Statistical Analysis refers to the science of analyzing numerical data relating to groups or experiments. It deals with the analysis and interpretation of such data such as those of survey results and experiments. Statistics analysts deal with probabilities, distribution, bell curves, etc. for analyzing statistical data. If your business involves conducting surveys, studies or other such market research, you will need statistics analysts to analyse and interpret the data. You can find freelancers who are able and willing to do statistical analysis for your business. Simply post a job today!

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    SPSS Analysis and Report 6 日 left

    Do Some SPSS Analysis and Type Report Approximately 10-12 pages.

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    24 入札

    I need someone skilled in data science to do this project for me. Contact me if you're an expert

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    12 入札
    SMART PLS expert -- 3 6 日 left

    I need to conduct analysis - SEM - by SMART PLS. If you are expert on SMART PLS. Kindly bid on. Regards

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    3 入札
    Python Visualization and analysis 6 日 left

    I need a very good Data analyst/ scientist with Python to help me get some visualizations with traffil light data

    $7 - $20
    $7 - $20
    12 入札
    Structure equation model 6 日 left

    I need a statistical analysis who could conduct Structure equation model.

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    7 入札
    Require expert in budgeting 6 日 left

    Require expert to assist in budgeting flexed/calculating variance etc

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    19 入札

    I have a project in google sheets and need some help finishing a formula. Need excellent math skills.

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    77 入札
    Nonparametric Statistics 5 日 left

    Need an expert who can handle nonparametric statistics project remotely.

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    18 入札

    Looking for an expert in Survival Analysis to determine the possible direction reversal in a time series data. This is a consulting task only. A good understanding of the R language is required. It's an urgent requirement and I want someone to start ASAP on this project.

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    25 入札

    Prediction Model and Evaluation. The rationale for choosing a given model should be provided and discussed in detail. What steps were taken in the learning process for the model selection? How was regularization done? What was validation used for? Please provide detailed discussion. Learning Curve, Validation Curves should be provided. The process for selection of various hyper parameters should be detailed. Estimate for the out of sample error from the test data

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    Mathamatical Model 5 日 left

    So, I would like you to do some research and about the mathematical models of infectious diseases (e.g., COVID) and write a research paper based on it and make sure that you will use Calculus in your paper (derivatives, integrations). - Please read the attached document properly

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    6 入札

    Hello ? We are doing a group project on a study on the opinion of young users of INSTAGRAM ADS. We have a same study as orientation but here they asked about FACEBOOK ADS -> it's only for orientation. We would need the two attached SPSS outputs or tables but based on our findings. Here you can see our findings: And a written conclusion based on the findings of the SPSS output.

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    39 入札
    Python Coding 4 日 left

    Python Regression, Predictive Analytics, Time Series Analysis, User Interface applications

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    14 入札

    Hi, i need python NLP expert. I will provide paper and dataset. I need it in 2 days. thank you.

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    24 入札

    I have few Excels , need to analyse the as is process and create a simple process going forward .

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    87 入札

    It is an ecology project that requires me to use Rscipt. The assignment is attached as follows. It would be under the Data Analysis section in the Word document and the Excel containes the dataset:

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    25 入札

    Looking for somebody to write an R code plotting the results of Synthetic Control Method (any ready SCM package from the internet could be used) for our assessment of tax policy with already extracted data

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    18 入札

    Its a very simple task for a person who is efficient in ML and Matlab, I will provide a sample of the dataset. More details, I will share when we discuss the project. New and young talent are welcome.

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    9 入札
    R Expert Needed 3 日 left

    Need help to implement ndtv package in R. something like this data

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    13 入札

    I am a Psychology student. I need a research paper done for undergraduation, the topic and data collected will be provided.

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    22 入札

    I am looking for an Expert in R Programming Language

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    10 入札

    Hello, I need an R expert to conduct boostraping on two data sets which i will provide and answer the following questions: 1. Make pre-analysis of the data: check some moments and make an inference about the distribution of the data 2. estimate the differences between the two standard errors, compute the standard deviation, bias and 95% confidence interval with 1000 bootstrap replications. 3. just test if the difference between standard error is equal to 1, calculating the boot strap t statistics and comparing it with critical values of the standard normal distribution (maybe also add the percentile method for testing the Ho

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    19 入札
    need an expert in shiny -- 4 1 日 left

    Shiny Expert needed in R programming projects

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    4 入札

    Given a system of three equations with three unknowns derived from the method of moments estimation, I would like an example of how one can derive the variance-covariance matrix.

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    19 入札
    Jupyter/Python with Binder 2 日 left

    I need 10 Jupyter/Python notebooks created that will run on a Binder server from a repository on GitHub. The notebooks will load time series data from a web API and display analytic analysis in the notebooks and will use Pandas and Matplotlib libraries and possibly others if needed and agreed. I have created a sample notebook that demonstrates the loading of data from the API and this notebook will be used as the basis of all new notebooks. The sample loads two time series into Pandas and creates daily and monthly frequency charts. I want to create 10 new Python notebooks showing easy to advanced analytics based on this sample notebook. Please note that users can change the datasets used in the report (and other parameters including frequency) so the notebook comments must help the us...

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    20 入札

    mathematics Markov Decision process theorems proofs

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    R studio expert needed. 2 日 left

    Details will be shared in the inbox..

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    18 入札

    I need an expert in Algebraic topology urgently (in 48hrs). For more details, please message me.

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    28 入札
    Statistics 2 日 left

    (3 to 5 paragraphs) The Information: Household surveys — most notably the U.S. Census as well as the American Community Survey and the Current Population Survey — are important sources of information in the United States. They provide policymakers with data to help them make decisions essential to nearly every government program, including those involving housing, law enforcement, and public education. At the most basic level, the U.S. Constitution requires that a count is taken of every American resident once per decade — data that is used to draw federal, state and local legislative districts as well as school district boundaries. They often go far beyond that, however. Large and nationally-representative surveys are a relatively fast and inexpensive way to collect thi...

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    16 入札

    It is an housing price dataset where I already have build the models and compared them but I want to make changes to the model building . I'm looking someone who has advanced knowledge of R-studio and Knows how to apply log on regression model.

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    19 入札

    I will tell you the dataset from Kaggle, you will have to clean the data in a meaningful way, create 4-5 appropriate visualization, and apply the Regression model, Naive Bayes classification, and K-means clustering model in RStudio.

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    22 入札
    Data analytics on excel -- 4 1 日 left

    forcasting computer assingment on excel data analytics. Using solver in excel. Optimal plan for tire production etc. I provided the excel worksheet where it needs to be done.

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    45 入札
    Creating Tokenomics 1 日 left

    Creating Tokenomics for a Crypto project.

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    53 入札

    I have a system of second-order differential equations related to the SEIRV model. I need a solution for ODE in R. I need an urgent expert to help me.

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    15 入札

    Hola Estoy llevando a cabo una maestría en la cual tengo cursos de métodos de investigación cualitativa y cuantitativa. Los ejercicios requieren uso del software Rcommander y su uso de manera independiente me cuesta. Busco a alguien conocedor/a de estadística y buen manejo del RCommander que pueda orientarme y guiarme en la realización de estos ejercicios. El horario será a convenir con el/la profesional y en función de como vayan las clases se establecerán unas horas semanales. Me gustaría empezar cuanto antes, ya esta semana si posible. Mu

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    6 入札

    About us: We are DzO Media, a leading affiliate marketing company with strong data analytics and thus one of the strongest growing traffic arbitrage companies in Europe. Based in Germany we provide international coverage for all our advertisers and partners. We pride ourselves on our proprietary frameworks and invested in continuous improvement in our field. As such, we have had rapid growth in the last 3 years (10x) and we are still hungry and foolish enough to keep going. If you are tired of working on the same old-fashioned marketing business models, with nothing to learn anymore, read on! This may be the job you were looking for! Whom are we looking for? We are looking for an operations Manager for our Search Arbitrage - Affiliate Marketing / Mediabuyer Team. What are your requireme...

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    10 入札
    need an expert in shiny -- 3 22 時間 left

    Need an expert in R programming Shiny to build an interface

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    4 入札

    I am seeking an experienced python expert to draw graph using Excel data. This is a simple job so if you are an expert it will take less than 2 hours. daily -> weekly! I have daily project code. budget: USD 50.

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    45 入札

    The project would be to create a classification or regression model on a given dataset. The dataset must have at least 3 input variables and 1 output. It can be either regression type or classification type

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    55 入札
    Python - Scheme 20 時間 left

    Tutor needed for Python Scheme interpreter. Anyone who knows Scheme scripting can help. Let me know we can join now.

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    12 入札
    R expert for urgent Task -- 2 9 時間 left

    R expert for urgent Task.............

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    18 入札
    Solve easy match questions 9 時間 left

    Looking for someone that knows match and economics to answer and calculate simple math questions on weekly basis it will be going on for 10-20 minutes per day for total of 5 days. Before hire one small test question task is avaible

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    51 入札

    so all exercises have been done on Eviews and only a report of 1000 words is required. You will need to have Eviews to access the attached Eviews file. see attachment and further details will be discussed during chat Deadline URGENT Today -if missed then I will not accept the work

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    30 入札
    Markov decision Problem (MDP) -- 2 4 時間 left

    Looking for someone who is good in ML and Python will share more details in chat

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    26 入札
    ESTADISTICA 3 時間 left

    Requiero generar una grafica CATPLOT para 4 variables, como la que anexo. Mis variables son: tiempo, frecuencia, grupo y gravedad

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    5 入札

    I need some assistance with a cross cultural research on purchase intention of beauty products. I am looking for someone with profound knowledge in quantitative study, analysis etc

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    27 入札

    Need an expert in Python for Data Analysis Hello I need an expert in Python for Data Analysis on the given data. Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    23 入札