers, short answer by filling a text field. 2. Calculate and display the score. No need to save the test results. 3. A separate GUI (standalone Application) for the test designer to maint...

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    I want to develop a tool in Visual Basic 6.0 that will allow me to generate a set of HTML files from a spreadsheet in an Excel workbook or an identical table in an Access database, using a template HTML file. (Perhaps this could be developed within Excel or Access; I have Excel 97 and Access 97). I envisage the template file as having unique variables that would be identified by the tool, allowing...

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    Problem: Write a program that generates simple arithmetic questions using the random number generator. The program prints out the question on the terminal and asks the user to input the answer. The program then waits a fixed time for the answer to be entered, prints out the correctness of the answer provided and the correct answer if it was wrong (or a message indicating the time ran out) on stand...

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    Partner Coder 終了 left

    Dear Coders, This project is with reference to the bid that I won. [ログインしてURLを表示] As my semister exams starts within next few days I want help from you guys to compelete this project. **70%** of the coding required in the bid I won is **completed** and now I need to add few more forms as shown in the attachment. There are to be **designed and coded**, which I will use in my module. Thoug...

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    Need excellent VB Coder to create Classy Screensaver Authoring Application. Application must be capable of creating standalone (.exe) file, accepting unlimited images in (.bmp, .gif, & .jpg format). Various transition effects required. To get a good idea of the type of product that I am looking for, download Active Media Eclipse version 4.0 from the following URL: [ログインしてURLを表示] ## Deliverab...

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    develop a VB program to take a .jpg (or other formats) and make a jigsaw puzzle out of it. Would like to have it patterned after a program called Jigsaws Galore (see web site [ログインしてURLを表示] for more information. Basically, I need a program to make a data file that describes the jigsaw puzzle...and then a program that will allow the user to "play" the puzzle on a PC. The player general co...

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    flash programmer 終了 left

    We're setting up a venture for interent & 3G culture/entertainment. It's based around an ace interface concept, which we're prototyping in Flash - but while our design skills are good, our programming is on the beginner side. We need someone with time, inside out understanding of flash - and generator would be handy - and a creative approach to speed things up. No money at the m...

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    My existing php/mysql program only resizes the big photos to make them look like thumbnails, causing large downloads. If someone could help put a thumbnail generator in the system it would reduce the download times of my vistors and increase the amount of currency in your account. Thanks! Roger ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as comple...

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    I need a report written against the attached file. It is a dynamic file that changes through out the day. It needs to not have an engine loaded against it, want he application to be a standalone. It must be able run on 2000. The report will need the following information out of the file. Name ID # Pin # Phone Number Then above are all static. Balance...They need be able to pick ...

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    I have a website I am seeking ways to keep my visitors coming back and staying longer. I want to offer my visitors a page that they can go to to generate random numbers for the Cash 3 (3 digits 0 - 9), Cash 4 (4 digits 0 - 9) and finally a generator that let's the user enter the number of digits to be picked and the range of the digits (1 - ?). My website was created by me...

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    1- To create a standalone Bulk auction listing program tool for [ログインしてURLを表示] that allows users to uploaded 100's of auctions at once. (SQL database) 2- Correct the "Auction At Home" Studio catalog image size to thumbnail size and to have the images load page by page in The Studio. Here is a link to The Studio at auction at home: [ログインしてURLを表示] ## Deliverables 1- A bulk listing ...

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    operating 終了 left

    1 Suppose that Lucy and Ethel have gone to work for the Mizzo candy factory. Mizzo produces two types of candy: crunchy frog bites and everlasting escargot suckers. Unlike their last job, Mizzo has automatic flow control on their assembly line. No more than 10 candies are on the conveyer belt at any given time. Crunchy frog bites tend to be more expensive than escargot suckers, so Mizzo has implem...

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    I require C code for a program that runs a puzzle game. The puzzle consists of a 2 row x 3 column grid filled with the numbers 1 through 6 in a random order. Each vertical column in the puzzle is numbered 0 through to 2 and the horizontal rows are numbered 0 to 1. When the user first starts the program they will be required to enter a number which will be used to initiate the random number generat...

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    The following specification references this example layout: 1) Build a simple address book viewer/editor. Using Java Swing components build an standalone address book viewer/editor similar in appearance to the enclosed screenshot from "Microsoft Entourage for Macintosh". In particular it should implement a split pane where the top pane is a table containing all the address book entries a...

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    Zider will be a graphics engine coded in Visual Basic. Before you scoff and pass it off as just another engine, take the time to read on, because this will not just be another game engine doomed to fail but the template upon which all engines after it should fallow. Also note that the zider projects will be designed with the "possibility" of going commercial some time after compleation. ...

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    ToPlay clone 2 終了 left

    Clone of the program ToPlay by oradnet ([ログインしてURLを表示]). A 3D sceene is created in 3D Studio Max this file is translated and the vectorial information is distributed via Internet. The end user has a program on his computer that permits him to download these files (that must be very low k) and render them on his computer. This will enable him to view from diferent angles as if in 3DS Max. In other ...

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    This is a program which will generate html files in the linux enviornment based on predefined user templates. A folder full of html templates will be randomly read from, while cetain tags in the template html file are replaced with keywords (contained in a text file) and images from a user defined library. The program will run in the crontab and will generate X number of pages based on these templ...

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    Site Submission 終了 left

    I have a question and a project. I started to design a website submission/marketing tool for my company SpyderSubmission. My question is, are any professional programs actually written in VB? I am new to this sort of programming, do they need to download any additional files to be able to use it? Project: It will have website submission, meta tag generator, and perhaps someday link popularity and ...

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    Fun! Looking for 3 Java script Designed quizzes at 20 questions a peice. The output should involve the percentage of correct answers as well as a banner which can be downloaded and posted by the quiz taker as well as a manner to send an email with a generator URL telling them about the quiz. I will provide all quiz scripts to be done. ## Deliverables 3 Quizzes, 20 questions each. Answer generat...

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    I need a program that takes an HTML file and writes the file name into the HTML file's TITLE and Meta Tags. For example Take: [ログインしてURLを表示] and create HTML code within [ログインしてURLを表示]: <title>[ログインしてURLを表示]</title> <meta name="description" content="[ログインしてURLを表示]"> <meta name="keyword" content="[ログインしてURLを...

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    SpyderSubmission 終了 left

    This is an internet multi-tool program for my company. I own a web design company along with another web submission company. This program has the options of a meta tag generator, link popularity, html validator,website submission, etc. I can make the meta tags, but I NEED for you to make the submission part along with html editor and link popularity. Along with this I need a registration option. I...

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    simple program 終了 left

    The object of this assignment is twofold. First, you are to compare the relative performance of different sorting algorithms on the same data set. Second, you are to compare the relative performance of the same algorithm on two different data sets. Six sorting algorithms are to be tested. Selection sort Bubble sort Insertion sort Merge sort Quick sort heap sort you must modify each sort to include...

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    I need a very basic html generator that would include font size and color, a save as function, copy and paste function and a select a file function. It would include a preview window as well. ## Deliverables The Visual basic 6.0 code as well as the compiled executable program. Short , sweet and basic. I need this for students I am teaching for how to make an ebay auction ad more attractive. I w...

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    Building a Generator based dynamic Flash Site we need to feed some Generator List Boxes with the results of a query. The query is pulled up by some ASP code. The results of the query have to be converted into as many txt files as we have Listboxes. To enable Generator to read them, the text files have to look as follows and should be in the same folder as the ASP file: clip, instanceName, content ...

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    Modify a program of a previous bid and also make a random generator card game that returns the number and the suit and stores them in a different file. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information Next tuesday the 17th for the first project.

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    Need a Java based application which will allow spell checking to be performed. I will need multilingual support for spell checking Thesaurous(sp) synonym lookup I would like the unix aspell dictionaries to be used as they are multilingual and in the public domain but I am open to other data source suggestions Communication will be done with a Java side applet(already completed) via http so port wi...

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    I am currently coding a 32-bit multi-taskng os, and I need a c library which includes all major functions such as malloc and fopen. It must be written so it is completely standalone and I can use the functions straight from my os kernel. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    Number Generator 終了 left

    Looking for a program that can search a text file or Access Database with multiple sets of 6 numbers and return the number of time ther are 3, 4 and 5 numbers matching. Feel free to contact me for furthur explination. Let me clarify better what I want. Users can put in a set of six numbers (1-50). Once entered they click on a button and the sets of 3,4 or 5 numbers are returned. User Enters: 2 5 1...

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    What I have built is an add on for something I already have built. I design an ASP code generator and I need someone to build an add on for me. I will convert the code to fit my own so I only need the desired functionality. I need to be able to pass in the name of a table in a given database and then allow my end users to build an visual sql query from that table. Query only has to be dynamic enou...

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    I have a previous version of VB (no source code though) and require a newer, fully-featured version of a standalone program which presents users with a series of multiple choice questions. The user selects the correct answer and moves on. Login & reports required for individual students. Plenty more features required. If all goes well this will be expanded to be networked throughout a school. ...

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    P2P Network 終了 left

    What I am looking for is a simple program to help me understand the concept of p2p sharing. All I want is a client that will connect to other clients and all the clients form a network. You may keep a list of currently online clients in a txt file on a web server, but that's it. You can access this text file by either FTP or running a PHP or Perl script (which you must provide). I'd like...

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