Data processing is collecting data in order to analyze, convert or summarize it into other usable information. If you do not have enough time to do this and your business needs help with data processing, you should consider hiring an expert freelancer to do that for you so that you would focus more on increasing your business.

Do you have experience in data processing? offers you a lot of clients that need to use your help with Excel data processing, voice data processing, market research data processing, and categories data processing.

You will be asked to do data processing projects. If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on data processing projects and get paid with an average of $30 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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    I'm looking for someone to go through 200 responses that we received about our product and consolidate them into an executive summary.

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    I HaVe Some Little TASK for Beginner, please apply if you are interested, i will message you soon

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    Analytics jobs 6 日 left

    need someone who can data analysis of power data. need one who has experience with smartgrid and energy data and power management

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    i need smartgrid expert 6 日 left

    need someone who can data analysis of power data. need one who has experience with smartgrid and energy data and power management

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    KLCMR EVENTS 6 日 left

    Dear Guys I need Data Entry Operator Who Can do Registration for Event Through online Digital (removed by admin)

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    Data entry 6 日 left

    I am looking for someone who can handle this project perfectly retyping a document to Ms word perfectly. He or she must have good typing skills If you are interested in this project, kindly inbox our companies project director through this telegram link

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    Need to scrap product data from different websites. Will give exact structure. Result should be provided in excel. Looking for long term cooperation and if results will be delivered on time and as expected we will place more projects.

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    i need to copy the data of of pdf files into file called "88_template_excel_import_dare_avere". I partially copied some row as an example you must insert the data from the pdf file into this - "data" inside column B. - "valuta" inside column C . - "uscite" or "dare" into column D. - "entrate" or " avere" into column E. I also need a check. So to check you correctly copy all the data, do this: - check the initial and final balance of a month ( COLUMN G of excel file) - if it is equal to the voice " saldo iniziale" and " saldo finale" of pdf files ( in the example check row 41 where -1376,69 is equal to saldo finale of the file called "2006 2007" at page 1; - if some documents are mi...

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    Potrzebuje bazę różnego rodzaju podmiotów medycznych, w których są przeprowadzane operacje ortopedyczne. Baza powinna zawierać podstawowe dane kontaktowe.

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    Have a use case I would like to explore further for Product recommendations using a data set. Must be able to use Python and libraries associated with ML/AI to analyze the data and build a sample model, that will provide the end results. Would be great if ML Ops experience was there to answer a few questions. Reach out for more details. Should be able available to complete this within the day and explain.

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    we have a site you need to talk with random users...

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    I need someone to enter data/products and options for rental products into CheckFront. () Must be familiar with this program and be able to complete it by Saturday, January 22 am. There are 10 products to add.

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    CHANGES A Re-type an bundle of English PAGES... MICROSOFT SM WORD-- 7

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    Data entry 6 日 left

    Sir ap mujha Excel ka work de do mai kr lunga and mujha Excel ka pura nowlege hai

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    For this project, it is desirable to have an understanding of how networks work and/or experience in analyzing networks in the past. If you have no clue about networks theory, please don’t bid. 

 I have information about company patents (about 660 companies total) and the patent authors. Whether there is a tie between people in one company is defined through the patent's information. If authors A and B are listed as the authors of the same patent, there is a connection between them. 

 What needs to be done: 
1. Calculate the number of links (ties) in each network of authors i.e. within one company, as well as the maximum possible number of ties between authors. That is, for example, a company can have 10 people, but only 5 of them copatented before => there is a connecti...

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    Для этого проекта желательно иметь представление о том, как работают сети и/или опыт подобного анализа в прошлом. Дано: патенты компании (около 660 шт) и их авторы. Наличие связи между авторами одной сети определяется через данные по патентам. Если автор А и В указаны в авторах одного патента - между ними есть связь. Что нужно сделать: 1. Посчитать имеющееся количество связей в каждой сети авторов т.е. внутри одной компании, а также максимально возможное количество связей между авторами. То есть, например, в компании может быть 10 человек, но только 5 из них имеют общие патенты => между ними есть связь, а остальные работают по одному => между ними нет связи. Таким образом получается, что имеющееся количество связей в сети, а также максимально возможное количество связей в сети бу...

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    Data entry 6 日 left

    I am looking for someone who can handle this project perfectly retyping a document to Ms word perfectly. He or she must have good typing skills If you are interested in this project, kindly inbox our companies project director through this telegram link

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    we have a site you need to talk with random users...

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    FILE DOCUMENTS 6 日 left

    We needed some workers on freelancer to bid on this project to assist us get this work done.

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    Buscamos una persona con experiencia a la hora de confirmar pedidos de una tienda online, resolver dudas y ofrecer productos recomendados. Experiencia gestionando CRM de shopify

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    Data entry project ,345 member in my company I want someone who do data entry

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    pdf to excel copy paste 6 日 left

    Read carefully I have 30pdf file and one sample excel file same pdf text I need in excel (bold text bold and underline, same underline) no need to type only copy paste. sample file attached one page my budget is inr 5/-

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    i search data entry project or book keeping etc

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    Hi, We are looking for an individual who is well energetic, passionate , self driven and is a Team Player. Individual must be Expert in 'HIGH LEVEL CRM' and has a passing knowledge of Design and Graphics. We are looking for a long term commitment. Pay structure would range from 3 to 5 hours a week with maximum of 20 hours a week initially.

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    Options chain recording 6 日 left

    From option chain table data is required for every particular interval of time then do some calculation and display it in desired form.

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    We are looking for a Data Entry Operator to join our team! As a Data Entry Operator, you will be responsible for entering specific data into our databases. You will be responsible for managing data and keeping it organized. Your main goal will be to keep data in order so that it is easily accessible at any time.

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    job for female -- 4 6 日 left

    online chat support on the website with random users

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    16 入札

    Vietnamese project | Each person took 10k pictures you could go to supermarket and shooting its products

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    11 入札

    NATIVE ENGLISH ONLY!...............!Rewrite / Expand on--... 346487642 Word Article.

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    excel operator 6 日 left

    i am a faster typing in excel

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    I am looking for a virtual assistant who is ready to work daily for 3 hours. I shall pay monthly INR2000.

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    Web Research -- 2 6 日 left

    we need to collect an opinion about the usability of the site, it will take 10-30 min

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    51 入札

    Hey guys, I need a person or group of people to contact roughly 600 Australian councils in the first instance to check when they run specific auctions. Its pretty easy and no selling, just the ability to get the information and upload into excel.

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    25 入札

    I will give you a set of 02864 illustrator files (.ai format). Each single ai file contains one to two images. I want you to manually extract the text from those images, and use the type tool to place the extracted text on top of the image. Note: you must know how to use illustrator properly, and the images need to be extracted manually. Please type “done” at the end of your reply so I know that you have carefully read all the project details. We are looking for a long-standing work relationship. Thank you for your time.

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    This job is simply retyping large word documents into PDF or files. Medical documents because the company needs it. That’s the reason for the job compensation

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    NATIVE ENGLISH ONLY!..............!Rewrite / Expand on--... 6437571 Word ARTICLE

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    I am in need of a personnel to help me on some data entry work I could not finish at where I work.

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    jatinder singh 6 日 left

    i am data skilled professional hardworking data entry opertor and timely manner.

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    Data Entry Operator job description template will help you save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best employees. In order to attract Data Entry Operator that best matches your needs, it is very important to write a clear and precise Data Entry Clerk job description.

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    data input IP info entry excel edit. see the attached for details.

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    Map editor 6 日 left

    Hello I am looking for someone familiar of old chart plotter data format, especially data that read from c-map nt card. We would like to convert map data from 'b' labelled map, into 'c' labelled map by map editor. If you're familiar with it, please apply. Thank you

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    SCADA IEC104 6 日 left

    Turkish version below also, Hello, We have a project. In the project we have our gateway, which we can communicate with SOAP. The software to be developed needs to connect to a SCADA Server with IEC104 standards, and make data transfer between our device and SCADA server. What we see as best is to make a windows service, which communicates with the device on SOAP and communicate with SCADA with IEC104. There needs to be a Config file to identify the data to be retrieved and sent. 2nd stage, we can have a simple front end interface, where we can edit the config file easily. Many thanks in advance. Merhaba, Projemiz doğrultusunda SOAP üzerinden haberleşme yapan cihazımızın, hali hazırda kurulu bir SCADA sisteme entegrasyonu ve veri akışı talep edilmektedir. SCADA sistemde IEC...

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    Need help in working with ggplot, getting different statistics from the datasets, and analysis of data in datasets.

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    Copy paste 6 日 left

    I need a freelancer who can handle the task

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    GIS Project 6 日 left

    Put a list of localities on map. Localities will be provided by us.

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