Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic editing software package from Adobe Systems. An illustrator also refers to a graphic artist who specializes in providing visual representations of the content of a text. The illustration is intended to clarify concepts described literally in the copy. If your business needs help with Illustrator software or the process of making illustrations, then you can get the help of freelance experts for the same.

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    I am opening a private hospital and i need a logo designer to make a logo for the hospital

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    Make 2 Bookmarks different proposals for a 300 DPI double-sided bookmark for the launch of a book on integrative health soul body mind. One for christmas and other for lunch book. Make 3 Clouds of word : 1/ CE N’EST PAS CE QU’IL Y A SOUS LE SAPIN QUI COMPTE MAIS LE BONHEUR, L’AMOUR, LA SANTÉ DES PERSONNES AUTOUR DU SAPIN QUI COMPTE… 2/ ET SI LA SOLUTION POUR UNE SANTE OPTIMALE ETAIT ICI? 5,4 x 14,8 cm Dont't forget footer with mouse curser on Color red/ green/ violet as requirement books on contest.

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    Create 3 food images 6 日 left

    I want someone to design 3 images for food, the size of each on is 1900x930 jpeg format. The image has to be live not cartoon I want it like the one in attached image.

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    Concepteurs de logos intéressés avec la créativité et le zèle pour travailler, un besoin urgent

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    refresh a logo 6 日 left

    Hi, I would like to refresh my current company logo. I will add my current logos as I like the colour scheme

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    We have established a new petroleum company, we need a good logo designer. This must be very attractive and eye appealing to the customer.

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    Trophy icon Design back of Business card 6 日 left

    We need someone to design the back of our business cards. We sell sapphires which are a mix of blue, yellow & green. We want the back of our business cards to have a geometric pattern that reflects these colours and the facets of the sapphires. Please see the attached photos, for colours and ideas.

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    Attached is the outside of our business. Attached is a image with numbers on each window. Each window has a unique size. Some windows are the same size, but some are different. I am looking to get the windows designed with window decal graphics. The decals can take up the entire window, or just a portion of the window (whatever you think looks best). Our logo can take up MULTIPLE windows if needed. Please see the 6 example pictures i've attached About our Business: Level Up Soccer (logos attached) We are a Soccer Training facility our website: facebook: You can get some ideas and see what we are about. Other images attached: TOCA machines (we use technology based training to make more effective training sessions) Branding stripes (colored bars attached) Things to inclu...

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    [Removed by] I need someone who can design some graphics that I plan to get printed on a bunch of tshirts. Preferred if from Goa.

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    We are starting a fashion brand, and need a designer to recreate a print design from an existing picture.

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    My busniess is to transport goods from one country to other like shipping i need a logo that perfectly reflect my busniess Colour should be red black and other that fit with in logo

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    Identity Prints Plus 6 日 left

    Looking for logo that show case the name of the company and what we do. We are a fingerprint and background check company. We also and mobile notary.

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    Abstract Labs 6 日 left

    Project saya bergerak di NFT marketplace, dan akan launching di Mid Desember, website sudah tersedia, namun dari UI/UX nya harus masih ada perbaikan, untuk improve design yang lebih interaktive dan call to action pada pengunjung yang ke website. beberapa sample design sudah saya siapkan dan tinggal dieksekusi

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    elaboración de bocadillos y sándwiches con entrega a través de plataformas de delivery

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    Trophy icon Company Logo 6 日 left

    I need a new logo for my new company - MODWORKS Tag Line - Modular Works. Company does consulting services for Modular Construction Buildings. I like Teal/ Grey/ Black

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    Logo barber shop 6 日 left

    Good morning! I need a logo for a barber shop called "Olme the Barber". These should be its characteristics: - The name of the barber shop must appear on it ("Olme the Barber"). - Simple and minimalist logo - Clean design, without too many elements - Black and white colour - The most important thing: it must catch the customer's attention and it does NOT have to be the typical logo. If you are interested, please contact me and I will provide you with the information you need. Thank you very much!

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    Hii everyone, I need some graphic designers to build an infographic and a few things more. Not so complicated job and I will send the exact briefing. Please contact me.

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    Logo and favicon - Dr Samuel Rice 6 日 left

    Please see the attached brief for logo and favicon

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    Trophy icon Redraw a Logo 29 日 left

    need to provide in .Ai file layers Chat with for a more details

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    Hello, I want a logo « Horror Fantasy » style for Battle Royale Video Game. I want a text but with some effects like the logos from « Apex, Valorant, League of Legends, Call Of Duty etc … ». My text is: Arena Can you show me different text effects with watermark if you want so I can choose or maybe show me some sample ? All I can say is Horror-Fantasy Battle Royale game. As I have no idea, I need you to be creative or send me sole examples so I can tell you what I like but I do not want anything complicated, just a speciale text font. Thanks

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    Need freelancer for my graphic designing needs on project basis. Scope of Work 1. Logo Design 2. Adaptation of logo on Letterhead, Envelope, Invoice, Visiting Card, Price Tag/label 3. Design template for website

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    Trophy icon Holi story illustration 2 日 left

    I need to get flashcards on the story of Holi illustrated but I REQUIRE A SAMPLE FLASHCARD ON MY TOPIC TO FINALISE THE FREELANCER FOR THIS WORK> I understand that most of you dont like to provide sample work but its not possible for us to finalize someone without understanding your work as required by our project. The project will include 9-10 scenes with very simple characters graphics/caricature. Pls submit entry for scene 1 of the same as stated below - There was once a demon king Hiranyakashyap who had won over the entire earth. He was so immoral that he barred his subjects to pray to Lord Vishnu. The legends say that he eradicated almost all the devotees of Vishnu from the earth by killing them. PLEASE SUBMIT illustration for the above scene for finalizing the entry. atta...

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    Trophy icon Need a sign design 21 時間 left

    Need a sign design. Logo, location of sign, and the counties map attached. Counties must be shown, logo not necessary but name should be somewhere on the wall. Style: Open to Ideas! Sign Type: Most likely ACRYLIC SIGN WITH VINYL GRAPHICS AND STANDOFFS, but open to new ideas Size: minimum 2ft by 3ft, maximum 3ft x 3ft sign design Colors: Open

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    Photoediting 6 日 left

    Need someone who can change my model pics background which are need to change from .green background . So my clothing picture can be looks more details.

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    Trophy icon Logo for 14 日 left

    Logo for This will be a website for a feline cat toy. Cats love to play, this is a toy that provides lots of excitement by brining out a cats desire to hunt and pounce. This toy provides great exercise for indoor/outdoor cats and is even fun for kids and adults. The toy has a wand with a string attached and a special durable end that really attracts a cats desire to hunt. The name comes from the crazy twirly motions cats make when chasing after this toy. Design and Color Specifications: Design, I'm open to any color/logo design, but want a logo, not just text or text with boxes and boring logos you would find when you search "logo" on google. I'm open to designs with and without the .com to TwirlyCat For Example Nike Logo is unique and does not just say NI...

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    Logo design brief attached Entries with white background only, please upload 5-10 logos in one entry Will choose winner in 24 hours I receive 5-10 logo jobs a week, there will be future work

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    Game concept art 6 日 left

    Hey, we are looking for someone to create illustration for our game that are in quality similar to this

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    Trophy icon Need a Logo 21 時間 left

    Need a logo. Details: Name: Davison Wealth Group Preferred Colors: Navy, Gold, Rose Gold, Black, but open to others Style: Classic, high-end, upscale

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    I am looking for a logo that i can put on my clothing products, shirts, jackets, sweaters etc. The name is Glowwear.

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    Trophy icon Create me a logo 3 日 left

    Looking for a logo for my company, Prestigious Solutions, LLC

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    Trophy icon Security Consulting Firm 4 日 left

    Hello, I am looking to develop a brand/logo and icon for a security consulting firm. We provide third party security consulting for companies, develop internal documents for policies and procedures, provide security oversight and support and also drone security. I would like the logo to be high quality, high resolution and very professional looking as well as unique, modern and minimalistic. The name of the company is: The Lockett Firm

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    Looking for someone to illustrate a book for me, starting with the cover image. This will be the initial piece before I continue with the remainder of the illustration vision. I have attached an image of my aesthetic inspiration (think, winnie the poo books, cute, realist and scrappy but not cartoonish/structured). Cover Image: A balcony with white fencing around it, dark wooden floorboards up high over looking a damn with swamp hens pecking the floor A 70 year old woman with relatively good skin, dull apricot orange short hair holding a china cup of tea that is being spilt due to her leaning over the balcony yelling at the swamp hens - an emphasis should be on the woman with the remaining imagery background.

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    We need a logo for our company named above. We are a construction base company. We build and remodeling residential and commercial buildings, houses.

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    We can talk details but mainly help me draw some specific drawings.

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    I want a pretty painting or drawing of a butterfly and a honey bee together on a flower or something for my girlfriend for Christmas. Sort of like the picture below, but with a honey bee instead of 2 butterflies and more muted colors

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    Logo Design 6 日 left

    We have established a new petroleum company, we need a good logo designer. This must be very attractive and eye appealing to the customer.

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    Logo for fashion brand 6 日 left

    Hi there! Looking for designer willing to create fantastic logo for fashion brand

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    Trophy icon YouTube Banner and Profile Photo 2 日 left

    1. Niche: Finance 2. Color Scheme: I leave that up to you 3. Channel Name is Various Financial Topics

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon Convert 3 Icons to SVG 6 日 left

    Convert 3 Icons to SVG. I need the white sections to be transparent please.

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon New logo designed 2 日 left

    Need new logo. See attached example of what I need. Name: EGOZAN Font: Montserrat Symbol: See attachment (needs 7 layers). Color: navy blue (#081856), will ask for two additional blu colors when getting ready as well as one in white (I have the colors and will give when we reach the final cersion). Symbol to the left of the name is needed as main example. When ready will ask you for the symbol alone, as well as one version with symbol on top of name (only upon final revision). ALL file formats needed for both web and print. (.eps, .ai, .png, .jpg etc) Must be created in illustrator in vector! No pixelated versions accepted. Also, need a transparent version upon ready with no space around the logo for direct upload to website. This should be in absolute perfect format to be accepted. Per...

    $20 (Avg Bid)

    I need a childrens (novel) book cover created. Must be an original design. The children Novel is called: Luna Love and The Glittered Pink Punked Out Rocketship. The story is based on Luna who is a 11 school girl who along with her friend Micah enter a science competition with a creation of a pink and purple rocketship (about the size of a drone) with pink and yellow glittered flames drawn all over with four small propellers coming out in all four directions I see Luna as having green eyes with brown hair, neatly dressed, but cool in style for her age. I would like to cover to feature luna and the rocketship. I would like the cover to be colourful and mainly to attract a young girl. So colours of pinks, purple, flouros and or yellow would be great but open to suggestion. On going work ...

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    Logo design. Bait Cream This project is dedicated to catching scammers with bait (find out what 'bait' means if you don't know. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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    Can You design similar style of these Graphics (attached) I really need these Designs Let Me Know If You Can...

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    Leer atentamente. El proyecto en desarrollo es @Cagesperd, es sobre Esoterismo. Pueden buscar y lo encontrarán. Requisitos: Se busca Chico Ilustrador Becario o Junior con conocimientos de Diseño Grafico Inteligencia Emocional que no tome personal criticas ni sea sumiso esperando que se les dé ordenes, sino proactivo que sugiera ideas. Preferiblemente Soltero sin hijos ni problemas familiares que atrofien su desempeño u horario de trabajo que estipularemos. Debe también indicar su pensamiento acerca del Esoterismo, sin esto no lo tomaré en cuenta. Expectativas: El estilo de dibujo que buscamos es Chibi, Concept Art, Anime Realista, todo será digital, pero no se quiere diseños simples sino con detalles precisos. Y aunque sea digital...

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    Looking for a logo for our import and export company. You our company name is Archs and the tag line is solutions for global world. I have attached our present logo which i dont like. We need best branding logo we need to get trademark

    $20 (Avg Bid)

    If you are good artist, DM me. You should have a good idea with NFTs

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    The Road to Home Ownership 6 日 left

    I would like an illustrator to design a "road map" that shows the steps to Home Ownership. I want the map to feature some California icons since my clients will be mostly in Los Angeles. I want the images like avatars that are illustrated for me and not from the web. The map should be printable on an 8.5 x 11 inch paper. It can't look to busy otherwise people get turned off. You need to be able to illustrate and have graphic layout skills. I want the file to be an illustrator vector file so I can change things in the future myself. Thanks.

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    Need a modern wordmarks logo for a luxury leather bag business. A minimalist yet professional logo is required. The time frame for delivery is 14 days.

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