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Web Security is the process involved in securing your information systems and other related assets from web based malicious attempts at hacking. You will need to secure your web server and other web-facing servers (like FTP, etc.) in order to protect against these attacks. You can get help from freelancers for your web security efforts. You can connect with them on this site. Start by posting a web security job today! Web Security Expertsを採用する


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    Hello, We have a reserved instance (small) on Amazon AWS running our website. Lot of process happen and in due time the instance becomes slow. We need help in setting up best server side practices, analyzing why the server becomes slow, which processes are inefficient etc. Our team can later just follow those processes and maintain it. Thanks Swapnil

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    need to fix ssl issue after changing wordpress domain attached screenshot

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    Software developer 6 日 left

    A software developers who is confident in bypassing secuirity of sites, like fingerprintjs all in requests and no headless or selenium.

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    After our website got hacked. We lost the images folder - we need to restore the image folder back to the wordpress site to show on the actually website.

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    I am looking someone who can make me new site more modern. For Men Only Private member club Feature: Member log in upload picture Membership level Payment Owner Admin: approve or deined Event and more [ログインしてURLを表示] if you want to upgrade or change modern or what is your suggestion?x

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    Python developer with knowledge of fingerprintjs, I want someone to write a scrapper which has got fingerprintjs security

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    i need someone with experiences in vulnerability assessment service to help me in technical proposal

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    share a meal 6 日 left

    A community-based platform as an alternative to restaurant and fast food.

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    We need to speed optimize our Wordpress adult sex store so it has the fastest possible loading time and follows Google's guidelines for best speed and optimal performance with [ログインしてURLを表示] Are you expert in speed optimizing Wordpress sites? Max budget is 30 EUR

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    First of all, you should get a malware scan out of cPanel run leave and remove all infected files and all obsolete Software, as well as plug-ins to remove or to the newest state bring. This is especially important for common software like WorPress and Joomla, as well as their plugins and themes.

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    No Placeholder Bid! Please read before bidding. All tasks are listed here: [ログインしてURLを表示] I am not interested in a new website. Do not offer to rewrite the app or website. Thanks.

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    System is affected with malware and all the files are encrypted. Phobos ransomware

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    VPN replacement issue 6 日 left

    I need a responsive VPN consultation for my offshore online business. Applicants with HotspotShield, Express or HidemyAss subscription required

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    An experienced technical support specialists provide technical support, advice, and assistance to consumers and businesses with technical, hardware, and software system problems. ... Some specialists may work on site to modify, install, clean, and repair computer software and hardware.

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    We're launching a brand new website for the Swedish market and it contains a lot of personal data and in EU we all must be GDPR compliant so security is a HUGE issue. The site runs on a VPS (Ubuntu) and you must check that everything is secure and not easy hackable. Also, if you find vulnerabilities we of course need a report on those with suggested solutions so that we can attend to them. ...

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    Hi everyone, I need to find someone who is an expert at ads with google. my site blocked with the ad because it turns out 3 malware links in attachment emai from google support for more information. I did check by experts in the malware all confirmed that the site is sefty. the template on my website is new one i had replace old on so i am sure my website is safety. I need a good freelance who ca...

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    Build a website 5 日 left

    We are in processing government service transaction 1st part of our website will have our profile and other part will have services offered which will be interactive version were user can select the services and know the prices and documents required with live chat features Responsive web design Two language Arabic & English

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    We are Technology Partner for a Project on Emergency Response for Safe Transportation. We have developed a platform to manage the safe transportation of Chemicals. We need to do a Security Vulnerability Assessment of this platform , so the data on this platform is secured , as this a shared platform by it's subscribers

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    need someone who certified OSCP and help me to OSCP preparation through HTB, Vulnerhub etc. if you have read description and can help then type in proposal "i am certified". contact me Thank you

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    I have currently a website and lately i think someone found a hole on it and kept injecting scripts and uploading files. I need someone to secure my website.

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    I need some experts to test my verification system and fix it according to my requirement.

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    First come to my mind is a person, who understands the barcode generation and decoding algorithm. Actually, I want to develop a pictorial view of number upto 65535(you can consider it as custom barcode). I am open for any other suggestions as well. Decoding should be in a way that it can easily be implemented in normal mobile app

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    Using any free software firewall or your default modem at home preform the following: (1) Write a firewall filter rule to deny all incoming TCP traffic except from a specific IP address. (2) Write a firewall filter rule to deny all outgoing TCP traffic to any webserver (3) Take screen shots of the GUI interface of the written rules. (4) Install a network sniffer such as wireshark or commview and c...

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    cybersecurity capture the flag 4 日 left

    solve cybersecurity ctf challenges web hacking , crypto, reverse engineering, exploiting ...

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    Data mining 4 日 left

    Hi :) Hi, We are looking to collect data from a local Greek website, that might have bot protection. I think it need to be done with SELENIUM, and some other IP solutions, but I'm not sure. Because this site has bot protection that blocked me after a few requests (and once only after one request), please check that you can do it before you bid. (The site is in the specifications) We hav...

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    Saya membutuhkan pengelolah website berita yang handal, integritas tinggi, loyal, mengelolah dan membentuk tim, siap bekerja secara maksimal sesuai dengan arahan dengan waktu minimal 2 tahun.

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    End to End Encryption is required to be done for some sensitive fields in a form and in the messaging. You should have a good understanding of encryption technologies. Must be able to guide us through to implement encryption. will be required to verify the implementation. advice on securing the system. will be required to connect with team viewer. technical discussion will be required.

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    We would like to be able to export and print packing slips directly to Google Cloud Print once an order has been paid for. 1. Set up SMTP mail using our Google Suite email address aliases 2. Print .pdf version of a custom packing slip made to Avery L4830 specification (with dispatch address appearing in the integrated label window 3. Automatic sending of packing slip .pdf to Google Cloud Print ...

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    Although running on a fairly significant virtual private server, our Magento 2 website is loading slowly on both the front and back end. 1. We would like a short consultation and security check done on our hardware and the Magento 2 configuration itself to determine whether we need to make upgrades. 3. Where necessary we would also like to make any configuration improvements to fix any errors r...

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    Hide HTML source code of website 3 日 left

    Problem - users can right-click and view source code on website which allows them to download website media - urgent help needed to fix this exploit.

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    support & it 2 日 left

    im looking for some who knows about browser fingerprint to setup a browser fingerprint Ban on my php site please i dont need proxy or vpn blocker if you dont know what is the browser finger print dont make any offer

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    Stop Email Spam Being Sent Out 2 日 left

    I have spam emails going out from my 365 account. See attachement.

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    My website were hacked and they are not visible anymore. I need help in recovering the files and the database and help in how to avoid being attacked again.

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    I think that my site [ログインしてURLを表示] has been infected. I need solve it as soon as possible.

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    Fix website exploit vulnerability 2 日 left

    I require someone to urgently prevent right click function on iframe of a video player and prevent browser "file print" function

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    Wordpress Site was hacked, need to identify the vulnerability. A file was placed in wp-admin folder, I need: 1. to identify what all the functions in the file are capable of doing 2. source of vulnerability and cleanup of the damage caused

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    I have a panel with IONCUBE encryption, which only works in one domain. Localhost it works perfectly, but when trying to use it on the server it doesn't work due to encryption. I need works perfectly server side. all domains..

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    Recently had my site hacked and there's still some code that needs removing and a upgrade to the latest version of laravel. nathanielmcmahon. c o m

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    Pentesters needed 1 日 left

    Pentetsers or security consultants needed who can test Z operating system by IBM.

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    A research project about online security & cyber fraud.. this project will be broken down in to many sub projects but if you have any understanding on online security & cyber fraud please message

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    I want someone who has indept knowledge with Content-Security-Policy to optimise my metatag and help me under it properly.

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    I have some cloud servers. Each of these have many applications. I want black box testing to be done. Basic idea is to check if the servers are secure and if the applications have any security vulnerabilities, such as sql injection, DoS, port issues, etc.,

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    I want to to design Wallets and Crypto Terminals using Blockchain I want helping to do it

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    *Executive Summary* Wizards of Wisy GmbH based in Switzerland is looking for a developer who can program a cloud based MVP from existing software components on a contract basis. After successful completion of the contract, there's a possibility to join the company and take over this mandate for an unlimited period of time as a shareholder. *Baseline* Wizards of Wisy GmbH develops software th...

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    We are looking for talented security engineer who can very well known about website and database secure but also can proof skill of network/website security and should have experience worked on official company. Our job might take a long time and we are looking for a talented engineer only.

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    Network and Security Consultant 1 日 left

    We are a startup in the home renovation industry running a web platform catering to this industry segment. We are interested in hiring a network/security consultant for carrying out the following activities for our development and QA teams based out of India: 1. OS, Storage & Network hardening for production servers 2. Tracking user activity on production environment 3. VPN setup to protect p...

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    Delivery of functioning components are: 1) Dynamic + responsive Web Site ([ログインしてURLを表示]) 2) Interactive Google Map Interface 3) Custom Perpetual Calendar (multi-layers) 4) Registration/Account Management 5) Search engine 6) Interactive Design + Animations The platform itself is comprised of two (2) distinct modules: Destination Catalogue Maintenance and the Sustainable Travel Guide. As...

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