Arduino (or any other micro-controller) small application

I have some device that communicate with RS232. When sedning this device specific command it returns information - number, alert on/off and few more parameters. The RS232 is very simple (will be sent to the one will be choosed to make this project).

I need arduino small application that will do 2 things -

1) Will post the number and the status of the alert (if it's on) on BIG screen. It should be VGA or any other output recommended by you.

2) Will post the number to data base using external link we will provide (the arduino just need to place inside the link the current value). The link also should have the serial number of this arduion. This serial number will be set up using a DIP Switch that will also be connected to the Arduino.

**The winner of this project should be also recommend on the right hardware needed - and the chippest one. Hardware means - how to display on large screen, and how to have internet using wire or wireless situations. This is also relevant to the Arduino/ non Arduino issue. This circuit should be used in large quantites, on one hand. In the second hand, the first one should be ready very fast (few days). So, in my opinion it should be done with Arduion, and in the future a speical circuit will be made for it - but I will be more than happy to hear your opinion.


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