JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, is an open-standard file format originally used for representing structured data based on JavaScript object syntax. It can also be used independently from Javascript and is currently supported by different application programming interfaces. Files on the JSON format are characterized as text-based, hierarchical, lightweight, and can be edited using a text editor.


JSON has become a popular alternative to other formats due to a variety of reasons. It provides a simple notation that allows developers to adopt quickly. Being lightweight, it also leads to better Web user experience due to reduced performance bottlenecks. JSON also allows for easier data transfer due to its data being stored in arrays.

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    Preciso de uma api para cálculos de criptomoedas, e cálculos de mineração de placas, quem tiver o recurso favor enviar mensagem.

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    $10 - $30
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    Temos uma plataforma a qual temos que melhorar alguns pontos, estamos á procura de profissionais para esses mesmos ajustes

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    You’ll need to adapt all the elements of the old U replacing them with elements of the new template : menus, modals, warnings, infotips, forms, validations, charts, tables, messages, popups, wizards, progress, buttons etc… Of course, you’ll have to also adapt the original variables not to break the app. For this you’ll need to dig in the code of the new template and pick...

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    I need to integrate an external Rest Api with WooCoomerce. This way the products will be pulled from an external database but Woocommerce will take care of the CART And CHECKOUT aspects.

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    We are using Groovy for many of our Apache Nifi flows. Based on the below article I would like to create a Nifi flow using a GroovyScript processor. The flow / processor would be used to take a (template) XLSX file and a configuration to fill cells in the Excel sheet with data. [ログインしてURLを表示] I would like to create the following processor: - the groovy processor receives a JSON object and a file n...

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    I need a Python script to convert a nested JSON structure to a dataframe in a certain way. See attachments for an example input and output. I'm only interested in the "Objects" part of the input JSON example.

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    Python-InfluxDB 5 日 left

    My python web application project design and development has done, InfluxDB data loaded already, need to get api to pass values in python application.

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    Web App and DB Project. 5 日 left

    More details will be shared via chat

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    Deploy ERC1155 smart contract -- 2 4 日 left

    I'm looking for someone to deploy our ERC1155 smart contract to the ethereum blockchain... I will add the associated fees to deploy as a milestone payment, so you are required to have all the necessary tools to complete the project.

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    Health IT services project scope: Development: Android Framework Development for creating health specific Android apps. Framework will consist of discrete modules based on Object-Oriented Protocol, and power both clinician and patient facing apps. Involves communication with a "standardized" RESTful Server transmitting JSON data models. We will provide API specification and a server...

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    Ticket pricing api 4 日 left

    I would like to build a dashboard where I can pull football ticket pricing data for the New Orleans Saints football team using API connections to Seat Geek, Stubhub and Ticket Master. I would like to evaluate seat prices for games, when tickets where sold, price sold for and optimal sales timeframe.

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    three json data: they have google play app link that json data store in local database and one json based in webview link that also store in json file all three file data are store in local database then show in dashboard. webview already created. just android app activity create If it's already install directly open app when click on app, if its not install then go to google play store and o...

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    I want to create 3 AR Face Filters as .json and I have the source code i need to put the filters in the code java and soft 2 filters Beauty face filters 1 filter Face AR games

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    Need to create a rest api which can integrate with any payment gateway. It should be coded in a way that when integrating another payment gateway it shouldnt require much of a work.

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    Chart Pattern conditions scanner 3 日 left

    Hi, I am looking for to meet below chart patterns once search with any stock. Double Bottom Ascending Triangle Cup and Handle Bull Flag Bull Pennant Bullish Engulfing Candle Inverse Head & Shoulders let me know if you can handle this application.

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    I want to learn a migration procedure using python script for PostgreSQL. Scenario: I need to migrate tables from DB1 (old server) to DB2 (new server) from an old schema to a new schema. It will be a learning project.

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    1. We need to right simple and effective python programming which runs as cloud function (aws lambda , GCP function) (mean just a individual program on AWS cloud, this function will be invoked by the AWS API gateway. In other words, we will have REST API which will take JSON object as a input and call the Python function by sending the JSON object as a input.) 2. JSON object will have name, URL, d...

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    I want to make a script to convert writing from Arabic letters to Raqeem letters with the features below. Features 1- This script works only on the Adobe illustrator application. 2- The download script can only work on one copy of Adobe illustrator on one computer. 3- This script does not work on portable versions of illustrator applications. 4- This script works with all illustrator versions. ...

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    Hi there! I am looking to create a simple blockchain to increase supply chain transparency for my food product. I would like to do something like this [ログインしてURLを表示] but on blockchain. Concept: Transparency and trust Goal: for user to be able to check the whole supply chain details of each end product. Blockchain part is handled by Alibaba Cloud, AWS blockchain services, BSC or Ethereum. Eve...

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    Android Developers on Hourly basis 2 日 left

    Hi I am looking for an experienced Android Developer with good budget quotes to add more functionalities to our existing Projects. Those having expertise in Native Android App Development using Android Studio, ROOM for DB handling, Retrofit For API Handling, MVVM Architecture, Fragments, Activity Life Cycles etc may please provide your best offer. We have projects for a Longer duration. So We ar...

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    I’m looking for an experienced developer (java,python,c+,etc) to complete small projects. Please contact me if interested!

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    The truth is I am a dev, and i am preoccupied with gigs, what i need is a companion to help with compilation of the art and its properties. A solidity dev is very much preferred so i will be able to connect with him on a deeper level

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    We are looking for a backend developer to develop a python based AWS Lambda function that subscribes to an SNS topic. The body of the message coming from SNS will contain: 1. JSON for the Adaptive Card (i can provide an example) 2. MS Teams Tenant ID 3. User where the card will be send (email address or whatever is required by the Microsoft SDK) 4. Any other parameters that will be needed to pos...

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    Hello, I need a flutter mobile app developer, who can assist me in various flutter projects on regular work. He should be able to resolve the issues & explain everything. Approx: 10-12 hrs monthly work Teams don't bid - Only for individuals. High budget - Stay away. New freelancers preferred.

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    Amazon Alexa speak ARABIC Language 1 日 left

    I have Amazone Alexa ""[ログインしてURLを表示]"", that can't speak Arabic language But we can add a module using JSON Language to do that using below link ""[ログインしてURLを表示]"" I need someone who can do JASON programming to do this module That work will not be completed till I tested using Alexa Echo device, and that located with me Below is sample for required p...

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    We are a startup, where we are wanting to use our personal api endpoints on TradingView's library. How will you test this? On a remote server, we will have a php backend, that contains graph data, that you will use our grabData() function to get the data, from a CORS-ANYWHERE server. as on '[ログインしてURLを表示]', pressing / shows a list of markets. Where on our backend, we want to ...

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    There is a simple project on Python testing. Pyspark unit test cases need to be developed. Roughly 10 functions and likely to take a few hours for total work for experienced developer. Any IDE like intellij or Pycharm will do. Unit test library name is "Unittest" , using "mock". Details of what the function does, variable details, and expected results. Functions will involve py...

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    Hi I am looking for a developer on long term basis for many projects. I am going to initiate one at the moment 1. This is going to be a review based website. and mobile app ( separate project ) you would create and support for APIs development. This is not any special or new type of work or difficult job. its like a directory based example phone book or listing website of companies and products ....

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    I'm looking for a python expert to generate combined images from our files of assets and traits. All images have a position and can be layered on top to randomly create new images. The folders are set in order and all that is required to run a script to create 10000 is included. We need 6 characters x 10000 = 60000 combined unique images Our file structure is something like this /parts ├─...

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    I am working on my own NFT project and I need someone to help me with generating the Images and JSON Files. All artwork has been created and saved as PNGs

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