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I am a French web copywriter, content marketing specialist, and editorial consultant: my job is to make sure that your message is plenty efficient and will not get drowned into the worldwide editorial ocean, by suggesting the most creative ideas. I am also a literary writer, scriptwriter and a comedy writer, which has provided me with a rich experience I can use for more traditional projects. Last but not least, I am a music consultant for record labels, and a music producer.
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Online editorial manager

Sep 2014

I run their online content strategy and social media strategy, plus I manage the update of the website.


Aug 2014

I localize, produce and review creative and marketing content for some of the biggest international fashion-lifestyle brands. I make sure there is no transcultural issues when a campaign gets exported to another country.

Brand copywriter, Journalist

Jan 2014

Living Stone is a communication and marketing agency: I am a brand copywriter for ads and success stories for major tech and innovation companies (Siemens, Unify.

Digital content strategist

Dec 2010

I design and implement online content strategies for various clients (companies or agencies).

Comedy writer

Jan 2010

I am a comedy writer for stand up comedians and I write sketches for one-man shows. I was a scriptwriter for web series and youtube channels (Maker Studios).


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