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We are building a YouTube channel and are finding a video production teacher that teaches English on YouTube.

We need someone who:

• Everyone appearing on camera is relaxed and gives the best performance with motivation and inspiration.

• Keep the clear, motivational, inspiring, enthusiastic, passionate, self - confident tone.

• No lisp or stuttering. (that can motivate student when they study)

• Have a confident and clear verbal communication

• Have outstanding grasp of word pronunciation and spelling and the ability to effortlessly break words down phonetically.

The bid would be: $20 / hour

Address: 1st Floor, The Light Building, To Huu St., Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Please start your proposal with word "MARNET" to make sure that you read this stuff carefully and send us a 1 minute introduction clip (with green screen background is the best).


スキル: ビデオ·ブロードキャスティング, ビデオグラフィー, Youtube

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₫500000 VND / 時間
₫500000 VND / 時間