English spelling is the process of writing words of the English language, in the correct order of letters. Despite being the global lingua franca, spelling in English remains difficult for native and non-native speakers alike. While letters or combination of letters stand for a particular sound in other languages, different rules apply to many of English words. One reason is due to English being influenced by a lot of other European languages, mainly Germanic, French, and Latin. This affects how English words are pronounced and spelt. It can also be described as illogical, where a lot of silent letters exist (e.g. “k” in knit) and certain combination of letters might be pronounced differently depending on where it is attached (e.g. “-ough” in tough and dough).


Mastering English spelling might be hard at first but there are a lot of ways to improve one’s skill. Learning the rules of the language is the first step, by identifying usual combinations and arrangements. Taking note of commonly misspelled words will also help. Knowing the pronunciation of English words also help, since a lot of English words are not spelled as they are spoken. Most importantly, there is no alternative for familiarizing yourself with English, through reading, writing, or watching videos with subtitles.

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    We are a design company based in A Coruña, Spain and we are looking for a photographer to take a few pictures of a sculpture that is located in Otabicho, Kyoto, Japan. We do not need professional editing. Just good quality pictures (general overview and some detailed of the sculpture). We will send more information about the exact location of the sculpture by direct message.

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    I have 2 businesses, and I am looking for some professional who is ready to do some kind of business in USA. I am here for some serious persons, so telling seriously that I will not ask for any sort of investment from your side. We already have our manufacturing units in India. It's just we need business. We have contact details of clients, it's just you need to visit them and co-ordinate with them. More details on chat

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    Proofreading 6 日 left

    We are looking for a proofreader who is detail-oriented and consistent

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    If you are a native English speaker and have good knowledge (Experience Plus) of development for web & mobile, send your text to me. This job is a part time but you will work with talented team. If you are based in North America, you will get more chance than others. Budget is competitive but it is from $1k.

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    100% Remote, Work from Home Job. Are you a fluent English speaker that has strong interpersonal skills and communication abilities? We are looking for professional individuals who are determined to make sales and manage the chats for a growing OnlyFans page. Chatting is a critical feature in OnlyFans, because subscribers are looking for personal connection and instant gratification. Responsibilities: – Be able to chat with fans as though you are the model – Be able to make good sales per shift (earn commissions) – Be able to send engaging messages to fans – Be an expert of the model’s profile Requirements needed: – You need to be able to chat fluently in ENGLISH – Very good internet – Laptop/Computer *Please attach your CV and add &ldquo...

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    Seeking a ghost writer with a moderate level of medical knowledge to write an e-book on the benefits of sleep. The writer must have a portfolio and must be a native English speaker.

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    I need 4 topics and 30 mins a topic at least for 2 person talking. ##Pay attention ,You must tell recorders those rules: >1)Must be a native speakers , wrong accent **No pay**! >2)Sign name must be legible ,or **No pay**! >3)Must recording in a QUIET room , or **No pay**! >4)Must be first time to do this ,if done twice, **no Pay**!

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    Trophy icon Write me a cool Business Name 5 日 left

    The 'must have' constraints are these; 1. It must have 3 syllables 2. it must be relatable to real estate / property 3. it must be a 'name number 8' - Using this Numerology site; - soft preferences would be; to incorporate my surname (hart) into the business name

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    Hello! My 88 year old friend has written her memoirs - but only has a printed copy. I would like to get it transcribed into MS Word for future submission to publishers. It's 16,300 words on ~530 pages - double sided and double spaced. I would also want it carefully proofread, etc. Looking for someone local in Seattle i can drop it off to. Thanks!

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    I am looking for a candidate with excellent english writing skills for a customer support and sales role. The ideal candidate should be comfortable spending several hours directly engaging with customers over written messages on various social media platforms.

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    #1 - MOST important - Nur native Österreicher mit einwandfreiem Deutsch gesucht #1a - ein wenig eine Idee von IT / Software / Cloud hilft ungemein (unsere Produkte sind IT Lösungen) #2 komplettes Redesign inklusive eigenständige Textung / Gestaltung unserer Preislisten / Prospekte / Produktfolder # optionale jeweilige Übertragung stil- und inhaltsgemäß auf unsere Site # die Laufzeit des Projektes könnte durchaus ein paar Wochen dauern, es sind etwa 15 bis 20 Folder zu bauen # eine Vorlage des Ziel-Layoutes gibt es bereits, wir sind hier aber offen

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    Are you creative, open-minded and do you speak English fluently? Then this job as a chatter is for you! You will get clear instructions on how to go about the job. As long as you do your work right, you will get bonuses in every single shift! Shifts will take approximately 5 hours. Interested? Let us know!

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    I am looking for a freelancer based in Brazil who is familiar with the government structure and can do an online search, collecting contact data from target city governments. This search should start in about one week, around December 12th. You need to speak English fluently and be fulltime available for the job.

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    I need for me and my husband online english teacher for cca 3 hours/week. We would like conversations, we are false beginner.

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    Proofreader 2 日 left

    We are looking for a proofreader that is organized, has an eye for detail, great concentration, and vast knowledge of language.

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    Hire online English Teacher6 2 日 left

    Online one-to-one teaching of English courses for students, including IELTS, TOEFL, Longevity, business, daily life, tourism, children, etc. A class lasts for 30 minutes and can be arranged freely.

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    578 words English text to proofread. make some paraphrasing if necessary. altoghether, please, make it genuine English language. Pls let me know your price per word. It is a press release

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    Thorough proofread of 35,000-word book for grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, etc. The book is a collection of short stories from my time in teaching. Illustrations would need to be checked as well. Need someone that is proficient with Australian colloquial language. No line or structural edit needed.

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    Proofreader 2 日 left

    A proofreader's main job is to check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I also check to make sure the sentences are cohesive and make suggestions on changing some of the verbiage. All while not using a program to complete the work for them.

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    Native Fiji speakers 1 日 left

    Record 300 to 400 sentences in total. Just read and record the text in FIJIAN in a quiet environment without any echo or noise Only native people from Fiji are accepted. Other accents will be rejected and not paid. Payment for this job is USD FIXED PRICE NOT PER HOUR and after recordings are checked and qualified as native. It may take up to 3-5 working days.

    $10 - $25
    $10 - $25
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    Proofreader 1 日 left

    We are looking for a proofreader to help in checking step before publishing or submission. correcting minor errors , grammar.

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    We are now looking for a sales person to expand out team with. The job consits of contacting companies in Sweden and presenting our offers to them.

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    Proofreader 1 日 left

    We are looking for a proofreader to check grammatical, punctuation, everything to correct the meaning.

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    Proofreader 1 日 left

    We are looking for a proofreader that has to focus on correcting minor errors or any kind of inconsistencies before it is shared. Proofreading is all about reading the content carefully to find any kind of grammar or spelling mistakes.

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    We are looking for an english native person for website content. Ideally, we are looking for someone who can: 1. Native English from USA or UK 3. Someone who is familiar with review apps, games, themes 4. Someone who can be contacted through Slack on a daily basis. The candidate has to be an english native. Desired rate is from 7US$ to 9 US$ according to your experience and skills. Time commitment: from 8 to 12 hours per week. regular basis task Answer the following questions when submitting a proposal: Are you native English speaker ? Have you ever worked as a editor or proofreader for a English site ? if yes can you provide some examples ? Describe your recent experience with similar projects

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    I'm looking for a nutritionist/dietitian to evaluate various nutrition-specific data (In concrete terms, it is about data collection as to which foods are recommended for certain blood values)

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    In search of a proofreader who has a sound knowledge of spelling, grammar and punctuation, a sharp eye for detail and the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. to work neatly and accurately

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    Proofreading 終了 left

    We are looking for a proofreader to check for grammar and spelling errors; he/she should have an eye for details and spots any grammar or sentence structure mistakes right away; s/he helps writers find their voice and perfect words.

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