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I have eight years of work experience in the industry and hold an MSc in business management & BEng in industrial engineering. I specialise in Data/Business Analysis, Research, using statistical models & business intelligence tools and designing/using data models to analyse large data sets. 1. A PG in Business Management and Graduate in Engineering. 2. 7 years of work experience in Data collection, Data/Business analysis & research, Reports, Presentation etc. 3. Proficient in Quantitative & Qualitative analysis, CRM analysis, trend analysis, forecasting, preparing dashboards etc. 4. Strong IT skills. 5. Wide international work experience. IT Skills: 1. Microsoft Office - Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word (Expert). 2. Business Intelligence – Business Objects, SalesForce Analytics, Tableau. 3. IT Languages – SQL VBA, HTML 4. CRM tools – , LinkedIn Premium (Expert). 6. Google – Google Analytics, Trends, Correlate, Branding, AdWords, AdSense, Tag (Competent).
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