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Design of a captive portal (graphics only)

We would like a portal design based on the following information:

Must respect:
- Provide all of these formats: Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, PNG
- Writings: embedded or converted into vector graphics and/or provide font files
- a proposal with a PC format and a smartphone format
- Preferred primary colours: white, gray, light blue,

General presentation:
Use one or both of the following example images as main background:
[login to view URL]

Use the main logo of the Campus Biotech (see attached files [login to view URL] ) and the service providers’ logo “World-Connect”

Login box:
The login box must be centered and contain the following elements:
- A Logo Campus Biotech or text of the "Login Wi-Fi "
- Fields: Username & Password
- Ckeckbox : “I accepte the internet agreement”
- – or –
Log in with, SMS
- Button: Support / F.A.Q.
The login box must be placed in the center for the PC version

« Service provided by » World-Connect as text or logo can be used. (see the attached files):
world-connect Logo file

Don’t hesitate to use your creativity.






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