AJAX is the art of exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page without reloading the whole page. It is not a new programming language, but a new way to use existing standards. AJAX is used to make sites interactive. It can be used to create Facebook apps, picture-uploading interfaces, and much more. If you need to add functionality to an existing or new website and don\'t have the programming knowledge, our expert developers can create whatever you need.

If you are AJAX developer, Freelancer.com offers you a lot of clients who need your help with their AJAX projects which might vary from creating Facebook apps, picture uploading interfaces, and much more.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on AJAX projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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    I want to develop android video application. It is something like youtube. I need android developer with rich skill.

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    I have lot of web project requirements.I need someone who is good with PHP, js would be preferred. Long term commitment is aprreciated.

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    Fintech app 6 日 left

    Starting a fintech app. I am looking for someone familiar with installing a mobile UI kit. (I've attached the .sketch file to this job offer.) We are building in [ログインしてURLを表示] using Hydrogenplatform API's. Also, need to build an ERC-20 token to integrate into this app.

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    I need the wizard on the following link done: [ログインしてURLを表示] exactly as it is. Please use CakePHP 4. Please bid exact fee. Low fee bids would be prioritised. Best regards.

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    Fix problem in Javascript / php 6 日 left

    I placed javascript code in database in terms of parameters: value and then insert these parameters: value from database in html page, in order to facilitate edit the values. When placed directly in html code it works well but getting parameter: value from database is causing the following error: [ログインしてURLを表示] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'lastIndexOf' of undefined at n...

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    need to do full stack javascript development. To-Dos ==== 1. add delivery option price in the cart in the checkout page - to be added, this is a new feature 2. users are given two options (1) checkout as a guest (2) login and checkout - to be added, this is a new feature 3. save all cart info in database - psude code is already there, just need some updates, if necessary ...

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    The project is to build a small ajax form using jquery / pure js which allows a user to search/ add customers. -The user types an email or phone number. -While typing the script makes ajax requests to an endpoint which searches for existing customers. (will provide json endpoint) -If the user clicks a customer the outlined form elements appear with populated data from the search result. -If the ...

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    I need someone to create an app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business. This is what I'm looking for [ログインしてURLを表示] Please message me if you have any questions.

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    saas validation project 6 日 left

    Project to validate codes in saas Experience programmer in SAAS only apply

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    I am looking for an experienced person who can program a could phone system. What is expected from bidder: - suggest what system to use - what programming language to use - cost estimation It is like programming a system that helps callers to listen to voicemails sequentially instead of calling back to each employees numbers. Price is negotiable and we can discuss via chatting.

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    Help with simple code - 5 min job 5 日 left

    I need help with a piece of code im writing In short, there is a variable in my php code that is set from reading a database, i need this variable in my php page to be updated every 1 second without refreshing the page Currently, the website will show a loading page, i want the loading page to be shown depending on a database results So to explain more: I have already made the database, connect...

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    Merhaba Ekteki grafiğin aynısını yapabilecek olan bir arkadaş arıyoruz. İstediğimiz şey bu grafiğin boostrap içerisinde modal olarak açılması ve sağdan yapılan seçimlerin soldaki grafiğe yansıtılması.

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    POS on Laravel 5 日 left

    POS management system project (The view "frontend" is ready) its base on laravel 7 we need to complete the project

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    I need someone to complete the project I have build in PHP and MySQL for funeral home management system. I need security and cleanup with additional functionality. I will discuss the details once I get the right developer. It's Urgent

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    Have to work on technologies like java, hibernate, jquery, ajax, Oracle sql, spring, jsp

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    i have some code for payments. i'm not feeling well now .so some need to fixe the code.

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    Mình cần xây dựng một trang web quản lý nhân sự. Bao gồm các chức năng: + Quản lý nhân viên + Quản lý tuyển dụng + Đánh giá năng lực nhân viên + Tiền lương, bảo hiểm,...

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    Need someone who is an expert at: HTML + CSS + AJAX + JS We've got a screenshot of a webpage we liked. Its a single page design, need to dynamically load data with Ajax on conditions. Note: You only need to work on the front end tpl files. If you need any work with php development, you"ll ask our developers.

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    Looking for Java Developer + expert in JSON and Javascript AJAX call. I am developing google map and pushing marker and polygon. It take loading time as record is more than 7000. Need to reduce the loading time.

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    two graphics projects. One plotting 3d spacial paths with metadata legends and the other plotting STK orbits. I'll provide license

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    Build graph system 3 日 left

    1) Add in function filter by name & type for graphs using Canvas.js. 2) Count and display record on the graph for each item if there is new data add into database

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    Php code - quick fix 3 日 left

    I have a website which is written in raw PHP/Ajax There is a small issue with the Ajax/Php code which I URGENTLY need someone to look into right now and fix. THIS IS FOR AN ADULT WEBSITE

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    • Create a header component and a footer component  Format both header and footer components (tags to be used; ex. h1 and h3) to the same formatting in regard to background and text colour plus any other formatting of your choice; You can format each .css for header and footer or use the [ログインしてURLを表示] to create global styles for your tags • Create a file in the app folder called [ログイン...

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    We are looking for a developer to create IOS, android application, and one of these websites, all the details and overview and prices will share on chat or call. Please apply the only experienced person. Thank you in advance

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    I want further Up gradation in my Wordpress Website [ログインしてURLを表示] Up gradation Details: 1) Need to Show different Currency and different Value for different Country Automatically in the Home Page. 2) Need to show SGST and CGST for inter State Transaction, IGST for outer State Transaction and No GST for Outer Country transactions and Send the Bill Accordingly. Interested Freelancers please bi...

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    usamos el tema divi y deseamos que se conecte via web servis a otra pagina para obtener la información asi como tambien enviar información y si fuera factible no depender de las actualizaciones de wordpress.

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    Input mask ( Jquery ) ( PHP ) -- 2 3 日 left

    I need to create an input mask for a login page example for input: test10-10000-test20

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    15 入札

    Es necesario maquetar proyecto en mockup full responsive y con todos sus servicios segun mocks, utilizando grid-layout y flexbox

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    • Create a header component and a footer component • Create a file in the app folder called [ログインしてURLを表示] in the app folder • Create another .ts (example: [ログインしてURLを表示]) file in your app folder to hold another class for books that will include the following definition (your choice of file name and class name):  book name / author / genre / year published / picture • Create a...

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    Hi I am looking for someone who can able to do Customizations in my moodle plugin. Currently, my developer is working with it and he is stucked somewhere. I want someone who can able to contribute the work with him. Please submit your proposals according to the work... Thankyou !!

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    Input mask ( Jquery ) ( PHP ) 2 日 left

    I need to create an input mask for a login page example for input: test10-10000-test20

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    Website building Html , Http, xml, AJax, json questionnaire

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    Hi there, looking for someone who can code an single order form for use with the WHMCS (7.x) api. It has to work like that --> [ログインしてURLを表示] -form must be responsive, simply use Bootstrap or similar -external language file/s -currency / language must be switchable or automated by geoIP -form must be completely accessible by link like [ログインしてURLを表示] -form must fully work as STAND ALONE REMOTE...

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    We are developing android application where we are connecting app to one of our device, We are using web view inside android and put our html pages inside asset folder. When we run app only html works,the ajax requests doesn't work. Similarly when we use Visual Studio Code with Extension of Live Server, everything works fine.

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    Looking for Api Developer 2 日 left

    hello i m looking for very professional javascript, Json developer who can actually do API work in my website, we are crypto exchange company and we recently did partnership with sendwyre and we have to use their whitelabel card processing api in our website,also our website design is already completed. Here is link for their api [ログインしてURLを表示] Please note if you are applying for this job, you m...

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    I need a person good in django as a intern for my company. Salary based on skills. A demo project would be given for solving based on which your skill would be judged and salary would be fixed. perks** certificate of internship completion from EEVEVO company. stipend based on performance. many new things to learn.

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    Need new AdminArea in Core PHP 7.4 for our News website with following features: Secured Login with encrypted password CRUD News * Use TinyMce plugin for TextEditor * Ajax Upload Images - With image crop facility. * Generate thumbnail image. * Store uploaded images outside of webroot directory

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    Mobile App - Android & iOS 1 日 left

    Looking for an mobile app expert to develop an small app for existing crm. App should have only 2 function - customer management - order management Design concept is also required

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    I need help with form handling with my project and i want to use javascript/ajax/php to process it need someone who can explain to me what's the best way doing it. i want to use the wordpress ajax's api admin_url('[ログインしてURLを表示]') ;?> thanks!

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    I need a programmer who knows the programming of the Theme Wordpress Foodbakery (Chimpgroup) theme or who has experience in customizing this theme at the interface level and at the functionalities level. The programmer must know the following codes: PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, AJAX AND WOOCOMMERCE.

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    This is an exciting long term opportunity for a 3dcart plugin developer (the agency is welcome, preference for an individual). We have a Woocommerce plugin for our own payment gateway. We need someone to port it for 3dcart. This involves putting a javascript on the checkout page (similar to Stripe or Paypal), setting up Cron on 3dcart for callbacks, and updates. Preference will be given to peopl...

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    Incorporating required changes on PHP pages of the web site Designing new html pages and converting to PHP Incorporating new features in existing PHP web site Fixing defect of existing PHP web site

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    Need someone skilled enough to modify a webpage according to the designs provided along with functionalities. The page is already developed in HTML, CSS and javascript and code for most of the functionalities is already present. Full API, Designs, Development logic support will be provided from our side. Attached are the images of desired UI.

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    hi i need my script to be eddited. my script should read my current ballance on the page from the script. when the balance from the script chances the script should take 15 % from the profit and send it to trezor. the page is [ログインしてURLを表示] visit the page to check out if you can make it work. the part to send to trezor is already done in the script so what is missing is the part to read the b...

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    Various WordPress tasks 1 日 left

    I need freelancer for ongoing WordPress tasks. You will work on various tasks as directed. If you are familiar with GitLab that's a great advantage. You will work along side another developer. You will need to be well versed in a variety of technologies as tasks are diverse. RULES 1. Immediate start only. Immediate delivery required. 2. Must demonstrate progress, I will not simply forget an...

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    Necesito editar esta plantilla [ログインしてURLを表示] cambiando/agregando algunas funciones y que quede 100% funcional y sin errores visuales ni de programación. Cambios necesarios: 1. Añadir al pop-up inicial (newsletter) un campo de texto para introducir código postal. 2. Opción para añadir al carrito desde barra de búsqueda y añadir función de su...

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    Hello. I need a staff member for a long-term project who good skill in Code Igniter. Thank you!

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    Redesign a page! 3 時間 left

    Need someone who has worked on tpl files and is an expert at: HTML + CSS + AJAX We've got a screenshot of a webpage we liked. Its a single page design with few tabs. Need to load data with jQuery with conditions. Note: You only need to work on the front end tpl files. If you need any work with php development, you"ll ask our developers.

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    I need someone who has good expertise in PWA and ruby on rails. We serve students and teachers and we need to improve the user experience with autosave and realtime push notifications. However, we do not want to take the route of app stores. We want to make it easier for teachers and students by getting on with the PWA standards. We look forward to working with super developers who care about gr...

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    Simple Ajax Related Work Need to connect with anydesk/teamviewer to work

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