Philippinesのフラグ Quezon City, Philippines
登録日: 2013年9月20日
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He is a passionate photographer in the wedding industry, working freelance and collaborating in different teams and organizations for more than 10 years. He usually captures and creates timeless images that will mark on your life. He loves travelling and collaborating with snappers, and is motivated from his heart to catch those captivating moments. He took photographs with souls that are for eternity even when memories had been erased and when there is nothing left except the story behind it. His work ranges from food, products, events, architecture and teaches basic photography to students, business professionals, photographers, as well as casual users. Capturing the moments, and the essence of it, is the artistic angle of him. He also did some medical photography during procedures, consultations and different events. His work redefines almost every concept he can imagine, astounding sea of faces in every generation. A person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination.
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