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I introduce myself, my name is Vercesi Franco, I am Argentinean, I have 22 years old and I'm here to talk about me and why I want to be part of your group. I had 17 years old when I gave my first spanish class. I was shocked to see so many people who wanted to study the language. It was a success. After that, I decided to start working officially, nobody took me because I didn't have a university degree, so I decided to start giving private classes on Skype and in my house for foreigners. It was a success. In the year 2014 I started to work with my uncle (sister of my dad) in her business, selling differents products, from dry food to peace of meat. I worked there as a seller, repositor and administrator. My work experience there is of 3 years. I have good deal with people, I am respectful and good management of stress. Now with 22 years old, I'm giving private classes in Ukraine for people who want to study my native language, Spanish.
$5 USD/hr
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vendedor (seller), administrador (administrator), encargado de deposito (warehouse manager)

Dec 2014 - Apr 2017 (2 years)

En el año 2014 comencé a trabajar con mi tía (hermana de mi padre) en su negocio, vendiendo diferentes productos, desde comida seca hasta la paz de la carne. Trabajé allí como vendedor, depositario y administrador. Mi experiencia laboral allí es de 3 años. Tengo un buen trato con las personas, soy respetuoso y con una buena gestión del estrés.



2009 - 2014 (5 years)

ukranian languaje

2017 - 2018 (1 year)


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