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History of Colorado

1. Gilded Age

The author Mark Twain called the period in the United States after the Civil War the “Gilded Age.” Read the Wikipedia article on the Gilded Age. How was the Gilded Age reflected in the life styles of wealthy Coloradans in the late 1800s. (75-150 words)

2. People’s Party of America

Read the Wikipedia article on the People’s Party of America. You will notice that it somewhat downplays the People Party’s support of increased purchases of silver by the U.S. Treasury. Naturally silver producers and those who worked in silver mines were in favor of the Treasury purchasing a lot of silver, but why were others such as farmers in favor of that? (75-125 words)

3. Federal Government’s Impact on Colorado 1860-1900

In what ways did the federal government affect Colorado in the period between 1860 and 1900? (100-200 words)

4. Progressivism

Read the Wikipedia article on Progressivism in the United States. Which two people do you think best represent progressive ideals in Colorado in the 1900 through 1930 period? Explain why you selected those people. (100-175 words)

5. Federal Government’s Impact on Colorado 1945-2015

In what ways did the federal government affect Colorado in the period between 1945 and 2015? (125-200 words)

6. Coloradans in Congress

Among Colorado’s U.S. Senators and Representatives in Congress name the two in the period before 1970 who you think have had the greatest impact and wielded the greatest influence. Explain why you selected the two. (125-200 words)

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