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SQL developing jobs are in great demand these days due to its sophistication in the corporate world. The SQL developer will have loads of experience in Pl/SQL and Oracle. He/she should also possess the required skill for Perl scripting and UNIX shell, SQL tuning and optimization, be skillful in the SQL loader and UTL file processing, handle external table process, data modeling, script writing for data movement, backup or recovery, schema changes and many more. If you are a hard working and energetic SQL freelancer willing to work for any employer, get a job from

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    My sql coder for Simple project, Details will be discussed.

    $7 - $20
    $7 - $20
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    SAP HANA4 programming 6 日 left

    Hi I need an SAP HANA4 expert who can write sap programming.

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    My sql coder for Simple project, Details will be discussed.

    $7 - $20
    $7 - $20
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    Hi. I would like to create a database either in MS Access or excel. (I prefer Access). And i want the front end to be or other application

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    Big Data Project 6 日 left

    [This is an urgent project. Only bid if you can do it in 24 hours. I can pay $100(Slightly negotiable). Write "BIG DATA" at the start so that I know you read this.] Details about the dataset will be provided in chat. You job is to: -------------- Step 1: --------------- Explore and study your allocated public dataset and provide: 1. A detailed overview of the dataset. 2. An appraisal of the quality of the dataset in terms of the integrity rules [Will share the integrity rules in chat]. 3. A single question that you consider, if answered, will provide reasonable value along with an explanation of who you consider would benefit from this value and why they would benefit. ------------- Task 2 -------------- Using your question, undertake the following work on your allocated datase...

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    Hello, I have many DB from different sources and I need to organize them on a server and store it correctly. I also need to build a search engine on it and be able to use it with an API. Answer with GOLD to make sure that you read the description otherwise I won't answer you :) !

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    I need expert to setup database on-prem and in cloud with two-way real-time replication. This is for MS SQL server on windows and Ubuntu.

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    Manasa kidney foundation is hospital in which urologist,and nephrologist services available Basically located in of the famous Hospital for kidney stones,kidney performance issues,and it also has dialysis unitIs related to hospital management website having various modules like registration,billing,reporting,advice printing ..etc based on client requirement Modules in my Project: Authentication and Authorisation Reception Doctors Procedure Management Patient Case Study FPDF

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    I need the following for this project 1. Class Diagram is already drawn - But read the case study and correct it based on the feedback given 2. From the initial version, list out what are all the changes you have made in the Entity Class Diagram. 3. Sequence Diagram is already drawn 4. Change and improvise the Sequence diagram, based on the video shared I would like to pay $20 for this task. I have one more of this, so I need it definitely done today. Please bid only if you're available.

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    We are an Education company that enables project-based learning to learn by building real-world applications. Our courses are project and outcome-based that promote learning by doing approach. We have over 60,000+ learners across the globe. We are looking for partners who can help us create more content and courses. You will be working with us to create a 20-hour + course on Oracle Database Who is eligible to apply? 1. Must have knowledge of Oracle SQL, Database Design, RDBMS concepts, and Simple and complex queries. Knowledge of MongoDB is a plus. 2. Must be a good writer and has the ability to simplify topics + explain things well. 3. Should have good writing skills 4. Would prefer candidates with a computer science background 5. The content should be unique with unique examples (no...

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    GRC Tool Development • Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) is a framework for managing these three practices across an organization. • This is going to be a web application. • You should be able to whitelable. Features that this tool should have: • It should be multi-tenant • This is going to be mostly based on questions that the a client should be answer and for the options that they choose they should be able to upload the document. • You should be able to create a client and assign a framework. • Each Framework will have sub sections which will have questions (mcq type). For example under a particular client we have selected HIPPA framework, and you see sub sections and under sub sections you see questions, and you have a place where....

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    Hi, Need to create a SQL code in SSMS from already built tableau worksheet. Looking for someone with experience in SQL complex queries along with good knowledge of tableau. Thanks

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    Hello, I would like someone to create a C# .Net program to connect to Snowflake database. The program should be able to: 1. Connect to a database 2. Query tables and views in the snowflake database 3. Write to tables in snowflake 4. close database connection

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    Open We have a number of clients where our software is hosted on our client's server. The clients own the server as well as the SQL database licenses. They create our SQL access. Our clients makes backups of the databases so have full visibility of our database and Source Intellectual property, because they do backups of the databases they can restore our solutions onto any server without us knowing

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    My Existing Project is developed in c# project. I need a module in which a Pdf or Jpg File can be upload in OneDrive using C# Code. And the Computer Generated File Name will be save in ms sql server database database example Column S. No. Unique ID File Name

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    linkedin type of app 4 日 left

    I would like to get an app developed which is similar to linkedin but with a subset of its functionality

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    Need to know fully about erd and related topica

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    I am working on a particular banking project I need support on banking project. Technologies used Java, GWT (Google Web Toolkit.) Please contact me on-- seven nine seven five six seven six nine. we can discuss this over the phone. Looking for a serious developer. Thank you

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    track off employee dob/start dates/end dates/ department/onboarding checklist site mobilization quals/licences required and expired dates/refresher recommended dates 3. Enter training completed/report upcoming due expiry dates 4. Enter verification of competency for use of various machines operation on site ( refresher every 12 months) 5. Enter incident reports/ report on number of incidents / loss days 6 kpis linked to job descriptions 5. List of Perf review questions self evaluation based on jo description kpis of Perf review scores/ report on overall results year to year for employee/ report for overall sores per performance area for employee/ report on overall results by department for company and comparison of departments

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    Hr database 4 日 left

    track off employee dob/start dates/end dates/ department/onboarding checklist site mobilization quals/licences required and expired dates/refresher recommended dates 3. Enter training completed/report upcoming due expiry dates 4. Enter verification of competency for use of various machines operation on site ( refresher every 12 months) 5. Enter incident reports/ report on number of incidents / loss days 6 kpis linked to job descriptions 5. List of Perf review questions self evaluation based on jo description kpis of Perf review scores/ report on overall results year to year for employee/ report for overall sores per performance area for employee/ report on overall results by department for company and comparison of departments

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    We have a running API based website. There are some SQL database related errors that need to be resolved.

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    Define, design and develop SecOps solutions on the ServiceNow platform based on requirements gathered from various clients. Support migration to the production environment.

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    development 4 日 left

    I am looking for an expert in .Net Core, C#, Web API and Angular Material Web Developers for our ongoing CRM/ERP Software developments for long term association. Should be able to understand existing code and make the best optimization and development new module.

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    xcr login authentication 4 日 left

    this project needs to use ldap to do login screen with web api and core and c#

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    Similar to bustabit in that it takes deposits and has user accounts and a chat feature but the actual game is nothing like bustabit.

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    Fix Bokeh app 3 日 left

    I made a python/bokeh app. Its very slow to render. Looking for someone with experience to fix it and improve it. Write BOKEH in your bid

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    The person I am looking for is someone with minimal 7 years of Oracle experience that can work remotely as Oracle pl/sql and Apex developer for my clients in the Netherlands. Daily work consist of bug fixing, Query writing for data migration project, Apex development, Rest calls development. Oracle version is currently 11 but we will be upgrading to 12 and then to 18 or higher. It is important that the candidate has good English skills spoken and in writing as there will be communication with the client. This project is for about 6 months but can be extended for longer. The project for now is on a hour contract basis for about 32 houres a week.

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    .Net Developer 3 日 left

    Looking for a backend Dev with excellent .Net & SQL Minimum 7years of experience Should be available from 730PM to 1AM(IST)

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    Create your own entities(12-15 entities) and attributes. Example- Spies, code names, aliases, handlers, information about each operation planning and execution, history of operations for each spy, planners, management, tech support skills, equipment, and so on. The rest is in the attached pdf. Send a message if you are done for award if you are done. thank you

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    Quick Database queries 3 日 left

    I need some help with some Database queries. I will provide you with the data and scenario and you just need to create SQL query. I will be using Postgresql, so I hope you have an understanding of SQL

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    Perl Script expert 3 日 left

    We are looking for someone who can understand the development of small perl scripts for us. We use perl and mysql. please quote for a simply read and update script that will be run in batch mode.

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    Looking for a Freelancer Backend Engineer- Kotlin Experience: 6-8 years Skills: Must Have: • Proficient in Kotlin • Good exp with event-driven architectures, with both relational, NoSQL & distributed databases • Experience working with cloud platforms, and understanding of Docker/ K8s • Solid understanding of APIs

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    This project will cater for the creation, modification and deletion of stock items in selected company databases and the conversion of sales orders into purchase orders in required company databases. the application consists of having a login interface with the admin having: 1. can create user and logins 2. Locate databases for connecting to ERP via an SDK(provided by us). 3. creating inventory items as per the process flow attached - via SDK 3. Loading sales order from MSSQL DB(A) and converting to PO to MSSQL DB(B) The front end will be Laravel and the back end should be C# due to SDK, provided by us, for connecting to ERP.

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    Looking for some help on Acumatica ERP Scenarios programming. Need to add few more columns for the import scenario.

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    Our client has a project that will be on an ongoing basis. We need a sql expert who can write complex sql queries to extract and manipulate data. This is a time sensitive project and need to connect with potential employee asap. we will review your resume and administer a 1 hour test.

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    Main goal: The development of a webapp for registration processes in special education. Explanation: The registration processes relate to workprocesses of administrators, teachers and behavioral scientists: as such this registration webapp functions as a practicemanagement software. This webapp is offered to special schools as a SAAS solution. The Conditions: The conditions for taking on this assignment are: (1) one must be willing to develop this webapp in our Azure cloud environment (an email address will be assigned to work in our closed environment). (2) one must agree that authorship and ownership stays with our organization. Main charateristics in general terms: Shortly expressed a simple looking front-end GUI should be developed with CRUD functions towards an SQL database. Ther...

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    Junior .Net developer 2 日 left

    Need junior .Net developer to work on .net core Sql project .

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    We are looking for a couple SAP B1 technicians to sub out dashboard work to, crystal report work and to help us with training questions. We run software called Batch Master on SAP B1 and Microsoft SQL 2019. We have a programming resource inhouse who is very good but we have more requests then he can complete. We also heavily use Boyum for customizing SAP. Looking for someone with anywhere from 10 to 40 hours per month on an as needed basis.

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    Necesito realizar tareas de ajustes y mantenimiento al proyecto desarrollado y en produccion desde hace una año, todo esta desarrollado en apex oracle, jasper report server Categoría: Programación y Tecnología Subcategoría: Programación Web ¿Cuál es el alcance del proyecto?: Bug o cambio pequeño ¿Es un proyecto o una posición?: Un proyecto Actualmente tengo: No aplica Disponibilidad requerida: Según se necesite Roles necesarios: Programador, Diseñador

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    Need to connect sql server through ODBC for crystal reports. System is throwing communication link failure error.

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    database need to import to live server in phpmyadmin

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    Looking for a SQL Developer who can do a simple SQL Query

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    Connect HPE storage 3640 48tb with oracle and sql servers

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    We have multiple oracle database(RAC setup with primary and standby) in our environment for that we required to create a shell script which will automatic send the required data in html format to our email id, following are the scripts which has to be configured in our setup. server os:Sun OS,Linux set serveroutput on set timing on set echo off set time on --Tablespace Output: set lines 999 pages 999 select a.tablespace_name, round(assigned_space) "ALLOCATED (MB)", round((nvl(free_space,0) + INCRM)) "FREE (MB)", round((assigned_space - nvl(free_space,0) - INCRM)) "USED (MB)", round( ((assigned_space - nvl(free_space,0) - INCRM) / assigned_space)*100) "% Full"from(select  tablespace_name, count(*) num1, sum(DECODE(SIGN(maxbytes - bytes),...

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    Nest.Js Project 2 日 left

    I have Project. Beckend: Nest js, typeorm, typescript, SQL: mysql

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    Topic: Data Warehousing System Question 1 • Design the need for the use of relational databases, and identify and create a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) relating the tables of the database schema • Create a database that supports the selected topics. Explain and support the database schema with relevant arguments that support the rationale for the structure • Identify and create database tables with appropriate field-naming conventions. Then, identify primary keys and foreign keys, and explain how referential integrity will be achieved. Normalize the database tables to third normal form (3NF) • Identify and create an Entity-Relationship (E-R) Diagram relating the tables of the database schema. Explain the rationale behind the design of your E-R Diagram

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    IIS configs! 2 日 left

    Hello! i need some one to help me finish the configs at IIS. connect website to dedicate

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    Data Analysis 2 日 left

    My company urgently needs help with a sql project - data analysis

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