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このlogo designの費用は
$20 USD


このlogo designの費用:
$20 USD

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Ui design for mobile app
$30 – 250 CAD
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Mappify 1. Interactive Map Features: Location-Based Filters: Allow users to filter places on the map based on categories such as restaurants, cafes, parks, events, etc. Augmented Reality Navigation: Implement AR navigation for a more immersive experience, guiding users to their selected destinations with real-time overlays. 2. Personalized Feed: AI-Powered Recommendations: Utilize machine learning to analyze user preferences and provide personalized recommendations in the feed. Event Reminders: Enable users to set reminders for upcoming local events or promotions they are interested in. 3. TikTok-like Video Section: Video Creation Tools: Provide easy-to-use video creation tools with filters, effects, and text overlays for businesses and users. Engagement Analytics: Offer insights for businesses to track the performance of their videos, including views, likes, and shares. 4. Business Profiles: Online Ordering Integration: Allow businesses to integrate online ordering systems directly into their profiles. Customer Reviews and Ratings: Implement a review and rating system for users to share their experiences with local businesses. 5. Smart Feed Enhancements: Real-Time Updates: Ensure the feed is constantly updated with real-time information about promotions, events, and new businesses. Integration with Calendar Apps: Allow users to add events directly from the feed to their device calendars. 6. User Control and Settings: Privacy Settings: Provide granular privacy settings, allowing users to control the visibility of their activities and preferences. Customizable Notifications: Allow users to choose the types of notifications they want to receive and their preferred frequency. 7. Community Challenges and Rewards: Points and Leaderboards: Introduce a points system and leaderboards for users who actively participate in challenges and contribute to the community. Reward Redemption Center: Create a virtual marketplace where users can redeem points for discounts or exclusive offers from local businesses. 8. Local Guides and Influencers: Verification System: Implement a verification process for local guides to build trust within the community. Incentive Program: Reward local guides with exclusive perks or recognition for their contributions. 9. Live Events and Meetups: Ticketing System: Integrate a ticketing system for events within the app. Live Streaming: Allow businesses to live-stream events for users who cannot attend in person. 10. Augmented Reality (AR) Integration: AR Scavenger Hunts: Create AR-based scavenger hunts that encourage users to explore different parts of their neighborhood. Virtual Tours: Offer businesses the option to provide virtual tours through AR. 11. Collaborative Playlists for Locations: Music Integration: Partner with music streaming services to allow users to create and share playlists seamlessly. Location-Based Recommendations: Suggest playlists based on the ambiance of different places. 12. Local History and Stories: User-Generated Content Hub: Create a dedicated section for user-generated content, including stories, photos, and videos about local history. Moderation Tools: Implement tools to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of user-contributed historical content. 13. Interactive Polls and Surveys: Business Improvement Feedback: Allow businesses to collect specific feedback on products, services, and customer experiences. In-App Analytics Dashboard: Provide businesses with analytics tools to interpret survey results. 14. AR Photo Filters and Frames: User-Created Filters: Allow users and businesses to create and submit their AR filters for photos. Location-Specific Frames: Develop frames that dynamically change based on the user's location. 15. Local Discounts and Coupons: QR Code Integration: Enable businesses to generate QR codes for discounts or promotions, easily redeemable within the app. Expiration Alerts: Notify users when their saved coupons are about to expire. 16. Integration with Local Transportation Services: Real-Time Transit Updates: Integrate real-time information on public transportation schedules and delays. Multi-Modal Navigation: Provide options for combining different transportation modes for a seamless travel experience. 17. Accessibility Features: Voice Commands: Implement voice-activated features for users with accessibility needs. Color Contrast Options: Allow users to customize the app's color scheme for better visibility. 18. Localized Language Support: Translation Tools: Provide in-app translation tools to support multiple languages. Localized Content: Ensure that business profiles and content are available in the native language of the user's preference. 19. Seasonal and Themed Features: Holiday Promotions: Enable businesses to run seasonal promotions and events within the app. Themed Map Overlays: Introduce fun map overlays or themes during holidays or local
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