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終了済み 投稿 5年前 着払い


Want to translate Japanese to English. about 6,000 letters.



【Business Contract notice】

■業務詳細 / Description

・文字数:約6,000 words(英語)



・Amount: About 6,000 words

・Business translation and familiar expressions.

・Before hiring we will send parts of the target translation content to those freelancers who are considered to be the best candidates.

■採用条件 / Hiring Conditions




・採用時に本人確認書類を入れていただく可能性があります- Profile (language skills)

・Native English and Japanese speaker

・Substantial and completed Workshift profile

・Applicant who can be in touch frequently in Japanese or English.

・Personal identification verification may be asked during recruiting process.

■納品ファイルの形式 / Delivery Form


We will send an PDF file .

■禁止事項 / Prohibition





・Copying or rewriting of any existing content or article already submitted

・Submitting products that copied from any result from automatic translation tools or software

・Reprinting or leaking of any contents to a third party

Plagiarism is crime, and please be aware that there is a case of termination of the contract and legal procedures when such act including "copy and paste" would be discovered.

English (UK) Translator English (US) Translator 日本語翻訳家 翻訳

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5個の提案 リモートプロジェクト アクティブ 5年前

5 人のフリーランサーが、平均€13/時間で、この仕事に入札しています。


Native Japanese speaker. Fast turnaround guaranteed

€16 EUR / 時間

I am a native Japanese speaker who speak and write in English fluently. I live in Japan for more than 20 years and studied at University in English for 4 years.

€13 EUR / 時間