QuarkXPress is a professional desktop publishing software program used for creating and editing complex layout designs for print and digital publications, including magazines, newspapers, corporate reports, technical manuals, brochures, and multi-language publications. It provides powerful page layout capabilities and intuitive tools that enable freelance QuarkXPress Developers to easily create typographical designs and sophisticated text formatting with efficient design workflow. As a powerful program that has been used in the publishing industry since 1987, QuarkXPress allows developers to create stunning design elements such as text columns and boxes that encompass complex combinations of type, images, charts and symbols.

A QuarkXPress Developer is capable of producing stunning layout design project with advanced text formatting and dynamic design elements that can make a message stand out while still looking professional. With this powerful software, clients can also count on highly graphical solutions that can capture their readers’ attention at first glance. Whether it’s creating a template for a magazine, combining different elements of layered files into one product or setting up documents for professional publishing, our freelance QuarkXPress developers are truly the experts who can turn your project into an attractive reality.

Here’s some projects our expert QuarkXPress Developer made real:

  • Creating digital publications or small volume print projects from artwork with dynamic content and interactive elements
  • Versioning multi-file documents with design changes and translation in multiple languages
  • Using sophisticated tools to set up documents for kiosk publishing or on-demand printing
  • Combining design elements into complex layer files with charts and symbols
  • Creating high impact visuals such as newspapers pages with detailed captivating layouts
  • Producing interactive documents with animation, audio and video elements

Whether you want to incorporate the latest design trends into a project or need help producing existing designs in the most efficient manner, our Freelancer QuarkXPress Developers are well equipped to bring your vision to fruition. Post your project now on Freelancer.com and find the right freelance developer to turn your ideas into an attractive reality – fast!

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