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Expertise : Programming: 1. C 2. C++ (11 & 14) 3. Python (2.x & 3.x) => Internationally recognized certification 4. Java => Oracle Workforce Development certification 5. Android 6. LUA 7. Shell scripting 8. JavaScript etc., Programming capacity: I am a professional programmer graduated from an international institution. I am extremely capable of delivering robust applications with an object oriented solution. Well documented applications with excellent code quality will be provided. Database : 1. SQLite3 2. MySQL Web-scrapping: 1. Python,bs4,requests,urllib,selenium (capacity: ip-rotation,bypassing forms,automated submission) etc., GUI-Frameworks: 1. Tkinter - Python 2. Qt - C++ 3. Swing - Java Version control: Git Networking Frameworks: 1. SFML for C/C++ 2. Paramiko 3. Scapy Machine Learning: Pandas, Scikit-Learn Networking Knowledge: Client-Server, Packets & Protocols, P2P, FTP, SSH etc., Have a Look at my portfolio, it's interesting!
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Programming Using Python (2016)


I mastered this course with 100 % in both my practicals (A+) which is quiet like real time projects. I have working knowledge on both 2.x and 3.x versions of python. Currently I'm using Python 3.5.1 and JetBrain's PyCharm Community Edition 5.0.4 . I have upgraded my knowledge to its current version. P.S Certificate copy shall be provided with QR code on request

Diploma in Microsoft Office (2010)

Computer Science College

This course covers from basics to advanced in Microsoft Office Packages and Internet. With this knowledge I can, 1. Do all kinds of data entry 2. Transcription (From Tamil - English and vice versa , Tamil - Tamil, English - English) 3. Web search , Finding something on the internet etc ., etc., P.S Certificate copy shall be provided on request

B.Tech in Computer Science (2015)

Kalasalingam University

A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science P.S Certificate copy shall be provided on request

Oracle Workforce Development Program in Java (2016)

Oracle Corporation

I have been awarded this certificate by Oracle corp., itself for I have completed the Java programming language. P.S Certificate copy shall be provided on request Date of Completion: July 31, 2016

Vortex 2018 - Triathlon in Computer Science, 3rd Place (2018)

National Institute of Technology & HackerRank

I have achieved third place in a series of multi-stage competition in Computer science which includes face to face questions about the concepts of Computer Science and Programming. P.S Certificate copy shall be provided on request


Yelp-Gumtree-YellowPages-Youtube Bot 4 in 1 Bot with User interface

This software has been published at free version do contain some ads while the paid version which is 5$ of cost doesn't contain any ads! This bot is capable of extracting the information and also capable of storing info in the spreadsheet. No bot can come near to this since it is extremely powerful capable of storing logs. Everything is programmed in the way it should be! Download the free version here:

NetWorker - Penetration Testing Framework for Windows and Linux

The complete library independent(for Linux) and standalone exe for windows penetration testing framework. see more here

Tangerine Project

This is an open source project (α stage) which comprises of various core engines which is regularly used in your PC. You can integrate this robust engines in your own tools and build software. Licensed under Apache 2.0

CyberGod KSGMPRH - An Opensource Antivirus For Windows

I am the Founder and Programmer of CyberGod KSGMPRH an open-source antivirus which is capable of detecting thousands and thousands of threats, has various rich capabilities like packer detection, known threat detection, suspected files inspection etc., it has virus-total integration so if a file is suspected as a threat then it will schedule almost 60 different antivirus scan on the particular file conforming whether it is malware or not.


This API helps you to send bulk whats-app message to the multiple persons. Since there is no official API available in the market and the unofficial ones are pretty hard to install, This is the only API which helps you to achieve the task you wanted, This API will be very much useful for the marketing professionals who need to send messages to many people. This automated way is more faster than the manual way.


  • Java Level 1
  • C++ Level 1
  • US English Level 1
  • C 1


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