Blockchain is a distributed register that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. It has revolutionary applications in finance (such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) and decentralized applications like online voting.

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    • User management platform for Bitcoin exchange for Naira. Where users can sell or buy bitcoin. • User needs to register to either buy or sell. • User needs to verify KYC to be able to Buy bitcoin. KYC is not required to sell bitcoin • Upon registration, user needs to verify email to activate account. An automatic welcome mail is sent to user’s mail for activation of acc...

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    I need a laravel expert for development works on my site. you must have 3 years of experience in laravel and BLOCK CHAIN DEVELOPMENT. Right now I will give you just one or two tasks, if i like i may hire you in the future. Bid on this project only if you have the above qualities. Present Task # Server Billing Issue Some people see there bill is higher u need fix this

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    I need code for React Native Front End and Python Back End Decentralized blockchain messenger with encryption MAIN POINT : teach me (I have no experience with React Native, but have experience in Python ) how to use and install and customize this code !!! Since I do not have experience with Apps development , You can see from links below it is not big deal to develop this kind of code, si...

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    Hi , we started ICO and i need to launch token . provide me your exp with past work.

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    I would need to create my own crypto currency and post it to major crypto exchanges. This currency may be used for some crypto games we designed later.

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    I have Github repository for which I don't have time to finish it alone. Most of functionality of Solidity smart contract is already implemented and React frontend is half done. Please take a look into attached Word document for more detailed description.

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    Bit Stream for FPGA Cards 5 日 left

    I need someone that can write new Bit Streams for FPGA cards that mine Crypto Currency.

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    At least 1-year experience developing blockchain applications, Dapps, or proof-of-concepts using Hyperledger, Ethereum or similar Preferred - At least 1-year experience developing distributed applications with Java or similar JVM languages - Experience developing RESTful services with Spring Boot or similar - Experience developing Android applications - Experience with maven or gradle - Experienc...

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    Research Paper on Blockchain 5 日 left

    Hi, I would need a 6 page research paper on Blockchain which has - How Blockchain can affect various industries in future. - APA 6 format - Should have a passage about how you will train people as a manager in Blockchain

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    I need a laravel expert for development works on my site. you must have 3 years of experience in laravel and BLOCK CHAIN DEVELOPMENT. Right now I will give you just one or two tasks, if i like i may hire you in the future. Bid on this project only if you have the above qualities. Present Task # Server Billing Issue Some people see there bill is higher u need fix this

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    A paper on Blockchain with how it can affect various industries. How a manager can gets his peers trained in Blockchain Security threats and Measures Free of Plagiarism

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    i need a developer who can build a crypto trading simulator on a ready made trading terminal built in zend frame, I need someone who is ready to take on this project now and is open minded.

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    Is a combination between social network and cryptocurrency wallet. With this tool will be possible to create a direct connection between user and sponsor brand. The user will have profile and digital wallet sponsored by brands chosen by the user, thus creating a new concept of digital marketing, where the user chooses brands and products for content generation. In parallel, brands will be able t...

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    Decentralized P2P Platform 4 日 left

    We are seeking experts in Tokenization of Assets, Decentralized P2P Platform and Smart Contracts. White Paper available under NDA.

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    the project is a web based trading simulator on an existing trading terminal, I already have the trading terminal, you just need to edit it and build the web based bot on the terminal. pls note that I only want a serious developer, who is open minded and ready to get to work, you must have a good experience of crypto trading bot and have done something similar.

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    I need block/chain users leads to grow my company

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    Budget: $250 or less . We're looking to develop a cryptocurrency website and we need to airdrop the coin, have referral links and rewards, If possible with email, SMS verification or some other way to prevent abuse, blacklist, etc. They would earn coins upon registration, verification (not KYC), and referral. If possible there should be a way for us to adjust giveaway amounts and/or referral...

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    I downloaded it; [ログインしてURLを表示] I don't know, how i install it, any body help me:)

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    I am going to build blockchain auction app, and looking for someone who has relevant experience. Requirements: - Clean a Python application utilizing Ganache blockchain - Improve an existing solidity auction smart contract and integrate some product metadata to recalculate min price floor, I will change formula sometime. - Develop a Router module that route messages between the blockchain auction ...

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    What is Peqtex? Peqtex(Short for “Private Equity Token Exchange” will be an Equity token trading platform as well as a launchpad for ETO’s. Shares traded are in the form of equity tokens capped at a 1:1 ratio of the shares issued and owned by a trust. Startups, entrepreneurs and SMME’s can present their business, idea, invention or innovation to the globe allowing capital...

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    The project is to integrate a non-profit organization into blockchain technology for tracebility and transparency. The whole organizational structure must be integrated, including membership, finance, educational program, social media, and any relevants.

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    Crypto Mobile Wallet (Android/java, iOS/Swift) App development Do you have experience with Crypto wallet? Do you have experience with Android/Java? Do you have experience with iOS/Swift? Can you put full time and start immediately? Hourly rate is $15/hr for first week to verify experience level.

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    Hi All, We are looking for an experienced blockchain developer, who is familiar with the GDPR regulations. The perfect candidate will be able to maintain himself the final product - blockchain software for keeping the GDPR rules in a company infrastructure. After finishing the project, the software should keep the data and be enough for a company to be absolutely protected. Please send us de...

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    I need to create a JS to automate some transactions once logged into my blockchain account. Only developers who know the blockchain API and can make this custom script

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    Hi, I need to integrate the trading view with all the indicators for the binance in Angular 6.

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    POS Zcoin fork 3 日 left

    Can pay $1000-2500 We want to fork Zcoin ([ログインしてURLを表示]) -Remove POW and masternodes, change to pure POS 3.0 or LPOS (lease proof of stake [ログインしてURLを表示]) -change block rewards and set up treasury addresses -Launch mainnet, make sure all is functional after launch (like a week max). -premine a % of the coins to treasury address. -develop Windows and Linux wallets (and mac if not too expensive) ...

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    POS 3.0 cryptocurrency and Airdrop 3 日 left

    I'd like a POS 3.0 cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency needs to have a % of the block rewards go to a treasury address. Premine some of the coin for initial distribution. -Launch mainnet, make sure all is functional after launch (like a week max). -Separately: develop faucet with simple web wallet like this FOR: [ログインしてURLを表示] (with login, account email verification, to prevent abuse, perha...

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    i would like to create a decentralised application Digital identity social identity document upload Family connections multi factor authentication login or register on website from wallet market research and earn money Contests challenge social connection invite friends digital wallet Ratings system p2p encryption Decentralised storage system messanger we will not collaborate with ano...

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    I am looking for long term experienced, super reliable developers of above kind. I develop a new web-based and App software which needs the best brains on this planet. I look for people who can think by themselve, are super high end tech and creative and eager to find always the super best of the best solution. The software will combine every current technology, needs a very intelligent database i...

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    Need a pos coin with no masternodes. Supper fast transactions and 30% per year staking paid daily. The staking rate will halve every 5 years until it reaches 3.75% and it will continue infinitely. Need block explorer and wallets.

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    Requirements for a team: 1) Senior Java Background. 2) Solid Security and Cyber Security Background. 3) Must know how to create full nodes for the coins and tokens listed and offer liquidity solutions. 4) This is only for experienced firms and long term work can be offered! Pay will be for this project and 4 months of full support and security must be included. 5) Contract must be signed. Must be...

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    Please provide me link for your previous work

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    Platform / Client Integration API 1 日 left

    Platform / Client Integration API API to be used for client integration this is being used on blockchain.

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    Looking for Crypto Mobile Wallet Developer - Must be expert in Android and iOS app development as well as Crypto wallet and exchange experience.

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