133335 Website Transfer & Conversion

Domain Name: [url removed, login to view]

I need the winning bidder to take care of the complete transfer process and any coding issues related to the file conversion of the website [url removed, login to view] from Plesk to be Godaddy (Front Page) compatible and then to set it all up for me on the Godaddy server so that I can work on it. I would therefore like Front Page server extensions to be applied at the transfer stage, since I need to be able work on the files of this site in Microsoft Front Page which I am familiar with, and also to be able to publish the website in Front Page aswell.

Upon commencement of this project I will supply the winning bidder with all the necessary login details for the server where [url removed, login to view] is presently being hosted (Seller's private server) and also the login information for the Godaddy hosting account I have recently purchased and partially set up with the help of a programmer who after transferring the databases and website files, has now abandoned the job for reasons which shall be revealed below.

The site is an Online Poker Forum - Blog - News Website all combined into one [url removed, login to view]

and the guy I bought it from in America (Tony) for $1100.00 on the 3rd April 2007 is neither willing nor able to assist with the transfer of this site from his private servers `Swords and Cues' to the `Godaddy' servers.

Out of pure interest, the Google page rank for this site has reached a PR4 with many PR3 inside pages and there is an auitomatic Poker News Feed that updates daily with new, fresh poker content. The news is stored in a Poker Archives - which adds to the site's content daily. There is a Poker Blog where I can post anything I want or open it up to the visitors to post also. There is also a Poker Forum which at this point has about 980 members and growing fast. There is also a Poker Directory with links to anything Poker related and approximately 20,360 links back to this site with an automatic linking system in place.

I asked Tony this question shortly after I purchased the site form him on eBay:

Tony, could you possibly help me with the transfer if I were to go to the expense of purchasing and setting up the correct hosting package at Godaddy. Just to get me up and running properly ? I would appreciate it a lot.

The reply I got from Tony was as follows:

for everything but the databases.. :) sorry i'd probably screw them up.. i use Indian programmers and they would probably charge you about $50 to transfer..

He hasn't helped me at all with the transfer of even the files never mind the databases and I have since asked him to put me in touch with these Indian programmers he spoke of for the transfer and I just get no response or co-operation whatsoever. In fact, if I show you the history below of our communication since I purchased this site from him, you'll understand why I need to transfer this site away from him and over to Godaddy ASAP.

What I thought would be a simple and straight forwatd professional transfer of the website over to me after I purchased it, has now turned into a complete nightmare with a very unprofessional seller nearly one month later !


I asked Tony:

11 folders are displayed when I type in FTP login information, but I don't know which one to publish to from my C drive (changes I've made to files using Front Page) so I haven't published anything as of yet. The 11 folders it shows on the remote (right hand) side are: httpdocs, httpsdocs, pd, privatanon_ftp, cgi-bin, conf, error_docs, e, statistics, subdomains, web_users.

Which one do you open to publish changed files to ?

Tony Replied:

httpdocs is where all your files are stored.. the other ones are used for system purposes - security, stats, subdomains, etc...

I asked Tony: Tuesday, 10 April, 2007

I can't publish anything in Front Page. It says "Unable to open [url removed, login to view] Server error: The Web Server at [url removed, login to view] does not appear to have Windows Sharepoint Services installed. The web server may not have FrontPage Server Extensions installed".

Tony Replied:

I'll check into this but i never used frontpage to 'publish'. i just made my changes there and used ws-ftp (which is free) to transfer files to the server.

I asked Tony:

I was thinking it may be best for me to arrange for hosting with Godaddy instead of using your servers, but how would I go about transferring [url removed, login to view] and it's database etc., and can you recommend what sort of size and type of hosting package I would require from GoDaddy to accommodate this site ?

Tony Replied:

I think i got away with their $3.95 a month package when i had it hosted there - you can always upgrade if it's not enough room.. you might have to hire someone to transfer the databases.. files are easy to transfer using ws-ftp but i alwasy mess up with databases..

I then uploaded the site from his server using the wizard in Microsoft Frontpage as Tony advised me, just so that I would have a backup copy on my computer's C: Drive and all hell broke loose in terms of the site suddenly being corrupted on his servers, even though I hadn't published anything back to his servers.

I emailed Tony and asked him why the links were all broken throughout the site and why the news hadn't been sent to the archives for the past couple of days. I asked him to fix the problem since I had not yet taken posession of the website and knew I hadn't published anything so it had to be something he'd done to the site on his server.

His succession of responses were as pasted below, ending in a very nasty "I want you off my servers immediately" even though with the $1100.00 purchase on eBay, the agreement was that there was 2 months free hosting giving me ample time to find alternative hosting, or an option to continue hosting with him at $10.00 per month after the free 2 months. Suddenly the guy was pushing me to get off his servers after less than a week of the purchase !!

All sent by Tony on Friday, 13 April, 2007

1.) eeks... i have NO idea what happened. Did you change any or the wordpress settings? there is a lot more stuff that is not working also.. such as the categories and links - and all this comes from WordPress - the Dashboard that i sent you login info for.. I've spent the last 3 hours trying to figure this out but came up with nothing..

One Hour Later:

2.) Got the news archives to work.. that one had to do with file permissions.. some how the file permissions on the [url removed, login to view] file in the archives folder got set back to read only.. i changed it to read and write and it updated fine.. i don't know how that happened.. maybe when you moved files?? maybe one of your settings is messed up.. it might be the same problem with the glossary and archives but i have no idea how wordpress works internally and don't even know where to look beyond the basics that i already checked out... maybe retrace your steps? otherwise, i think you might have to get a wordpress expert in on this.. or try out one of the many forums on wordpress for answers.. sorry...

10 Minutes Later:

3.) Paul, I'll look into it and get it fixed. I have to say that I am angry though and must insist that you move this to your server immediately after being fixed. I have been more than helpful with every email you sent and this has nothing to do with the server NOR the moderator of the forum as he doesn't even know yet that it's changed hands and he can't login to anything since he doesn't have passwords. I sold you a site that was working perfectly and you bought it. I'll get this problem fixed but i'm sure it has something to do with files you moved since that is all that has happened with the site. I DID see Frontpage directories out there with a date of 4/10 and I did not move them there - they come with FrontPage and somehow you must have moved them to the server - and i'll bet they are causing the problem.. Nonetheless, again, I will pay to have this fixed - but then it's yours - you've worn out my welcome..

Fourty Minutes Later (I was amazed he'd got a programmer to fix it so quick considering this was now 2:00 am) :

4.) I contacted my programmer and he fixed the problem. The htaccess file was overlayed by a FrontPage htaccess file and this caused the entire problem. When you moved files over after editing in FrontPage, you must have re-moved the htacess file (a no no in dealing with websites) and it overlayed the correct one out there. I take back what i said to you 3 days ago about not worrying about what you move. When i said that i thought i was dealing with someone familiar with website files. What i meant back then was that any changes you made to files would NOT affect any posts to the forum or blog or archives. But now i have to add that it WILL affect any webpages or web access that you overlay with new files..

Here it started getting nasty and unprofessional when Tony said:

With that being said and the site working perfectly again, and me out $100 for paying to fix this, I now have to insist that you move to a new server as I don't want to be blamed for anything else that might go wrong out of my control..

Sent by Tony on Friday, 20 April, 2007

Have you had a chance to move this site off my server yet? I'll be taking it down over the weekend since I haven't heard back from you. BTW, nice touch on thanking me for all the hours I put in fixing the problem that you created by overlaying the .htaccess file.

I quickly replied informing him that I am presently in the process of transferring the site with the help of a programmer and that by all rights I still have the agreed 2 months of free hosting as advertised on eBay. I told him not to remove the site from his servers under any circumstances until I have informed him of a successfull transfer to Godaddy.

Thankfully he has agreed to this, but being quite an emotional character from the way he has conducted himself so far, he appears to be rather unpredictable and I feel the sooner we get this site transferred and secured on Godaddy's servers the better !!


Anyway, that's as much as I had to do with Tony !!

I then immediately contacted a guy called Mohammed (Nicknamed `Mamal'), a programmer who had recently done a great job of transferring a gaming website I'd purchased from him on eBay for my son, with some My SQL and PHP My Admin work, which he seemed to make pretty easy work of, so I was quite confident of his ability.

I explained all of the above background regarding Tony to him and gave him all the login details for the Forum Administration, the Blog backend, the Wordpress Dashboard, the Plesk Control Panel and of course FTP information, that Tony had given to me shortly after the purchase.

He said he'd first have to look into it and then a day later he confidently replied that it would be no problem and would cost $75.00 to do the transfer and that I must only pay him only when the website showed up successfully on the Godaddy's servers following transfer from Tony's servers.

After a week of dealing with Mamal and the history of what he has done pasted below, I was horrified to see that it was even beyond him and he advised me to look for a coder on [url removed, login to view] who could convert the website files from Plesk to Godaddy's, since when the website showed up on Godaddy, the exact same problem that I'd had a couple of weeks ago with Tony regarding the broken links had re-occurred.

Mamal advised me to point the domain name back to Tony's servers in the meantime until I found someone on Scriptlance who could fix the problem.

Also, the database which he had copied over to Godaddy's servers is of course about 2 weeks out of date now, since during the past 2 weeks there has been well over another 50 members registering with the forum and the news had not been sending through to the archives.

The website is presently up and running fine on Tony's servers and is merrily gaining news to the archives on a daily basis as well as new members daily, so this database would also have to be updated on Godaddy's servers so that I don't lose any of the latest information.

Mamal has now completely lost interest and along with Tony, neither of them are replying to my emails requesting some assistance, so I feel like I'm abandoned and back to square one again with a website that I've paid good money for weeks ago, but just can't seem to take posession of and work on. Unfortunately I left excellent feedback for Tony on eBay far too quickly after he requested positive feedback following a speedy transferral of the domain name [url removed, login to view] to my Godaddy account.

I notice to this day he has still not reciprocated with the positive feedback regarding my prompt and immediate payment of the $1100.00 using Paypal.


Sent By Mamal: Sunday, 15 April, 2007

Please apply for a godaddy hosting Economy Plan for the below website, once applied for hosting please email me the ftp ip address and control panel login details. Do not cancel the plesk current hosting as I have to backup the database and the website and transfer it to your new webhosting account.

I replied: Monday, April 16, 2007

OK I have finished setting up my hosting account on Sunday 15th April. The hosting account is as you advised, an Economy Plan and I've also added Traffic Facts and also a Dedicated Hosting IP while I was at it.

Sent By Mamal: Tuesday, 17 April, 2007

I've installed the database on your godaddy account, the database was enormous and goddady didn't allow more than 2MB database upload at a time and they don't allow SSH or telnet connection for large database installations, access to the ip you provided below via hyper text transfer protocol port 80 is still forbidden and couldn't use neither php connection for database installation, so the only way was to do the installation in 2 mbs at a time which finally its done, I've also backup the website and changed the paths of files to godaddy's servers and changed the database from plesk to goddady's servers and uploaded the website on your goddady webhosting account.

Sent By Mamal: Saturday, 21 April, 2007

The domain should resolve ip completly on the net to function, it takes max 24 hours for the domain to resolve ip over the net and godday servers require couple of hours to update their servers with the database connection. I tried to connect to godaddy server to update [url removed, login to view], but it seems you have changed your passwords and connection is not available, so i've attached a copy of [url removed, login to view] which you have to replace the old one in the wordpress folder on the server, you might have to expect downtime on your website as godaddy's servers are different to others and needs attention during website transfer to make the website function.

Please email me your goddady's login details and I'll point the domain to your server and fix the issue tonight.

Sent By Mamal: Sunday, 22 April, 2007

The reason you got the error is because you changed the database password and none of the files with database connections could establish connection with the database, I have to update all the files again. I've updated the database password, Please do not change the database password, I'll email you the new database password once website shows.

And The Last I Ever Heard Of Mamal

Monday, 23 April, 2007

I checked your domain name and it has resolved ip and it is pointing to godaddy's servers. I pinged to Godaddy's server [url removed, login to view] and it seems to be down, [url removed, login to view] is responding though.

Wait one more hour to see if [url removed, login to view] fixes, if not then please contact Godaddy and tell them that the server is down and your website is not showing.

Two Hours Later:

I pinged [url removed, login to view] and its still down, also pinged [url removed, login to view] and its not responding, [url removed, login to view] has already resolved ip and it is pointing to godaddy's server but Godaddy server [url removed, login to view] seems to be down.

I understand that down time is fraustrating but the issue is out of our hands. I suggest you contact them by phone.

Some of the files are not functional on Godaddy's server and there are so many broken links on the website. Change the name servers back to the original web server Plesk (Tony's) and hire a coder to convert the files from Plesk to Godaddy's.

You can hire a coder from [url removed, login to view]


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