SPSS Statistics is an important data analysis tool used by businesses and academics around the world. An SPSS Statistics Expert uses this software to analyze data and gain valuable insights into the phenomena that their research or business decisions are based on. An expert SPSS user can not only organize data, but also construct statistical models, forecasts and simulations. These tools, along with the extensive charting capabilities of SPSS Statistics, allow an expert to present results in a way that is meaningful to decision makers.

Here’s some projects these experts have made real:

  • Make sense of data collected from research
  • Automating report generation for price comparison
  • Prognostic factors analysis for mortality in rare diseases
  • Utilizing Kaplan Meier survival analysis
  • Ph.D level academic writing for research
  • Rewriting of research articles, plus analyzing the statistical parts
  • Measuring the service quality of mobile applications
  • Data analysis by reading an experiment from a research paper

These projects all demonstrate the use of SPSS Statistics in a practical way. By hiring an SPSS Statistics Expert, you have the advantage of putting your data into the hands of someone who knows how to make sense of it, by deploying appropriate statistical modeling techniques. If SPSS Statistics fits your project goals or research objectives, post your project today on Freelancer.com and hire an expert to manage your data and reveal insights so profound you’d be hard pressed to find any other way.

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    I require an expert in conducting t-test analysis in the context of hypothesis testing. The data to be used is from surveys, so familiarity with working with survey data is crucial. Additionally, the project includes the requirement for a comprehensive report on the analysis findings, complete with a detailed statistical interpretation. Key Requirements: - Conduct t-test analysis for hypothesis testing - Work with survey data - Create a detailed report with statistical interpretation Ideal Skills and Experience: - Background in advanced statistical analysis - Proficiency in t-test and hypothesis testing - Experience with survey data analysis - Excellent reporting and communication skills This project will require a high level of statistical expertise, precision in handling survey data, ...

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    I need a competent statistical analyst to conduct a T test for my DNP project. Key Details: - The purpose of this T test is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Phq9 screening tool. - The expected outcome of this analysis is to increase the identification of depression symptoms in my target population, which consists of adults over 18 years old. - This project requires strong knowledge in data analysis and statistical tests. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in data analysis - Deep understanding and experience in conducting T tests - Familiarity with DNP projects and Phq9 screening tool - Knowledge in health sciences and mental health studies preferred. Looking forward to working with professionals who meet these qualifications.

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    I'm in need of an expert statistician, preferably with a background in medical data analysis. Your task will comprise of comparing survival rates within a set of medical patient data. This will include, but isn't limited to: - Conducting survival analysis, with a primary focus on comparing survival rates among different groups. - Your output should highlight significant differences and present the findings in detail. - The analysis needs to include detailed and easy-to-understand graphs, illustrating the comparative survival rates. Skills with statistical software and a comprehensive understanding of survival analysis are necessary for this task. Ideally, you also hold experience within the medical field.

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    SPSS Assignment Completion 6 日 left

    I need a freelancer to assist me with a basic SPSS assignment. The completion deadline for the task is within 2 weeks. Key Requirements: - Level of Analysis: The assignment revolves around basic descriptive statistics, so no advanced statistical methods are required. Experience in this area will be an advantage. - Data Format: You will be provided with the data in the SPSS software. Familiarity with this software is crucial for the successful completion of the task. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SPSS software is a must. - Strong grasp of basic descriptive statistics. - Proven track record in statistical analysis, particularly in SPSS. - Ability to deliver within the timeframe of 2 weeks. Please let me know about your experience in SPSS and statistical analysis when you apply....

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    I'm seeking a Python expert to assist me with a data analysis project. Specifically, I need to: - Analyze financial data: The project involves interpreting and analyzing financial statistics and metrics. Experience in financial analysis is preferred. - Present results via annotated code: The deliverable should be the Python code used for the analysis, with comments and annotations explaining each step. This will help me understand the process and replicate it in the future. The ideal freelancer for this project would be skilled in Python programming, have experience with financial data analysis, and a strong ability to communicate technical concepts in code.

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    I am seeking a proficient historian or researcher, ideally specialized in modern history, who has excellent research skills particularly related to Asia. Your inputs would be instrumental in providing a comprehensive and factual understanding of historical events in Asia during the modern era. Job Responsibilities: - The task involves in-depth research to be based on archival documents and online databases. - Analyzing, interpreting, and presenting findings in a clear and accurate manner. - Ensuring utmost accuracy and detail by counterchecking with multiple sources. Required Skills and Experience: - Bachelor's degree in History/related field, or significant experience in historical research - Proven history of excellent research and analytical skills - Proficiency in global online ...

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    I need assistance to accomplish two specific tasks for my impending project that involves a deep-dive into financial econometrics using R: 1. Regression Analysis: Applying my real-world data, there's a need to execute an efficient regression analysis. The aim isn't to predict future values but to identify significant variables inherent in the dataset. 2. Model Evaluation: Post regression analysis, your expertise will be needed for a thorough model evaluation, ensuring the accuracy of the identified variables and assessing the overall performance of the model. Ideal applicants should possess robust experience in R, financial econometrics, regression analysis, and model evaluation. Familiarity with real-world finance data would be an added advantage. The goal is to unlock the p...

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    Online Shopping Trend Analysis 6 日 left

    I'm looking for a data analyst to provide a comprehensive report on the popular product categories and seasonal sales patterns within the online retail space. Key responsibilities: - Analyzing and interpreting data on popular product categories in online shopping - Identifying and presenting seasonal sales patterns Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Proven experience in data analysis with a focus on retail or e-commerce - Strong understanding of statistical methodologies and tools - Excellent ability to interpret and translate data into clear, actionable insights - Strong knowledge of the online shopping landscape and consumer behavior would be beneficial The project needs to be completed within a month, so a proactive and efficient approach is essential.

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    R Programming Expert Needed 6 日 left

    I'm in need of a skilled R programmer for help with a project. I'm looking for someone who is experienced in R programming, data analysis, statistical modeling, and data visualization. Your role would be to assist me with my project and help me to achieve the best possible outcome. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficient in R programming - Proven experience in data analysis and statistical model building - Familiarity with data visualization techniques - Strong communication skills This may be an ongoing project, so availability and dedication would be a plus. Please provide examples of your previous work in your bid.

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    I need an expert in Python to do predictive analysis on an operational database. Key responsibilities include: - Conducting detailed predictive analysis on our operational database, to help us in future planning and decision-making. - Ensuring that all calculations and reasoning are effectively communicated in a clear manner. Ideal candidate will have extensive experience in: - Python and its statistical libraries. - Previous experience with predictive analysis on operational databases. - The ability to present complex data and analysis in a clear, understandable way. This project is ideal for someone who can interpret business needs and provide appropriate solutions through their statistical analysis.

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    I need an experienced Python developer for data analysis. Your primary role will involve: - Sorting and arranging small datasets (less than 1GB) - Applying your skills primarily to mixed data, including both numerical and textual elements The ideal candidate would possess a strong background in Python along with a solid understanding of data analysis. You must be highly efficient in reading, sorting and managing mixed datasets. Experience working on a similar project or scope would be a significant plus. Providing data analysis insights is also a bonus.

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    I'm seeking a proficient data analyst with strong statistical analysis capabilities. Your main responsibilities will be: - Data Cleaning & Preparation: This includes cleansing the data from any incomplete records, duplicates or errors. - Statistical Analysis: You'll need to conduct a thorough statistical analysis of the data, utilizing regression analysis specifically. The project will involve various types of data including numerical, categorical, and textual data. Since we'll be working in a professional environment, knowledge and proficiency in MS Office is a must. This includes Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Ideal candidates should be well-versed in data analysis and have a strong statistical background. Proficiency in using MS Office is also a key requirement....

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    I am in need of a skilled SPSS expert to assist me with a small project. I require someone who is proficient in statistical analysis and interpretation using SPSS, particularly for basic descriptive statistics. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting basic descriptive statistical analysis on the data provided - Interpreting the results in a clear and concise manner - Presenting the findings primarily through graphs and charts You must have: - Proficiency in using SPSS for statistical analysis - Strong background in basic descriptive statistics - Capability to interpret data effectively - Ability to present results clearly through graphs and charts Your assistance in this project will greatly help me in understanding the data and its implications.

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    I'm seeking an expert in Abaqus FEA to execute a structural analysis of a medium-sized structure. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct a profound and detailed structural analysis using Abaqus FEA - Quantify and interpret results, providing comprehensible findings Ideal Skills: - Excellent command of structural analysis utilizing Abaqus FEA - Experience working with medium-sized structures - Detail-oriented mindset to capture all structure properties and anticipate all potential challenges. Your bid should include an approximate timeline for the analysis along with relevant samples of past structural analysis projects. I look forward to working with a seasoned professional ready to deliver accurate and reliable results.

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    Text Data Analysis & Entry 3 日 left

    I'm looking for a data entry professional who can handle digital text data entry. - Data Entry: The primary task will be to transcribe and input text data from digital files into a database. This requires exceptional attention to detail to ensure accuracy in transcription. - Data Analysis: Beyond simple data entry, I'm also seeking someone who can perform basic data analysis on the entered text data. This includes checking for patterns or trends within the data, as well as ensuring the data is organized in a manner that facilitates further analysis. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in data entry and management - Strong attention to detail - Basic data analysis capabilities - Familiarity with database software Experience with similar projects or relevant academic background would be...

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    I need assistance with performing formulas, calculations and descriptive analysis in Ms Excel. I am specifically focused on analyzing data using measures of central tendency - mean, median and mode. - **Tasks** - Insert and calculate formulas regarding the mean, median, and mode in the data. - Conduct descriptive analysis on the dataset. Ideal freelancers for this project should have strong analytical skills and extensive experience with Excel's formula and calculation functionalities as well as knowledge of statistical analysis. An understanding of central tendency measures (mean, median, mode) is crucial.

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    Wage Analysis over Five Years 3 日 left

    I am looking for an expert who can accurately analyze and report on a simple set of wage data from the past five years and create ability to select which data sets to compare. Your task will be to: - Determine the average salaries over the course of these years. - Identify notable trends in wage changes over the specified time period. - Make in-depth comparisons between the various organisations in terms of wage dispersion. Ideal candidates will have significant experience working with large datasets, particularly those concerning wages and salaries. Proficiency with Excel or a similar tool is essential. Strong attention to detail is also a must as you will need to interpret complex wage data. Furthermore, previous exposure to HR analysis would be a plus, as it adds context to the data. ...

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    I am seeking assistance to set up performance reports to compare AB Testing to sales, specifically targeting conversion rates and customer engagement metrics. Key requirements include: - Creating improvised performance analysis layouts and formats. - Clear understanding and interpretation of AB and sales performance indicators. - Comprehensive comparison of conversion rates and customer engagement metrics. Experts with experience in report-building in powerBI. We can supply the data in any needed format, but need someone to build these reports for us and provide the pbix file with sample data.

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    I am seeking a professional with experience in clinical prediction model development to create a tailored system for my organization. This project will focus on using patient demographic information, medical histories, and clinical observations to identify high-risk patients. The desired output of this model is twofold: 1. The Probability of high-risk classification - this will enable us to determine the likelihood of a patient being categorized as high risk. 2. The Severity level of risk - this information will quantify the degree of risk associated with each patient. Preferred skills and experiences for this project are: - Clear understanding of clinical data and how to interpret it. - Proven experience building predictive models, especially in a clinical or medical setting. - An outs...

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    I'm seeking an expert for conducting interviews with specialty doctors within the U.S. The primary aim is to gain valuable insights for the development of a new medical product. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in medical research. - Sound understanding of medical terminologies. - Proven track record of successful interviews with medical professionals. - Network of doctors that you can access for a discussion on their business models. - Exceptional communication and presentation skills. - Experience working with specialty doctors would be an added bonus. The task will include: - Planning and conducting virtual interviews. - Transcribing and analyzing interviews. - Presenting findings and insights. Your role will be critical in shaping the development process of o...

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    I'm looking for a skilled data scientist with a background in computational neuroscience and statistical analysis. Your primary task will be to analyze the imaging data I provide, which is central to my research in mathematical neurobiology. Key Responsibilities: - Processing and analyzing imaging data - Implementing computational neuroscience models - Conducting statistical analysis on the experimental data - Summarizing the results in a clear, understandable manner Ideal Qualifications: - Strong background in computational neuroscience - Proven experience in statistical analysis - Familiarity with analyzing imaging data - Ability to translate complex data into meaningful insights - Strong communication and reporting skills If you have a keen interest in the intersection of mathe...

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    I need a comprehensive predictive modeling using regression models specifically tailored for industry-specific data. Key Requirements: -Expertise in industry-specific data handling and analysis -Precision in building and executing regression models -Sound understanding of predictive modeling techniques The ideal freelancer should have a solid portfolio in statistical modeling, particularly in regression and predictive analyses involving industry-specific data sets. Specifically they should should have an in depth knowledge of Generalised Linear Models used in evaluating risk in the Motor Insurance Industry

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    I'm seeking a mathematician with a deep understanding of financial markets—stocks, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrency markets. Your task will involve creating quantitative and statistical models to predict market trends, identify trading opportunities, and assess risk and volatility. Data for these models will be based on historical data only. Ideal Experience and Skills: - High-level proficiency in quantitative analysis and statistics - Previous experience in financial markets, particularly stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency - Detailed understanding of risk analysis and market volatility - Proven track record in predictive analysis and identifying trading opportunities - Comfortable working with historical data for analysis.

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    HR Survey Data Analysis 1 日 left

    I'm in need of a freelancer who can take a look at our HR survey data. The objective is to analyze the data by performing the following tests: Kolmogorov-smirnov test (for one sample and for two unrelated samples) Kruskal Wallis - H Test ANOVA T Test for two unrelated means General Liner Model Ordinal Logistics Regression Spearman Correlation Pearson Correlation

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    EX-IM Export Data Analyst Needed 1 日 left

    I am looking to hire an experienced data analyst, with a thorough understanding of EX-IM Export Import Intelligence, to carry out several tasks for starting my export business. Primary Duties: - Execute data cleaning and preprocessing, ensuring accuracy and consistency across different data sets - Carry out comprehensive data visualization, simplifying complex data to maintain comprehensible reports and presentations - Perform data modeling and forecasting that accurately reflects market trends Required Proficiencies: - Ability to interpret, analyze, and report data in format suitable for different stakeholders - Microsoft Excel, Python with Pandas, Tableau - these are essential software skills Key Roles: - Comprehensive market research and analysis, carefully monitoring and unders...

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    I'm looking for an experienced data analyst with expertise in python and data modelling to apply a model and predict greyhound results either winner / loser or position. I have attached a data file 8000+ races and 68 data features. The last two columns contain a finishing 'position' and winner classification. Once you have a model that you think is working I will send you a new data file which your model has not seen and you can provide your predictions. If the model work wells then I am happy to pay for it.

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    I'm in need of an R Programmer skilled in time series analysis, correlation and regression. Your task is to analyze a dataset and find correlations between various weather variables. The aim is to forecast future trends, identify patterns and relationships, and make predictions that are precise. Your responsibilities will include: - Analysing and making predictions about specific variables such as temperature, precipitation, and wind speed. - Applying time series analysis to establish forecasts for weather patterns. - Understanding and interpreting relationships between different weather variables using correlation and regression techniques. The ideal candidate should have significant experience with the R programming language and a strong understanding of statistics and forecast...

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    I'm seeking to be a full-time data analyst in the tech industry. Key Responsibilities: - Analyzing complex data sets, interpreting trends, and providing insights for decision-making. - Developing and maintaining data models, databases, and dashboards. - Identifying opportunities to enhance reporting processes and data accuracy. Ideal Candidate: - Strong background in data analysis, with experience in a tech-related field preferred. - Proficiency in data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, or similar. - Ability to communicate complex data findings to non-technical stakeholders. - Solid understanding of database management and data warehousing. - Familiarity with statistical tools and techniques for predictive modeling. If you've got the right experience and skills, I&#...

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    I'm in need of an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) consultant with a primary focus on environmental sustainability. The project entails writing up an ESG report, based on GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards, using Microsoft Excel. Key Responsibilities: - Leverage your expertise in environmental sustainability to provide insights for the report. - Implementing the GRI standards to ensure data accuracy and consistency. - Compiling the necessary information in a clear and structured manner. - Presenting the data in a way that's engaging and easy to interpret. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A strong background in ESG, particularly with a focus on environmental sustainability. - Proven experience in ESG report writing. - Proficiency in Microsoft Excel. - Familiari...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    17 入札


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