Statistics is the practice of collecting and analysing data and then interpreting it to draw conclusions or make predictions. A statistician is a professional who has expertise in this field and can help clients to meet their goals, from making data-driven decisions to gaining meaningful insights.

Statistics can bring clarity to different types of data which can range from marketing data to surveys, sales records to medical tests and more. With the help of an expert statistician, clients will be able to interpret their complex datasets in order to make sense of the results. A statistician will be able to provide detailed insights into a wide range of different topics.

Here's some projects that our expert Statistician made real:

  • Health economics analysis/prediction
  • Report generation and interpretation
  • Evaluating differences in roulette wheels and tables
  • Backtesting strategies with Python/Pinescript
  • Utilizing Excel for pricing comparisons or other data analysis
  • Calculating MAPE (Mean Absolute Percentage Error) with Python
  • Implementing control of the BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) to improve voltage stability in a microgrid
  • Computing with R, an open source programming language

Our stats expert can help clients with any project they have on their plate. With the right knowledge and experience, they can push your business forward. If you need several projects done or one particularly tricky project, our statisticians on are available for hire here and now. Hire an expert today to get your project underway!

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    I'm in need of an experienced German language assessor who can evaluate the language proficiency of a large group of participants (51 or more) at an advanced level. The assessment will cover writing proficiency, oral communication, and reading comprehension. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting a thorough evaluation of participants' German language skills - Providing detailed, constructive feedback on each participant's performance - Ensuring accuracy and consistency in assessment across all participants Ideal Candidate: - Native or near-native German speaker with proven language assessment experience - Strong background in teaching or assessing German at an advanced level - Familiarity with common language assessment tools and methodologies - Excellent communication skills ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled data analyst to visualize survey results data into easily understandable bar graphs. As a crucial part of this project: - You will be tasked with converting complicated survey data into intuitive, understandable bar graphs. Here are some skills and experience you should possess: - Expertise in data visualization tools and techniques. - Proven experience in interpreting and presenting survey results data. - Keen eye for aesthetics and details. - Ability to turn complex data into easy-to-understand visuals. Your ability to turn this survey results data into clear, accurate, and expertly presented bar graphs, is of utmost importance.

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    I'm seeking an experienced and advanced statistics tutor to guide me on plotting and statistical testing. The tutoring should be done online. Key Points: - Proficiency in advanced statistics is a must. - Tutoring should focus on the use of OriginPro, SysStat, SigmaPlot, and Veusz. - Previous experience in online teaching would be an advantage. Ideal Expertise: - Advanced level statistics knowledge. - Experience with the mentioned statistical software. - Online teaching experience. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    I am seeking a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) specialist with an emphasis on financial analysis. This is a critical role in the strategic acquisition of another company. While the specific financial analysis technique hasn't been determined, you should be competent across various methods. Key Responsibilities: - Provide expertise in financial analysis integral to merger and acquisition processes - Participate in the planning and execution of the acquisition project Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in financial analysis techniques - Extensive experience in M&A, particularly in company acquisition - Proven track record of successful acquisitions - Strong communication and collaboration skills are essential.

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    I'm in need of a freelancer with a solid background in data conversion. The job entails converting a set of data into Excel format for analysis and processing. The ideal candidate should have prior experience in data entry, particularly in the context of data conversion. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in data conversion - Experience in Excel - Ability to ensure data accuracy Please only apply if you can demonstrate relevant experience. A strong portfolio, along with an explanation of how your past projects have equipped you for this task, would be highly appreciated.

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    Excel Bar Graph for Education Data 6 日 left

    I'm in need of an Excel expert who can help me visualize educational data in a bar graph. The core task is to create a bar graph in Excel that depicts educational information. In particular, I need the graph to represent various aspects of education, based on the data provided. Key Responsibilities: - Create a detailed bar graph in Excel, based on the educational data I provide. - Ensure the graph is visually appealing and easy to interpret. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and data visualization. - Prior experience in creating bar graphs. - Understanding of educational data is a plus, but not mandatory. X Axis Baseline Mid Term (1) December Mid Term (2) July Y Axis C1 C1- B2+ B2 B2- A2+ A2 A2- A1+ A1 A1- PA1+ PA1 PA1- PH3 PH2 PH1

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled professional with prior experience to create an algorithm focused on day trading within the stock market. Critical aspects of this job include: - Integrating and basing decisions primarily on price trends. - Creating an algorithm capable of executing alternating calls and puts throughout the day. - Constructing a solution with a moderate risk tolerance. - Essentially the algorithm will eliminate the risk -Know how to interface with Charles Schwab The ideal candidate should have a firm understanding of financial markets, particularly the stock market, and must possess expertise in algorithm development especially in trading. A demonstrated ability to use algorithms to avoid risk is a crucial requirement. Please provide any relevant portfolio mater...

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    Math Homework for Google Classroom 6 日 left

    I need a freelancer to create math homework assignments for Google Classroom. I'm looking for a freelancer who can create high-quality math homework assignments for students from Grades 7 - 9. The tasks will be uploaded to Google Classroom for ease of access and completion. The questions should contain match the following, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions etc which could be done in Google Forms I'm open to discussing the specific details of the assignments and would appreciate a freelancer who can work collaboratively to create an effective and engaging learning experience for the students. It will be a long term project and for each topic of about 10 questions, i will pay $1. If you are not ok with the price, please DO NOT BID. Also type in "OK WITH $1&quo...

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    I'm in need of a deep learning expert who can help me implement VGG19 and ResNet-50 in my project. Key Points: - The primary goal of this project is feature extraction. - I have a dataset format ready for training the models, but I haven't specified it here. - The implementation should be done using Python. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in deep learning, especially with CNNs. - Experience with VGG19 and ResNet-50 specifically. - Strong background in feature extraction. - Familiarity with working with various dataset formats. - Expertise in Python. Please note that while I have not specified the dataset format here, knowledge of working with different formats will be an asset. The ability to adapt to various data structures and efficiently utilize them in the train...

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    I am looking for an experienced professional who can assist me in extracting economic forecast data from Bloomberg Terminal. The project involves retrieving historical data, individual forecasts, and calculating standard deviations using Bloomberg functions and templates. Project Details: Data Extraction: Economic Forecasts: US Real GDP YoY US Inflation Rate US Unemployment Rate US Federal Funds Rate US Consumer Price Index (CPI) US Producer Price Index (PPI) US Non-Farm Payrolls US Industrial Production US Retail Sales US Trade Balance Historical data should be retrieved for the longest period available. Standard Deviation Calculation: Utilize the XLTP XCEF template to pull individual forecasts by brokers. Create distribution charts and calculate standard deviations of these forecasts...

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    I'm in need of an experienced biostatistician to address some specific objectives through statistical analysis. Key tasks: - Investigate the relationship between two or more variables - Identify factors influencing a particular outcome - Compare treatment outcomes between different groups The analysis must consider: - Continuous data (measurements) - Categorical data (categories) - Time-to-event data (survival analysis) Desired methodologies include: - Regression analysis - Chi-square test - T-test - OR and RR Your experience in biostatistical analysis, especially with these methodologies, is crucial for this project. A thorough understanding of scientific research concepts and the ability to accurately interpret and report statistical results is essential. Background in medical o...

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    I'm after an Excel expert who can help me create a dynamic and easy-to-use pivot table and chart dashboard for material delivery forecasting. The project involves the following: - **Data Inclusions**: The dashboard should incorporate the following data - Delivery Dates, Quantity of materials, and Area Number. - **Organization**: The pivot table and chart should be organized primarily by Area Number. This will help in quickly identifying the material needs for different areas. - **Visualization**: I prefer a bar chart for visualizing the data. This chart should be well integrated into the pivot table to give a comprehensive view of the data. Ideal candidates for this project should have experience in creating dynamic and visually appealing dashboards in Excel, with a strong profic...

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    Data Science Assessment Review 6 日 left

    I need a professional data scientist to review an assessment related to Data Science. The assessment's subject matter is Data Science. It has been designed to evaluate my understanding and proficiency in various key areas of this field. Key responsibilities include: - Reviewing the assessment content thoroughly - Strictly Point out flaws or faults in this research - Providing insightful feedback and improvements where necessary I have already collected and prepared the necessary data for this analysis and completed the documentation. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in data science and be well-versed in the 4 main components of the project: R programming, Predictive Analysis, Data Visualization, and Machine Learning. A prior experience in reviewing academic o...

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    I'm seeking a professional with expertise in R programming for data analysis and statistical modeling. - The project involves the utilization of both numeric and textual data, to be analyzed and modeled accordingly. - Proficiency in handling and processing varied data formats is absolutely necessary. - Your task will entail interpreting the data to identify patterns and trends. - Consequently, I'm relying on your statistical prowess for making data-grounded predictions or forecasts. - Lastly, your insights and recommendations will provide valuable contributions to decision-making processes. - Previous experience in similar projects and a sound understanding of statistical concepts will be greatly beneficial. Looking forward to working with a detail-oriented and analytical min...

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    Please find the job description for the position of Online Tutor below. You will have to appear for the test that will be taken at our end and the client’s end as well. These tests will be based on the syllabus that is attached. Job Description: • Online tutoring High Grade (Graduation/Post Graduation) • This process is chat based. Essential Competencies: • Excellent subject knowledge. • Ability to communicate scientific and subjective concepts clearly in English. • Basic computer operating skills. • Hands on experience in surfing the Internet, using search tools like Google etc. • Typing speed 25-40 word/mins. 1. Name of the position: Online Tutor 2. Mode: Work from Home 3. ...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer with experience in SAP Predictive Analytics to help me with a Proof of Concept. The scenario will be based on S/4H Public Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) for financials. Key Requirements: - Experience working with SAP Predictive Analytics - Strong understanding of financial scenarios including Revenue forecasting, Budget allocation, and P&L forecasting - Familiarity with historical financial data and its integration into SAP systems Your task will be to: - Develop a functional PoC that showcases how SAP Predictive Analytics can be used for the aforementioned scenarios. - Utilize and integrate historical financial data into the Predictive Analytics model. - Help in understanding how the model can be scaled up for future use. Ideal Skills: SAP Pred...

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    I'm seeking a Python expert who can work on identifying minimal UNSAT cores for unsatisfiable formulas. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Python: This project is heavily Python-centric, so a strong command of the language is essential. - Experience with SAT Solvers: Familiarity with SAT solvers is crucial for this project. You should be able to efficiently utilize these tools to identify unsatisfiable cores. Raw data from sat solving competition must be used. - Expertise in sat solver competition. - Good Proposal Writing: I'm looking for freelancers who can provide detailed and well-thought-out project proposals. This will be a key factor in my decision-making process.

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    I am seeking a skilled data analyst to develop a predictive analytics model. The model's primary function will be to determine the eligibility for reverse mortgages. Key data variables include: - Age of applicant - Property's appraised value - Current outstanding mortgage - Debt to income ratio - Savings Data will be derived from varied sources: - Credit reports - Property appraisals - Public records - Commercially available data The ideal candidate will have knowledge of predictive modelling and a deep understanding of factors affecting reverse mortgage eligibility. Strong analytical skills, proficiency in modeling software, and experience in finance, particularly reverse mortgages, are essential.

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    $750 - $1500
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    University Calculus Tutor 6 日 left

    I require assistance with differentiating, integrating, and understanding limits in Spanish. - I need tutoring twice a week, so you must have a flexible schedule and be reliable. - Your Spanish fluency is crucial to ensure effective communication. - A strong grasp of university-level calculus is necessary. - Previous experience as a tutor in this subject is highly preferred.

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    Stock Trades Excel Analysis Sheet 5 時間 left

    Whenever am testing my strategy & downloading the “list of trades” from tradingview, i cant have full visibility on my indicator performance in terms of answering the following question: What is the best/worest sessions (Asia, London and NY), days (5 days) , weeks (4 weeks), months (12 months) in terms of win/lost trades only (from the attached screenshot, i care about signal (long or short), Date/time & profit%.) ? So basically, am looking for someone to help me in designing an excel sheet that will help me (after loading the trades data from tradingview - copy & paste) to visualize my indicator performance in each session, each day of the week, each week of the month, each month of the year for a any period (backtesting my indicator is done on the last 6 years) ...

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    I am seeking a freelancer with substantial experience in numerical data analytics and knowledge in PSPP software for a project that requires minimum data cleaning. The primary task will be: - Teaching me how to do the necessary Analysis of numerical data in PSPP Ideally, you will be a person who: - Has proven experience in PSPP software - Has a strong aptitude for numerical data analysis Get in touch if you can provide a brief, basic overview of PSPP usage focusing on numerical data. Prior experience in outlier detection, handling missing data, and removing duplicate entries is not necessary but might come in handy.

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    I'm in need of an experienced German language assessor who can evaluate the language proficiency of a large group of participants (51 or more) at an advanced level. The assessment will cover writing proficiency, oral communication, and reading comprehension. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting a thorough evaluation of participants' German language skills - Providing detailed, constructive feedback on each participant's performance - Ensuring accuracy and consistency in assessment across all participants Ideal Candidate: - Native or near-native German speaker with proven language assessment experience - Strong background in teaching or assessing German at an advanced level - Familiarity with common language assessment tools and methodologies - Excellent communication skills ...

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    I'm an expert in data analysis tools, looking to enhance my skills in Power BI. I'm looking for a tutor that will help me understand Power BI from basic to advance. Key Focus Areas: - Data Modeling and DAX: I'm interested in diving deep into data modeling and DAX functions to be better equipped at handling and analyzing complex data sets. - Data Visualization Best Practices: I want to learn how to create visually appealing and insightful reports and dashboards that effectively communicate data insights. - Advanced Analytics with Power BI: I'm eager to explore the advanced analytics capabilities of Power BI and learn how to use them effectively in my data analysis projects. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Power BI: You should have an in-depth understanding of Power B...

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    I'm in need of a detailed report based on the probability analysis of 20,000 blackjack hands. Key Focus Areas: - Dealer Edge Analysis: I need the report to cover the comparison between player odds and the dealer's edge. - Variability of Outcomes: It should also present the variability of outcomes over time. Ideal Skill Set: - Proficient in Probability Analysis: You should be skilled in analyzing probabilities and crafting comprehensive reports. - Strong Knowledge of Blackjack: Familiarity with the game of blackjack and understanding of how the dealer edge works is crucial. - Data Analysis Expertise: Experience with processing and interpreting large datasets is required. - Report Writing Skills: The ability to present complex statistical findings in an easily digestible manner ...

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    I am in urgent need of an advanced Python tutor specializing in language models. My aim is to expand my Python knowledge at a higher level for a particular project. Key Requirements: - Expert in Python - Specialization in Language Models - Ability to start teaching immediately The perfect tutor would be someone who has a rich experience dealing with Python at an advanced level and is comfortable teaching language modelling aspects. Immediate availability is a must, as I need to learn this as soon as possible.

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    As a recent graduate from Heriot Watt University with a specialization in Drilling Engineering, I'm seeking a qualified individual to assist me in conducting academic research. The primary goal of this project is to deepen my understanding of Drilling Engineering through the following areas: - Literature Review: I require support in conducting a thorough literature review. This will involve identifying, analyzing, and summarizing relevant academic publications, reports, and other sources related to the field of Drilling Engineering. - Simulation Modeling: The project also involves simulation modeling work. The aim of this task is to help me develop and implement simulation models that can replicate drilling processes and their outcomes. - Consultancy: In addition to the above, I&...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to help in translating my entire SAS code to R, specifically using the Tidyverse package (but is not a requisite). I also require the translated R code to be thoroughly commented to explain each function's operations. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient with SAS and R languages - Specific expertise with Tidyverse package in R - Eloquently articulate complex coding functionalities in comments - Attention to detail and accuracy in code conversion

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    KPIs for Business plan Strategies. I have pdf data and I want someone to help me organize this data to build a Power BI dashboard. In this pdf three domain and each domain has KPIs.

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    I need a Python developer with expertise in HuggingFace models and GPU optimization, specifically with Cudo GPU. The primary goal of this project is to increase the speed of my speech-to-text conversion. Key Project Phases: - Setting up the Cudo GPU Environment: This phase requires the most attention. While I am familiar with using Cudo GPU, I need assistance in optimizing the setup for the speech-to-text conversion. - Integrating HuggingFace Models with Python: Your role will be to integrate these models effectively with Python, ensuring compatibility with the GPU for accelerated performance. - Optimizing the Speech-to-Text Accuracy: While this is not the primary focus, any experience in improving the accuracy of speech-to-text conversion would be a plus. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency i...

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    I'm looking for an expert in audio analysis to assist with a crucial project. I have an MP4 recording that needs to be cleared and enhanced, focusing on certain background sounds such as moaning and grunting, while eliminating other unwanted noises. Key tasks and expectations include: - Forensic audio analysis of an MP4 file - Enhancement of specific background sounds - Reduction or elimination of other background noises The ideal freelancer for this task should possess: - Proficiency in using advanced audio analysis tools - Proven experience in audio editing and sound enhancement - Strong attention to detail to pick up subtle changes in sound This task needs to be completed ASAP. If you have the necessary skills and can work within this tight timeframe, I would be delighted to ...

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    I need a professional in optical communication system to assist me in analyzing and simulating my system using Optiwave. - Expertise in Optical Communication: I require someone with profound knowledge and experience in optical communication to help me analyze and simulate my system. - Simulation using Optiwave: You must be proficient in the use of Optiwave, as this will be the primary tool used for the simulation. - System Analysis: I need your assistance in analyzing the system to ensure its efficiency and performance. - Calculation with Formula: You should be able to perform calculations using relevant formulas to verify the system's performance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Profound knowledge in Optical Communication - Experience in using Optiwave for simulation - Strong a...

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    I am in need of skilled data analyst who can help with my project. The focus is primarily on Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis. Requirements: - Proficiency in Excel is a must as this will be the primary tool used for the project. - Ability to perform Exploratory Data Analysis to understand and summarize the main characteristics of the data. - Strong skills in Statistical Analysis to draw insightful conclusions and make data-driven decisions. - Previous experience in similar projects is highly desirable.

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    In search of a proficient Python developer, adept in Pinescript and experienced in data analysis, specifically pertaining to financial data. The ideal candidate must demonstrate: - Strong skills in Python and Pinescript - A knack for analyzing financial data - Knowledge in efficient coding and error debugging - Build Some Indicators on python i have calculations but data isnt on charting platform so we need to build custom Your role will revolve around interpreting and analyzing financial data, requiring skillful application of Python and Pinescript, and some sense of statistics. This calls for an individual who's detail-oriented and has a systematic approach to problem-solving. Industry experience in financial data is a plus.

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    Hi. I want to graph and be able to analyze functional diversity. i have sp abundances, sp traits and environmental variable matrixes. For the sp abundances, I have sites as rows and sp as column, for the environmental variables I have sites as rows and variables as columns. For the traits I have species as rows and traits as columns. Additionally I have functional richness indexes as well as functional diversity and evennes. I want to be able to see the functional space in general and per site. I want to find if more functionally diverse species (species more on the borders of the functional space) are located in a specific type of patch (big patches,patches with lots of surrounding forest, patches with large core areas, etc). And just visualize in general. I have tried mFD, FD, funspace p...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Python developer to assist me with training a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model for image classification. Your primary responsibility will be to train the model using the predefined dataset I have. The dataset is available, but it requires thorough labeling before training the model. Key responsibilities include: - Conducting data labelling on the existing dataset - Designing and implementing the CNN model for classification - Training and fine-tuning the model to achieve high accuracy in image classification - Compare two models result - Write report The ideal candidate for this project should be proficient in: - Python programming - Data labelling and preprocessing - Convolutional Neural Network model training - Image classification techniques Your e...

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    I am seeking a freelancer who is proficient in dynamic programming problems (Bellman equations). I already set-up the problem, but would need help in re-fining it. Main tasks would include (i) checking existing code; (ii) re-fining the problem; (iii) deriving mathematical conditions; (iv) coding-up the dynamic programming solution. I expect that it will be an interactive process. Ideal skills for this project: - Excellent knowledge of Dynamic Programming paradigms (Bellman equations etc.) - Preferred programming language: Python (or R)

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    I'm seeking a skilled Python developer to assist me with training a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model for image classification. Your primary responsibility will be to train the model using the predefined dataset I have. The dataset is available, but it requires thorough labeling before training the model. Key responsibilities include: - Conducting data labelling on the existing dataset - Designing and implementing the CNN model for classification - Training and fine-tuning the model to achieve high accuracy in image classification - Compare two models result - Write report The ideal candidate for this project should be proficient in: - Python programming - Data labelling and preprocessing - Convolutional Neural Network model training - Image classification techniques Your e...

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    I'm in need of a skilled AI/ML developer to create a custom TensorFlow model for image recognition. The primary source of data for training this model will be scientific articles. The model should be able to perform trend analysis on the images recognized. Key requirements include: - Expertise in TensorFlow and AI/ML model development - Proven experience in image recognition tasks - Familiarity with using scientific articles as data sources - Proficiency in creating models capable of trend analysis The successful candidate will be able to create a model that can recognize images based on the content of scientific articles and provide relevant trend analysis.

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    I'm in need of an expert who can help me with a Business Analytics exam that includes R code programming. Your assistance must be completed by 25th May 2024 (Indian Standard Time) as I need this done ASAP. Key Skills Required: - Advanced knowledge of business analytics - Proficiency in R code programming - Ability to complete the task urgently Please note that although the specific topics or concepts are not clearly laid out, your understanding of the comprehensive scope of business analytics and R programming will be integral in helping me complete this exam. Your expertise in statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms will be a plus.

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    Efficient Data Flow Model Designer 3 日 left

    I need a professional to design a data flow model for my project. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in designing data flow models - Expertise in designing for performance optimization - Proficiency in handling both real-time and batch data types in data models Your primary task will be to design an efficient data flow model for my project. The model should be tailored specifically to handle mixed data types, both real-time streaming data and batch processed data. Your expertise in achieving high performance for these data types will be crucial. Please highlight any relevant experience you have in this area in your bid.

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    Jamovi Graph Creation Support 3 日 left

    I'm looking for a Jamovi expert who can assist me with creating graphs in the software. Key Tasks: - I need help creating various types of graphs in Jamovi. - You should be able to effectively assist me in utilizing the visualization features of Jamovi. Ideal Candidate: - Experience with Jamovi is a must. - Proficiency in creating various types of graphs. - Ability to explain and guide through the visualization functionalities of Jamovi.

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    InSAR Expert for Online Tutoring 3 日 left

    I'm an intermediate level learner in the field of InSAR and PS-InSAR, and I am looking for an expert to guide me through the process, particularly in relation to subsidence studies. Key Areas of Focus: - My goal is to learn more about Data acquisition and processing in PS-InSAR. - I am also interested in understanding Interpreting results and analysis in relation to subsidence using InSAR. Ideal Candidate: - Demonstrated expertise in InSAR and PS-InSAR techniques. - Previous teaching or tutoring experience. - Experience in subsidence studies using InSAR will be a big plus. - Excellent communication and teaching skills to effectively convey complex concepts.

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    I urgently need a statistical consultant to assist in editing my analysis plan in a retrospective cohort study. Your task will be to: -I have written my analysis plan but need help to make sure that my analysis plan is solid. The ideal freelancer should have: - Proven expertise in statistical analysis, ideally with experience in working with Epidemiological designs and retrospective cohort studies - A strong background in health-related research - Knowledge of both predictive modeling and machine learning would be a huge plus - Good communication skills to explain complex statistical concepts and findings Please provide examples of similar projects you've completed in your proposal. Bring your insights and expertise to help me investigate this important healthcare aspect!

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    I'm looking for a skilled Python programmer to assist with an intermediate data analysis task. The data is web-scraped and needs to be stored in a database (SQL or MongoDB). Key Requirements: - Data Analysis: - Your role will involve performing three types of data analysis - Descriptive statistics: You must be able to provide summaries of the data - Data visualization: You should have experience creating visual representations of data - Predictive modeling: You must be familiar with building predictive models - Python Proficiency: You should have a strong command of Python and its data analysis libraries. - Database Handling: Familiarity with SQL or MongoDB is necessary for storing the data. Your responsibilities will include: - Utilizing Python to conduct detailed...

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional who can help me with the Joanna Briggs Institute Risk of Bias Assessment on Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs). Number of Studies is around 50 randomized control trials to review Key Project Details: - You need to evaluate the potential for selection and detection biases in the study design. Your expertise in this area is vital. - The results of this risk of bias assessment are crucial for a meta-analysis Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in conducting risk of bias assessments for RCTs is a must. - Previous experience with the Joanna Briggs Institute methodology will be highly valued. - Experience with meta-analysis is a plus, but not required. This project is a great fit for someone who is meticulous, detail-oriented, and ...

    $123 (Avg Bid)
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    CCAT Test Assessment Expert Needed 3 日 left

    I'm looking for a professional with experience in CCAT tests to help me assess my cognitive skills. - Your primary role will be to evaluate my critical thinking, problem-solving, and mathematical abilities through CCAT practice tests. - The goal of this assessment is to help me succeed in a future exam where I need to score from 40 questions 31 - Ideal candidates will be familiar with the structure and content of CCAT tests and how they are used to measure cognitive skills. If you have a strong background in this area, please get in touch.

    $15 (Avg Bid)
    $15 平均入札額
    6 入札

    I am seeking a jamovi specialist who can assist with my data analysis and statistical modeling needs. Your primary focus will be on descriptive statistics, so a deep understanding and experience in this area is key. - You will be responsible for calculating and interpreting a range of descriptive statistics including mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance, frequency distributions, and histograms. - I'm looking for someone with a solid track record using jamovi for similar projects. The ideal candidate should be able to provide insights and interpretations from the data analysis to help inform decision making.

    $23 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $23 / hr 平均入札額
    13 入札

    I'm seeking a Pine Script developer with experience in financial markets and technical indicators. The script will be based on the Enhanced McClellan Summation Index Indicator, encapsulating its principles into the core functionality. Key responsibilities include: - Development of an optimized Pine script for the McClellan Summation Index Indicator. Your experience with other technical analysis indicators like MACD, RSI, or Bollinger Bands will be advantageous. - Ensuring the script can effectively highlight analysis regions on a chart. As the requirements for shading based on the indicator values were not specified, your insights and recommendations would be appreciated here. Your knowledge and ability to interpret technical market indicators and incorporate them into a script wi...

    $478 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a PowerBI expert to produce a line chart displaying the cumulative reduction in square footage (SqFt) of my real estate portfolio over time. The chart should allow filtering by geography, specifically Country, State/Region, and City. Key Requirements: - Data Source: The chart will be based on an Excel spreadsheet. - Data Update Frequency: The data will be updated monthly. - Geographic Filtering: The chart should allow filtering by Country, State/Region, and City. Ideal skills and experience: - Expertise in PowerBI: The ideal candidate should have extensive experience working with PowerBI, particularly in creating interactive line charts. - Data Analysis: A strong background in data analysis, particularly in the real estate sector, would be highly beneficial. - Understan...

    $529 (Avg Bid)
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    SPSS Descriptive Analysis Support 3 日 left

    I'm in need of a freelancer with strong SPSS skills, particularly in the area of descriptive statistics. Your main tasks will be to assist me with: - Utilizing SPSS: I require assistance in navigating SPSS and analyzing a dataset sourced from Excel - Descriptive Statistics: The primary objective of the analysis is to understand the distribution of the data Ideal candidates for this project should: - Have a strong background in statistical analysis and experience with SPSS - Be able to clearly explain the process and results of descriptive statistics - Be proficient in data cleaning and preparation for SPSS - Have excellent communication skills to guide me through the analysis step by step.

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