Design a Logo, Business Card, and Letterhead

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My wife and I have just started a Bookkeeping and Accounting services business. The business name is "Gillies Bookkeeping & Accounting Services".

The focus initially will be the bookkeeping services. I would like to get a relatively simple but professional looking logo or design that I can use on business cards, letterhead, and a website.

The clients we are targeting are individuals or small business that need a hand with their bookkeeping and day to day accounting needs but don't have enough bookkeeping or accounting work or money to be able to employ someone full time.

Whilst I want the logo to look professional we also don't take ourselves too seriously, are fun loving people that like to have a laugh, so something that is professional but at the same time not too serious.

Not sure if any of the above helps or not. Not sure if we need graphic design work but pretty sure we want a logo that we can put on business cards and letterhead and a simple website when we get around to doing that.



“We were very impressed with the Logo that Romana D created for us. We would definitely recommend Romana to others and will use her again if we have future design work.”

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    More than willing to edit upon request #36

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    sir check my #6 & #8 no entry,,please.

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    Please #1 . the fist and the best. With best wishes

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