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登録日: 2016年12月3日
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I am a second year Foreign Languages student, specializing in English and German. I am an an experienced creative writer. However, my work is not limited to this domain. I am capable of providing texts on a variety of areas, such as blog writing, miscellaneous web content and ghost writing. I am also a freelance translator, specializing in English - Romanian translations. I am also able to translate various text from French or German to English or Romanian. I am capable of proofreading various texts. As a freelancer, I enjoy working individually but I am not against collaborating with others on a bigger project. My working hours are very flexible which means that I will almost always be available for a project. I am available for both short-term and long-term projects. When it comes to my work ethics, I strive for communication and a good understanding of the task laid out in front of me. My aim is to respect the deadline and to work with the client in order to fix various issues.
$10 USD/hr
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