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Report Writing is the skill of summarizing data, findings and recommendations into a concise, well-organized and informative report. A professional Report Writer can do the research, analysis and draft of the report for a client. They can quickly break down complex research into more efficient information for easy understanding. The Report Writer can excavate hidden stories from your data, search synthesize data sources, organize complex content from multiple sources, understand highly technical subjects and make sure that data is easy to read, understand and communicate.

Here's some projects that our expert Report Writer made real:

  • Writing text analysis reports
  • Preparing reports on forecasting and quality management
  • Drafting professional and high quality sales reports
  • Short story summarizing for literature studies
  • Rewriting documents and essays quickly
  • Generating reports on price comparation
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for specific areas
  • Analyzing arguments or topics on a timeline
  • Delivering Project Management & consulting reports
  • Developing analogies questions from provided pictures

When considering the quality and accuracy of your report, it's important to hire the right Report Writing expert. Our freelancers have the expertise to craft comprehensive, comprehensive reports with up to date information. They are professionals that combine presentation, storytelling and logic into one package. Whether it’s sales reports, scientific papers or legal advisories, our freelancers have you covered. With years of experience in research, writing and analytics combined with an ongoing dialogue between ourselves and clients ensure quality results every time.

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    I need a summary of available online masters degrees in Strategic Management and Leadership including the cost, duration, application deadline, the university offering the course, and an application link.

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    As a researcher, I'm seeking a dependable, well versed, and thorough academic consultant who specializes in neuroscience studies. My primary requirement is assistance in crafting a well-researched paper in the realm of Cognitive Neuroscience. Key responsibilities will include: - Guidance in ideation: I need help in the logical construction of ideas in relation to Cognitive Neuroscience. - Research Support: I am looking for assistance in finding relevant, top-tier research papers on Cognitive Neuroscience, as well as understanding complex, discipline-specific jargon and methodologies. - Paper Writing: I need help in structuring the paper in a coherent, professional, and academic manner. Ideal candidates would have a strong background in academic consulting, specifically in Neuroscie...

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    I'm seeking a developer with experience building online tools to help me create an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly resume builder. This project requires a comprehensive foundation in effective resume construction and a keen understanding of ATS algorithms. Key Features should include: - Resume Templates: These should be simple, minimalist yet effective. They should give users a clean, uncluttered design to input their information without unnecessary distractions. - Keyword Optimization: An effective keyword suggestion system to boost resume visibility is crucial. The ability to suggest industry-specific keywords that satisfy ATS and increase potential employment matches is paramount. - Customizable Sections: While all sections are vital for resume building, I am particularly...

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    As an automotive engineer, I currently require assistance with vehicle certification, specifically in compliance with European Union standards. The vehicle in question is a Commercial Vehicle. I'm seeking an individual who: • Is proficient with EU vehicle certification standards; particularly for commercial vehicles. • Has an in-depth understanding of the vehicle certification process and its requirements. • Demonstrates solid experience within the automotive engineering field, preferably having a background in both mechanical design and electrical systems. A background with vehicle dynamics is a bonus, as understanding the workings of commercial vehicles will significantly benefit this project. Your role will entail guiding us through the vehicle certification proce...

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    I'm in need of a skilled writer who can create engaging and informative articles on various aspects of technology. Your responsibilities would include: - Crafting 1-5 well-researched, quality articles on cutting-edge tech topics. - Ensuring all content is original and engaging for the reader. To be successful in this role, you should have: - Demonstrable experience in writing technology-related content. - A portfolio of your past work, particularly articles on tech. - An eye for detail and the ability to produce high-quality, error-free content.

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    I'm on the lookout for a skilled mystery shopper who can provide a complete evaluation of a variety of stores. Tasks: - Evaluation of customer service - Assessment of store cleanliness - Checking product availability You'll be assigned to visit more than 10 different venues including local stores, chain stores, and online platforms. Series of individual reports for each visit will be highly appreciated. Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in mystery shopping or similar roles - Keen observer - Strong report writing skills - Deep understanding of customer service - Basic knowledge about store operations and product management This project is for someone who is meticulous, detail-oriented, and has a keen eye for quality customer service and product availability.

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    I'm embarking on multiple endeavors that revolve around AI and ML. Having an expert in AI ML at my side would greatly aid my success. The primary focus of this project includes the following: - Ghostwriting AI ML related books - Writing research papers on Machine Learning algorithms, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision - Increasing Google Scholar citations - Participating as a judge at Hackathon events - Securing nominations for AI ML related awards. Target Audience: - Academics and researchers in AI and ML - Industry professionals - The general public interested in AI and ML Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiencies in AI, ML, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing - Exceptional research and ghostwriting skills - Proven track record of published scient...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who can help me with a pre-employment vetting process. I specifically require an education verification of the candidates. The ideal freelancer should: - Have experience with educational background checks. - Be able to provide a confirmation of education completion for the candidates.

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    We're striving to hit an ambitious fundraising target of $1,500,000 to fuel the growth of our media and entertainment film production company. This funding will be strategically channeled into expanding key business operations and scaling our successful model. Crowdfundr campaign goal. KEY OBJECTIVES: - Meet our $1.5M funding goal - Expand the existing business DESIRED SKILLS: - Expertise in fundraising and/or investment sourcing - Strong social and networking talents - In-depth knowledge of the media and entertainment industry - Past experience with film production businesses is preferred Please apply if you have a proven track record in successful fundraising, a powerful network, and a deep understanding of the media and entertainment industry, preferably the film production s...

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    I'm looking for a talented writer to craft a unique and engaging short essay, less than 500 words, on a theme of your choice. There's no strict deadline, so you can take your time to ensure the piece is of the highest quality. Key Requirements: - Proficient in creative writing, with a knack for engaging storytelling - Experience in writing short essays - Ability to work independently and meet the word count requirement

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    I require a set of 5 high-quality academic research papers sourced from reputable American institutions. These papers should be based on the topic of digital advertising for small businesses in the US. For each of the three thesis topics provided - digital advertising for us small businesses, the paper should include 5 references. This means there should be a total of 15 references across the three theses. Specifically, I am looking for: - High-quality academic research papers - Written by reputable sources in American institutions - Focused on digital advertising for small businesses in the US - Each paper should have 5 references Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong academic research and writing skills - Familiarity with digital advertising and small business growth - Knowledge of re...

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    I'm looking for a tutor who can help me understand the NISM Portfolio Management curriculum. I have quite a familiar understanding of the subject but need guidance in certain areas. - I'm seeking someone who is experienced in the field and would be able to help me navigate through the complexities of the curriculum. - The teaching session should be online-based. - The ideal candidate would be someone who has an in-depth understanding of the NISM Portfolio Management curriculum and can provide clear and concise explanations. Please reach out if you believe you can help me.

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    As a high school chemistry teacher, I'm seeking an experienced and skilled individual to assist with planning engaging and informative lessons for my 10th-grade students on the topic of Acids, Bases, and Salts. Key Responsibilities: - Develop detailed, structured lesson plans that are suitable for 10th-grade students - Ensure lessons are aligned with the curriculum, and include appropriate learning objectives - Create engaging and interactive activities to help students grasp the concepts of Acids, Bases, and Salts - Consider students' learning styles and abilities, and tailor lessons accordingly - Provide suggestions for relevant educational materials or resources that can enhance the learning experience Skills and Experience: - Strong background in chemistry, particularly in ...

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    I need a writer adept in AI topics, particularly its interaction with jobs of the future. Draw upon your research skills, keen analytical aptitude, and flair for storytelling, your task at hand is: - Crafting a captivating 1000-1500 words piece focused on how AI technologies are altering the landscape of jobs. - Use real-life instances of job changes that have been spurred by these technologies. - Discuss the challenges that workers currently face due to this digital shift we're experiencing within the healthcare sector, taking into account the human aspect of innovation. - Highlight and analyze the opportunities that AI offers for new job roles. - Underline your points with a meticulous analysis of related data, putting emphasis on the healthcare sector. Please ensure that the...

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    I'm looking for an expert to evaluate and summarize less than 10 research papers. The critical task involves assessing the quality of the research presented in these papers and condensing the significant findings. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Proficient in academic research • Experience evaluating scientific literature • Capable of succinctly summarizing research findings Applications: Freelancers are encouraged to provide any relevant work experience. Detailed project proposals are beneficial but not necessary due to the straightforward nature of the task.

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    As a researcher, I am embarking on a scientific study aimed at improving waste management strategies. I intend to produce enlightening material that will be beneficial for industry professionals. The final output of this research will be in the form of a white paper. - Research Purpose: The main goal of the study is to develop innovative and effective waste management strategies with a focus on sustainability. - Intended Audience: The research is particularly targeted at industry professionals who are involved in waste management. It aims to offer them improved techniques and strategies that can be implemented for sustainable waste management practices. - Research Dissemination: The output of the research will be distilled into a white paper. This will provide an in-depth discussion an...

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    I'm looking for a professional technical writer to provide high-quality assistance in the creation and revision of technical documents for my Research and Development Department/IVD Devices Manufacturing Department. Our aim is to ensure that all our documents are thoroughly checked and meet IVD quality standards and regulations. Key Accountabilities : - Create and revise Technical Documents including Protocols, Reports, Design - Input Requirements, and other Technical Documents related to Product Development and Design Control, and Manufacturing. - Manage the revision of design control documents; ensure the accuracy, adequacy and consistency of documents. - Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to understand different aspects of Product Development and provide writing knowledge ...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned and dedicated HR IT Recruiter to work with us on a long-term basis, focusing on the technology industry. Your role will be crucial in finding and attracting top IT talents to join our team. Key Skills and Qualifications: - Proven IT recruitment experience - Strong background in HR - Exceptional communication skills - Excellent negotiation abilities Your primary responsibility will be to source, screen, and interview potential candidates, ensuring their alignment with our organizational culture and technical requirements. You'll also be responsible for managing the full recruitment life cycle, from initial contact to onboarding. The selected individual should ideally be able to demonstrate a successful track record in IT recruitment and previous work...

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    I am looking for a freelancer with expertise in financial analysis, preferably with experience in the automobile industry, to conduct a comprehensive comparison of the following Hong Kong automobile stocks: - - - - - The specific aspects to be compared include: - Selling numbers - Export numbers - R&D costs Additionally, successful freelancers must consider these factors in their analysis: - Demand - Management style - Technology maturity Detailed project proposals should be included in the application to showcase your understanding of the project and how you intend to execute it. Your proposal must highlight your approach, methodology, and the tools you intend to use in this undertaking. Demonstrated experience in similar tasks will be an added advantage.

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    I'm working on the final version of my thesis which is ready for submission. My only remaining problem as that the Chapter headings in the header sections are incorrect. Every time I change them and correct them, the track changes reverts to 'all markup' I make them all correct. Then go back to 'simple markup' and they are incorrect again. I have tried so many things, I would really like expert help. The document is 9 chapters, appendices and is 481 pages long.

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    I have a task titled “Healthcare Research - Research Report on Palliative Care - 25%“. You only need to work on the methods (500 words), Results/Findings (1500 words) and discussion (1200 words) sections. Hence a total word count of 3200 words. The work will be checked through Turnitin, hence there should be no similarity or AI-use flagged out. This task will require you to carry out qualitative analysis of the data (given in the form of interviews), especially using "grounded theory" 3200 for the sections that have been mentioned to you. However there is the option of doing the other sections as well. 1. Only 3200 words 2. If all 5000-words are to be written

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    I need an experienced and detail-oriented writer to help me create a comprehensive research report. Key Tasks: - Conduct a thorough review of existing literature on the topic. - Provide an annotated bibliography of the literature reviewed. Ideal Candidate: - Should have prior experience in creating research reports with an emphasis on literature review. - Must be able to provide an in-depth and well-critiqued annotated bibliography. - Strong research and analytical skills are a must. Please submit samples of your prior work for review. Good

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    I'm looking for a detailed analysis of both political and economic trends. The objective of this project is to examine political trends, pinpoint economic tendencies, and gather data on exclusives specific to certain regions/countries. The project involves: - Analyzing government policies: Identifying changes in laws and regulations and examining their impact on the trends. - Studying economic indicators: Evaluating data such as GDP, employment rates, inflation rates etc. to uncover economic trends. - Monitoring political events: High profile political events can significantly affect trends, requiring a comprehensive understanding of these occurrences. - Focusing on specific regions/countries: This analysis isn't global. Please specify your expertise on certain geographic locat...

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    We seek a highly skilled and motivated Independent Investigative Journalist to join our team. The ideal candidate will be adept at uncovering the truth behind various fraud cases, conducting thorough investigations, and producing compelling journalistic reports for publication across multiple platforms. Responsibilities: Investigate Fraud Cases: Examine and analyze various fraud cases, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the situation. Conduct Interviews: Interview critical stakeholders from all sides of the issue, gathering crucial insights and perspectives. Document Review: Thoroughly review all pertinent documents related to the cases under investigation. Report Writing: Craft detailed, engaging, factual reports that captivate readers and maintain journalistic integrity. Publi...

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    Job Description: We are an innovative health tech startup seeking a qualified and experienced dietitian to join our team on a freelance basis. Our platform provides personalised health insights to users aged 18-30, and we need your expertise to analyse user data and create customised nutrition recommendations. We will require you to compose nutrition reports for our users based on the array of tests they have completed, such as blood tests, gut microbiome screens, and/or continuous glucose monitoring. Initially, the position will be consultation style to assess feasibility and workshop the report content and structure. After we launch, you will have the opportunity to work on a per-report basis, being contracted for each report requested by our users. Responsibilities: • Review user...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer who can help my business enhance its brand awareness. This is a key objective for us, and we believe it will lead to increased customer base, improved brand recognition and a better social media presence. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a comprehensive brand awareness strategy: This should include a range of activities that will help us reach our objectives. - Implement the strategy: Once the plan is agreed, the successful freelancer will be responsible for executing it. - Analyze and Report: Regularly analyze the effectiveness of the strategy and prepare detailed reports for us. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in brand awareness strategy and execution - Understanding of various demographics and how to tailor strategies to them - Excellen...

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    More details: What is the word count requirement for the essay? 500-1000 words What specific information about your journey to becoming a doctor would you like to include in the essay? Motivations and aspirations What key points do you want to highlight about why you chose this specific university to continue your medical education? Quality of education program

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    As an HR professional with an eye for detail and a knack for recruitment, I am in need of a freelancer who can help me in recruiting customer service professionals for my organization. Your primary role will be to post job offers online and manage the initial candidate interactions. Key Responsibilities: - Crafting and posting compelling job listings on appropriate platforms - Reviewing and shortlisting candidate applications - Scheduling and coordinating candidate interviews Ideal candidate for this role should: - have prior experience in HR recruitment, especially for customer service roles - be proficient in using job portals and social media for job postings - have excellent communication skills for managing candidate interactions - be familiar with tools like Outlook Mails, Zoom, a...

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    I'm in need of a detailed and accurately portrayed case study focused on personal injury to an already disabled person, especially about rear-ended car accidents that occurred at traffic light resulting in further back & neck injuries with the inclusion of the final settlement amount, and docket number. Important parameters for this project would be: - In-depth analysis of a real-life car accident scenario in the Philadelphia, PA region. - Comprehensive data collection and synthesis. - Legal and medical background understanding to ensure an accurate representation - defendant sustains diasabiliy status due to the extenuating difficulties with sitting due to back ijuries - defendant would otherwise be making approximately 96k/yr as a part time licensied loan signing agent The ...

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    I am seeking a professional who can create a comprehensive turbo inspection report for my car. The document will need to be formatted as a PDF. Key components of the report should include: * Detailed damage assessment * Information on any part replacements * Thorough performance analysis of the turbo Additionally, the report must consider the following: * Comparison of the car's performance pre and post turbo installation * Outline of the turbo installation process * Description of any modifications made to the car specifically for turbo compatibility * In-depth analysis on potential issues arising from a turbo ring not properly fitted Ideal freelancers for this task would have a deep understanding of car mechanics, especially with turbos, and strong report writing skills. Experie...

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    I am seeking a beginner-level world news reporter who has an understanding of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the Levant (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine). The ideal candidate for this role would be capable of delivering accurate and informative news pieces that cover the key areas of: - Politics - Economy - Culture and society The ability to speak and write fluently in English is non-negotiable. Previous experience in covering global news, especially within the Middle Eastern context will greatly benefit your performance in this role. A strong interest in gaining a deeper understanding of this diverse region would also be beneficial. Though you are not required to be an expert in world news reporting, possessing a thirst for knowledge and a tenacious work ethic is vit...

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    I'm in need of a skilled academic writer with a strong background in history. The essay I require must specifically focus on the events and impacts of World War II. The ideal freelancer for this project should be able to: - Conduct thorough research and incorporate credible sources to support their arguments. - Demonstrate a clear understanding of the historical context of World War II. - Craft a well-structured, concise, and engaging academic paper. - Use proper citation and referencing styles. This essay should not only present the facts of World War II but also provide insightful analysis and interpretation of its significance. The length of the essay and specific aspects to be covered will be discussed in detail with the chosen freelancer.

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    I'm looking for an expert who can help me evaluate the performance of three digital forensics software - Autopsy, FTK, and Magnet AXIOM. KEY REQUIREMENTS: - The primary goal is to evaluate the performance of these software applications. - Please include your past work for us to evaluate. - The specific aspects of performance that you would like to evaluate are Speed, Resource usage, and Stability. Your evaluation should focus on at least 4 features that are common in the 3 software. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in digital forensics. - Experience in evaluating and comparing software performance. - Excellent analytical skills. - Strong communication skills. Looking forward to reviewing your proposal.

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    I'm seeking an experienced writer with a knack for news reporting, who can delve into a recent event in Morocco and focus on its social implications. The piece should be engaging, informative, and written for the general public. Ideally, freelancers placing a bid should have: - A background in journalism or a related field - Excellent research skills - Familiarity with Moroccan culture and society - High proficiency in English language Your task will be to research and produce a compelling news report, shedding light on how this event has influenced Moroccan society. The target audience is the general public, so the article should be written in layman's terms without compromise on analytical depth.

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    As a UK-based media company, Tengger Times aims to provide an in-depth, ground-level perspective of Central Asia. I. Outreach and Focus • Focus on the nations of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and the Transcaucasian region. • Actively seeking candidates with experience and passable language capabilities pertaining to these areas. II. Reporting Scope • Concentrate primarily on political and economic news. • The ability to offer critical, well-researched viewpoints is of the essence. Ideal Candidate • A strong grounding in journalism or related fields. • A solid understanding of political and economic structures in the named regions. • Strong language skills would be highly advantageous. Join our quest for real, unfiltered insights into Cent...

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    Project Overview: Drive7 is a company specializing in car protection services, including window film installation, vehicle protection, and nanoceramic coatings. We are seeking an experienced Business Analyst/Developer to analyze and enhance our current Timing, Task Management, and Auto Assign system. The goal is to improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall workflow management. Scope of Work: Current System Analysis: Operation in Drive7: The Operations Department at Drive 7 efficiently manages car protection services through work planning and scheduling, quality control, inventory management, and coordination between departments. The department focuses on improving operational efficiency and delivering high-quality services while emphasizing continuous team training and development to ensu...

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    I need your research expertise to delve into the role of breakfast habits in weight loss success. Key Objectives: - Uncover the relationship between breakfast and successful weight loss - Identify factors that significantly contribute to successful weight loss Expected Outcomes: - Provide insightful findings that could help individuals in their weight loss journey. Timeframe: - The research project needs to be completed in less than 1 month. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in conducting scientific research, particularly in health or nutrition studies - Strong analytical skills - Excellent writing and presentation skills to deliver a comprehensive research report.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer with a solid background in pre-employment vetting to help with a project in Benghazi, Libya. Your past work in similar projects will be a key point of interest in your application. Key Requirements: - Pre-employment Vetting: You'll be responsible for conducting moderate level background checks that include scrutiny of employment history and education. - Location: The project is specifically in Benghazi, Libya, so any prior experience in the region would be highly beneficial. Ideal Skills: - Experience in Pre-employment Vetting: A deep understanding of background checking procedures. - Attention to Detail: Ability to pick up discrepancies in employment and educational records. - Knowledge of Libya: Experience working in the region or familiarity with...

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    $10 - $70
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    I am in need of an experienced medical writer capable of crafting a detailed clinical trial protocol for a Phase II oncology trial. This protocol will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a novel treatment for Pancreatic Cancer. Key Tasks: - Clearly outline the purpose and objectives of the trial. - Design a detailed plan that highlights necessary procedures, eligible participants, and study timeline. - Prepare a comprehensive and properly structured protocol document that meets FDA guidelines. Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of oncology, specifically pancreatic cancer. - Previous experience writing clinical trial protocols for FDA reviews. - Familiarity with Phase II trials. - Degree in oncology, medicine or related field. - Excellent written communication in Englis...

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    We are looking for a long-term partner in quality assurance/control with an expertise in electrical engineering to periodically review and enhance our product descriptions and marketing materials. The candidate will ensure technical accuracy, industry-standard compliance, and clear communication to our audience. Tasks include verifying details, ensuring consistency, and enhancing readability while maintaining technical authenticity. Here is the details: Our website is LEDCITYUSA.com. We have 1500 different skus that break down to about 500 products. Our graphic design team creates product videos, social media posts, product specification sheets, showroom displays, installation guides, product brochures, webpage descriptions, landing pages for online ads, and other content. We are looking ...

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    I am looking for an experienced writer who can help me create an internship report. This report is to summarize my 8-week long internship experience in an event management company in multiple fields such as: - Event planning and coordination - Vendor management - Budget management - Logistics - Sales - Field works - Night shifts - Client management - Design - Social media marketing I'll provide the necessary formats and documentation as a guide. This report should highlight and detail my experiences and acquired skills in these areas. The writer should have solid experience in writing academic reports and must possess an understanding of the event management industry, its terms, and practices. An eye for detail and ability to transform practical experiences into engaging narra...

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    I'm in urgent need of a proficient and seasoned grant writer who can help me secure funding from government grants, private foundation grants, and corporate sponsorships for my child care/day care project. Your mission will be pivotal to our organization as we seek important funding to provide quality child care services. Your responsibilities will include: - Researching potential funders - Writing compelling grant proposals - Guiding the organization through the application process Ideal candidate skills and experience: - Significant experience in grant writing, particularly within child care or education sectors - Proven record of securing diverse funding sources - Strong research, writing, and communication skills - Ability to work fast as we need this completed ASAP. I encourag...

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    I'm seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to review the curriculum of our five programs. - The programs in question are: - Business and Risk Management - Computer Science - Information Technology - Cybersecurity - Cloud Computing - Specific Expertise: - I'm in need of SMEs with knowledge in Business and Risk Management, Computer Science, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Computing. - Goals and Objectives: - The review should focus on updating any outdated content, enhancing program relevance, improving learning outcomes, and streamlining the curriculum structure. - Timeline: - The review must be completed within a very short timeframe, ideally 1 - 3 days. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in Business and Risk Management, Comp...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to re-write an evaluation case study, with the purpose of enhancing its clarity. Requirements: - **Experience**: I require freelancers with a demonstrated track record of improving the clarity of written content. Previous involvement in similar projects will be a big plus. - **Past Work**: Your application should include samples of past works that showcase your expertise in re-writing and improving clarity of the content. - **Timeframe**: The project has to be completed as soon as possible. This project is not about adding content, but to make the existing content more understandable, and easier to digest. If you have experience in this field, and can provide examples of your work, I would love to hear from you.

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    I'm in need of a professional who can craft a compelling press release, highlighting our scalable electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and its innovative Variable Circuit Technology and AI maintenance. - Target Audience: The communication needs to be effectively tailored toward utilities, corporations and media outlets. - Key Message: The announcement emphasizes our modern fleet and integrated infrastructure, notably our robust scalability. - Particulars: Special attention should be given to our fast-charging capabilities and how our infrastructure can expand to meet growing demand. The innovative use of Variable Circuit Technology in our charging stations to optimize charging times should also be emphasized. Ideal candidates are those who bring relevant skills in press rel...

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    I'm seeking an expert to develop a comprehensive research paper centered around the influence of health policies on nursing organizations, specifically the ENA (Emergency Nurses Association). Key Requirements: - Proficient understanding of health policies in relation to nursing organizations. - Knowledge on the structure and operations of the ENA. - Ability to dissect and present information in a clear, formal research paper format. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in health science and policy. - Exceptional research and analytical skills. - Previous experience writing about nursing organizations, specifically on ENA would be greatly beneficial. Assignment Overview: Health policy refers to decisions, plans, and actions undertaken to achieve specific healthcare goals within a so...

    $109 (Avg Bid)
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    As a cybersecurity company, I'm in need of an Executive Assistant with exceptional Project Management skills. Key Responsibilities: - Calendar Management: Help to organize and manage my calendar, ensuring that all appointments and meetings are scheduled effectively. - Travel Arrangements: Handling all travel arrangements, including flight bookings, hotel accommodations, and car rentals as needed. - Meeting Coordination: Coordinate and schedule meetings, ensuring that all parties are available and prepared. Experience and Skills: - Advanced Knowledge of Project Management: I'm looking for an individual with extensive experience in project management. You should be able to oversee, plan and execute projects efficiently. Communication: - I prefer to get updates and reports via e...

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an expert in brand management and consulting, specifically focused on expanding market reach. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a detailed project proposal addressing the expansion of our brand within the healthcare sector - Suggest strategies for increasing brand awareness, thereby opening up new markets - Provide insights on improving brand image within the industry - Monitor and report on the progress of the expansion Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience in brand management, especially within the healthcare industry - Proven track record of expanding market reach for brands - Ability to create engaging and comprehensive project proposals - Strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail - Excellent communication and reporting skills Your application...

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    I need assistance in collecting questionnaire responses for my research. - **Demographic**: The questionnaire targets Students, Faculty members, and Alumni. - **Sampling Technique**: We'll use the convenience sampling method, meaning we need someone capable of accessing and engaging respondents within this group readily and efficiently. - **Collection Method**: The questionnaire will be done through an online survey. Therefore, you must have an excellent understanding of online survey tools and how to maximize response rates. Experience in academic research, data collection, and survey distribution will be beneficial. The ability to effectively communicate and engage with academia-related audience groups will be vital to the project's success.

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    In this project, I'm seeking a skilled and detail-oriented freelancer to create a custom survey using Ngene software. This survey will be utilized to conduct vital market research. Key Project Details: - Purpose: The primary objective of this survey is to gather mixed data (both quantitative and qualitative) for comprehensive market research purposes. - Data Collection: We will not exclusively be collecting either quantitative or qualitative data. Instead, a mix of both types of data will be amassed. You should have a good grasp of these two kinds of data collection methods to devise an effective, all-encompassing survey. - Survey Results: The desired end product will be a combination of both raw data and fully analyzed data. This means that you will be responsible for the data anal...

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