Transcription is a process that involves converting audio or video files into text documents. A transcriber uses their experience and knowledge to listen to and transcribe audio/video files accurately. Transcribers can help people with a wide range of tasks like providing closed captions for videos, creating subtitles for movies and presentations, create searchable searches about interviews, notes and lectures for educational research, convert audio diaries or interviews into texts for papers, blogs or articles. A good transcription service not only has to understand the content from the audio/video file, but also consider the style of writing and context relevant to the particular project.

Here’s some projects that our expert Transcribers have made real:

  • Translating interviews and dialogues into multiple languages
  • Creating subtitles and closed captions for videos
  • Categorizing conversations into subject matters
  • Formatting audio affording ease of use with search functions
  • Proofreading already transcribed texts
  • Writing academic articles based on recordings

At, our experienced Transcribers are here to tackle any projects related to this field. We guarantee accuracy in all tasks we undertake. Our experts go the extra mile in detecting mistakes left behind by other services, ensuring precision in all our transcriptions. Whether you need subtitles or a blog post written up, an expert will be available to work on your project. So why not let us make your project reality today? Post your project on now and hire an experienced Transcriber!

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    For this task, I am searching for a freelancer skilled in audio editing to extract names from a 20-minute audio. The quality of the recording is good. What is needed: - Eliminate names using a beep sound. The outcome should not interrupt the flow of dialogue, maintaining as natural a progression as possible. - Post redaction, convert the audio file to MP3 format. Ideal Skills and Qualifications: - Experience with audio editing, specifically redaction. - Expertise in manipulating sound while minimising disruption to surrounding audio. - Proficient in converting audio files to different formats. Please ensure you have the correct software and expertise before bidding. This project requires precision and attention to detail for effective completion.

    $13 - $19 / hr
    $13 - $19 / hr
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    The task at hand involves extreme confidentiality as it revolves around student counselling. Key things to remember: - Redaction of names from an audio file which is about 20 minutes long. - This is a professionally recorded mp4 file and the audio quality is good. - The audio contains more than 10 distinct names that need to be redacted. - The names in the audio are pronounced in British English. - After successful completion, the audio file must be destroyed to maintain absolute confidentiality. Ideal candidate: - A freelancer who is proficient in using audio editing tools. - Familiarity with the British accent is crucial. - The freelancer should also respect privacy, ethical guidelines and confidentiality. Briefing on discussion of content post-completion: - The freelancer shoul...

    $13 - $19 / hr
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    $13 - $19 / hr
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    Need Malayalam Translator 6 日 left

    Need Malayalam dialogue translator for two 12 mins short film. English dialogues will be given. Malayalam dialogues will be needed.

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 平均入札額
    21 入札
    Need Telugu translator 6 日 left

    Need Telugu dialogue translator for two 12 mins short films.

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 平均入札額
    24 入札

    I require a detailed, word-for-word transcription of an educational lecture that is spoken in a combination of English and Marathi. The total audio length is between 1-3 hours. Bird's-eye view transcriptions won't be sufficient; I need a literal translation that captures the exact intent and context of the lecture. Ideal Candidate: - Native English proficiency - Proficient in Marathi - Prior experience in educational transcription - Strong attention to detail. Responsibilities: - Transcribe audio verbatim - Review transcription for errors - Deliver the text in a time-bound manner.

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 平均入札額
    21 入札
    Insta reels script 5 日 left

    Write the script for mi insta reels based on the raw video provided to you. Script should sound genuine and engaging taking context from the provided video

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 平均入札額
    26 入札

    I'm in need of a professional who can handle general transcription and create well-formatted CVs. For the transcription part, you should: - Accurately transcribe audio files into text. Proper grammar and spelling are essential. - Include timestamps for easy reference if necessary. Regarding CV writing: - Create professional-looking CVs that focus on highlighting my skills and experience. - Use a professional format and layout. - Make sure the content is concise and effective. Please note that I am unsure whether the CVs need to be optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

    $485 (Avg Bid)
    $485 平均入札額
    74 入札

    I require transcription services for English audio or video recordings. I need a skilled transcriber with a good command of English to accurately transcribe audio or video files into text. The quality of the transcription must be high. This job is critical to me and I need someone with a keen ear for detail and a fast turnaround. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in English - Experience in transcribing audio or video files - Attention to detail - Reliability and timeliness - Previous experience with sensitive content is a plus Please bid if you are confident in your transcription abilities and can deliver top-quality work within a reasonable timeframe.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr 平均入札額
    72 入札

    I am looking for a professional typist to accurately transcribe a variety of text documents into digital form. These documents, once typed, will serve as crucial records for organizational purposes. Key Requirements: - Proficient typing skills with a keen eye for detail - Adherence to specific formatting guidelines provided - Ability to maintain high accuracy and deliver within deadlines Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in data entry and typing - Strong understanding of record-keeping standards - Familiarity with customized formatting based on guidelines provided Please note that the successful candidate will be expected to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of these documents. Prior experience in handling sensitive data will be an added advantage.

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr 平均入札額
    138 入札

    I have a set of handwritten documents that need to be transcribed into a digital format. The data is purely text-based and is to be entered into a PDF file. Key Requirements: - Accurate and efficient transcription of handwritten text - Creation of a well-formatted PDF document Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in data entry - Strong attention to detail - Familiarity with PDF file creation Experience: - Prior experience with handwritten text entry - Past work with PDF file generation Looking forward to receiving bids from freelancers with the appropriate skills and experience.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr 平均入札額
    196 入札

    I'm looking for a skilled professional to assist me with transcribing handwritten notes into plain text. Key Requirements: - Efficiently transcribe handwritten notes into plain text format. - Pay attention to detail and ensure accuracy. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in English. - Strong data entry and transcription skills. - Experience working with handwritten documents.

    $11 (Avg Bid)
    $11 平均入札額
    125 入札

    Seeking a skilled professional to assist with important data transcription and cleansing tasks. Key Responsibilities: - Transcribing and cleansing a small volume of data, up to 1000 records. - Ensuring the resultant data is perfectly organized and void of errors. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Expertise in data transcription and data cleansing. - Proven ability to manage small volumes of data. - Proficiency in using Excel spreadsheets. The finished output must be delivered in an Excel spreadsheet. With your keen attention to detail and accuracy, you'll help push our project to successful completion.

    $69 (Avg Bid)
    $69 平均入札額
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    Podcast Audio Enhancement Needed 4 日 left

    I am seeking an audio engineer expert to improve the quality of my podcast recording. The recording was done using podtrak 4 and rode wireless microphones, however, the output quality is not satisfactory with several issues needing attention: - Background noise: There is a significant presence of unwanted sound. - Echo: A constant echo is running throughout the recording. - Unclear voices: The speakers' voices are not clear enough. This might be a gain issue. The improvement on the audio quality needs to be made post-recording and not during the recording process. The final audio file after enhancement should be in MP3 format. Ideally, turn around in 24 hours Perfect candidate would be experienced in audio engineering, especially in dealing with similar podcast quality issue...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 平均入札額
    17 入札

    ? Hey Dear, Hope you are doing well. Can you help me with Japanese interception and transcription? We just started a new project with 500 valid hours required, which will last for about two to three months. DM if you are interested in more details. You can start this week if you are available. You can find more details on the link below: For Japanese audio transcription projects, the specific requirements are as follows: Language: Japanese Project type: transcription, material taken from short video app, audio content close to daily life Personnel requirements: must be based overseas, and must be Japanese native-level. Educational background is at least high school. Original audio length: 6-8s Effectiveness rate: 70% Project duration: Start at the end of April & early May and last ...

    $13 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $13 / hr 平均入札額
    28 入札

    I have a set of handwritten notes that I need to be typed out. The content is not complicated at all, but it's important to have excellent typing skills and attention to detail so as not to miss any information. - Content: The notes are not extensive, so it's a manageable task for a proficient typist. - Legibility: The writing is very clear and easy to read. - Quantity: The number of pages is relatively moderate, so this is not an overly demanding task in terms of volume. Ideal freelancer for this task should possess: - Excellent typing skills - High level of attention to detail - Experience in accurate transcription - Familiarity with handwritten texts.

    $380 (Avg Bid)
    $380 平均入札額
    266 入札

    I require a proficient typist to accurately transcribe less than 100 pages of text data. The task involves typing textual content into a digital format. This data is text-based and comprises a small quantity of less than 100 pages. The data is sourced from printed documents, and as such, the ideal candidate should be comfortable with typing from hard copies. Key requirements for this project include: - Typing speed and accuracy - Attention to detail - Proficiency in English - Experience with transcribing text data from printed sources The successful freelancer will ensure that the data is accurately and neatly typed without errors. A quick turnaround time would be advantageous, although the quality of work is the priority. If you have experience in data entry, particularly with text dat...

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr 平均入札額
    115 入札

    I'm in urgent need of a certified Hindi translator to convert a 60-page English company report into Hindi. The task should be completed within a week due to pressing deadlines. Key requirements: - Certified and experienced Hindi translator - Prior experience with business or company reports - Reliable and able to meet the tight deadline - Fluent in both English and Hindi Your role: - Translate a 60-page company report from English to Hindi - Maintain the original document's tone and context - Ensure accuracy and quality of the translation - Deliver the completed project within a week This project is a time-sensitive one, so I'm looking for someone who can start immediately and commit to delivering quality work within the specified time frame.

    $242 (Avg Bid)
    $242 平均入札額
    59 入札

    I need someone to help me with a data entry project. The task involves entering handwritten text into a digital format. You should be able to accurately read and transcribe the handwritten documents into text. Skills needed: - Proficiency in English language - Excellent typing skills - Attention to detail - Experience with text data entry - Familiarity with handling handwritten documents Expectations: - Accurate transcription of the handwritten documents into a digital format - Basic formatting is sufficient, no specific template required - Maintain confidentiality of the content of the documents Please bid if you have experience in similar projects and are confident in your ability to ensure accurate and timely data entry.

    $24 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $24 / hr 平均入札額
    169 入札

    I have a collection of handwritten documents in English that need to be converted into a digital format. The final output should be a Word document. Key Requirements: - Capability to accurately type out handwritten English text. - Proficiency in using Microsoft Word. - Attention to detail in maintaining the original text's structure, punctuation, and formatting. It's important to maintain the original document's integrity, so accuracy is crucial. Experience in transcription or copy typing would be beneficial.

    $381 (Avg Bid)
    $381 平均入札額
    273 入札

    I have a data entry task involving typing information from scanned documents into a Word file. The data is procured from scanned documents, so the freelancer must possess a keen eye for detail to ensure that the information is correctly transcribed. Key requirements: - Accurate Data Entry: The task demands a high level of accuracy. The information must be copied exactly as it appears in the scanned documents, even if errors are present. - Typing Proficiency: The ideal candidate should be a proficient typist, ensuring a timely completion of the project. - Attention to Detail: It's crucial to maintain the integrity of the original documents during transcription. Your experience in data entry, particularly with scanned documents, will be an asset. I'm seeking a reliable and det...

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $10 / hr 平均入札額
    91 入札

    I'm looking for a professional typist to transcribe a lengthy handwritten history into a PDF file. The document exceeds 50 pages, so attention to detail and a high level of accuracy is crucial. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in typing long documents - Excellent grasp of English language - Previous experience with transcribing historical documents will be a plus Deliverables: - A PDF file of the entire typed history Please make sure to include any relevant experience or samples of similar work in your bid. The ideal candidate is someone who can maintain the original tone and style of the document while ensuring it is legible and error-free.

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr 平均入札額
    89 入札

    I require a proficient typist to accurately transcribe less than 100 pages of text data. The task involves typing textual content into a digital format. This data is text-based and comprises a small quantity of less than 100 pages. The data is sourced from printed documents, and as such, the ideal candidate should be comfortable with typing from hard copies. Key requirements for this project include: - Typing speed and accuracy - Attention to detail - Proficiency in English - Experience with transcribing text data from printed sources The successful freelancer will ensure that the data is accurately and neatly typed without errors. A quick turnaround time would be advantageous, although the quality of work is the priority. If you have experience in data entry, particularly with text dat...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr 平均入札額
    177 入札

    I am in need of a simple, yet powerful tool that will enable me to capture and analyze the IVR menu options of my clients' toll free numbers. This tool will serve the purpose of enhancing call routing effectiveness. I already have a platform that can be easily configured to make calls. Once the call is answered, we want your program to listen to IVR options and share a transcript of the menus. We also want your program to select each option in the IVR and share a consolidated IVR map capturing all options across each level. Key Features: - Ability to capture and share the entire IVR menu options. - The captured data should be in text format. - The sharing process should be through email. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in programming and software development. - Strong understanding of I...

    $548 (Avg Bid)
    $548 平均入札額
    3 入札

    I need an expert typist who can transcribe text following the APA style guide into Google Docs. Key for this project: - Familiarity with APA formatting style - Proficiency in Google Docs - Attention to detail and high accuracy - Preferably a fast-typing speed This typing task involves text only, no images, tables or charts. The right candidate should ideally have a good track record with this kind of task and can deliver on time.

    $244 (Avg Bid)
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    50 入札

    We are filming an interview with a Bengali (Sylheti) speaker and require an English transcript of the interview. The interview will be about how cultural differences and the language barrier affected their experiences of cancer.

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $18 / hr 平均入札額
    12 入札


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