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    Prepare a Diesel Blending formula 6 日 left

    A fuel trading company needs a formula prepared in order to produce a profitable blended Diesel fuel. The formula should indicate the ingredients and additives as well as the mixing ratios to produce a low sulfur diesel fuel with no more than 50ppm sulfur content. The product would be for the African market, predominantly South Africa. An indication of cost of the final blended product is importa...

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    Resolução de exercícios Física 6 日 left

    Resolução de exercícios de física Ensino Superior. Cálculo Vetorial, Cinemática e Dinâmica.

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    We are looking for the candidates who are interested in solution authoring of various subjects like mathematics, physics etc.

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    Hi We are looking for subject matter experts/professors/Students/professionals who have deep and sound knowledge of Biology, Physics & Chemistry.

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    The properties of Absorbent Glass Matte are to be observed and shape of wall building needs to be thought for Soundproofing. The dimensions of a room which needs to be converted into Music Production House will be shared. All the sound are to be managed therein.

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    Thermodynamics work 5 日 left

    Please contact. Looking for completion within 24 hours.

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    Isothermal Engineering work 5 日 left

    Isothermal Engineering work need to be done

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    Conducting a study that assess radiation dose distribution in patients, need advise on which statistical tests to use. Would prefer someone with medical physics or radiation therapy background/knowledge.

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    Qutors is a tutoring agency and due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we're shifting our agency to online tutoring agency, accompanying the local students to continue their learning and extra studying. The tutors we chose must have - Experience in tutoring - Graduated from a recognized University - Highly qualified - Fresh graduates are also welcomed - Current students with excellent academic qua...

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    Geometry test on Khan academy 4 日 left

    Geometry 10th grade high school test [ログインしてURLを表示] Each quiz about 5 questions, each test about 20 questions -Geometry foundations 3 quizzes 1 unit test -Transformations 6 quizzes 1 unit test -Congruence 0 quizzes 1 unit test -Similarity 2 quizzes 1 unit test -Right triangles and trigonometry 3 quizzes 1 unit test -Solid geometry 2 quizzes 1 unit test -Analytic geometry 3 quizzes 1 unit...

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    LabView project 3 日 left

    The software system of the polarized microscope that is capable of hardware control, data acquisition, data processing, and data analysis. A graphical user interface program for instrument control and data acquisition should be developed using the National Instruments’ Labview (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) graphical programming platform. Adopt Labview program to contr...

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    Architecture calculation problems 3 日 left

    Some architecture problems such as shearing and stuffs that I cannot solve

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    Hi, I look for a tutor within coordination chemistry, mostly related to the area of 3d metals and their structure + electron configuration. The person I seek must be knowledgeable in problem solving and description of such topics. The milestone depends on your experience within coordination chemistry

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    How which Fresnel lens to use. 2 日 left

    I am building a Thermometer. The problem is that I need the sensor to only detect temperature of an object at a distance of 25-40 cm. I was told that a Fresnel lens can help me concentrate the beam. Can anyone advise me on a good Fresnel lens to use? And help me with it.

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    We need an optical help for making IR rays of our thermal sensor collect perfect data.

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    Modeling an induction system. Analyzing the dynamics involved, observing the changes in magnetic, and electric fields in relation to the input energy and it's transfer, improve the design.

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    Need good physics academic writers 2 日 left

    [ログインしてURLを表示] to suggest good journal for publishing the paper 2. Topic - Optimization of thermocatalytic depolymerisation of plastic waste to increase the derived fuel yield 3. Budget will be decided upon the journal and the word count

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    I am in need of calculations for thermal resistive insulation. I can provide with more detailed in PM. In general I ma researching thermal protection systems for spacecraft. I am in need of practical calculations. Calculation and choosing a material.

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    We are looking for a freelancer to create puzzle based on on river crossing puzzles. We will need one sample to hire you. Each lot will have 25 puzzles. Please DO NOT copy and show us the puzzles from web. We have already created it. Already rejected a few freelancers who submitted copied contents. This would be a long term job for right candidate.

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    I`m looking for someone to help me develop a capacitive sensor to sense small drops of water. The goal is to create a thin surface (like paper) that can detect the concentration of water droped by a spray.

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    I have ppt presentation and need to edit it for today. change all the pictures and data inside it

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    Viết một chương trình mô phỏng động lực học chất lưu (computational simulation) cho thí nghiệm sử dụng OpenFoam dựa trên Navier-Stokes Theorem. Có thể xem video để biết thêm chi tiết.

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    $30 - $250
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    Looking for a subject expert in Solid state physics with PhD or Masters in the subject

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    Help me to Learn Physic 1 時間 left

    Here is the topics which I need help. I collect 20 questions which I'm not sure their answers. These questions - Electric Fields, - Gauss’s Law, - Electric Potential, - Capacitance and dielectrics.

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