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I began working in the information technology in 1993 when I joined Electronic Data Systems in Plano, Texas. There I learned a great deal about the business side of healthcare. I later joined their Systems Engineering Development Program which was a 2 to 3 year commitment. In 1997 I joined one of the largest wine distributors in the southwestern United States to handle internal development of applications used by their sales force as well as upper management. These applications one track sales across the region, help the company price its product and control inventory. In 1999 I moved on to a local microchip manufacture and headed up their Windows development team. We were responsible for developing and maintain sales forecasting tools using Visual Basic and a SQL Server database. In 2000 I worked for my first "I-Agency". At first we were one of the leading Web site design and Web application development groups in the United States. Our focus changed and we mainly developed extranet and intranet Web applications. Usually this involved ASP pages, COM+ objects and SQL Server databases. In 2002 I began work for a company that created and marketed judicial management software as well as tax appraisal programs for municipal governments. This was a cross between a Web application and a desktop tool. This was a very thick client written in C++ with DHTML pages displaying content. COM+ objects would prepare and marshal data between the client and SQL Server. Finally in May of 2003 I began Olive Development Services. As a technology consulting firm I assist clients in finding the best technology for their need and their budget. I have helped develop major national Web sites for former United States Presidents as well as creating online applications to allow customers to customize multimedia presentations. Tools used for these projects included ASP pages, ASP.NET pages using C# and SQL Server 2000.
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