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    I will send you kannada Voice file. You make a animated video of it

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    2D animator 6 日 left

    Hello, I am the head of a game development project and I’m looking for someone specialized in animating 2D characters. This may be a long term project, and truthfully I rather work with one person rather than a team. If you’re interesting please let me know and have references to your animations.

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    Looking for a creative soul that can create a kick ass video that explains what our platform does from the point of view of partners - so we can use video to explain what we do in 60-90 seconds, as we launch our start up - www.lovingloyalty.com. No standard bids, i will reject straight away if you have not read the scrip. Looking for a professional. For inspiration of some of our features I have added some videos. We have loads of features, but closest competition is added in below videos.

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    2d animation 5 日 left

    i need custom 2d animation video with custom characters designs

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    2D animation 5 日 left

    Need 2 D animation of 2 characters on green screen

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    I need a professional motion graphic design for an application to deliver services, the script is available, and I professionally need the design and animation, to apply for those who find themselves able to implement the project in a professional and attractive way Note: Type your bid value against the number of seconds.

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    Annimated Tree Growing 4 日 left

    An animated Tree growing represents an organization and the branches represent the leaders over the years and leaves appear representing the chapters and the year of their formation.

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    Creating a 3D RPG game with 2 Characters. Need a professional 3D animator to create animations for them. I already have the characters. They are 2 brothers. I would require 5-10 animations for each of them, like running, jumping, sliding and some combat animations.

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    Tenemos una línea donde trabajamos con 2 maquinas que tienen sendos PLC TSX MICRO TSX3705001. Uno de ellos se le ha agotado la batería y nos se le han borrado las instrucciones de trabajo. Queremos copiar las instrucciones de trabajo del que está operativo en el que se han borrado, ya que ambos hacen el mismo trabajo en maquinas distintas.

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    Need Adobe Flash Animator 4 日 left

    100 $ - 150$ 1 minute. We need to make 50 - minute animations every week. So this is a long-term project. We provide anything you need. You only make animation ! We provide anything you need. Just animation testing Will you take 30 seconds free test ?

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    i need a video ads half human half 2d animate motion

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    I want to create an animated number counter to be displayed on a big screen in a corporate event. If you created any number counter before or anything similar please attach it because it will help us make a faster and better decision

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    I want to create an animated number counter to be displayed on a big screen in a corporate event. If you created any number counter before or anything similar please attach it because it will help us make a faster and better decision

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    Need to create 2d animations for roads and its rules for how to drive two wheller

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    We have some cute 2D mascots for our projects (mostly kids videos) and we would love them brough to life in a more 3D way, and have initially some short animate clips of them we can add to videos (so they will need a transparent background) and going forward more heavy animation.

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    necesito una persona que pueda hacer un juego interactivo en una pagina web, simplemente desarrollar los mecanismos, escenario y personaje, no es de aventura, el personaje está estático en pantalla y solo se realizara función de alimentar personaje.

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    Animated Videos Production 3 日 left

    Are you an expert in creating powerful animated sales videos? We are a digital agency and I need help in creating animations, powerful animated sales videos that can capture our potential customers, retain them as they watch and carry out our call to action. I'm currently looking for this kind of animated video production for our website with the same level of quality as this: with script, voice-over, storyboard, and animation included and revisions as well. To apply please: 1. Provide a few examples of your work 2. Let me know what you charge for a given level of quality. Also, so I know that you’ve read and understood this job post, please start off your response with how many years you’ve been doing this for. Cheers,

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    Make me a logo 2 日 left

    My company's name is Team Flash and we make films, of all kinds. My whole Idea of keeping this name is because my team and I envision a single goal- 'to sort the work in hand, in a Flash !' I would like to have a trendy yet interesting logo for my company, not a complicated one but can be used in a negative space zone. I leave the rest to the person who will make it.

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    I need a Kajabi specialist 2 日 left

    I have a web page that was started and need courses and membership added to it.

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    Ciao Character Animator " 10$ This is merely a consulting and testing charge for a large project. This is the only way for me to select the best individual to collaborate with on this project."" I need someone to consult on 2D animation. I like this video. If I choose you, you must perform the test for 03 seconds, the same style for this vide as shown in the video below. After this step, we move to a new project and negotiate a price for 120 to 150 seconds. P.S, This is only a test project; for a larger project, a budget of at minimum 4500€ is expected. Important Please do not join if you do not have talent in this style, since I will never contact you. Regards, Mo

    $10 (Avg Bid)

    Hello I am looking for a freelancer who can do japanese style 2D animae animation. Provide your past samples while applying.

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    5 入札

    We’re looking for an animator for a short film

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    22 入札
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    Create Animation movie from Buddha dhammapada story..we have to create 3d Animation film for each story..First start with one story and will be giving more stories based on the work. The story might be 2 minutes to 10 minutes in length. Audio will be in Telugu language.

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    Convert Intelligent Mouse Game to non-flash version. Use old art designs and image assets. Milestones 1) finish level 1 10% 2) finish level 2 20% 3) finish level 3 20 % 4) finish level 4 20% 5) finish all of game 30%

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    I would like an animated "start stream" intro for my twitch account. I would like it to be similar to the video I have attached. I would like for the main character to look like myself and for the animal to be a schnauzer. I have a budget of $40, I am willing to do 3 scenes instead of 5 to lower the price point for myself.

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    Animation Lottie file -- 2 21 時間 left

    Looking for Lottie animation of a Muslim Imam. The Imam has to look cute, adorable and addictive lol.

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    Animation requirement 18 時間 left

    Can you make animated videos, if yes then bid here, I want 2D cartoons and if you can provide Ssoftoons type work to me, I'll hire you. Without wasting my time, share your samples here.

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 入札

    Hi there, Please see the current animation and screen on this page here: We feel that we need to re-create this with a higher budget than we spent before to get more quality. We are looking for options, but the athlete must complete the same movements, and the screen should count up as he completes the range of movement. Any questions please ask Thank you

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    Roof runner 16 時間 left

    Hello, We are searching an animator for a scene where a character run and jump into a roof and then hits and kick a punching bag. We need an answer ASAP. The scene is already created with the character and there's a storyboard also created. Any doubts contact me.

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    Reforma integra de pajar de dos plantas de 35 m2 cada una situado en el municipio de FlaÇà (Girona)

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    We are a team and we want serious people to work with can you work for us before been fund? I want it in voxel art and animation

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    30 Second Animation 7 時間 left

    I am developing a multivendor website and i have a space on our about page that i would like to create an animation that last roughly 30 to 60 seconds explaining how it works. the animation does not have to be complex in fact the simpler the better

    $219 (Avg Bid)
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    Custom art work 2 時間 left

    We want to make a quote format than requires visual (Animated) description of the product. The art work will be drwanings of waste related services

    $89 (Avg Bid)
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    15 入札

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