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Having been a freelance writer for nearly four years, I can consider myself quite experienced in the field. I have written numerous articles, e-books, blog posts, etc. in various niches in the past and was always praised for my work. This, as well as other activities including debate as a sport, ensures not only that my command of the English vocabulary and grammar is in top shape but also that I am able to express my thoughts in a way that is tailor-made for my audience. As a hobby, I often busy myself with writing random stories, articles, and blog posts. I am well-acquainted with various writing technicalities and strategies that aid in my writing. Apart from this, I have also already worked as a freelance English-Tagalog (and vice versa) translator in the past for various clients. Their projects ranged from short articles to websites to subtitling videos. Quality is a priority in everything I involve myself with. With me, you are assured of quality and fast turnaround.
$6 USD/hr
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