Machine Learning is a scientific discipline which focuses on automatically recognizing complex patterns and making intelligent decisions based on available data. This branch of study develops algorithms for computers to evolve behaviors for the same. If your business needs help with machine learning algorithms, you have come to the right place. You can hire expert freelancers with machine learning experience right here. Simply post your job today!

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    I wanted to hire a free lancer to design a voice bot and chat bot for our website.

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    I need some support with combining multiple models together on Vertex AI on Google Cloud Console. These can also be multiple models deployed to the same endpoint and acting as an ensemble model. Vertex AI specialist is required for this job.

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    AI/ML program that will read financial statements (specifically Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows) and extract out the data to create financial ratios for financial analysis.

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    We need the python codes for an AI/deep learning based text to Image generator that can generate high quality graphics as per the custom size by reading the script or the scene. Input – Script/Scene Output – Image/Graphic/Illustration

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    I have a googlenet model written in python to detect forgery images, and I need some changes to the model. I need to improve the loss function and accuracy and make the model able to detect forgery images and the original image, the image in the test data should appear as the uploaded image.

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    Drawing with objects -- 2 6 日 left

    A drawing application allows the user to draw on a screen by: 1 – tracking the movements of hand and fingers. 2- Drawing with objects. The object is the drawing tool. The object is the brush For details please let's chat

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    1 collect all articles from one specific social media website; 2 As post-2019 articles are with a clear brief (i.e., the overall opinion of the article: buy, hold, or sell), while pre-2019 articles are without such a brief; so we then use machine learning technique to give each pre-2019 article a clear, relible brief; 3 this project is about stock analysis, so some basic stock market knowledge is desirable; 4 I need all the codes/technique writing when the project is completed. This is the first time I use this website and I am very surprised to see so many responses in less than 10 mins. The project is not urgent, and my budget is up to £200, so I will contact some of you later for full details.

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    Hi I need someone who can help me in writing a bash script for small work. You should know AWS cli too for bash script. Cannot pay more than the budget. Need it soon.

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    Hi, freelancers! I have some GitHub link related to FinRL. But it occurs an error when it runs on Google Colab. Can you help me?

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    This is a long term project where I plan to work with the developer for the entire project’s life.

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    Hi I have a project to design a classifier to detect clothing type. Requirements 1. Classifier to detect clothing type . Pretrained model or model from the scratch to detect clothing type (Shirt , Tshirt , polo, hoodi, coat, jerkin , business suit , half sleeves , full sleeves , pant , skirt etc) 2. Video frames should be read via Webcam and stream it in to vlc media player. Results should be sent through json to local host . 3. Model accuracy should be more than 96% . 4. All model files , python scripts should be sent Regards

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    Dear All, I need to design a ML model for DDoS detection which can separate the normal traffic and allow it while stopping the DDoS traffic, if you have expertise to do it, then please contact. Thank you.

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    Apply Reinforcement learning to my existing code to predict the dynamic wake-up-sleep period. Identify delay [already coded] Success rate [already coded] Code enclosed! Note: Please check and try to understand the code before bidding.

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    RL and DeepLearning 6 日 left

    I need an expert for training and evaluating an RL model

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    Looking for ML / embedded assistance This will likely be two or more roles, so feel free to apply for one or the other. It also needs fast completition to a high standard. So, looking to find people who already have experience, an attention to detail, and high level of intiative. For the right person, this may become a long-term role. I will genuinely consider applications that make an effort to answer the following in detail: ML ENGINEER I need the following complete: - Code up ML algorithm based on notes. - Train/test the algorithm on dataset. Tools - Python 3 - Pytorch. In your message please talk about your experience with the following: (bulletpoints are ideal) - How you would rate your code, and styles you follow. - General data science experience (i.e. years etc.). - Developi...

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    python ppt project 6 日 left

    expert in python ppt projedgst python ppt projects

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    Run code in mininet -- 2 6 日 left

    I need tor run SDN traffic classifier in mininet and floodlight

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    Trophy icon Python automation (math) 2 日 left

    One package has a size of 10 cm * 5 cm * 3.6 cm. The forwarder accepts a belt dimension of max. 300 cm. The belt dimension is calculated as follows: 2 * width + 2 * height + longest side. The longest side must not exceed 175 cm. What is the maximum number of packages that can be delivered? Solve it in a python script. First working entry wins the contest. P.S. The answer is 1386 boxes. You find a illustration here:

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    Hi, I look for a professional to make voice recognition of Cantonese of 15 keywords from a sentence including ("OK", "Mr", "Good" etc common keywords) can use Deep speech, machine learning or else, the program is required to put into unity to run. Please show me the related project you made before. Thank you.

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    Calculation of CBR cycle and measure similarity , ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK(network training algorithm, find the normalization, and the activation function methods.

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    I need someone to help with understanding a deep learning paper architecture

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    Voicebots 5 日 left

    I need someone who can design voicebots and chat bots for us based on our requirements.

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    national data of us and population health status

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    Bash script expert needed 5 日 left

    Hi I need someone who can help me in writing a bash script for small work. You should know AWS cli too for bash script. Cannot pay more than the budget. Need it soon.

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    Pothole Counter 5 日 left

    Use a ML on a dataset for potholes Analyze video to count potholes

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    This redenaural AI is to work on top of card games, where she will test the best combinations and the best cards for those combinations. The deck contains 30 cards the field contains 9 places where I can place the cards. I will test all combinations to see which is the best combination in this game

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    Need to automate zerodha using ml 5 日 left

    I am looking for a guy who can automate zerodha , like automatically buy stock when stock is going to up or automatically sell the stock if stock is going to down

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    Hi machine learning experts, I am in need of the setup for training the opencv ssd dnn with wider facedataset. I need to get the same accuracy of the model that is trained and packaged along with opencv library. If you can take this challenge, please bid. The final delivery needs the following. 1) Scripts you used to train the model 2) Cleaned dataset 3) accuracy and speed of the model packaged with opencv 4) accuracy and speed of the model you trained. 5) accuracy and speed of your trained model needs to be same (or better) of the model packaged with opencv References:

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    Small task in ai project 5 日 left

    Strong knowledge in predictive analysis.

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    Machine learning project 5 日 left

    The purpose of this project is to generate several arrival times for a vehicle (example Taxi or plane) over a period of a few months and based on an ML model to predict future arrival times. You must have Experience in ML or AI for this project.

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    am a video and film producer looking to inquire about creating an AI powered software like DALL-E 2 to create graphics for a children's show I am producing. I'm going to be honest, I'm not sure what goes into a project like this but I know it's not simple. My production team needs a desktop or browser app where an input of natural language text prompts an output of simple, clean, vector graphics -like what is commonly created in Adobe illustrator. The goal is to create our own version of DALL-E 2 but specifically for clean vector style graphics to be used for animation and motion graphics formats.

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    Work on advanced Deep learning concepts like Multimodal AI. Using both text and image features simultaneously to predict the output.

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    Robot python 4 日 left

    Cerco una persona che mi crea un robot python per prendere appuntamenti in automatico

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    Machine Learning Experts who can code trading programs for cryptocurrencies. Client: important quant crypto fund (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc) Pay: percentage based on performance (e.g. your algorithm makes a monthly return of 2%, you could make up to $5,000 per month)

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    I need a model built in Cricket match prediction - ball by ball simulator. More details will be done individually..

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    I need a Python programmer 4 日 left

    I need a professional Python programmer to implement an important project Project details/ The work is about the anomaly in social networks Work is performed using Python. The work must be carried out within a maximum of 30 days. I will explain the details when you want to work.

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    Computer Science 4 日 left

    Looking for computer science experts and software houses who can help me with the project accomplishment so for further details i have attached file

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    39 入札

    I need the python and Statistical Analysis coder for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

    $7 - $69
    $7 - $69
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    I would like to “learn” a specific “pattern of movement” using the front camera on android

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    We have some regularly used templates that we want to automate. This is to reduce manual typing and manual formatting in the document. Our long term goal is to introduce some machine learning to make the inputs smarter too, but for now we just want to create a document much more efficiently. We need help.

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    Anyone expert in this area, need implementation and help. Please bid if you have done any project.

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    NLP Consultant 3 日 left

    I want someone who is an expert in NLP with more than 3 years of experienced

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    artificial intelligence project 3 日 left

    artificial intelligence project will include (Structure of agents, Basic Search Strategies, Advanced Search (Genetic Algorithm),Fuzzy Logic, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Artificial Neural Network)

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    GPT-3 Expert 3 日 left

    I need an expert in GPT-3 to increase token length

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    GPT Neo Expert 3 日 left

    I need someone who is an expert in GPT Neo 1.5B Models hugging face

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    I'm looking for am image processing expert with MATLAB, python, and machine learning expertise.

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    We have different data analysis models which we are trying to integrate on website through a PHP dashboard. For that purpose, we need a python script that will work as server to receive requests and assign to the requested model to generate report and then receive response and send back.

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    We require a Data Architect to create a Data Driven Strategy for our organisation and lead the team that will implement the strategy. More information will be provided to the successful contractor.

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    Hi it's a pleasure meeting you I'm looking for a machine learning python expert who uses docker version v2.5 or greater regularly so I'm looking for a torch implementation of a graph attention network which will provide intelligence to a financial advisor using good ml statistics on regular statistical parameters for stable investment The problem will be broken down into 10 milestones of 40$ each and we will have status updates plus regular code reviews. we'll be using pandas or cudf cupy cuda and neural networks correspondingly. expert in torch, cudf, data cleaning and data engineering

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