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SQL developing jobs are in great demand these days due to its sophistication in the corporate world. The SQL developer will have loads of experience in Pl/SQL and Oracle. He/she should also possess the required skill for Perl scripting and UNIX shell, SQL tuning and optimization, be skillful in the SQL loader and UTL file processing, handle external table process, data modeling, script writing for data movement, backup or recovery, schema changes and many more. If you are a hard working and energetic SQL freelancer willing to work for any employer, get a job from

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    C programming 6 日 left

    Hii I am completed graduation Computer science I know computer language c c++ java script SQL database administrator

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    Buenas tardes, Estoy buscando a alguien que me pueda "importar" los datos de una base de datos hecha en MS SQL en otra data base hecha con MySQL

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    ASP .NET core developer, SQL server part time or full time work to work remotely.. There will be continuous on going work.

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    Build a Delivery/Trucking software 6 日 left

    Build software to manage Delivery. We hire Trucks and take delivery Driver manage/ Trucks/Transporter Create Delivery order change status Add trip cost upload document after trip completed and change status pay trip offline reports trips, TRANSPORT NET PROFIT REPORT, DELIVERY PER BL REPORT Order Management Easy load confirmations Windows App required+SQL if u have ready software contact me.

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    Need to work on 1-2 hours with support project and some partial development. Which is hosted on azure and with devops ci/cd pipeline and sql server knowledge required Requirements : C#(with strong logical ebility) core(mandatory) Azure and Devops( medium skill required) will explain full details once you contact me

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    Laravel expert require 6 日 left

    Need laravel expert to do some fixes in the existing project please bid if you are ready to start now thanks

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    bonjour, je suis francophone avant tout et j utilise google traduction pour vous écrire. J'aimerais avoir une idée sur vos tarifs pour le travail suivant: - j'aimerais acheter cette base de donnée de codecanyon : - j'aimerais que vous me l installer afin qu elle soit opérationnelle pour moi , je vais vous fournir mon hebergement et nom de domaine, l acces à distance de mon pc...bref tout ce dont il sera necessaire pour que je puisse direcetement l utiliser comme sur la demo combien cela me coutera svp ci dessous le travail à faire: Installer l'application Créez une nouvelle base de données sur votre hébergement et exécutez le fichier serviceprovider.sql. Créez un utilisateur de base de donn...

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    se cuenta con una aplicacion desarrollada en visual foxpro y funcionando perfectamente. se requiere migrar esta aplicacion a .net con c# y sql server, con funcionamiento en red.

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    Build a dashboard for the production teams to plan and track inputs and outputs and other dashboard needs to collect data from various places, allow for edits and entries of notes. It is intended to be the visual aid for PDCA cycle and streamline routine calculations and resource reallocation. Please see the attached to get an idea of where data will be coming from.

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    Trading Bot 5 日 left

    Custom trading bot with & sql

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    Need a DBA who can design the database of a Point of sale application in MSSQL technology.

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    Need a SQL and a .net Developer. 5 日 left

    I have a project which needs a SQL and a .net developer.

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    I need an MSSQL expert who can write a query that will help me with the result.

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    Im Looking for a serviceNow expert, who can script, fix issues, code, script automations. This person MUST be an expert, this will be an ongoing as needed project, task based.

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    Looking for an Actionscript3 developer who have very good experience in Actionscript3 & sql,php.

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    We are looking for a .NET developer who has excellent knowledge on C#, ASP.NET MVC, .Net Core, LINQ using Visual Studio Extensive database experience, preferably with MS SQL Server, including database design, stored procedures, query optimization etc. Preferable looking for someone with 8+ years of experience and excellent English communication skill. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH TAKING INTERVIEWS AS THIS REQUIRES EXTENSIVE TECHINICAL KNOWLEDGE. You will be working as a technical expertise for our company's consulting business.

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    ERP Development -- 2 5 日 left

    We would like to develop a ERP with sourcecode based on existing database on sql server.

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    Es un tablero ya avanzado para la gestión de RRHH, requiero asesoría para definir bien la cardinalidad de la base de datos y algunas formulas Dax.

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    Performance Optimierung SQL Query 4 日 left

    Can you make the performance of this query better? select kto.*, nvl(sollbetrag_eur,0)-nvl(habenbetrag_eur,0) diff1, ....

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    I require the programming of a script that will be drawing data from two MySQL database columns, solving a third-degree equation (see attached), then inserting the result into another column. The program/script should be implemented in such a way that will be running continuously in the background. For example, when a new row is inserted, the new "r" value should be calculated and inserted into the 8th column automatically, with no user input. Teamviewer access to a testing server is available over the weekend. MySQL database exports are also available at request. I am aware that there are numerous ways to complete this task - all are acceptable, as long as the code is provided in detail and the program functions as intended.

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    Crear una base de datos de 3 tablas relacionadas. Con open access.

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    Relational Database We are creating two databases in Access 1. For the video shoots we have undertaken 2. For the talent employed. We need the two linking so that we can 1. select a shoot and see which talent attended and see their detail in ghe query and 2. Select talent and see which shoots they have done

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    HUDI () is building a Data Monetization Ecosystem to empower Users and Organizations to Enrich, Manage and Monetize Data - Powered by HUDI Token. We are looking for a Cloud Engineer/Data Infrastructure/Backend Developer for a MEDIUM-LONG TERM Collaboration to create and maintain databases, provide flexibility when integrating third party systems, and use existing data with APIs and Websockets. Requirements: - NodeJS, Typescript, Express or any other framework / library to create API - SQL database design skills and understanding of NoSQL databases - Experience in microservices design, serverless technologies and Cloud Technology - Teamwork and standard Gitflow Preferences: - Blockchain technologies skills, Solidity programming language and experience with DeFi platforms - Ability to des...

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    BD en Oracle 4 日 left

    Se necesita para un proyecto puntual, un especialista en Oracle BD Cloud. El sistema Oracle database está formado por una colección de datos que se tratan como una sola unidad. El propósito del sistema Oracle database es almacenar y recuperar información relacionada. Un servidor de base de datos es la clave para resolver los problemas de gestión de la información.

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    .Net C#, SQL Application, Jquery, etc Skip Logic and Validation for Data types integer decimal range text select_one [options] select_multiple [options] geopoint geotrace geoshape date time dateTime image audio video file barcode calculate acknowledge signature

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    It is maintanance come development project

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    -We need Oracle Database Professional Having experience in SQL/PL-SQL, Views, Triggers etc -should have good experience in handling database related tasks.

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    I'm looking to hire an awesome engineer to help augment our data team. Our data team's tech stack mostly consists of Google Composer (a lightweight wrapper around Apache Airflow), BigQuery, and a lot of bash script. We have lots of daily pipelines that run, to process various data sets, including: - RIR Whois data - BGP Feeds - Our own API logs (over 40Bn req/month) - Mobile SDK location data - Ping & traceroute data from our own probe network - Various others One of the first tasks we need help with is building out and improving our company data pipeline, combining various sources of company data into a clean and consistent data set. Other tasks will include helping to optimize some of our existing pipelines, making them more debugable, better reporting and alerting around...

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    Transferring an offline program written in PostgreSQL to the web

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    Request details Need to be able to have reservations (in my DB) update to Vivantio. Probably around 40 fields.

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    6 入札

    We are creating two databases in Access 1. For the video shoots we have undertaken 2. For the talent employed. We need the two linking so that we can 1. select a shoot and see which talent attended and see their detail in ghe query and 2. Select talent and see which shoots they have done

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    Looking for a Tableau or Power BI expert who will develop and maintain dashboards and reports for multiple clients that can be easily converted or integrated into billing reports and monthly summary reports in Word, Excel & PowerPoint. Needs to have an advanced understanding of Tableau, application optimization and performance, SQL, calculated fields, TABCMD, automation, etc. Needs to know how to deploy and efficiently manage multiple sites while standardizing on a desired format. Prefer to have someone who has worked with a Dynamics CRM database.

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    Have an Access Application (Access 2013) to be upgraded Access 2021. New front end and a more user friendly application.

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    Fix Complex SQL Statement 4 日 left

    I am having issues creating a complex join / Coalesce statement for the data I have in a Postgres table. I need help finishing the SQL statement

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    Job Description: Snowflake with SQL, kafka and python - Expertise in Snowflake data modeling and ELT using Snowflake SQL - Expertise in creating UDF (User defined functions) in Snowflake - Experience in data security implementation Need 5-6 hrs

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    3 入札

    we received a file from our supplier with the latest article data. On table 2 there are links to table 1 providing more information about the articles. We need some of this informtion, such as article material to be able to import the data into our web shop. Can you you create this for us? The supplier tells us: the data are all about the 5-digit F&R style number or the 9-digit F&R article number linkable or linked to each other. Since I am not familiar with Excel, I would not do this in Excel. I would import all worksheets into Access as a table. Before doing this, please always delete the first line in the Excel file. Then create the other required columns in the table structure. You can then use update queries to update the data from the other tables. For the update query, ...

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    Sql projects 3 日 left

    My project is a healthcare project

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    Looking to hire Developers with Good Communication skills, experience with Microservices using Core, C#, Knowledge of SQL and Microsoft Azure. - Previous work experience in Microservices is mandatory. - Must be able to work 40 hours a week during the night during Pacific Standard Time. - Need to work 8 hours per day with half an hour break in the middle which is not billable. - Will need to work from a remote location. - Must be willing to begin work immediately. Interested candidates please share your resumes through the chat and also please send us a summary in not more than two lines about your experience in Microservices. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed and hired by this weekend.

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    Data Reporting (Dashboard) Build a simple database (or Excel) to generate activity reports. See fields in the attached file • Form can be used to enter the data • Data will be entered one record (or more records) at a time • Restricted Accessed (only accessed by the processor) • Processor can edit record before submission • Once submitted, processor cannot edit. • Entered Data are stored in database • Administrator can view/edit/modify all records Deliverables: Dashboard to show productivity: Overall Report + Chart Date Range Report + Chart Processor Report + Chart Fuzzy Report + Chart Access restrictions Daily Auto backup Must show how long request in “Reqst Status” column Must warning flag if (UPLOD Date – Reqst Date) = 7+ days ...

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    Java FX along with Sql coding is needed

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    Yugabyte DB questions 3 日 left

    Need to give answers of yugabyte DB

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    MySQL is an open-source database that you can use for free. With this tool, you can effectively manage your data as it is a quite powerful, reliable and stable solution. Given below is the description of 7 advantages of using MySQL. Read on to find out more.

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    Looking for software developer having good knowledge of PHP, my sql. for Hospital Management software, Clinic Management software.

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    I want a plagiarism free project file in word on the topic sql

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    Need urgently Microsoft Access developer to show report/graph from Excel. It will be a long term opportunity.

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    15 入札

    i want a person who knows about the SQL I want this work in urgent in 2 hrs so will discuss in chat

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