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XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a set of specifications for encoding electronic documents. XML standards are produced by the W3C and these are open standards. XML is a textual data format and it is used widely in web services. If you need help working with the XML standards or XML documents, then you can definitely make use of freelancer help for the same. Simply post your XML job today and get started.
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Simple bug fix in spring file upload. Required MultipartFile parameter 'file' is not present in spring 4.3.1 I am using spring 4.3.1 and I am going to upload file using ng-file-upload library. this is my javascript code and when I connect the javascript code to php server, it works well. var promise = [login to view URL]({ url: url + "upload", method: 'POST', fi... 12 Java, Javascript, XML Jun 23, 2018 本日6日 8時間 $19
Project for Owais A. -- 18/06/23 13:31:26 Hi Owais A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 PHP, ASP, Javascript, XML, AJAX, Jun 23, 2018 本日9日 7時間 $10
The website was made with Limonade-Php framework using some Zend Framework components. There is no WSDL file describing the Res@car service. The XML must be sent in POST with the following HTTPS parametres: XML_DATA 4 PHP, XML Jun 23, 2018 本日6日 2時間 $56
Facebook to XML Post Need Facebook Lead Ad data to XML post and sent to a URL 3 XML Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20185日 20時間 $38
Auto Online Form Create and install an 6 pages online auto insurance form that will export xml Post to a specific URL. 38 PHP, Javascript, XML, ウェブサイトのデザイン, HTML Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20185日 19時間 $440
JavaFX Expert for Small Query Urgent JavaFX Expert for Small Query Urgent. Solve using remote desktop sharing 9 Java, XML, C#プログラミング, JavaFX, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 20185日 14時間 $17
B2B platform, Romanian and English language. We need a B2B platform in which our clients can log in, search the products that we sell, see the prices and order the products. We sell parts for agricultural tractors and we have a national distribution network. I will write down the main highlights : - There are about 20.000 products in our portfolio - these are in printed catalogs and as a XML database. Each of the product has a internal part ... 32 PHP, XML, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, MySQL, HTML Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184日 9時間 $912
Senior Perl Developer onsite in pune for 6 month Experience: 5+ years Technical skills: Perl, XSLT, XSD, XML, OOPs, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML, CSS MySQL/Oracle query writing, Shell Scripting, Apache webserver, Mod PERL and Linux Job Description • Hands-on experience on Core Perl, CGI, DBI, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, MySQL • Module Creation, Deployment and Enhancement. • Good exposure to each phase of Software Development Life C... 6 PHP, Java, Javascript, XML, MySQL Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184日 7時間 $20
Fluent Mandarin- Senior Banking Risk Technology Consultant - 3-6 month Onsite Contract - CHINA BASED POSITION Seeking a Senior Technical Risk Solutions Consultant to be responsible for the implementation of Anti Money Laundering, Fraud and Financial Crime Solutions' products via all delivery channels (e.g., XML, Web Services, hosted web application, hosted IVR) for clients primarily in the Financial Services and E-commerce industry. You will also provide third-level escalation support to create, ... 2 コンピューター支援, HTML, マイクロソフト, ウェブサービス, XML Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184日 3時間 $17647
Senior Android Developer required Need to develop a android App. Complete design is ready to Use, in PSD format. Hosting to be done on Firebase. Task Include : 1. User Android App 2. Admin Android App 3. Web Interface to be developed. 52 Javascript, XML, Mobile App Development, Android, Googleアプリケーションエンジン Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 20184日 2時間 $12
write me a java project now a) Create a class named blanket with fields for a blanket’s size, color, material, and price. The default constructor sets the values to Twin, White, Cotton, $30. Write another constructor as well to get the values of the first three fields and CALCULATES the price. The base price is $30. Add $10 to the base price for a double blanket, $25 for a queen blanket, and $40 for a king blanket. Al... 97 PHP, Java, Javascript, XML, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183日 16時間 $19
Send and Retrieve data from API (SOAP/WSDL/XML/PHP) Hi, I am looking for someone experienced with SOAP/CURL to write a script in PHP that will send WSDL/XML data to the API and retrieve and format the results. The data to be sent: Will be from MySQL but I can code. So for the purposes of this project, test data can be placed into variables which i will populate later. The data to be received: See example from the response XML - I just need Auth... 26 PHP, XML, API Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183日 15時間 $196
quickbooks export Data Need to be able to export quickbooks invoices to xml format 23 PHP, XML, エクセル, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, Intuit QuickBooks Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183日 14時間 $24
Tally XML generation Java We at S Cube Technologies need some experts who have good knowledge of tally XML files, and can work to generate appropriate files by java application. 13 Java, XML Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183日 8時間 $158
Create a XML Feed Set up an XML Feed with our Real Estate - Drupal 8 cms website, meaning that automation of listings and accuracy of listings would be the same into another website. Our Real Website is in german Language (Backend english), the other Website is in english. Text and Details need to translate, too. 27 PHP, XML, Drupal, HTML Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183日 6時間 $184
Project for mninfotech2 -- 18/06/20 15:15:54 Hi mninfotech2, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 PHP, C プログラミング, Java, Javascript, XML, Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20186日 6時間 $1022
PHP, XML, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, PostgreSQL Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183日 6時間
Bulk ASIN to EAN Converter I need a simple structured PHP script that convert amazon's ASIN codes to EAN codes that needs, works with the Amazon API. The ASIN are from [login to view URL] (Spain). This a tool that make something like that: [login to view URL] but I need a mass converter tool that i can call the PHP script with the ASIN code uploading an Excel file with the ASIN and then the script gives me the EAN cod... 22 PHP, Javascript, XML, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, MySQL Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20183日 5時間 $530
Web development I need a new website. I already have a design, I just need you to build my blog. Is it like matrimonial site 49 XML, ウェブサイトのデザイン, AJAX, HTML, node.js Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20183日 $344
SOAP RPC Method Close Name: ProcessSimple Binding: SimpleServiceBinding Endpoint: [login to view URL] SoapAction: [login to view URL] Style: rpc Input: use: encoded namespace: [login to view URL] encodingStyle: [login to view URL] message: ProcessSimpleTypeRequest parts: LicenseKey: xsd:string mcAdd: xsd:string Output: use: encoded namespace: [login to view URL] encodingStyle: [login to v... 12 PHP, Java, XML, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, JSON Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182日 23時間 $20
Freight Integration Require integration with Toll Logistics through xml interface 37 PHP, XML, C#プログラミング, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182日 22時間 $861
Build a API bridge between an appointment schedulder and EMR We need a bridge built between SRS EMR Software and Acuity Scheduler. Acuity will be the primary method for scheduling patients, which needs to be tied into their records located on SRS EMR. Both appear to have strong API integration's between them. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] 31 PHP, Java, XML, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182日 22時間 $19
Project for Hafiz Tariq G. -- 18/06/20 00:23:42 Salam alaik tarik I am developing an ecommerce ionic app with a nodejs api and mongodb I need to integrate Facebook account kit with login passwordless. I received datas to my ionic app but do not know when sending token to the api how to treat data send token to Facebook and store the user in mongodb Brotherly 1 PHP, Java, Javascript, XML, パイソン, Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20185日 18時間 $15
Export from Quickbooks as CSV and Upload top FTP We need a script to run daily that would export Invoice information(Fields to Export: PO#, Line Item, Memo), specific to two customers based on Ship Date, from QuickBooks as CSV file and upload to FTP site. Must have experience with Quickbooks SDK. 22 PHP, XML, C#プログラミング, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, MySQL Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182日 11時間 $172
Looking for Indian Team of Developers We need to hire Two Developers Skills required - PHP - HTML - XML - SQL We can hire you for full time for 1/2 years We can pay 100 INR for Hours for 5 Days to week 49 PHP, XML, ウェブサイトのデザイン, MySQL, HTML Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182日 6時間 $2
CryptoCoin Json and explore setup We require someone with knowledge of json files and explorer setup for wallets and coins. 18 Java, XML, C#プログラミング, ウィンドウズサーバー, Blockchain Jun 19, 2018 Jun 19, 20182日 5時間 $16
XML to Fannie Mae 3.2 convertor I need a library that will read and write FNMA 3.2 files. This library will also return the number of errors, if any, while parsing/reading the file. All fields must be supported, and an appropriate object model created that matches the data in the file.? This utility will run as part of a web application so it will need to be thread safe. Required development language: Node.js developer must und... 15 Javascript, XML, C#プログラミング, ソフトウェアアーキテクチャ, node.js Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20181日 15時間 $35
iOS App Development I want you to develop a basic iOS app for GPS Tracking System. Web services are available through which Android app was already developed. Database and the Web Platform are ready and the data is coming live in the database. 33 PHP, XML, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Objective C Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20181日 13時間 $415
Export Joomla k2 items to XML file We have a Joomla site with jDiction as multilingual plugin and k2 as content extension, we would like to hire someone who could integrate a tool to allow us to export k2 items in XML format, the exported XML file should contain all information concerning k2 items (title, intro, fulltext...) including extra fields, images, category... Also the translation of some fields (title, fulltext...) needs t... 26 PHP, XML, Joomla, MySQL Jun 18, 2018 Jun 18, 20181日 7時間 $184
XML Import from 3rd party software into Wordpress Hi I'm looking for a developer who has experience in Wordpress & importing an XML file from ZIP into wordpress to display products. My client has a website which lists properties. The properties are managed from 3rd party called REST which controls the properties. The software exports an XML file in ZIP format which we need to then add to the wordpress database, and display them on the ... 22 PHP, XML, Wordpress, MySQL, HTML Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20181日 $127
Build me an adult cam website using Chatterbate.com affiliate program. I have a domain name and I have an account with [login to view URL] affiliate program. Please become familiar with Chatterbate's Affiliate program and know how to make a complete website using the affiliate links. Some of the work includes: RSS/Atom Tools API - Users Online (XML, .JSON, YAML) Embed Cam & Chat Rooms including RevShare iFrame Left handed sorting options similar to [... 1 JSON, PHP, RSS, ウェブサイトのデザイン, XML Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20183日 8時間 $110
Auto populate webgains offer feed I am using wordpress platform for an affiliate website. I need the website to auto populate offers and discount codes via an feed from Webgains. 20 XML, Wordpress Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20188時間 $202
Xamarin IOS/ANDROID project 30~60 hours per week We are looking for a developer team with the good skill of Xamarin We have more than 20 projects ongoing and the project will start from 25th of June after completion of project planning. You must live in Banglore India to kick off meeting and another meeting to middle check. Payment: $7~$8 Maximum Payment Rate will be increased in every 3months of work depending on the result delivered. Re... 7 XML, Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, C#プログラミング Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20187日 2時間 $9
I would like to hire a Database Development Expert...... I need the database expert who has the good knowledge in access. Please bid if you have the experience. Details will be shared with winning bidder. 27 XML, マイクロソフトアクセス, データベースアドミニストレーション, データベース開発 Apr 2, 2018 Apr 2, 20181日 20時間 $42
I would like to hire a Database Development Expert... I need the database expert who has the good knowledge in access. Please bid if you have the experience. Details will be shared with winning bidder. 25 XML, マイクロソフトアクセス, データベースアドミニストレーション, データベース開発 Apr 2, 2018 Apr 2, 20181日 20時間 $58
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