3D rendering is the process of automatically converting 3D models into 2D images with 3D effects on a computer. If you are developing or working with such 3D software that requires rendering capabilities and 3D expertise, look no further than this site to hire expert 3D/rendering help in the form of freelancers. You can choose to post your Rendering/3D job today to find such talent!

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    We need CAD drawings to submit to a sprinkler company for permitting. We’re adding 2 concealed sprinkler heads to existing lines.

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    blueprints 6 日 left

    building cabins out of shipping containers

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    W108 Mercedes jdm ratrod render 6 日 left

    I want to see a jdm/ratrod blend of my car. The stick photo non modified car is what I have right now. The already rendered photo is a direction I’m considering going. The truck shows the state of the paint on my car o have now roughly. If I could get a ratrod patina blend of the already Re Ederer car that’d be great. Obviously make it your own twist. I like the fender flares, front lip, and spoiler (although a different looking boot lip spoiler would be cool. Yellow headlights are a most.

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    I have a CAD layout and Sketch up plan of an event layout. I need to create 3D mock ups for a client to understand and visulise the event space from different viewing points within the event. We have event branding that needs to be incorporated into the mock ups. This project needs a quick turnaround of 36 hours.

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    W108 Mercedes jdm ratrod render -- 2 23 時間 left

    I want to see a jdm/ratrod blend of my car. The stick photo non modified car is what I have right now. The already rendered photo is a direction I’m considering going. The truck shows the state of the paint on my car o have now roughly. If I could get a ratrod patina blend of the already Re Ederer car that’d be great. Obviously make it your own twist. I like the fender flares, front lip, and spoiler (although a different looking boot lip spoiler would be cool. Yellow headlights are a most.

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    We often require drawings for laser cutting mostly simple but occasionally more complex so it would be good to establish a relationship with someone. This example is attached below.

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    25 Renderings 6 日 left

    I need some renderings of custom furniture for my website : - 10 kitchens - 5 Closets - 5 tv stands for living room - 5 bathrooms

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    We need a drafts man to Australianise European drawing for a fiout some work will be to provide more detail to existing drawings other will be redsign to =suit material or product availability

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    Looking to make an architectural drawing and engineering on a 2.15-acre lot. I am looking to build some townhome style apartment in module of 8- or 10-unit of 1250 sf, 2 bedrooms 2 & 1/2 bath. The city needs 20 ft easement in the front, which is business 83, 15 ft in the back, on Rabb road 15 ft as well and the last side is 7.5 ft. The electric pole in the middle of the lot will be remove. Please see attached the survey.

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    To provide CAD images of our house front with different windows, colours, finishes etc. to help us visualise and decide on a preferred option.

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    Design a gym flooring 2d 6 日 left

    Design gym flooring 2d for a sport equipment service provider

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    I work in SketchUp Pro/Trimble and need a landscape design technician who does rendering on a project to project basis. I will have the basic rendering done and need someone to finalize it and take it to the next level.

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    Editing 3D face model blendshape 6 日 left

    Hi. I have a maya file that need a edit. blendshape are all created, but not plausible, so I want some edit on blendshape. ( I think blinking eye blendshape only need to be edited) It's simple task and I need the work done ASAP If you are interested in project, give a message.

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    3D face model with 51 blendshape 6 日 left

    Hi. I need some 3D face model with 51 blendshape. 1. a model like wazowski which has only one eye 2. a human-like stylized character(renference is attached with file) I need only face part, not body part. (also no need for tongue, eyeball, teeth). Total vertices would be about 4600. 51 blendshape follows except for tongue blendshape.

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    I have the floor plan of a building, I need a freelancer to design the exterior of the building. The design should have a modern aesthetic with simple and subtle colors

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    modeling wall/pile of old tv 6 日 left

    Hello, For a music video i'm looking for someone to model a "wall/pile of old tv". The idea is to have a cinema 4d ready to render scene. We need to be able to display different video into each tv. Would be good if we can also move the tv around if needed

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    villa need AutoCad to draw from Png It's just AutoCad drawings

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    mô phỏng hệ thống lái và hệ thống truyền lực, hệ thống phanh trên xe kamaz trên solidworks

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    Hi, need photorealistic sauna cabin . 7 different model

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    I have a Blender files of a riding lawn mowers that I need to be rigged and setup in unreal engine.

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    Mike Mckay Kitchen design 6 日 left

    Articad Layouts to brief to be sent.

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    Product design is the process of creating new products or improving existing ones. It involves researching customer needs and market trends, sketching and prototyping ideas, testing and refining designs, and developing the final product. Product designers use a variety of tools and techniques, including computer-aided design (CAD) software, 3D printing, and user testing, to create innovative and functional products that meet the needs of customers and the requirements of the market. The goal of product design is to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and that can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively.

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    REVIT modeling 6 日 left

    3d REVIT modeling for electrical switch boards

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    villa need AutoCad to draw from Png It's just AutoCad drawings

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    looking for 2D and 3D artist 6 日 left

    I'm looking for 2d plan and 3d modelling of the house. I will discuss with you on chat. budget is 50usd. please bid with "OK"

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    We need a world created (we can discuss the features of this design to any freelancer relevant), this needs to be designed within Meta Horizon Worlds Policy (getting a policy ban will only delay the project from your side, as we will expect you to start again, until this is made within their policy. We will simply add you to our account upon Meta Horizon Worlds as a co-creator to ourselves for this project. For the successful freelancer there will be additional work as the greater project progresses UPON SENDING A PROPOSAL DO NOT SIMPLY LIST LINKS TO OTHER PROJECTS/PORTFOLIOS , THIS IS IRRELEVANT AND WILL RESULT IN YOUR PROPOSAL BEING IGNORED WE ALSO HAVE ADDED THE NDA TO OUR PROJECT, WHICH MEANS IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU CANNOT DISCLOSE TO ANYBODY ELSE, IF THIS IS FOUND ON ANOTHER T...

    $24 - $303
    シール NDA
    $24 - $303
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    I have a plan and a moodboard and want to turn it into a render

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    I need a model artist 6 日 left

    For my 3D printing buissness I specialize in making DND sized models for a table top game called Warhammer 40K. I’m looking for someone to make me a proxy of the new models that just came out. I would need the model in a format that I can 3D print as well

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    I am trying to print this simple stl (check picture), with the big hole in the middle the problem is that in any slicer, it's printing without the hole I'll consider the job vomplete after checking the modified piece in a slicer

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    Modelling the exterior of an existing apartment building. the address is 149-161 O'riordan Street, Mascot, NSW, Australia. need to see all the exterior of the building, windows, door, balconies, walls, roofs etc. attached is the survey of the building in pdf & dwg. you need to use this with the building plans to model this building. please use the correct levels from the survey and the building plans. Use google maps, street view as a reference too. we work with revit 2020, so you must use the same version of Revit 2020. thanks

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    We are looking to create digital screen 4K resolution 3D videos similar to attached.

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    I'm looking for a DX11 project that will load in an FBX model and then run the model's animations. I attached the guidelines I have for this project.

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    2D Rendering Photo 6 日 left

    Hi, Looking for 3 x modern renderings of Building. Photos attached.

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    I am putting up a patio in my back garden. We are buying it from Stratco and I am going to put it up myself but the local council will not let me go 900mm from the boundry fence unless i get a draft design and put it through for approval. The patio roof is 5500mm long by 3500mm Wide and 2400mm high

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    I have a concept design for my vertical farming idea. I want to make a video to showcase how it works. Something like this: It consists of growing shelves, rails, and growing trays. Vegs growing on top of trays and trays move on rails for different processes. there is a platform to move trays and rails around to designated locations. Please contact me for details.

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    3D product desiging with blender 6 日 left

    we looking for a designer for 3d product design in the blender

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    34 入札

    We are doing some remodeling on the whole house and we are considering about getting a interior design to enter utilize our space. It is about 1200sf. White walls, hardwood floors, still haven’t decided the stain.

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    24 入札

    Hi i require a complete set of fabrication drawings for a transfer chute. i also require fabrication drawings for the liners

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    product designer 6 日 left

    I need product designer must have motion graphic skill and cad skill if this soundslike you get in touch.

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    49 入札

    I have a sketch of a e-bike I want to get it converted into a 3d model for manufacturing.

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    41 入札

    I have a sketch of a e-bike I want to get it converted into a 3d model for manufacturing.

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    39 入札

    Drawings done in CAD or solid works, 3D renders and shop drawings required. This would be ongoing work for the right applicant

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    Create a 6-second animation of scientific methodology | For patient-specific personalised therapeutic approach/platform for inner ear hair cell regeneration.

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    Trophy icon 3D product design 5 日 left

    Hello, I need someome who can create an adapter to be used on our Children ipad case as attached to us for Osmo products again as attached (the red part only) this adapter needs to be easily clipped on and of the EVA foam case. and has an internal mirror to change the angle of the iPad camera. Note the angle of the mirror needs to be adjustable. More info on playosmo . com

    $213 (Avg Bid)
    特集 保証
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    Trophy icon T logo design 3d 5 日 left

    We are looking for a logo with a T in the centre with either a circle around it or an octagon. Logo preferred to be a 3d design. Similar attached images

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    Complete landscape design 5 日 left

    Have design for landscaping and want to complete it and make a high resolution rendering

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    Hola, necesitaríamos cotización y plazo para proyecto de diseñar y despiece de una armario metálico autoportante para contener unos equipos de climatización interiores. Tenemos bloques interiores bases y tenemos la idea esquematizada en Autocad, pero querriamos poderla traspasar a solidworks para todo esté al milímetro para su despiece y fabricación posterior Si crees que podríamos encajar, nos indicas una valoración y hacemos una reunion online y lo comentamos

    $911 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a professional Cad drafter to revise existing 2D AutCad plans (I have the DWGs) for a residential remodel and addition totalling approx 4,500 sqft. This is a time sensitive job. The edits include changes to window and door dimensions, roof plan, 2d furniture placement (appropriate architectural floor plan symbols), and a bunch of miscellaneous changes including overall cleanup of the existing plans so it is easier to read --it is currently very cluttered looking. The revisions will be ongoing-ish as we work to refine the design and finalize material choices, etc. I'm also interested in having interior/exterior renderings in SketchUp. Lastly, I am including the cad DWG files,the PDF of the plans with elevations, and an example of the types of revisions I will need. FYI the dwg f...

    $25 - $50 / hr
    $25 - $50 / hr
    41 入札

    Please read the full description before bidding and answer all my questions. I am looking for a software that would use existing 3D models to animate and render. I prefer realistic looking renders. What is the basis software? if it is an open source please share the link in your bid. What would you add to it? What would you develop in it? Would you use the same programming language as the open source? How to train it? This is a seed project. I would rehire the freelancer again to develop the program further

    $105 (Avg Bid)
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