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I have a decade of experience with Customer Service in the BPO, Company Contact Center, Events, Restaurant Industry and dealings with people on all sorts of business and background. My mixed expertise in customer relations, office management, broadband and mobile technical troubleshooting have led me to be employed abroad (Dubai and Singapore). My goal is to utilize these skills, learn more skills, and to help startup companies to expand and operate globally.
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Country Manager

Jun 2017 - Mar 2018 (9 months)

I am overall in-charge of an international singing competition from Finland. I report to Singapore Office. I liaise with Business Partners and Product Sponsors and have been dealing with developments and game plan of the competition for both 2017 and 2018. I was able to successfully launch the Program in 2017 and now is currently up for sale or negotiations for a new possible business owner. This opportunity has led me to meet several prominent personalities in the Philippines.

Senior Customer Service Officer

Dec 2012 - Jun 2017 (4 years)

I have started working as a cs department of Starhub in Singapore and have left the company for better opportunity. Over the years I have handled the normal and several complaining customers and have handled manager callbacks for broadband, cable and mobile services. I was then transferred to Broadband Relocation department and have contributed to instituting and developing policies and processes of this new department.

Quality Assurance Tester

Aug 2011 - Aug 2011 (1 month)

I was most likely one of those who pioneered working online. I worked for Upward Momentum testing their websites and providing them suggestions to improve their programs on a part-time basis 30-40 hour per week.

Quality Assurance Tester

May 2010 - Aug 2010 (3 months)

I was most likely one of those who pioneered working online. I worked for Upward Momentum testing their websites and providing them suggestions to improve their programs on a part-time basis 30-40 hour per week.

Collections Care Representative

Jun 2009 - Aug 2012 (3 years)

Collections Care Representative is a combination of collections on a customer service way. We collect delayed credit card debts between 1-4 months. We collect debts for a Credit Card Company in the United Kingdom. This job requires expertise dealing with Englishmen to both collect their debts and not offend them. I was in top 10 line up for best collections on 1 to 2 occasions.

Back Officer Representative

Sep 2007 - Oct 2008 (1 year)

I was mainly responsible for doing simple process for back office error with Telstra Australia and was in-contact with their POC. Eventually, I have a deep understanding of the process and have rectified a major error. Eventually I was able to resolve the error which led to a decrease in the process on this particular department and the company gaining more manpower to attend other departments. I was then also requested to give a training to new employees and was merited for this instance.


Mar 2005 - Jun 2007 (2 years)

I started with mOre Café as an Assistant Waiter. Due to my natural interest of talking to people (As I like good conversations), I was soon promoted as a waiter. The restaurant was unique, of good food and of a different customer approach which was aligned to my normal way of having conversations with customers. During this years that WIFI was starting to emerge and I was already learned in computer troubleshooting which the company have benefited.

Junior Technician / Shopkeeper

Sep 2003 - Sep 2004 (1 year)

Management, computer software and hardware management. This years were the beginning of the computer age. Since I have graduated from a different trade. I have applied and work as a simple computer shop helper that I may have the opportunity to learn software programming and hardware troubleshooting.

Sales And Marketing Executive

Mar 1999 - Mar 2000 (1 year)

In-line with my educational background and while studying. I worked on the position creating promotions and marketing 3 outlets of the business. I was responsible for business developments and was a make-shift supervisor. However due to some legal man-power dispute issues in the company. I was force to leave the position.

Catering Manager

Nov 1998 - Mar 1999 (4 months)

This was a school curriculum and I was elected to function as the schools catering manager. I pioneered the potentiality of the curriculum to not only experience the catering business but also to earn while learning. This curriculum has also led me to work as a sales and marketing executive on the above work experience.



2003 - 2018 (15 years)


Certificate of Appreciation (2010)


Given to appreciate quality work done within the company

Quality Service Award (2008)


Given to appreciate quality work done within the company

Certificate of Appreciation (2008)


Given to appreciate training contribution to the company

Most Productive Agent Award (2007)


Given to appreciate productivity work done within the company


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