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Outsourcing research projects will be beneficial for the employer and the company in many ways. Researcher job plays a very pivotal role for the growth of the company. Researching jobs need the right person at the right time and this can be provided using the services of Freelancer.com. This service can be given to any specialized and experienced person from any part of the world. You can outsource this job as a part or a whole to a team or to any independent freelancer.

Researching is a field that needs tremendous skill and careful analysis on the various facets that are related to the company\'s transactions and dealings. The researcher should always be alert and prove their credential to the benefit of the company. The job involves handling day-to-day coordination activity, managing the firm, and taking active part in the decision-making process. If you are a career-minded person with a self-motivated spirit, you can find thousands of research jobs at Freelancer.com.

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Statistician for Jobs to Be Done Survey Analysis Goal: Define a 2, 3 or 4 segment solution for the survey response data Jobs to be done methodology we have followed 2. Define customer need statements. 3. Do survey. Ask for respondents to rate importance and satisfaction of each need statement. What you need to do: 4. Calculate importance of each need statement using the following method: 1. Calculate percentage of responses that are e... 6 リサーチ, 統計, 統計分析, SPSS統計 Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 23時間 ¥20419
Market research on cinema industry in Saudi Arabia I want complete statistics about media and number of viewers in Saudi Arabia who regularly tuned to entertainment channels like ART MBS and Rotanna. I also want to have growth pattern and age mix like youngsters versus old age people and population of youngsters to grow in near future. 17 リサーチ, マーケティング, 経営分析, マーケットリサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 23時間 ¥14901
Find contact information to investors I'm looking for investors that invest in startups within the gambling industry. I need as contacts as possible that reside in Europe, preferably close to London (UK), Stockholm (Sweden) and Berlin (Germany). I do not accept info emails, need names and firm name. 31 データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, ウェブ記事のスクラップ, ウェブリサーチャー Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 22時間 ¥12914
Landscape and Gardens We're looking to hire and work with creative, talented writers who not only love nature but also possess strong communication (both written and oral) and research skills. You should also have fast typing speed and be committed to beating deadlines. We cover landscape design, gardening tips, environment conservation, urban development, lawn mower reviews, just to mention a few areas. Most impo... 11 コピーライティング, リサーチ, ゴーストライティング, Article Writing, コンテンツライティング Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 22時間 ¥649890
excel, work in home all work in excel. you have need to excel formula just like lookup, if, sum etc 23 データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, ウェブ記事のスクラップ, ウェブリサーチャー Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 22時間 ¥773
Crypto or Blockchain email or contact lists. I will buy them I want to buy your list! Maybe you worked for an ICO or other project / conference. 8 データ入力, リサーチ, 記事の再執筆, 記事投稿, Linkedin Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 22時間 ¥14018
Research of Obstetrics Gynacology I am Resident in Obstetrics Gynecology specialty Program it is required to finish the program in research about Subject in same Field, i choose to study about Relaprotomy after cesarean section, i already collected the Data sample of 20 over Two Years, it is preferred to find the Doctors to finish my Research because any one who want to handle this project can understand and details knowledge abou... 42 リサーチ, レポートライティング, 医療, 研究の執筆, メディカルライティング Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 22時間 ¥48013
Writing business plan for funding Hi Please, we are a delivery company based on a cloud platform, we are already established since April 2017. Looking for someone very professional to write a detailed business plan for funding application. The business plan should include: Executive Summary: including Goal of the executive summary, should be 2 to 4 pages in length. Company Analysis including: - Give some history, including... 47 リサーチ, 事業計画, 経営分析, マーケットリサーチ, ビジネス文書 Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 21時間 ¥36801
Virtual assistant for research and assistive tasks I am looking for a virtual assistant (should be a team) that works with me on tasks related to (but not limited to): - Online research - Editing Google spreadsheets - LinkedIN / Social Media research - Sending emails (email templates already in place) - And some basic recurring tasks 36 データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, バーチャルアシスタント, インターネットリサーチ Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 21時間 ¥331
Minecraft email that link to the account ERT4 I need to find the email address to the account ERT4 2 リサーチ, データマイニング Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 21時間 ¥4636
Do some data entry -- 3 I need someone to copy information from some websites. Data entry 0 リサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 20時間 -
Blockchain Event Ambassador at Cayman Islands The candidate is needed to be present at the exhibition booth at the blockchain event - To do simple set-up with brochures, namecards and banner (materials provided) - To share our project with potential investors - To answer queries on our project by potential investors What you get - A 2-day conference ticket worth US395 - Extra reward on top of stated remuneration if you help to secure... 5 コピーライティング, リサーチ, ゴーストライティング, Article Writing, コンテンツライティング Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 19時間 ¥3430
Write Some Articles for Me (CDR for Immigration purpose) I need some articles written for my [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] should be professional and encouraging with some author's opinion so readers will respond and leave comments. The articles should be about interesting ideas and be original content. Please message me if you have any questions, 18 リサーチ, Wordpress, ブログ, Article Writing, 記事の再執筆 Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 18時間 ¥3709
Build a database of climate change experts in US, Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand Hi, I have published a book about climate change and now wish to promote it to a wide audience. I'm trying to create an email database of the climate change experts around the world. I'm after about 1000-2000 email addresses. I need someone to trawl through the web and collect these email addresses for me and add them to an excel file. My budget is $75. 22 データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, ウェブ記事のスクラップ, ウェブリサーチャー Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 18時間 ¥15706
Identify business and business owners(URGENT) The goal is to find business owner, and contact of the business owner. I will provide you a step by step instruction file to the selected bidders. My budget for this project is 1 CAD for 10 rows..There are around 500 rows need it completed within a day. Since this is a low budget project so please bid only if you agree with the price. Will be hiring multiple freelancers(or a team). Please write ... 37 情報処理, データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, 研究の執筆 Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 18時間 ¥6453
ICT Project - 23/01/2018 02:16 EST ICT sector feasibility and analysis 33 プロジェクト管理, リサーチ, レポートライティング, 研究の執筆, 経営分析 Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 17時間 ¥45364
Market Research Needed I need a north america telecom company information with details. * company name * Website * Employee No. * Annual Earning * Contact person Name (Must) * Contact Person Email (Must) I need a skilled freelancer who can know how to do it. So don't bid if you're not able to complete the task. 25 リサーチ, マーケティング, ウェブリサーチャー, マーケットリサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 16時間 ¥552
Ebook Writer Would like to create Awesome easy to ready ebooks for my business focusing on SME(Small Medium Business Enterprice) I have few topics that I want to cover. First ebook is on online marketing. Writer needs to be creative, make it irrestiable for client and hungry for more information to solve there problem. the ebooks should lead client to contact use directly wanting to know more how i... 43 リサーチ, ゴーストライティング, 電子書籍, 本の執筆, コンテンツライティング Jan 23, 2018 本日6日 16時間 ¥3868
Researcher - Financial Services Recruitment As an Australian boutique Financial Services Recruitment firm, we require the assistance of an experienced Research Associate to assist on a project bases for Funds Management positions we are recruiting in Sydney. Work from home, anywhere in Asia Pac on an hourly basis responsible for the research process of a variety of Funds Management recruitment assignments. Prior Financial Services Re... 12 リサーチ, 金融リサーチ, 経営分析, マーケットリサーチ, 財務分析 Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 12時間 ¥1674
RECRUITER FOR VIDEO EDITING WORK Hello - I am looking for a dedicated researcher/job recruiter who will find and submit my resume on this site ([URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください]) for video editing work. Your job will be to bring in clients. Obviously if clients are not responding I will know that the work is not being done, so I will need to monitor your progress. We can work out a set price for a certain amount of clients you ... 0 リサーチ, 人事, リード, 採用, レジュメ Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 9時間 -
Project for Roxane D. Hi Roxane D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 リサーチ, レポートライティング, 研究の執筆, 生物学, , 人間科学 Jan 22, 2018 本日9日 9時間 ¥5629
Do some data entry I need someone to copy information from some websites. This helps in more related topics useful to youth people especially college students 21 リサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 8時間 ¥39503
Find Leads Online - Consumer Products and Apps in the U.S. - $5/hr max We are looking for someone to help us find relevant leads for our business. If done correctly, would be a project with no end date. We are a very specific business that only looks for consumer oriented products that are in the United States (apps, products, etc), and we use many different sites to find them. Some of the sites are press release sites (example: [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください], [U... 32 データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, リード, ウェブリサーチャー Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 7時間 ¥442
teespring lister - open to bidding I need help with entering listings on teespring. You will be provided a file via dropbox etc with PNG files for t-shirt designs. You will then create a listing on teespring etc (viral style, teezily etc). You will need to create a title that is appropriate, attention getting and in line with good SEO. You will select colors and shirt types to offer (I will provide my typical favorites, but you... 14 データ入力, リサーチ, バーチャルアシスタント, 電話応対, インターネットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 6時間 ¥331
Study of consumer perception towards remanufactured products Minimum 12000 words. Deadlines:- Project proposal :- 7 feb 2018 Project Justification report:- 15 Mar 2018 Final Submission:- 15 Apr 2018 24 リサーチ, テクニカルライティング, レポートライティング, 研究の執筆, 経営分析 Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 6時間 ¥29792
Part time freelancers for business development Need part time freelancers to help in gaining new clients. Job would include contacting businesses via email and chasing them over phone and emails. Each customer win would mean either a good one time commission or a regular source of income. This would be a commission based jobs. Please feel free to contact me for further details. 10 インターネットマーケティング, リサーチ, テレマーケティング, 販売, リード Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 5時間 ¥44040
Project for Johnie R. Hi Johnie R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 リサーチ, テクニカルライティング, レポートライティング, Article Writing, 研究の執筆, Jan 22, 2018 本日9日 5時間 ¥2097
Research 1000 shopify products that are selling right now I need someone to research 1000 shopify products that are selling right now via facebook. Must be clothes. I need a spreadsheet with the fb video/post link of a shopify/ecommerce/dropshipping product that has high engagement (ex. over 100 likes). Another column with that exact product on aliexpress. So this is all the information I need in an excel sheet. Each product must be unique, no dupli... 19 情報処理, リサーチ, エクセル, eコマース, Shopify Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 4時間 ¥2759
Media strategy social media Need about 2000 words for media strategy. 34 リサーチ, マーケティング, Article Writing, 研究の執筆, 学問的な執筆 Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 4時間 ¥5947
Assist the founders of a small consultancy business We need a flexible and motivated executive assistant who is able to support two executives in a small consultancy business. Tasks would include: appointment scheduling, diary management, general admin tasks and related activities. This individual will represent these executives professionally at all times, interacting with external stakeholders both via email and over the phone (when requ... 15 データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, カスタマサポート, バーチャルアシスタント Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 4時間 ¥662
Write a Report on How Blockchain Technology can be used in Real Estate Sector in Dubai I need someone to prepare a detailed report on the possibilities of various potential application of blockchain technology in Real Estate sector in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. For example, Dubai's land registrar has revealed it is developing a system that would seek to record all local real estate contracts on a blockchain. How is it beneficial to a real estate developer? How can a rea... 54 リサーチ, レポートライティング, Article Writing, 不動産, Blockchain Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 3時間 ¥13576
Ghost writer 50k word ebook about HIV/AIDS with my plot 41 リサーチ, ゴーストライティング, 電子書籍, Article Writing, 本の執筆 Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 3時間 ¥59382
Digital Learning Technologies Research Paper We are in the process of developing an online course to help nurses and nursing students to learn more effectively and efficiently. One of the modules in this course is about the effective use of digital learning technologies. We are looking for someone to research this topic and write a paper whose contents we can then use in this course. The topics and questions we want answered are shown in... 43 リサーチ, Article Writing, 医療, 研究の執筆, コンテンツライティング Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 3時間 ¥36755
Consumer data mining and scraping I need someone to copy information from some websites. Hi I am looking for someone who can data mine customer data, from social media including linkedin. For the UK only. We will need name, location, email, gender, profession and data on where they shop and which retailers/website they like. I will require a couple samples and REAL examples before agreeing milestone payments. 29 リサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 3時間 ¥11369
Experienced Virtual Office Executive Assistant Needed Be part of a company that makes a difference and appreciates its employees! Join Abacus Therapies, and be part of a movement to help children with developmental and behavioral challenges. Extremely busy Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy company Abacus Therapies is looking for an experienced virtual executive assistant who flourishes under pressure and maintains a professional manner und... 7 データ入力, リサーチ, バーチャルアシスタント, 電話サポート, 簿記 Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 2時間 ¥883
Hlp filling in business plan research into competitors market analysis etc etc. Hi I'm looking for someone to help fill out a business plan document and do some research into market we will be working together inside Google Docs. We are based in the UK. 11 リサーチ, 金融リサーチ, 事業計画, 経営分析, マーケットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 2時間 ¥4219
Name and details of technology based companies in Canada Hi, I am looking assistance from a freelancer who can make an excel sheet of thirty thousand tech companies in Canada. I will need to have the name of the company, their focused industry within technology, name of the owners and managers, their emails, phone numbers, website, address, and any other specific information. I am looking for quality and results so please apply with substance so I can ... 68 データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, ウェブリサーチャー, インターネットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 1時間 ¥39401
IT recruit in Poland (remote) We are the agency of recruit IT. We are looking for IT recruiter on the Polish market. Your Requirements will search and selection IT developers We are interested in professionals and we are willing to pay on conditions of success fee. 2 リサーチ, フリーランス, 管理, 採用, Linkedin Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 1時間 ¥211555
AD POSTERS FOR CLASSIFIED WEBSITES AD POSTERS NEEDED FOR MAJOR CLASSIFIED WEBSITE START RIGHT AWAY PLEASE HAVE EXPERIENCE ON DOING THIS Hello we are in search of someone to post a lot of ads on major classified websites. Mainly in the housing, for sale, and service section. Please have your own tools. Please make sure you have posted at least 250 ads on classified websites in your life. 10 リサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 ¥106512
Data Entry / Data Processor (several openings available) TIP: Get ahead of the competition by doing the screening test immediately -->> [URLが削除済みです、ログインして表示してください] We're looking for a creative and driven Data Processor to join our growing team, using our task management software to complete a series of tasks. The ideal candidate will have agency experience in performing online actions as directed—up to and including conducting in-dep... 41 データ入力, リサーチ, 経営分析, マーケットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 ¥883
7,5 pages on Influencing Consumer Behavior through Social Media Advertising: Potentials and Restrictions 1. TOPIC Influencing Consumer Behavior through Social Media Advertising: Potentials and Restrictions 2. TASK Conceptual or empirical project work. 3. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE FINAL PRODUCT Word-Document 7,5 pages Font: Times New Roman Size: 10 Spacing: 1.5 Text: Justify Text This is a scientific Paper so a Table of Content, an Introduction, and a Conclusion should be included. If any ... 65 リサーチ, テクニカルライティング, レポートライティング, Article Writing, 研究の執筆 Jan 22, 2018 本日6日 ¥7290
Information Security related research need to do a information security related research 37 ウェブセキュリティ, リサーチ, コンピューターのセキュリティー, テクニカルライティング, 研究の執筆 Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 20185日 23時間 ¥9161
Do some data entry -- 2 I need someone to copy information from some websites. Searching for data entry job 25 リサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 20185日 20時間 ¥36231
5 Pages Writeup on Ghost & Human war theme for developing a background story for a Board Game Looking for detail ( maybe 5-10 pages) write-up on Ghost- Human behaviour/story in the process of developing a strong background for creating a TableTop Board game . Some example is like below: 'Ghosts' / ‘Evil Power’ were carefully nurtured by the human perception of 'darkness'; which is primarily why ghosts tend to prance around in dark alleys, deserted dwellin... 48 リサーチ, ゴーストライティング, Article Writing, 研究の執筆, 本の執筆 Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 20185日 17時間 ¥10627
Sigil Writing Help Research and development needed in sigil writing, intentions, affirmations, etc. Basically I need to learn how to word affirmations for sigils and I need to learn. I don't know how this is going to turn out but luckily skilled individuals only. 21 リサーチ, テクニカルライティング, 研究の執筆, 記事の再執筆, 英語(米国) Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 20185日 16時間 ¥3642
copy information form some websites I need someone to copy information from some websites. 3 リサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 20185日 16時間 ¥1499
Ghostwriting an eBook -- 2 Hello, I'm looking for a quality writer that can write an eBook for me on a non-fiction niche and topic within the COOKBOOK niche. You must be able to effectively research the niche or topic that I give you and write me with a unique, 100% original quality book (15,000 WORDS) that will help people. Must be a native English speaker and have excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. ... 36 リサーチ, ゴーストライティング, 電子書籍, 本の執筆, クリエイティブライティング Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 20185日 15時間 ¥32884
Indian Property Regulation Report I need someone familar with goverment regulations and property laws in India to produce a market insight and intelligence report. Sucessful candiate will need to produce a written report that describes the rules and regulations in the main cities of India. This will include the state, local goverment and city regulations that control development. This project would be suitable for a local architec... 12 リサーチ, テクニカルライティング, レポートライティング, 研究の執筆 Jan 21, 2018 Jan 21, 20185日 14時間 ¥1856
Nuclear Engineering Senior Manager Email List (see attached) We seek high-level contact information for 96 Nuclear Engineering companies (each listed below in the attachment) For each entry on this list we need at least three (3) senior management contacts such as: CEO, President, Director, Chief, VP and/or Business Development Manager. For each contact we need: • Name • Title • Email Address • Full Corporate Street address &b... 18 データ入力, リサーチ, エクセル, リード, ウェブリサーチャー Jan 21, 2018 Jan 21, 20185日 13時間 ¥48786
Steel Liner Tanks The task is to find builders who may buy or use a steel liner tanks for homes they build. We want to have a list of contacts of these builders. The Company Our company is Australia’s the leading manufacturer of water tanks, rainwater tanks and industrial tanks. We have nearly 30 years of industry experience, which we are very proud of. Our range is extensive including poly and steel lin... 5 リサーチ, ウェブ記事のスクラップ, マーケットリサーチ, インターネットリサーチ Jan 21, 2018 Jan 21, 20185日 12時間 ¥14647
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