Data Processing is a broad skill involving working with, transforming, and manipulating data into meaningful forms. Data processing executives are well versed in the latest technologies and methodologies which include data extraction, cleaning, and analysis. Additionally, they are experienced in understanding datasets, querying databases, constructing complex reports, and optimizing operational systems. They are highly organized with experience in developing and nurturing relationships with stakeholders to ensure buy-in in terms of productivity or data innovation projects.

Here's some projects that our expert Data Processing Executives made real:

  • Establishing flexible formulas and tracking systems to support accurate system data
  • Transform disparate data sources into useful information
  • Create reports with interactive dashboards to visualize and better manage project progress
  • Securely migrate data from legacy systems to modern databases
  • Automating extraction of information from structured or unstructured documents for quicker decision making
  • Designing data models for efficient retrievability of essential business insights

Data processing can make the difference between managing processes manually versus doing them more efficiently and accurately. has talented professionals with these skills who have experience delivering projects on time within budget. By hiring an expert Data Processing Executive from, you can be sure that your project will be given the attention it needs in order to exceed expectations. So if you have any project where you need help with collecting, analyzing or making sense of the data available to you - post your project on today and start gaining powerful insights!

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    I'm looking to get some sophisticated smart sheets created for my operations. The smart sheets should be advanced enough to automatically perform calculations, validate input data, and allow for conditional formatting. Here's what I have in mind: * Automated Calculations: The sheets should be designed in a manner that supports automatic calculations. This will save us time and significantly reduce human errors. * Data Validation: We need the sheets to validate the data that's plugged in. This helps in maintaining data integrity and accuracy. * Conditional Formatting: The sheets should support conditional formatting. This feature makes it easy to highlight parts of your data that meet given criteria. For reporting, I need financial reports and project progress repo...

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    We have a new Open Cart website and are sourcing CSV Files from our Suppliers that will need to be prepared for Data Import to the site. Tasks will include _ Write excel script Clean up data Migrate into data template format Ensure Text, Font etc same 10,000 products approx Potential for multiple team members for this project. Must have great English Meeting / Reviews Brisbane, Australia time zone 9am to 5pm.

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    I'm in need of a professional to assist with content data entry. The content for this project needs to be manually created. Key Responsibilities: - Entering data for content creationo - Ensuring accuracy and reliability of data - Handling any necessary formatting of the content Ideal Skills: - Proficient in content data entry - Excellent attention to detail - Strong manual content creation abilities If you have experience in this area and can deliver quality work, please get in touch. The deadline for this project is flexible.

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    RTILA Web and Automation Expert 6 日 left

    I am in need of an expert in web automation for a project that involves web scraping, data processing, and task scheduling. Key Responsibilities: - Develop an automation system that involves data entry, report generation, and email automation. - Web scraping: Extract data from various websites, APIs, and databases. - Data processing: Clean and transform the scraped data into a format that is easily interpretable. - Task scheduling: Implement a scheduling system to ensure the automation tasks are executed within the specified time frames. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web scraping technologies and tools. - Strong background in data processing and manipulation. - Experience in building task scheduling systems. - Proficient in various programming languages commonly used in ...

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    I have a stack of PDFs that need to be typed into a database for analysis. The data is straightforward, but I need someone who can pay close attention to detail and follow the guidelines I'll provide for formatting. Key requirements: - Converting PDFs into a database - Accurate and efficient data entry - Ability to follow specific formatting guidelines Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficiency in typing and data entry - Attention to detail - Good time management - Familiarity with database entry - Ability to follow formatting guidelines I'm looking for someone who can perform this task accurately and efficiently. If this sounds like a task you can handle, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can assist with data processing tasks. The primary tasks will include: - Entering data into Microsoft Excel: The data is primarily text-based and will need to be organized and managed in the spreadsheet. The ideal candidate for this role should have experience with data entry and data processing. Previous experience with Microsoft Excel is a must. Accuracy and attention to detail are key characteristics I am seeking for this project.

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    Necesito un freelance que haga las siguientes tareas: 1. Crear los siguientes campos: - ASIGNACIÓN: Empresa. (Este campo tiene que tener dos selecciones de empresas: empresa A, empresa B) - DATOS DEL CLIENTE: Id cliente(debe de crear un número incremental de forma automática comenzando desde el 1 sin que yo lo introduzca) Nombre de la persona de contacto Nombre de la empresa Email Teléfono - DATOS DEL SERVICIO: Id ( este campo debe crear números aleatorios y cada mes debe de tener colores diferentes (ejemplo: enero rojo, febrero azul, marzo verde, abril amarillo, negro, blanco, naranja, morado, rosa, gris, etc)) Descripción corta del producto Descripción del producto solicitado ( el texto escrito nunca debe de salirse fuera del camp...

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    I am seeking the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed for intermediation in the exchange-traded commodities market with a key focus on petroleum products, non-ferrous and precious metals, and agricultural commodities. Key requirements include: * Market Analysis: The platform should be primarily engineered to facilitate insightful market analysis. Freelancers with experience in projecting market trends and interpreting vast amounts of data would be ideally suited. * Efficiency: The system must ensure efficient and automated transaction execution. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in developing platforms that handle instant transactions, driven by accurate predictive algorithms. * Commodity Knowledge: Understanding of commodities markets, sp...

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    You must type 50 WPM. Please check before applying. You must be able to start immediately. In other words, please don't apply if you can't start today on EST. Must be able to follow instructions exactly as given Will be keying in timesheets that are in military time in Excel and timesheet software!!! Must be able to keep up w/ 20 people working simultaneously (1200 Lines of Data - Accuracy Important) All instructions are given in writing only via text, so excellent English is required

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    I'm looking to get some sophisticated smart sheets created for my operations. The smart sheets should be advanced enough to automatically perform calculations, validate input data, and allow for conditional formatting. Here's what I have in mind: * Automated Calculations: The sheets should be designed in a manner that supports automatic calculations. This will save us time and significantly reduce human errors. * Data Validation: We need the sheets to validate the data that's plugged in. This helps in maintaining data integrity and accuracy. * Conditional Formatting: The sheets should support conditional formatting. This feature makes it easy to highlight parts of your data that meet given criteria. For reporting, I need financial reports and project progress repo...

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    I require a freelancer to design a comprehensive training plan for a sizeable company of over 500 employees. This project will be managed manually using spreadsheets and will involve: - Tracking staff attendance via both self-reporting methods and training session sign-in sheets - Monitoring training progress - Observing how time is distributed within the training process Skills and experience that will significantly benefit this project include: - Advanced Excel usage or equivalent spreadsheet program expertise - Ability to create clear and comprehensive reports - Strong analytical skills - Extensive experience in HR or training management - Excellent communication skills for effective collaboration This project is not merely about data entry; it requires a meaningful interpretat...

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    As a small yet flourishing business, I urgently need a professional who can construct an Excel sheet to integrate with our existing fingerprint scanner for the purpose of efficient salary calculation for our team of 10 to 50 employees. The essential responsibilities will include: - Developing an Excel sheet that securely receives data from our fingerprint scanner. - Ensuring accurate data integration and transfer between device and worksheet. - Implementing a robust salary calculation functionality within the Excel sheet to reflect our company's specific compensation model. Candidates who possess practical experience in Excel, data integration, and biometric systems will be highly preferred. Knowledge in fingerprint scanner data could bring about advantageous insights for project s...

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    I am looking for a detailed dataset that maps out all the important information about ENI filling stations across Italy. This information will be utilized for a variety of analytical purposes. Requirements: - The dataset should include the location of each filling station, the types of fuel available, and their operational hours. - Additionally, I need a complete list of all services provided at each station, such as car wash, convenience store, and ATM machine. This need to be made with EXTREME urgency, be aware that it is quite complex (~2500 filling stations thus row) and need to be made with extreme accuracy. The ideal freelancer for this task should have a strong background in data collection and analysis, with experience in compiling comprehensive datasets. Accuracy and attention...

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    I need regular monthly sales reports in Tally TDL format showing the sales figures for the most popular categories within our sales data. These reports should be presented in a clear and concise tabular format, with simplicity emphasizing numbers over visual graphics. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with Tally TDL for report generation - Ability to identify and prioritize popular categories in sales data - Experience in generating simple, digestible sales reports with emphasis on tabular data - Reports do NOT require graphical representation such as graphs or charts. Instead, favour clear and easy to understand tables and numbers. - Given that I have not specified the categories in this project, you should have excellent skills in identifying what products are selling the mo...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to help with typing and formatting marketing materials for my existing business. Key Requirements: - The primary content of the documents is marketing materials. - I will provide you with the specific format or template that needs to be followed for typing the documents. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in typing and formatting marketing content. - Ability to follow detailed instructions. - Experience working with business-related materials is a plus.

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    I'm in need of a professional data entry freelancer who can handle a large-scale, multi-format data entry project. The job will require you to: - Enter a variety of data types: text, numerical, and image data. This demands a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. - Source data from a range of locations: physical documents, online forms, and digital files. This may require different approaches depending on the source. The volume of data needing entry is significant, exceeding 1000 entries. You should be comfortable with this scale of work and able to manage your time effectively to meet deadlines. Ideal skills and experience for this role include: - Proficiency in data entry - both speed and accuracy are crucial. - Experience with handling a variety of data types, including...

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    Saya baru saja meluncurkan sebuah aplikasi bahasa inggris untuk anak-anak umur 4-8 tahun, dan saya sedang mengumpulkan review dan feedback dari anak-anak dan orang tua. Saya sedang mencari jasa untuk menyebarkan aplikasi ini ke kalangan orang tua yang mempunyai anak umur 4-8 tahun dan mengisi kuesioner yang saya sediakan. Butuh total responden kurang lebih 100-200 orang, orang tua yang mempunyai anak usia 4-8 tahun.

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    I am in need of a PowerPoint presentation that will illustrate the flow of data within our company's warehouse. The primary objective of this presentation is to provide an overview of the data flow, and it should also include technical details. Key points to cover: - Overview of the Source, Landing, Stage, and Base layers - Explanation of the Dimension & Fact tables - Illustration of data flow through the warehouse - Technical details on how the data is processed and transformed Ideal candidates should have: - Strong experience in creating PowerPoint presentations - Excellent understanding of data warehousing concepts - Ability to explain complex technical details in a clear and concise manner Please ensure that the final presentation is engaging yet comprehensive.

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    I urgently need someone to compile a detailed list of foods stocked exclusively at Woolworths and their respective macronutrients (Protein, Fats, Carbs, Fibre) right next to them. This list will be an essential tool for my dietary planning and tracking. Key requirements: - I need this information specifically from Woolworths, Coles or any other store. - The list should encompass Fresh produce (fruits & vegetables), Packaged foods (snacks, cereals, canned goods), and Meat and seafood. - Please try to be as comprehensive as possible, including every food item you can find in these categories. - Macros should be accurate and reliable, so any database or source you use must be up to date. Ideal skills and experience: - Nutritional knowledge or dietitian background would be very helpful ...

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    I'm in need of a data researcher to provide me with a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet of relevant information. Key Requirements: - Proficient in data research - Skilled in Excel for data organization and presentation Ideal skills include: - Experience with market research and competitor analysis - Ability to extract and summarize industry trends - Excellent attention to detail and data accuracy I'm looking for someone who can efficiently gather and structure data in a way that's easy to understand and work with. A document that can clearly outline the data in an Excel spreadsheet format will be greatly appreciated.

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    I am seeking an expert to streamline the process of generating organizational charts, currently done manually using MS-Visio. The goal is to automate this process through the import of a single Excel file. Key requirements include: • Automating the creation of org charts from Excel data in MS-Visio. • Implementing conditional formatting based on role features. Examples include: o Differentiating between national and expat roles with distinct shape colors. o Using varied shading based on work location. • Ensuring org charts are formatted for A3 size paper. • Incorporating vertical band lines to demarcate different organizational levels. I will provide a sample Excel dataset that accurately represents my organizational data, with color codes for conditional formatting. I ...

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    tegno una base de datos en excel y con eso se debe crear un modelo matematico y simularlo con python para predecir la perdida de caarb'ono org'anico

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    I need assistance with importing our inventory data, stored in Excel spreadsheets, into our new system. This is a one-time task and not a recurring or automated update need and we have about 10,000 products. The project involves: - Understanding our product details format in the current Excel file. - Transforming or adjusting data attributes if necessary for compatibility with the new system. - Performing a successful import into the new system. We need to use the "insphire - Custom inventory report, and import the data into the "Bulkitem importTemplate" and merge any items that are the same. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in data migration, specifically Excel to system. - Knowledge of inventory management. - Excellent problem-solving skills, as d...

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    I'm seeking a detailed-oriented freelancer for creating an Excel spreadsheet, tailored towards nutrition tracking. The core data needed to incorporate includes: - Calorie intake - Macronutrient breakdown (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) - Prices The goal is to have an organized, easy-to-use tool for logging and tracking nutritional data daily. The plan is to have a master spreadsheet with all relevant information. then there will be another sheet so for example you put in a certain amount of grams for the certain food all the other cells will update giving you required information

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    Typing Work 6 日 left

    I have a large volume of financial records that I need to have entered into a digital spreadsheet. The data is located in scanned documents, and I need a meticulous and detail-oriented freelancer to accurately transcribe the information. Key requirements: - Strong data entry skills - Experience with financial records is a big plus - Proficiency with spreadsheets Please note that the accuracy of the data entry is absolutely critical for this project, so attention to detail is paramount.

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    PDF Data Entry Specialist Needed 6 日 left

    **Job Description:** We are looking for a dedicated PDF Data Entry Specialist from India to join our team. Your task will be to complete PDF files and enter the information into an EMR website. **Job Details:** - **Working Hours:** 3-5 hours per week, Monday to Friday. - **Payment:** $200 every month (approximately 55,000.00 PKR monthly). - **Deadline:** Daily work must be completed before 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. - **Requirements:** - Reliable internet connection. - Basic knowledge of PDF and EMR systems. - Attention to detail. - **Tools:** You will be provided access to a OneDrive folder where all PDF files will be stored. **How to Apply:** Please apply with your relevant experience and availability.

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    La aplicación es una plataforma de préstamos que permite a los clientes solicitar crédito y cargar los documentos necesarios. Desde el panel administrativo aprobamos los créditos por el importe que consideramos oportuno. La aplicación cobra intereses diarios durante el periodo establecido, y si el usuario no realiza el pago en la fecha acordada, automáticamente se generará otro interés diario. Desde la aplicación administrativa podemos ofrecer descuentos a los clientes que paguen anticipadamente y aumentar el importe de la deuda si es necesario. Además, es posible generar informes sobre Todo lo relacionado con la empresa. También requerimos un módulo de informes, un módulo de retiros de saldo de caj...

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    Busco Asistente Virtual -- 3 6 日 left

    Busco asistente virtual, el trabajo es solo mandar mensajes

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    I'm in need of a virtual assistant to send messages

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    Looking for a detail-oriented data entry specialist to accurately input and manage financial records. The project requires high accuracy and familiarity with financial data formats, ensuring all entries are correct and up-to-date.

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    I'm in need of an experienced freelancer to help with data verification tasks. The data is in Word documents. Key Requirements: - The main task is verifying data, which will require a keen eye for detail. - Experience in data verification work is necessary to ensure high quality results. - Proficiency in working with Word documents is essential. To apply, please include details of your previous experience with data verification in your proposal.

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    Data entry, ingreso de data 6 日 left

    Se necesita, un data entry, para ingresar datos de un excel a una plataforma. De un excel con cercano a 20 columnas maximo, en cada linea. Se necesita agregar cada linea de 20 columnas, a un calendario en una plataforma. Necesito llenar por mes, en cada dia de lunes a viernes hay maximo 5 lineas parox. osea 5 lineas x 20 dias en el calendario. Osea 100 lineas de 20 columnas., por mes ingresado. Son 7 meses que hay llenar en la plataforma.

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    I need a large number of email addresses created across email providers Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and Gmail. Key requirements include: - 10 email addresses created for each provider. - Each email address should follow a specific naming convention based on the names provided. - The email addresses need to be created with unique passwords and recovery mail/codes for security purposes. This project will require: - Proficiency in creating and managing email accounts on Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and Gmail. - The ability to follow a naming convention based on the names provided. - Ensuring the security of the email accounts through unique passwords and recovery mechanisms. If you have experience with bulk email creation and can deliver this in a timely and secure manner, please bid and type bluebird ...

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    I'm looking for a Python expert to automate the extraction of financial data from a specific platform to an Excel sheet. The data I'm interested in is the financial data, which needs to be extracted daily. It is important to note that I'm solely interested in exporting the data as is, without any need for further processing or analysis in the Excel sheet. The platform documentation link provided above will give you more insights on where to extract the data from. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Python, with a strong understanding of data extraction and manipulation - Previous experience with similar automation tasks and API integrations - High level of attention to detail to ensure accurate daily data extraction This is a long term project, and I'm looking for someo...

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    Se necesita personal para delegar tareas sencillas administrativas: manejar email, hacer llamadas para informar a clientes (no ventas), y otras tareas típicas de secretariado. Tendrás una persona contigo dándote el training así como módulos de aprendizaje de tus tareas. 1. Manejo de Office (Outlook, Excel y Word). Indicar si sabes usar y configurar cuentas en MS Outlook. 2. Horario compatible con España - GMT+1 (tienes que tener disponibilidad desde las 12 en la mañana) 3. Voz agradable, simpática. De atención al cliente. 4. Indicar experiencia en redes sociales, cuales tienes y qué has hecho con ellas ¿solo uso personal o para alguna empresa? 5. ¿Qué resultados lograste en términos de creci...

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    Excel to Visual Basic Conversion 6 日 left

    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer with a strong command of Excel and Visual Basic to transition a complex Excel project to Visual Basic using Visual Studio 2022. Key requirements: - The primary task is to automate and improve the functionalities of the existing Excel project, by converting it to Visual Basic code. - I'm looking for a reasonable price for this conversion. Please ensure: - You've done similar projects before and can provide relevant examples of your past work. - Your experience with both Excel and Visual Basic is substantial. - The Visual Basic code should be structured and organized in a way that aligns with my specific requirements. Please start your bid with "done" to ensure you've read through my requirements.

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    I'm in search of an all-in-one Statistic, Data, and Trading Expert to help me with a range of tasks. For the Statistic Expert: - Analyzing Market Data: I need assistance with analyzing this particular type of data and drawing meaningful insights from it. - Creating Statistical Models: I'm looking for someone who can develop statistical models to help me understand the market trends better. - multiple Dependent Variables, multiple independent variables. - true understatement of statistics and data processing SIMPLE THING, LOOK at attached excel. Green --> independent variables, red --> dependent variables Use an API to get the data, basic ML and ARIMA is fine. You are free in choosing the way as long as it works! For the Data Expert: - Trading Fundamental Knowledge, qua...

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    Hacer un codigo para completar un formulario web de 5 campos y enviar la consulta, esto se debe repetir por cada fila de datos en tabla. Los datos se encuentran en un google sheet y son actualizados periodicamente por la empresa. Se debe entregar codigo y explicacion de instalacion y uso.

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    I am in need of a Google Form that will collect text-based responses. The data will need to be sorted alphabetically. The form should also include basic conditional logic that will allow certain questions to appear based on the users' previous responses.

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    I'm seeking a professional to aid in the smooth running of my E-commerce agency. Key Responsibilities: - Managing day-to-day operations: This involves dealing with clients and prospective leads, as well as assisting with the CEO's daily operational tasks. - Email Management: You should be able to sort and organize incoming emails, respond to client inquiries and flag/prioritize emails as needed. - Calendar Scheduling: Keeping track of appointments, meetings, and events is crucial. - Client Communication: You'll serve as a point of contact for clients, so excellent communication skills are a must. - Excellent English both written and verbal - Will need to attend zooms with Clients Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong organizational and multitasking abilities. - Proficien...

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    I'm looking for a meticulous data entry specialist who can handle the following tasks: - **Data Entry**: Mostly textual data entry, with a focus on accuracy and speed. - **Database Delivery**: The data should be delivered organized within a database. - **Data Cleaning/Preparation**: Advanced level of data cleaning and preparation is expected prior to entry. This includes data validation and error checking. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in advanced data entry - Proficiency in database management - Strong attention to detail - Ability to perform data validation and error checking If you're confident in your abilities and can meet these requirements, I'd love to hear from you.

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    Fleet Tracking Thingsboard Design 6 日 left

    I am seeking a design engineer who is accomplished with Thingsboard to create a specific design concept for my fleet tracking project. This design will manage and display data for various fleet metrics including vehicle location, speed, and mileage. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in Thingsboard design - Experience in fleet tracking technologies - Ability to interpret and execute my specific design concept - Expertise in creating intuitive interfaces for displaying varied data Your mission if you choose to accept include: - Crafting the Thingsboard design based on my provided concept. - Ensuring efficient management of fleet tracking data. - Providing clear visualisations for vehicle location, vehicle speed, and vehicle mileage data. Let...

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    Ad Copy Text Generator 6 日 left

    We require Entry level freelancers from USA for a very simple task. All freelancers will be considered.

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    I have a collection of MP3 files and Audio Clips that I need help to organize. - The files are mostly music and voice clips of different artists and genres. - The task involves renaming and organizing these files based on the specific criteria: Artist/Album/Track Name and then further categorizing the audio clips into 'Rap Acapellas' or 'Sung Acappellas'. - The final step includes splitting these files into separate folders based on the gender of the artists, in this case, Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in handling audio files and their metadata - Experience in batch renaming and organizing files - Understanding of musical genres and artist distinctions - Knowledge of audio categorization and tagging - Proficient in creating and managing file systems ...

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    I require a proficient data entry specialist to assist with a one-time project that involves entering less than 100 data sets into Microsoft Excel. The tasks include copying and pasting, sorting and organizing, as well as validating and verifying the data. Ideal skills and experience: - Previous experience with data entry, particularly in Excel - High attention to detail to ensure accuracy in the data entered - Proficient in data sorting and organizing - Ability to validate and verify data effectively Please note that this is a one-time small project, and the successful candidate may be considered for future projects based on performance.

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    I'm seeking comprehensive assistance with setting up my Amazon account, listing products, and verifying my brand registry. Additionally, I may need support with creating enhanced brand content. Key Requirements: - Account Setup: I require help in setting up the entire Amazon account, ensuring all necessary details are correctly inputted. - Product Listing: Assistance is needed in listing a substantial number of products, although the exact quantity is currently unspecified. - Brand Registry Verification: This is crucial for brand protection and access to Amazon's enhanced marketing features. - Enhanced Brand Content: While not an immediate need, there may be a future requirement to create enhanced brand content or A+ content for my products. Ideal Freelancer: - Experience in ...

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    In this project, I need a professional freelancer who can work in a large scale data entry job accurately. This involves: - Typing text from scanned documents - meticulous attention to detail is needed here. - Entering data into spreadsheets - strong skills in Excel or similar software are required. - Copying and pasting information - a key task where accuracy is crucial. The volume of this job is larger than 500 entries/documents. Hence, an experienced data entry specialist who can maintain accuracy even with large volumes of data is preferred. As the accuracy level required is very high - no mistakes are allowed, the freelancer should have excellent proofreading abilities. The ideal candidate is someone who has previously worked on large scale data entry jobs and has delivered precis...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr 平均入札額
    99 入札

    We're looking for a full time VA to help our eCommerce business. The daily tasks will vary to support the Australian team, they will include things such as. -Collecting pricing and data from various sources and reporting to the team -Entering data into our IT systems or excel -Processing routine reports through Excel or PowerBi -Mapping SKU's & Phone models on Excel or ecommerce platforms -Data analysis or Data repair (mostly through Excel) -Entry level book keeping/data entry tasks -Other general online and excel based tasks You must be advanced in Excel skills and be very tech savvy. Looking to start within the next week, 20 hours work per week on an ongoing basis. Potentially to increase to 40 hours in the future if we're happy with your work. Please provide some r...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $7 / hr 平均入札額
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    I'm in need of an Excel expert to create a process flow macro that will help in understanding the workflow of my operations. This workflow is a multi-pathway process with limited decision points, rather than a high complexity process. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Excel 2019 - Strong understanding of process flow creation on Excel - Ability to create multi-pathway process flow macros - Attention to detail to limit workflow errors Your task will involve creating a macro that makes workflow understanding effortless. Your creativity and expertise in process flow are major assets for the project.

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 平均入札額
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