Tweak Simple Javascript (A Few Lines) To Work In IE 8 - repost the attached HTML document there are 2 Javascript things happening.

1. When the jwplayer video gets to a certain amount of seconds in, a countdown timer appears. When the timer gets to "0" it disappears.

2. Then, later in the vide, when it gets to a certain amount of seconds played, an "add to cart button" appears.

All of this works perfectly in IE9, Firefox...but neither of these work in IE 8. If we change the security settings in IE 8 from Medium-High to just Medium, the COUNTDOWN timer works...but the add to cart button popping up still does not.

We want both of these to work perfectly in the "out of hte box" security settings of IE 8.



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Already fixed it, let me know if you didnt find anyone yet and i can show you the copied/fixed page on my server.

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Hello. I have some experience working with JWPlayer, please check my portfolio. I believe I can solve this issue for you. Thanks, Alex.

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I am a developer. Working on many languages and a have experts associated with me. This is a very simple task for me. Let me handle your project. Thanks

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