100 AngularJS Multiple Choice Questions



I need 100 AngularJS multiple choice questions for online testing of Angular skills of our website users.


- The questions should not be copied from freely available content online. It will be thoroughly checked.

- The question should not be easily searchable on internet. Since I will be conducting online tests of our website users. It is essential that answers should not be found very easily just by googling it.

- The questions should cover all the major concepts of AngularJS development concepts.

- The difficulty level of the questions should be medium. It should be solved by someone who has some good experience in AngularJS front end development. None of the question should be very easy, straight forward or trivial.

- The questions should be a mix of Angular concepts, code debugging, output of code snippets:-

AngularJS Concepts :50

Code Debugging/output : 50 (25+25)

- Each question will have tags(skills that are being tested in that question) with it.

AngularJS will obviously be a tag being tested in all questions. Apart from that, if that question covers concepts of algorithm or data structures or OS etc. Do specify that. The questions can have multiple tags of course.

- A question can have more than one correct option. But try to keep most of them with a single correct option only.

- The code output questions will have a code snippet in question and option will contain either “output” or “what the code does”.

- The code debugging questions will have a code snippet with something wrong in them. The options will suggest ways of fixing the code or simply point out the line which causes errors. The answer options may also simply ask which line will throw the error.

## Deliverables:

The questions should be in below format:

1) Question Title (Main heading/title of the question)

2) Question Description (Full description of the question)

3) Multiple answer options (preferably 4 options only. Some question may have different number of answer options, even then a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 answer options)

4) The correct answer(s)

5) Multiple tags(skills being tested) related to that question.

The questions will be verified by our in house software engineers for their correctness.

We will also verify that questions have not been copied from any online sources or copyrighted books.

スキル: Angular.js, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery/プロトタイプ, node.js

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